Clearing for 8D Higher Heart Permanent Seed Atom, Diamond Heart Repair
So lovingly clearing the permanent seed atom architecture, the 8th dimensional access points, repairing portions of 8th dimensional connections and clearing this false architecture from your light body. Supporting the correct ray frequency and repairing radial body systems to align into the correct ray as God would have it be. Through the 1st to the 7th dimensional centers. You know what it's like looking at, it's like looking at a replication of pastel rays but they are not the truthful pastel rays that come down from the Godhead connection, they are cloned or machined and that is organic, a sorry that is inorganic but is having this impact there that is blocking connections through the 6th dimension on your light body. So lovingly applying an aurora host upgrade to repair the sphere on the sixth dimension to the correct diamond sun architecture, removing reversal plasma light frequencies, restoring the harmonics of the 6th dimension into the correct tone code sequences through the base tone, over tone application ,corrective tones. Clearing the radial body through the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th dimension. Clearing metatronic reversal on the 9th dimension. Nephilim mind reversals on the 9th dimension. Clearing the back of your head from inorganic architecture implants and plugs, siphon, a siphon connected to, to stop basically your body from receiving the correct frequencies on the 9th dimension insert there. Clearing the 10th dimensional sphere and the, the white dragon energy is in here as well and it’s blocks the correct Christic communication through your avatar.

We have to re-build our own connection into the 10th dimension , as we are on the path but at one point it starts to alter and become the actual truthful connection, has to be rebuilt and overridden basically because those communication systems have been blocked on the planet body, you know the 10th dimensional gate is in Iraq and Iran and so we are really building the light fibers and lines in our own architecture it's dependent on the vertical connection. So, clearing and supporting repair for 10th dimensional connection. Clearing the left ear of communication distortion implants and the frequency sets that are installed to stop the correct Christ communication. Repairing the staff codes on the light body and clearing staff splitter on the body, clearing Archangel Michael blue sword staff splitter. Clearing tagging software on the astral plane, the 4th dimensional plane. Cleansing the astral layer of the body from Egyptian race line trauma memories and associated death cloud architecture, anubian black heart overlays. Support for your grounding mechanism underneath the feet and repair of the lower shield platform the 10th 11th and 12th dimensional horizontal field. Re-establishing link through the clock shield template onto the shield architecture of the horizontals and the correct alignment sequences. Axiatonal alignment through 4,7,10,1,5,11. Seventh dimensional axiatonal line cleansing and repairing the light fibers into the horizontal shields. Clearing the 7th dimensional meridian on the left-hand side of the body which is also the gallbladder meridian to remove forms of energetic parasite blocks, archontic energies, SPE energies. Removing false Arcturus connections from the light body and Yahweh group collective energy architecture connections. Something that I am recognizing as Cleopatra's Needle as a form of reversal system, removing all energy connections to that architecture and sealing the 7th dimensional meridian of the gallbladder with an aurora pastelline frequency to support the reconnection into the 4th dimension.

4D-7D moving into Phoenix grid systems and return of consciousness units. GWL, Phoenix and also the energy grid system of the Dove or Jehovian Dove grid architecture. Lovingly holding a space for consciousness retrieval here. The GEG as well parts of your monadic body have been stuck in portions of grid space here, so we are carrying out a recovery and RRO. As we are moving in there to recover parts of the monad or monadic structure or monadic consciousness it's a portion of your masculine and feminine energy that is coming back here from the GEG. So, again holding a space of loving RRO, evicting fallen angelics, attachments, transit portal jumpers, portal jumpers on the astral level of your light body. Allowing that consciousness transport to continue and the repairing of the nadial complex, clearing soul fiber damage in the nadial and the apparthi receivers and transmitters between the central nervous system and the physical biology. Cleansing the brain, cleansing the pineal gland of pineal cages and inserts that are holographic movies, audio inserts, visual inserts, color inserts. Clearing the brainwave sequences and the left to right relationship in the brain, clearing the central cortex connection of the hypothalamus into the pituitary gland. Restoring the connection to the eyes on the horizontal channel.

