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And today is September 2018. I am here in service, Creating and opening our field space in 360°, in spherical orb into, with and through the heart, mind and body of God entirely in zero point. I set the field intentions to work in alignment with Cosmic Sovereign Law to support on your path at this time bringing forward all that is needed and necessary to be of the highest level of support of clarity and of truth, that which is in alignment with your own Avatar God self. I request the essence presence of your Avatar God self and joining with our Krystal Star Guardian host and setting further field intentions to work in alignment with your own intentions voiced or unvoiced and to support you again in the highest expression of your own freedom and sovereignty as God would have it be.

Okay I wanted to share some informational context with you here and that is to say anything that I say here in the session space is directly purposed to support you in your life path and your light body architecture, all that is needed and necessary as per your own avatar and our Guardian teams and it's important to know that if there is any information that I share with you here then please use your own discernment. Sometimes there is information that is given that may be valid in six months’ time, 12 months’ time, you know because were accessing multiple streams of time simultaneously there may be something that is pertinent for now and later.

Imposter Spirits Masquerading as guardians, Fallen Melchizedeks, Repair lightbody damage
Please let yourself just resonate into what's right for you and I am going to start by sharing with you, we’re moving out into the fifth dimensional Guardian host platform system here. It's the connection into the kyrstalline shield system that leads to Tara and I am being guided to reorient your energy field to the correct alignment sequence in the fifth dimensional harmonics. There is false light webbing in the light body architecture that is sending part of your energy out on a horizontal field that is leading into levels of deception or manipulation. The energy signature behind this is something that I have come into contact with before and it's a false guardian projection of white dragon consciousness. This dragon consciousness is not Christic and I know that when you hear me say these words if you've actually come into contact with this guidance team then what I say as isn't intended to upset you but quite literally if I don't tell you the truth of what I recognize as energy signatures I would be doing a disservice to you.

So, in my capacity within the Guardian host, this is my determination here it's caused damage to your light body. Basically, this is very common, this is so common, but I think that when you hear someone telling you that it can sometimes be a bit unsettling. So please know that it isn't my intention to upset you but the work that I will do for you is to support you feel your connection and if there's anything in your field that blocks that then it is in my guidance to support you to understand that, to reveal that, to help you know for yourself on deeper levels to share with you the truth of what is here. So, there's this white dragon energy consciousness that's like a false Guardian host, it would probably be explained as an aurora guardian, an aurora dragon force but this energy is not coming from the natural aurora it's coming from a different source. So, what has happened here is there are blocks on the fifth dimensional sphere of your light body and that is part of the core manifestation that helps us to feel our senses in the body, our higher sensory perceptions. A lot of the body senses are brought forward or manifested through the fifth sphere and in the planetary body the false ascension webbing or the false Christ consciousness webbing sits in astral layers and is controlled in the fifth dimension moving down into the fourth dimension so if I am saying that I am speaking about the heart matrix, the actual physical heart, the astral body. We have had so much infiltration on the planet's body then of course we are then having to fix our own bodies in relation to that as part of what we are doing here. So, in this moment there is a cleaning up basically, tidying up some portions of the light body.

These energies, they feel like white dragon, they look like manifestation of white dragon, there an impostor spirit what we would call as something masquerading as a light and these energies are hooked into fifth dimensional fields of energy. They are reading with the energy signature of Buddahara or Kumara dragon race lanes that are non-christic in their intention. There is a trickster or chaos type of energy in there and this is the type of energy that people on the ascension path are connecting to in many new-age circles. But what I am aware of at this time is that there are these individuals who say that they are connecting with Guardian host energies and they are not and what is very insidious about that is every one of us who comes from the Guardian race lines into a body on earth has to come to understand what is a truthful Guardian consciousness, what is our truthful Avatar, how do we know that it's true, what does it feel like ?

So, each one of us on the path are very open to the lines of communication from multiple sources, the key is the discernment and it is a rocky path out there. So, in this moment now I am looking at this energy, I am going to start doing some repairs of the light body so that we can shift that out for you. So in this moment now, I am looking at a structure here that is in the planetary interface in the planetary body and it is something I would reference as a level of consciousness traps, soul trap, it's a siphoning pocket basically, it's installed in fifth dimensional harmonics of the planetary body, it's part of false white webbing or false Christ architecture. If we are connecting with it, it would appear as if it could be the Christ, it can feel as if it feels like God source, but it creates a bliss sensation in the body. It's a very, something that I would reference certainly has a heavy astral feeling, it can feel and like peach fuzz sensation around the face, around the head, kind of a of dense encompassment of something that makes the physical body feel slightly drunk or slightly woozy, kind of out of the body.

