And today of april of 2020 and I am here and service opening our field architecture through the Aurora spiral of the rainbow crystal spiral counterclockwise creating the spherical field and 360 degrees. Opening into the Aurora time continuum the corridors of Andromeda and feeling the presence of our Aurora families joining with the field space. Also Blue Dragon energy consciousness families And I want to say that I am feeling the staff of Hapshetsut.
I intend to work in service on your behalf, to bring forth the highest level of clarity, truth, support, and all that may be needed or necessary to support you on your evolutionary journey to support your physical strength, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as God would have it be. I invite the essence presence of your avatar God self to unite with me here and to oversee the session container

Monadic Body Restoration 8D Galactic to 9D Metagalactic Core
There are a few things to share with you here that are connected to your body and this is portions of monad energy that are, are stuck up there that need to be returned to you as part of your masculine essence; part of the monadic twin masculine essence is bound in these fields of energy and they are stuck and such a way that I am looking at the construct of these. They're like black suns, like a black solar body, there are many of them. These are also feeling to me as being part of the archons like the archon collectives here that are specific to the Catholic faith. These male parts must be retrieved from the reversals in order to marry into unification inside of your monad.

So I want to clear and remove the bindings, placed upon the monad, the monadic body, cleaning Black Diamond DNA reversals; we are cleaning
multiple horizontal fields of net systems and family of Michael Seraphim Gold Ray and I sense Blue Ray genetics there also so holding that space for those consciousness parts to be released as we clear off and dismantle all reversal architecture. Clearing Sexual misery programming victim, victimizer and Armageddon codes and the communication issues there are communication blocks and links related to creating almost like a reversal languaging so cleaning these blocks and the reversal language program, the tetragrammaton and the Yahweh pillars and Phantom matrix timelines, soul capturing clearing Michael-Mary heart twinning reversals and the black sword of Asclepius, the reversal rod of Asclepius.

Clearing black solar cubes three six and nine, 3-6-9 vertical and horizontal. Cleaning the solar cross Metatronic spiral from the front section of the body so this is from the permanent seed atom down and to the second dimensional center clearing horizontal Metatronic cross
cleaning the collective consciousness or the monadic mind of the Catholic faith And the Yahweh lenses and falseGod lenses and archetypal and influences. 

There are blocks of the diagonal links into the monadic body or the stuck portions of the Monadic body are being blocked on their diagonal through the Catholic programming and these large Archons, so clearing and evicting these Archons and I want to move farther and to the black cube of Orion technology and cleaning the bindings and the body part connections.

Cleaning quantum supercomputer mind control on the Monad and on the soul matrix and allowing a space for these returned to rightful owner body parts to return to you know, so holding a space with our Holy Mother and our Holy Father, to imbue the returning consciousness units to remove all form of entrapment, abandonment, pain, suffering, the feelings of not being heard the feeling of not being understood the feelings of frustration and this sense of you know, polarities that cannot meet in the middle. And this feels very much like the healing of the michael and the mary inside of your body. And as part of the soul matrix and monadic matrix healing of the wings and the rod and this staff so cleaning all bindings placed on the rod and the staff Cleaning unholy triangle alliances from part of the lightbody through the the blue flames of the kidneys and into the higher heart flame. It's been harnessed by this black triangle energy. Its anti-hierogamic Union technology so clearing the black triangle the black inversions, clearing planetary miasma genetic descendancy miasma Bloodline curses. So moving into farther clearing the blood, clearing the blood of distortions through the elements.

