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and today is june 2017 I am opening and memorializing a session space for [person], through the amplification of field space through KA RA YA SA TA AA LA, through the pillar architecture through the earth core, directly into the godhead entirely.

Setting field intention space to be of the highest service in law of cosmic sovereign law in support of [person], as I work in service on behalf. I invite your avatar god self into the session space and evolution support teams to guide the session space, in alignment with [person]’s highest expression at this time in GSF as needed and necessary

I ask to only convey information that is the highest light of clarity and truth and is supportive to [person] at this time, to meet with her own intentions, and providing context and information as god would have it be everything that is needed and necessary at this time to support, on own journey

Physical body work and clearings

I am looking at inflammation in your body first of all, I am looking at inflammation in the kidney area and what seems like through synovial fluid and bones, and there is sensation here of elevated temperature and a kind of feverish die off of the cellular parts.It’s actually like, I want to look into your spleen, your spleen has stagnant energy around the spleen with a mass of energy round there to be removed, as I look at your hypothalamus and the body has created a temperature in order to burn off some of these cellulars as the blood passes through the spleen

at this moment I am passing a tone code through the spleen with the intention of cleansing and removing that mass of energetic miasma, it appears as if this is miasma related through the blood line

[tones applied] SA (sophia)

Removing crux implant from spleen area with celestine fire, and evicting entities from the spleen area; reading entities their rights for eviction

these entities have sourced from what I would call as fallen angelic consciousness and reversal mother energies, holding a moment and applying Krystal WAters through your spleen and expanding that out to the whole bloodsteam and the body

cleansing out miasma from the blood

being aware of the presence in the blood of leucocytes as a high white blood cell count. It seems like the body with the fever is being protected through the high white blood cell count at this time, its creating more white blood cells to kill off something in the bloodstream here. Just clearing all memories and influences through the bloodstream, body and spleen itself in order to support body.

Gallbladder Meridians

during the toning earlier on there were a few things that popped off your head, but I want to check into your head and check the gallbladder meridian, I want to run another tone in there on the LHS with the intention of cleansing, clearing, healing, soothing and releasing anything that is inorganic or no longer needed in there, we can release running through the toning of

stoning [sophia] in the LHS gallbladder meridian

observing an entity on the LHS at the back of your head, with it’s tentacles down through the middle of the body wrapped around the heart, spleen, left hip area into the bowel. observing that entity now and using the highest frequency vibration that ias available in order to remove that from your body now. is a mixture of CS and father son codes of aquafey energy and running celestine fire as a horizontal vertical and diagonal as a spherical form through the body, cleansing the body and balancing now that the inorganic SPE has been removed. expanding out the trinity wave fields of energy through your body allowing body to come to balance as I connect with the intention of correcting.

Moving to RHS with the intention of clearing, strengthening and balancing,
toning of [sophia] in the RHS gallbladder meridian

Support for Auditory & Sound Body System

feeling guided to move into the ear canals the drums and the cochlea and all connections within the auditory nervous systems holding the frequency vibration of the clear light of god to provide soothing, and balancing for the auditory system. clearing all mental programs that have been related to the further overlays of a victim/victimser program of not being able to hear clearly, in compassionate witnessing as I witness all that you have experienced in all that has been for you as a person on planet earth at this time, I lovingly hold this space of nourishing and re-ignition of love within your own heart matrix, for your own body, your own existence, for your own path on this journey of krystic unity truthseeking wholeness and as I witness your struggles, as I witness your path, my heart is full of compassion for your life path, your dedication, your being alive on planet earth at this time, as you are wholly and completely loved as an aspect of god, that you are. As you say the words “I am god, I am sovereign, I am free” may you feel the truthful resonance and vibration contained within that statement in its entirety. For any disconnection from that statement or knowing, is an illusion. I pull back the veils of illusion that have been superimposed on your lightbody structure, now. All of the inorganic veils and lenses, all of the inorganic anti krystic achitecture metratronic reversals, reversal 55 spin rates.