Cleansing the tailbone fetal cells, clearing the birth transduction sequence to provide the aligned magnetic imprint of your physical body and your, basically your consciousness has moved from the moment you were born on the planet so when I was trying to explain this thing earlier about whatever these ray things were doing and they were interrupting your astrological alignment or magnetic imprint, what this looks like in energy terms or architecture terms, it looks like it was taking, okay how to explain this to make sense. It's like putting a plaster over a cut so you can seal the cut and the cut remains. Okay, but what we are able to do through the connections that we have and your own connections that you have, right, is to repair the things that need to be repaired when you feel them. So when I'm feeling your energy looking at this architecture the feeling is that whatever these rays were doing is actually blocking your truthful magnetic alignment from coming into full expression and in this moment now there is a repair if you will, an aurora host upgrade matrix system that repairs the magnetic field imprint architecture of your light body structure that help you to synthesize into the correct magnetic alignment.

As we our walking on this path our magnetic field is always changing in relation to whatever is in our light body, whatever we are interfacing with on a planetary body, but this thing was having an impact on your magnetic field from being able to connect all the way into the heart of the Mother energy. So this can be always an ongoing process in our light body because it's like saying we may have 2 fibers, for sake of a measurement of giving a visual reference we may have 4 light fibers plugged in to the staff energy at whatever frequency we can receive it at. We are always, always, always building our staff energy. So in this moment now the correct magnetic alignment sequence for your birth transduction has been installed in your body and were holding a moment of, holding a corrective magnetic to electrical spin rate, so feminine to masculine spin rate, so that you are feeling your connection more, so that you feel more tangibly your own frequency sets from your own higher self. Cleansing up through the spinal column through kundalini fibers, links, network connections into the nervous system through the nadial complex and the monad biocomputer. Clearing the monad bio-computer and requesting a resequencing between the monadic body and central nervous system through the nadial complex and the soul connections. Clearing false timelines from the soul matrix. Allowing the kundalini fibers and the spinal column, spinal ,cerebrospinal fluid to be cleansed of fight, flight freeze, grief body memory records of devastation and trauma, body memory record of, throughout your entire multidimensionality of all expressions, removing the energy signature of death memories, trapped memories, disconnection memories, falling into darkness memories.

Allowing the physical body cellular memory and the amygdala, the pons and the 1st dimensional sphere, removing core seeds fears of the death sequence or the uncertainty or being trapped in Earth's body. Feelings, memories, senses, influences and the energy, trauma and pain of witnessing death. Removing all remnants of pain memory associated with that experience. Supporting the kundalini flow between the tailbone, removing kunda buffer and reptilian tail architectures. Four, 7, 10, moving into the 10th dimensional connections of Tiamat, resequencing the correct Sapphire ray, returning to you the correct Sophianic tone codes for heart matrix upgrades and the restoration of the memory of Tiamat prior to the fall. Allowing the correct memory timelines to be installed and accessible by your light body. Holy Mother. Re-sequencing the connection of your grounding mechanism connecting into the Aqualine Suns of the planetary body cores through 3,5 and 7 of the Earth core frequencies to support the ignition of extra plasma inside of your lower grounding mechanism center, as a very pale aquamarine frequency mixed with a kind of pink violet color into the platform underneath your feet, supports you in, I would say all different ways, but as part of light body building and re-connection sequences to help the plasma build your diamond sun template. With that observing memory packets or plasma energy frequency codes that contain your memories be reinstalled into the mental body architecture on the lower shield center, the 10,11,12D.

Sirian, Founder, Paliadorian Genetic Lineage
In this moment now these feel like memories of Sirian architect. So, it feels like what we are looking at is the support for that and then I'm being guided to move into the Sirian platform itself for the connection. Re-establishing the correct link between your light body on the 6th dimension and the correct portal access to Sirius and into the original records of the Halls of Amenti through the Paliadorian Covenant. Being joined by Akhenaton, RA families here and they are guiding me into understand something that needs to be conveyed to you, please allow me a moment here for a conversation. I'm interfacing here with an aspect that belongs to you on Sirius and at the same time we have the guys here, RA families here. The teams are sharing with me there is a support for recovery, you know, were moving into Egyptian basically underworld levels of black magic grid systems here and the goal is to get your consciousness back but what they are sharing with me is there is some kind of, I don't wanna say agreement that you've had but it feels like that. Please feel your resonance to this I don't know if this will help you unlock a piece of your consciousness that will help you put some things together. They are going back 10 years in life, in your current lifetime sharing with me some kind experience that you had in your life at that time, to me it feels like something like looking out from a beach and seeing different planets or seeing moons in the sky that were massive, very much like if you were to watch a sci-fi movie in the here and now and sometimes they are standing on a planetary surface and are looking up at these three golden suns or something like that.