Removal of False God Bindings through Religion
There's a vow energy that I can see in the energy of you. And this feels like bargaining with Gods or Okay, there's a ceremony, a religious ceremony that seems related to marriage to the body of Christ and the Catholic faith or in a form of I want to call it as a sacrament to God made through a religious ceremony when when the body is younger. It feels like what would be Known as the Holy Communion or the first mass, it's like the Holy Communion where girls are married to the church or they go through an initiation sequence that marries them to Jesus you know, something like this. So clearing these bindings and the the sense of white lace dresses being used as a symbolism to be used in the manner of which is an incest programming behind the scenes. So, these ceremonies are used to create a form of distortion on the body of God and the human body. And instead, it's like a reversal sacred marriage principle that is installed into the flesh through this sacrament and this vow so on your behalf I clear all vows all bargains with god, all contracts that were not made in the inetrest of your highest expression through your God self and clearing the energy of reversal electrical impulses through the heart matrix and the flesh of the heart itself, the structure of the heart, allowing the support from the Aurora teams to reconstruct portions of encryption for the physical vessel of your heart and the valves of the heart, clearing and aligning as God would have it be, the right and left ventricles of the heart, the four chambers Have your heart and I want to talk about

Christ the Redeemer, Brazil Planetary Gridworking Micro-macro
Mina Gerais or the landmass of Brazil, and where the Christ the Redeemer statue system as there's a feeling here that that is running reversal broadcasts out of a false Krystal Cathedral to the landmass of Brazil. So just holding a moment as I move into that statue area, it is, it feels like it has been used to run a red wave spectrum frequency that is an AI frequency when I can Connect with that area of the land it t is like looking at horizontal fields of energy being

powered by this statue system and almost as if that should actually hold our anchor at a proper Kristiac Krystal Cathedral. And I feel and see the architecture underneath a lot of the overlays so clearing these overlays and broadcasts,  Clearing monadic spirals and Metatronic spirals from the Christ the Redeemer, statue and mountain area. Clearing holographic lenses and soul capture technology through Zeta false reality fields that are being broadcast from that system there as a red cube tesseract inside of the statue at the base of the feet of the statue, there's a red cube. That is creating an addiction matrix of worshiping for survival, praying to the Jesus Christ. And I want to just observe that energy It has a mechanism of binding the soul energy of people who pray to that stature. The binding is to create a form of feedback loop of perpetual suffering. So, when a person prays to this energy or prays to statue, they become enmeshed with part of the red cube spectrum frequency of the false red wave technology. And this is creating a sense of powerlessness in the people who visit the area. I want to see that feels like Rio de Janeiro. But that this is having an impact on minas gervais landmass or portions of the Brazilian landmass So clearing these pillars that are connected in a way that is connected to the Yahweh matrix. And these are for multiple demonic houses and multiple black totem pole energies. So they create, they actually have the four living creatures in reverse they are reverse pillar systems so clearing, I basically feel to be accessing the entire Brazilian land right now. A few months ago or longer, there was a grid piece to remove these from the Peru area and Bolivia areas of the South American landmass all sorts of collapsing these energies and removing all components

There's a electrical impulse signal that is sent out using this red cube technology. It is very much like looking at a black heart with a red heart on the inside.

Clearing scalar wave technology and the transmission sent through this architecture and removing the red cube black cube black & red heart system in its entirety. Reanimating the seeds of the diamond heart back into the base of the statue of Christ the Redeemer and running a rainbow spiral into the statue itself and all the way underneath into the land and reconnecting that, I want to say into say reconnecting it with the four loving creatures or the four pillars of man grid network system and then cleaning the influences from your own body related to the you know as a reversal Christ, Krystal Cathedral emanation that is super-imposed into the chambers of your heart, so clearing this off and removing the energies of the Essenic divide.

Removing Essenic Divide Construct
So on the second dimension of your light body, clearing the reversal Rounds of time and the bindings into the Essenic divide memories
consciousness, divide and conquer, victim victimizer coding, cleaning fifth dimensional sphere of reversals and the inserts related to the Vatican black heart network system clearing from your body.

