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Ceres, Secret Space Program, Human Enslavement in Future timelines

There is a movement I am making, going to Saturn. It is basically recovery of the consciousness energies and elements from Saturn and Mars. So opening now into Mars there for consciousness return and retrieval.

I want to say to you here as well, there is a secret space program timelines here that are related to the Mars and Saturn piece. The orange wave spectrum frequencies have highlighted ok, now we would reference that as second dimensional frequency sets but there is a movement here to look at, like enslavement of human in galactic energies that part of your consciousness is having an experience on Mars as part of a Mars SSP. But there is another one here that is taking me into planet system of Ceres. There is no actually much to describe here other than to say you consciousness needs to come back from there and the timelines have to be collapsed.

Holding a moment here, on Mars and Saturn is like a stream of energy consciousness that we are recovering that belongs to you, on a Ceres platform there is a more industrialized complex of military complex as holding or owning part of your Seraphim genetics. We would call that something that looks like Supersoldiers or War Timelines in the future that are a form of enslavement.

I am going to describe to you part of that timeline because I feel like it might be helpful in part of your healing, ok?. The intention is not to create any fear within your body but the hope of my describing it as supporting your healing of inner masculine and feminine.

Now what I am looking at on a Ceres timeline, there are different scenarios playing out in this planet system of Ceres. Sometimes in the visitations of that planet system there are different genetic experiments that are taking place, there are different things, the portion of that I am looking at is that your station of identity of this future timeline is undergoing a form of sexual experimentation and I am going just to describe for you what that is. This is helpful to collapse it because this things are playing out like false genetic partners they are binding soul matrix partners into a false monad partnership type of thing (in the current body incarnation or potentials to destroy the organic partnership connections).

Even though I am saying that this has impact on the internal sacred marriage principle because we really want to unify the portions of own soul and monad but as you know there is a male aspect and female aspect to that, very much personal to yourself but what I am looking at is a form of genetic equal, a monadic genetic equal that is being tortured in front of your face on the Ceres timeline. What it is aiming to do is to split the genetics apart so when I am sharing this this content with you, this would be similar to saying, an expression of your masculine that is over in another chamber system, like a kind of present system, you are in one present system and you can see your like partner or masculine on the other side of this construct. These scenarios are set up because they want to create and control our essence in this timeline, like the current timeline body that we are having right now, your experience right now, everything that is in future time space and past time space influences you’re here and now moment.

I know you know this but I feel like I am going to further explain some of this to help the processing over. As you synthesize portions of your soul matrix into your monad matrix, there would be essences and times and moment when you have to make a decision for yourself where you are coming from a neutral point observer witnessing mode. What happens here as the manipulate portions of male and female essence on the other timelines is to really stop us unifying that inside the current body. The current body station of self is a power for all the other stations of your identity.

The reason I believe we are going to note this Michael area, Seraphim genetic area and the larger portions of that transit space there related to secret space programs, the use of Seraphim genetics to perpetuate reversals on Earth. The Ceres SSP is the same thing, they are all the same thing, they all want to stop male and female from being synthesized, These energies influence the lightbody in the higher levels, so if this cannot come into sacred marriage then the soul and monadic parts of the male and female principles will remain separate. In order to heal all separations, the inner sacred marriage must be completed in all of the dimensional bandwidths where possible.

Oraphim Genetics, Rehabilitation for Universal 12 Tribes potential

Now, your energy template contains the ability for, you know you have Oraphim genetics inside of your body. When we have that, when we can synthesize that, we get to built into Oraphim body, the inner masculine and feminine, when we are like hierogamicly unioned on the inside, the Oraphim template system provides the overwrite and the repair sequence for all genetics. If we have specific tribal lineages here to represent, I would say that what I recognize in your body is you are here to synthesize all genetic, like all tribal genetics of seedings that were on previous Earth time cycles. The feeling as to share the further context to this scenario on Ceres just to help you on your mission strand and although that sometimes it can be really surreal it is not understood in a very physical manner but the ability of the lightbody as you built and recover portions of your genetic code is so that you embody it inside your physical body then there comes like further reveals or stages of what you are here to achieve. Part of what I see you are here to support with and achieve is the recovery, building and synthesis of your Oraphim genetics. So that when you have that stabilized in your body you will be consciously aware of the work that you are doing more that you currently are, if that makes sense. There is a level of spiritual maturity that comes with the embodiment sequence as it happens than you then understand it’s a natural ability of you lightbody but that your emotions play much into that.

Getting back to the Ceres part, and just sharing with you some of what is happening so it is almost like looking at a partner, your partner, the divine masculine essence of you in a male body being tortured in a front of your eyes and you being tortured in front of his eyes. This is like a forced breeding program or a forced sexual connection, it is like looking at your mate being forced to have sexual interactions with people who are not you. The viewing and witnessing of that is excruciating but it also has a different connotation, a different meaning in that space, that is your inner male and female being separated and traumatized so that they can not merge. This is the reason for going there to obtain the consciousness retrieval and body parts from that future timeline, and to collapse that influence from your lightbody.

starseed session excerpt May 2019