This is an architecture that is promoting that , so I feel that this might be something you've come in contact with actually on your spiritual path and so clearing out bliss implantations and the central nervous system cording, clearing false on umbilicus architecture and clearing false ascension matrix white webbing to restore the correct principle ratio through that sequence of light body architecture, through the physical body. Basically, doing a soul retrieval for you from this body of work. There's a Melchizedek read in here, there is like a name of Melchizedek, Christos, something like that, whatever this is, is like a new age kind of teaching that somehow is promoting Guardian races but in my read of it right now, whatever this is, this is not associated with Christ Guardians, so I am uninstalling connections in the spinal column that are tethering your consciousness in this form of spiritual trap system. Please know that this is very common and no part of me wants to cause fear within you. The guidance says in your Christic alignment to get this piece back for you because it's being used as kind of a power source. So wherever you've directed your consciousness in the past part of your energy has been in alignment with whatever this was and your energy is then, has either through your direct consent or through your direct participation, you said "I will work with this toolset, I will check it out, I will see how I see how I feel about it and in the doing so, particularly when there are group teachings in the new age we tend to either know what we’re consenting to or we don't and sometimes that's a dual path, sometime that's a, I can get something from this teaching but I don't know what else is going on and so that's all there is to say about that really.

So, retrieving your consciousness units from that energy line. Its gatekeepers of fallen Melchizedek hosting and consciousness are mixed in with Kumara dragon race lines. They are guarding this pocket of soul energy for their own agenda and basically, it's something like new age channeling or grid work projects that are presented from a Krystal Star Guardian host perspective but when I read this it's not that. So lovingly just obviously having to check that out as part of our session field to be witnessed on the wider sense of the word here. Holding a space for transit and recovery of all and any consciousness that can be released at this time whether this is your own energy or the energies of any other soul essence that can be retrieved in divine right order and timing.

Egyptian Histories
There is something in here to share with you that feels like some level of what I could say as soul group reconciliation. What I mean by that is when we are participating with particular forms of teaching or we've got an interest in something, sometimes there is a period of time that we are involved in a certain modality to observe it, to witness it or to end a karmic contract or to reconcile codes between yourself and other members of the group even if you don't quite know what that looks like and so I am seeing a kind of circular format of you standing in a group around temple systems or grid work projects, it takes me into the body of Egypt and there's like a mixture of different genetic lineages who are in the group with you and you are holding the diamond sun template activated in your body, there's something like, well what it looks like is happening is, you are holding a horizontal field in that group architecture almost like you have access to some portion of the timeline that other members of the group can't connect with and there is no hierarchy or judgement with that , it is just that. Whatever you have in your body, whatever genetic code you have, you have it, you know there is no hierarchy or a judgement here but I actually feel like you were involved in this group in order to complete some kind of cycle or to provide some kind of bridge architecture because when I see your field here it's like parts of your energy has a connection into the original solar temples in Egypt.

So there is a part of your DNA code that was returned to you in something that feels like the year of 2014 that then allowed you to travel with this group and then you're holding a kind of solar sun connection as a kind of dormant code in your light body. The way I see it operating as that it's like your light body opens out and creates a solar circle okay, a kind of horizontal shield platform system or activation that is connecting into a portion of the grid space in Egypt that the Guardian host had already repaired at the time when you were on the landmass and that is a portion of Guardian host work going back to I think it was 2009, 2010 when Lisa was on the ground there. They were working plugging in different portions of architecture and standing on a sun disc. I feel that wherever you were in Egypt you were also connecting into that portion of architecture there. So, I would also say to you that I feel like part your mission strand was very stealth okay. It's like you, you may not have actually known what you were providing or observing in that space but there's a reason for you going there. Okay.