These black rounds of time are like reversal sophianic rounds of time. So cleaning that from the fifth and then the eighth dimension, clearing the eighth dimensional sphere of reversal solar clock template and blocks to the solar breath and the body clearning all solar Breath blocks and Caduceus network remnants clearing through the spinal column, the fibers of the Kundalini, clearing the atomic body regulator of the Essenic divide and sextant matrix inserts influencies and dead geometries, dead light harnesses and the false platonic solids. These look like black platonic solid instruction sets. Cleaning that from the body and underneath your feet and above your head, clearing the solar star and sun star connections.  Cleaning the 11th dimension of the Essenic divide reversal rounds of time and clearing and removing links and connections projections to Dark Avatar consciousness, clearing the imprint of the dark aEon from your body, clearing the radial bodies and the plasmic seed codes in the heart matrix to align in the body at this moment in time with a highest intention of gentle support as God would have it be

Clearing negative forms and the parallel which are part of the creation of fear around your physical body safety and health and so dismantling a large portion of its clone energy through the fear creation that is living inside your shadow body.
Clearing the energies of heartbreak and heart ache the alignment of the pericardium to the heart matrix and the fascia and muscle tissues around the heart. reestablishing communication links between the heart and the brain,
the heart and the higher heart
Clearing Metatronic spiraling and the heartbeat itself to be aligned with the body and re-connecting the solar heart cubes of the Michael and the Mary heart twinning 4into your body

Reconnect to Tara Pre-Fall Time, Recovery of Female Staff Codes for Female Principle Melchizedek Staff Coding Solar Feminine Restoration
I want to open up to Tara prior to the fall, where we are connecting with you on Tara and your divine counterpart on Tara and resequencing the organic connection, as God would have it be between your body and the Taran body, reestablishing communication links and lines, and supporting the removal of the trauma and the blood covenant bindings. The planetary explosion memory cleaning all remnants and aspects from your field.

Running the Aquareion amplifier through your body to support the blue wave spectrum frequency restoration and the returning of tribal code sequences from Tara’s diamonds heart to your heart matrix. These appear as a very small seed diamonds and these are being returned to you now. And as this is happening, there's a support for the the heart matrix and the blue flame of Tara and the blue flame of Tara’s staff being resequenced into your own staff.

As we run it, the mother cathar tone codes Into the body through this staff energy the restoration and recovery of the sophianic body parts for the Taran flame codes of the mother and your own body and the support for the Ark of the Covenant coding to be reassembled now as we repair that into the staff energy as God would have it be and the ark system being reimbued reapplied in the the staff running the resonator tones, the base tone and overtone sequences aligning the Krystallah body into the 24 organic points as God would have it be 12 12 12 sphere alight, clearing the etheric template of your body

to restore the health principle of the body in the encryption through the sophianic principle as we run the AquaSAreion aquareion in the tetramorph to clear the hypothalamus to clear the brain and the brain stem and the bodies the body's fibrillation rate as being altered here I And so, just allowing this to reveal to you in the moment, the most supportive for your physical body, there's a removal of crucifixion implant from the left side of the heart here and the aorta. So as God would have it, be in gentle application of that healing. reconnecting Lung’s, alveoli, and the Pleural sheath cavity to the heart matrix clearing the communication links and lines ancestral bindings blood covenant and reptilian ownership over the physical body Organs clearing aligning left lung to the Lotus point of the left shoulder and right lung to the Lotus point of the right shoulder.

reestablishing communication links through the rod and staff and clearing the permanent seed atom of solar body reversals. As we restore the solar breath principle and the body please take a few Deep breaths and to your body, as the restoration of the solar breath principle meets with the air elements and the elements of your physical body to restore the solar spiral energy connecting to the tailbone and the sacrum, clearing the 8 fetal cells. Clearing the black tree of life from the water element, the air element, the earth element, the fire element, the ether element, restoring through the Aquareion and the AquaSAreion and the Krystal star of Azoth. Please take a few deep breaths through your body Feeling the solar light reignite inside of your heart chambers, your higher heart through the breath.

Imagining if you will, like your heart is filling up with liquids golden light as we apply the liquid golden light into the physical heart and to the trachea, the esophagus into the lungs. Clearing and restoring spiritual protection for the lungs and the heart in the sacred marriage principle of lungs to heart, Heart to gallbladder, reestablishing communication links between heart to gallbladder, gallbladder to pancreas, pancreas to liver, hypothalamus to thalamus and pituitary. As we clear distortions within the hormonal system of the body to replace the organic matrix, please continue to breathe into your body, the solar light, essence coming down through your staff into your physical body.

Clearing fallen Angelic curses and bindings.

[April 2020]