Yeah, okay that's that. What they are sharing with me is the Paliadorian consciousness that is part of your energy has tried to make contact with you dream spaces and before but it looks very much like part of your energy has been, I don't want to use the word targeted but am afraid that's the only word I can give it because those of us who are from those consciousness families are heavily targeted and I know that because I am also that. So in this moment now recognizing that the teams have tried to come to you but you may not have recognized them because what happens is when we don't have our light body's turned up or on as much as they could have been we can't recognize these energy families or the connection with them as clearly as we could because actually sometimes we are too busy looking at other things in life and we don't relate to what we are receiving and we probably dismiss it. So what the teams are sharing with me is they've actually came to try and connect with you, the Aton-RA teams, the Akhenaton group have tried to connect with you 10 years ago in 2008 and at that time they were connecting with a lot of us and coming in varying forms of connection or orb bodies or I am feeling a sense of I am going to call it three suns or three golden orbs or something that made you think of Egypt basically and or also made you be very confused about your experience. They are kind of giving me this feeling. What they want me to convey to you is, part of your awakening sequence has been at a time when the planetary body could sustain the awakening levels of your own personal consciousness, there's something like coming to Earth with codes switched on but you didn't know about it. This is a lot of the ways that founder races have had to exist on the planet before being awoken up into who you truthfully are, it’s a way of safeguarding the code in your body because quite literally if you know what code you're carrying then it's more likely to be mission jeopardy.

So, there's a reason here. Okay what they are sharing with me is there is reason for you not quite knowing everything that could have because it's a safety mechanism. So being guided here to move into the Akhenaton mission lines and various other time cycles of Egyptian, Paliadorian Covenant mission strands. I am going move into the architecture here, we are recovering parts your consciousness that are parts of consciousness that are in the grid system there. Okay, now what I would like to share with you is the return of your own solar consciousness and connections to the Aton to be repaired there's Paliadorian Covenant failure and trauma in here as well and there's a deep inner sense of knowing that you have had in your body, your body knows this stuff but it's almost like your mind hasn't been able to piece together all of who you are or what you are and I can see that there's a lot of DNA code that's been stuck in here that belongs to you. So, holding a moment of accessing basically black magic and anubian underworld grid systems okay.

I apologize for the descriptions unfortunately our consciousness has been trapped and used in there for a long time. So lovingly asking you to breath into your heart center in this moment as we uninstall black magic curses, hexes, spells, reversal Anuhazi language sequences, distortion of the Tower of Babel communication system. Dismantling black magic house architecture and collapsing negative forms in the parallel of your pain body on the second dimension. Moving into fallen system and blackhole architecture, moving into blackhole and simultaneous locations of where consciousness has been stolen, spiritual body parts, returning of ankh body, the crux ansetia body, the eternal life body, the solar body architecture, the physical bones of your body in that timeline having the large skull. Adamic lines of 10 stranded DNA and a Ruby Sun template been reunited with you now. Along with that comes memories, influences, understandings. Removing AI portions. The synthesis of energy between the moon and the sun. Removing anubian black heart connections, memories, influences. Clearing the astral plane layer of your physical body, uninstalling demon seed architecture, the black rose architecture, black heart, black sun connections, energies, these are suppression forces of the heart matrix.

Repairing DNA pair bond genetic sequences and uninstalling DNA crashers and theft of DNA. Repairing a level of DNA sequence to the correct cellular alphabet pattern through the multidimensional aspects of your core manifestation template and the support of installation of a 12 strand DNA golden template system to support the Michael-Mary energies, the masculine and the feminine energies to unite within your body in divine right timing and divine right order. The return of Seraphim consciousness that belongs to you that has been held in the Egyptian timelines. Clearing of the pain trauma memory, through the Emerald Ray, allow the Emerald Ray to re-pattern the astral plane levels, the 4th dimensional heart matrix system into the halls of God, into the krystal cathedral, into the divine infinite calculus patterning of the four pillars architecture and structure, the Gods cosmic cube tesseract in the heart structure and the brain structure. Recovery of codes related to the House of David, the House of Jacob, the House of Jedidiah, the House of Rachel, recovery of tribal codes sequence sets that are required that returned to you now. Cleansing and clearing the 2nd dimension to 4th dimension connections and repairing the correct alignment into the stellar sun star network system as God would have it be. Through the wing points, through the 6D-7D alignment into the heart. In the inner sanctum of the 3rd dimensional will center, reinstating and reinstalling the will of God architecture connection to the mental body through the Solar RA consciousness. On the ankh body itself calling forward the 7 suns, the 7 tones, the 7 rays of creation from Andromeda sun solar consciousness, the seven higher heavens that you are. Calling forward the KA RA YA SA TA AA and the LA and the unification principles of the feminine to masculine merkabic re-weaving, correct the ratios through the trinity of triangles. Support for 24 strand DNA template system of building the Krystallah body system.