Thoth, Enki Enlil/Metatronic Reversals
So, let me just continue on this cleansing of the light body through fifth dimensional connections and we are sweeping through the physical senses, we are removing forms of V/V doubt mechanisms in the first dimensional sphere. I want to say as well there is a signature of the group collective known to me as the Yahweh collective or the Enki/Enlil networks gestalt energies here that seem to be somehow related to this group that the I'm referencing here and I'm just then uninstalling forms of implant system or tagger systems that are within your field. Please know that it actually doesn't matter what group we can be affiliated with these other gestalt groups of energies always want to seem to implant people or poach people or direct people into their teaching or whatever it is that they are trying do. Usually they're trying to keep people that are at a certain level of their spiritual initiation not finding out who they really are. This could be things like they target literally star seeds with varying degrees of codes that they're interested in so that that star seed will be like a main public speaker or so that star seed will be pulled into a group to listen to this basically false gods architecture mechanism teachings, all of these things.

So, removing this kind of Enki tagger software from your field on the seventh dimensional level of the light body architecture. We are moving into the Tara fields further to recover your soul energies or previously incarnated energy bodies on the Tara system. So lovingly holding a movement in there and the recovery and repair of blue crystal seed code architecture and repairing the fifth dimensional sphere, correcting the spin rate architecture of fifth dimensional harmonics through the sub layers of 123456789 1011 and 12 to re-pattern the fifth dimensional harmonic rate, flow, energy movement. Repairing the clock shield template at the fifth dimensional level as guided by your Avatar here and the alignment sequence is to repair crystal chakra seal alteration on the horizontal to vertical and into diagonal connections, repair through 15° anticlockwise.

Okay, moving into the metatronic reversals on the fifth dimension, removing metatronic spirals, reversal grid sequences, reversal plasma connections, clearing cording on fifth dimension and the throat area. Actually okay, so the consciousness from Tara is streaming back into your light body at this moment in time asking to remove all cellular memory of the pain of the Tara explosion and memories, allowing for core manifestation template return and reassembly installation. Okay, supporting the higher mind mentor band function of your light body between 3D and 5D, cleansing the light fibers on the vertical to horizontal sequencing, removing Yahweh influences in the first, second, third, fourth and fifth dimensional intersection points of the staff from the horizontal to vertical. Removing debris from the intersection points of the staff into the horizontal fields, clearing karmic superimposition, is like a weighted karma that doesn't belong to you. There is a heavy Egyptian influence here in your light body field and there's a sense of you being suppressed in your current moment and or you know actually the feeling of you not been able to feel into the meditation space so clearly. I would say that what I'm looking at is the impact of this other group consciousness that you seem to have been involved in and this having a kind of bliss impact.

You know it’s, it’s almost like saying when you have fully committed to working with your 12th dimensional ray frequencies or you've been shielding yourself or working with your Christ self then the frequencies can't really exist in the same space. So, what happens is a movement in the consciousness transport that says, oh when I used to meditate it felt like this. The body becomes accustomed to these false light ascension connections because it feels very bliss like, for many of us we've had to come through that stage okay in the awakening process we always have to move through the astral plane into the fifth dimension into the sixth dimension as we build our light body and this is no different for yourself but what tends to happen is we become dependent on the feeling in the body or the sense that we once would have had and when that's no longer there, we feel disconnected, we feel like, oh, who pulled the rug out from underneath my feet? my energy doesn't feel the same. So this can be very unsettling because we become used to a certain way of being and actually it always shifts but the more we are drawing in the 12th dimensional ray, the more this other stuff can't reside in the light body any longer because is there is almost like a dissolving, a dissolving of all that is inorganic or has been placed in the light body. As you move through your own consciousness retrieval, accretion of frequencies and it starts to shift the body but then the mind says, oh wait a minute I am obviously not doing this right because it doesn't feel the same as it once did. Now this is something that a lot of people get stuck in basically, but they don't they are stuck in it and really, it's a movement through. So the movement through is trying get up more vertical, in the vertical connection rather than going out to the side almost on a horizontal field out to the side because that's where a lot of group consciousness is out on the fourth and fifth dimensional planes of our connectedness.