Aurora host matrix support and stabilization in the inner sanctum of the soul matrix and the hara line. Cleansing the center of the hara line at the 2nd dimension, removing distortions, resequencing the connection to the Solomon Shield, calling forward the 14th dimensional ray, supporting the 2nd dimensional sphere and ray frequency set to ignite with the correct principles of cleansing the sexual organs of pain trauma memories, Egyptian timeline trauma memories, separation trauma. Installing the correct alignments into the solar body architecture, clearing the core lotus points on the body, clearing mutational damage correcting to connect all lotus flows, all lotus points, that arcs themselves. Holy Mother unite in your core into the central vertical hara line and restoring the connection of the core flows of the eye of God through the crown center. Clearing the crown and the pineal gland, clearing the left- and right-wing shoulder point connections between the crown and pineal and the 6D-7D intersection points on the shoulders into the 4th dimensional heart. Clearing Abaddon imprints or blackhole architecture of the staff tilting, clearing that and aligning the staff through the crown into the upper shield center, into the Andromeda core. Clearing false lenses of Jehovian and Yahweh seals, clearing crucifixion implants from the 6th dimensional and the 7th dimensional lines of the body system removing in divine timing as God would have it be.

Recovering aspects of avatar consciousness and moving into the Lyran gate system. The memories of the Lyra explosion or portions of fallen Lyra that are in a blackhole system. Moving into blackhole to recover avatar consciousness. Cleansing 11th dimensional Buddahara race line memories, distortions, the connections to Kumara dragon lines, removing all forms of memory or block system, aligning the body system through the lenses of the crown to receive the correct frequency set, through the krystal kaleidoscope, through the eyes of God, as God would have it be into your radial body ray structure sequences to support the horizontal fields and the vertical channel connections. Sealing the astral layer of your light body removing seal systems, Zeta seal on the heart. Wounded feminine grief energy from the left-hand side of the heart, restoring through the Holy Mother connection. Clearing archetypal influences through the connections of Egyptian gods, clearing any distortion levels or connectedness to Isis, to Knut, to Neb to the Egyptian Nine Enneads to anubian black heart programs. Allowing the return of your solar consciousness energies in the here and now to be lovingly witnessed and supported by your teams. The Blue Rainbow Sun energy to unite with you and to support the healing and removal of Paliadorian Covenant mission failure or the story line narrative of mission failures through previous time cycles. Allowing the energetic weight of unresolved grief and trauma and the root causation of a lot of I would say density and possible coping mechanisms seem to be stemming from the unresolved or unknown pain that is held within that type of, really it's a form of energy memory that is there that contains a lot of the grief and wounding but is very often used as manipulation, suppression and is part of the pain body as well and is also used in levels of the negative ego programming that sits in the core manifestation template, so I am cleaning and sweeping out that with the assistance of our Blue Rainbow Sun energy plasmas. And so it is.

Clearing attached energies to the light body that are promoting the ingestion or the coping mechanisms that we shared, holding a space for eviction and transit of attached energies that do not belong. Uninstalling feelings of depressive cycling and low self-esteem self-worth body image thought forms that are placed as a consciousness trap or a pocket reality on the light body system. Uninstalling that architecture, resequencing from the Godhead, through the avatar, through the monad, into the central nervous system. Clearing the nerve synaptic responses, clearing anger and Baphomet energies from your body system. There is a, what you mentioned to me about the conflict of speaking your truth and speaking your truth and actually speaking your truth and the reasons why you cannot do that, there is an energy that is being received into your light body as a form of, well it feels very FKOT and it's like coming through some kind of managerial communication through memos or emails or it's a passive aggressive control mechanism and inside your light body there’s an alternate lifetime that's been highlighted here of a level of not been able to speak your truth, not being able to tell the truth at the time or feeling responsible because you didn't speak your truth on another timeline sequence. So, moving into that timeline to obtain the body energy, the soul consciousness retrieval. It is somewhere on the West Coast of America in a previous time line, it’s like a past life time kind of feeling, removing all forms of spiritual bondage allowing that energy to be completely recovered all spiritual body parts, removing those energy patterns of not being able to speak the truth.