False Ascension Matrix - New Age Hijack 

Repairing Diamond Sun template, recovery of silicate matrix gene codes, Identifying False Rays through Healing Modalities

So lovingly clearing the central nervous system from false light sensations or astral manipulation, removing transposition filters and associated karmic pain traps. Okay there's Egyptian things that have to be witnessed and cleared here and actually part of your consciousness in the Egyptian grid systems and holding a space for that. Okay moving into Hatshepsut's temple here there is a recovery and retrieval of code architecture that belongs to you, in this moment now it's appearing like portions of silicate matrix gene code or the genetic code of your divine 12 strand DNA architecture. Okay recovery and repairing installation through krystal gene code silicate matrix and aurora host upgrade to reinstate the 12 strand diamond connections through the vertical, repairing of crystal chakra keys. The crystal chakra keys run in the center of the hara line and they help us access our multidimensional levels and layers. I am clearing something from your field that is given to me as some kind attunement or initiation sequence that somehow, show me what that's doing. It is distorting your light body's ability to re-build the DNA through the 12th dimensional stranding or the 12th dimensional ray sequence coming into your body system is being sent out from the body instead of being brought into the body and there is some kind of attunement or sequence of, seven rays, or seven functions, that are actually stemming from a sixth dimensional level, kind of like a connection that would say Sirius connection. It is like a false lenses or false ray architecture that sits in a sixth dimensional portal system, so think of that on the collective level okay but our connection to sixth dimension comes in through the right-hand side shoulder but this, whatever this is, is blocking the DNA level or blocking the ray level that comes into the physical body or the light body structure. It's like receiving some parts the code, it's a splitter technology for ray so whatever that is, being guided to clear that off your field because it's having a direct impact on your hara line, it is having a direct impact on your vertical connection so that is required to be removed here.

It's almost like saying the rays of angels or the rays of something like, okay, let me put it this way okay, in models of new-age teaching we have been taught that thre are ray masters or ascended masters who run the rays, so for example we could say things like Archangel Michael runs the whatever ray, Archangel Zadkiel runs this ray, ascended master St Germain runs of Violet ray. Whatever this thing is it's like promoting itself as a more superior method of attunement to ray frequencies but it's actually not, it’s reversal rays, its partial rays and the rays are not coming into your body. I think that this is attempting to re-sequence the 1st to the 7th dimensional chakra system. It's being promoted as some form angelic rays or attunements but what's happening here is they are bending the light source back out of the light body so that the body can't receive the ray tones.

So what's important to know about that is to me, this is part of false ascension energy because again individuals on the ascension path, as we all are, have to walk through levels of different methods to gain some good stuff in a teaching modality and some stuff that we just don't know yet and so in my observation of this, this thing, whatever it is, is changing the morphogenetic imprint of your magnetic field instruction set related to astrological alignments and so when I feel it this has to come out here because it's, it's almost like saying when you have and I don't know what this is, when you are working with this or if it's been another timeline, it's stopping the correct ray frequencies come to your body, it's like a distortion of ray. Please know this is very common and I don't mean to sound harsh if I am sounding harsh. Please know that is not my intention I am just trying to figure out what this is, as I'm reading it and it's like a false ray structure. I haven't seen it before, but I know it's inorganic.

It is similar to saying when we are on the planet the planet's body receives the red ray, the yellow ray, the orange ray, the green ray, the blue ray, the indigo, the violet ray our light bodies have been receiving portions of some of those energies but those rays have been infiltrated. So, if you think about the first dimensional ray is red, well that red ray was hijacked and installed all the forms of like V/V software, anger software, part of the negative ego. Now what this other thing looks to be is similarly if we think about, so those ray frequencies that we are receiving have been impacted and what we are doing on ascension path is rebuilding our DNA and rebuilding our diamond sun so we can bring the correct ray into the body. Now it feels like you've been working with something that says this helps you figure out your path, helps you figure out your life purpose but in the movement of that there is this structure that is attached to this teaching method or attunement method that's got rays of angelic power or names or the tree of life, like say for example the 10 strand DNA of the tree of life, like the Yesod, Tiphareth, Malkhuth it's some form of teaching that promotes spheres with names or DNA activation to release some form of imprints but whatever is happening in the movement of that it's like saying some stuff can be removed through this process but at the same time being attuned into this field is causing the ray, false ray refractions into the light body and this structure is like an inorganic structure platform in the sixth dimension of the planetary body and is bending the rays coming into your body, so for all intents and purposes we need to clear this out because it's stopping your vertical or magnetic connection being at its most optimized.