Clearing the body hormones and hormonal production and Diamond Heart Higher Heart Thymus Corrections

clearing the thymus gland correcting polarity reversals and thymus gland and the associated production of chemical principle in the body related to the thymus and the metabolic cycle in the body. Clearing mitochondria, clearing the cristae, clearing the cellular ATP reception of light in the body. Clearing the bone matrix system from death seals, from energy memories from alternate timelines. Clearing the atomic body to the atomic body regulator to support the correct frequencies of the uptake of spiritual energy and the corrective sequence as optimized levels as the body can handle. This is allowing more of your own spiritual energy to run through the body. Clearing the blood and the arterial network systems, clearing attachments from the arteries, arterial fabric, clearing the blood and blood crystals, cellular memory inserts or ancestral race line miasma. Clearing the lungs, the air element of the elemental body structure. Aurora host matrix support for lung tissue, clearing lung tissue, clearing toxins and particulates and the bodies detoxification process to allow the correct and most optimized levels of oxygen exchange in the alveoli. Clearing the liver, liver and gallbladder ducts and channels, clearing attachments to the liver, clearing ancestral bindings or energies on the liver itself that cause the sense of frustration and anger and almost like sometimes you would like to have a verbal outburst of anger but you're suppressing that within yourself. So lovingly clearing all energy residue related to that pattern allowing the ancestral spirits and connections to leave the body in the here and now moment. Sealing the liver and applying polarity balance corrective sequences related to your sleep cycle and circadian rhythm. Feeling the Sophianic heart tone codes in your body shifting and actually like building your voice in your vocal cords and becoming more visible, audible, stronger.

Okay let me see if there's anything else. I actually think were done for now, but I want to check with our teams if there's anything else that needs to be known. I would like to express to you that you may go through some emotional processing from this work, please know that it is never my intention to cause harm in session spaces, it’s always for your own empowerment and I hope that the work that we've done allows you to feel more of your connection and more of your intuition and to be a bit clearer in yourself. Of the things that I have descried about these other energy groups or consciousness modalities or whatever I was seeing, sensing in there please know that that's really common and I don't have a judgement on it because I know that we are here to witness and to walk through all these different experiences on energy path and so my role here is to share with you the truth of what I feel and then you can just keep on discerning the way that you do discern, the way that you have been shifting your consciousness into further alignment with your own mission function and strand.

Founder Template, Trinity Solar Rishi Lineage
From what I understand at this moment in time, you are carrying founder race consciousness in your template system and I feel you have been involved in the previous Paliadorian Covenant missions, but it's important to note that many founder race beings don't always know that that's who they are because if they do know that, sometimes the ego can take over and bring a sense of hierarchy. Please also know that I don't feel that within you but for many star seeds who awaken younger they grasp onto these concepts and it goes to the head and they start having you know spiritual glamour and it takes them off their path. I feel there is a reason that you've been awakened in this last cycle of X amount of years and it feels very much related to the solar return consciousness cycle that were now going through. It was almost like saying your plan, if you will, was to live life, get life experience, go through the different experiences that you've had and really gain a sense of who you are, like no messing right, no hiding from yourself but continually working with what was on your plate as it was on your plate. Like been very direct and being more self-aware so it is just an ongoing process. But what I am feeling is that the return of our Paliadorian consciousness, the solar connections that we have, feels like you've been waiting for this moment of the planets body being able to support the activations that you will go through.

Think about the group field okay, I want to put it this way, think about the group field of the Christ consciousness. When each of us have awoken or become more of awakened of who we really are, we've had to do particular mission strands even if we didn't know what we were doing. Now the group field has been at this, as you know, for many years on Earth but it's like saying some of us took the decision to awaken a certain time to build foundations to this point and you're no different as just that. You may not have had conscious awareness of what you were doing, and the moment of awakening allows a more accelerated ability to receive what the planet is holding at that time and to embody it. So, the movement now is the actual embodiment of these plasmas into your diamond sun template, the further alignment that you have, the inner core sense of clarity of your inner radar and building back into really trusting yourself okay. I don't know if you feel some shifts and changes right away, sometimes they happen in the weeks to come as your own consciousness responds to the things that have been revealed or that we've been able to support with in the session field, but go with your heart and I know you do, go with your heart.