Timelines of Isolation through loss of body senses affecting current life

As I observe your energy in this moment I am being taken to lifetimes of isolation and there are SEVERAL lifetimes of isolation of which you have lived on planet earth. I see isolation as experienced through blindness, I see isolations experiences where the tongue has been cut from the body. I see experiences of isolation of choosing to live in isolation with a connection to godsource entirely through meditative practices in some other timelines. As I witness these other stations of your identity I am witnessing a lifetime of extreme trauma through excessive sound frequencies being applied not only to the body, but to the mind and also with the intention of causing harm, this timelines appears as a philadelphia experiment timeline, however, at the same time I am observing a future station of identity experiencing trauma through sound frequency waves and in this moment now, I request to RRO from all of those timelines where isolation was experienced through the sense, allowing those spiritual body parts to be returned to you now, through compassionate and neutral witnessing. Allowing our timeline override sequence being activated through this process.

Through the other timelines of the trauma being provided to the body’s systems through tone codes, through the intentional abuse of kundalini energy through electrical node implants at the base of the spine in the Philadelphia experiments providing immense frequencies that would create a tone running through the spinal energy and there is an analogy of songs of the spine being used in an abuse and trauma provision in this timeline, and in the future timeline of which I am viewing this appears as if it is a form of torture being provided to the inhabitants of the planet of mars. through an intentional abuse to the human body form with the application of extremely high and low pitch tone codes, applied through an electrical current into the body the mind the ears as a form of weapon through inaudible tone, as I neutrally witness these two stations of your identity I ask to observe, I apply neutral witness and I ask to RRO all codes, tones every single part of your energy that belongs to you now. holding space.

Observing the recovery of mother’s body and tone code frequencies recover of fathers body of tone code frequencies and the release of spiritual bondage held of beings of which their energy signature seems grey brown mantid beings. energies being returned now including diamond sun templates. There is an intent, consent and authority that I would like to state on your behalf here: I do not consent to my lifeforce energies being usurped or held in spiritual bondage, I am God I am sovereign and I am free. on both timelines it feels like you were tricked into participating in some regard, however it looks like this is a kind of imposter facade, like you would have been offered an opportunity of which you couldn’t have refused, and then when it was too late to figure out that you had been tricked, so by the time you were able to figure out that you were being tricked, you would have already been on mars or already in a faraday cage chamber somehere in what seems like florida, and so there are understandings of soul fibre fragments of which are being returned to you directly, and as we hold space for these to be integrated upon their return so I call on Holy Mother, Holy Father and holy christ sophia in wrapping a beautiful soft and loving embrace around your body, around your soul matrix and all light fibres to horizontal, vertical and diagonal and all of the connections into the lightbody fibre network systems and part of these tone codes that are coming back here are being provided back into your heart space. and your higher heart space – how lovely. in your first sphere I am observing the consciousness of miasmas of v/v programming but it is like looking at a collective consciousness field of,

Victim/victimiser patterns to perpetuate frustration of loss of body senses affecting current lifetime, Collective Consciousness Fields of Senses

I want to call it, a collective field of consciousness of having to deal with loss of senses. There is no other way to say that, it is as if it is a collective consciousness field and it would be like saying, if you were able to feel more god source inside your body – the fact that you cannot hear, see touch or taste would not matter as much as it currently does. Now, what I am understanding from this is – and please forgive my descriptions of this, because I have no context for what you have experienced in your life, except for what I have witnessed in your energy space – so I understand only to a certain degree based upon my own internal observations of your energy versus how I may actually feel if your circumstances applied to me directly, So as I access this collective field of it feels like a form of conditioning around loss of body sensory perceptions, and it certainly does contain different strands of energy such as frustration, anger, guilt, isolation towards humanity on a whole and frustration towards the body matrices in their entirety. So at this moment in time, I understand that I am able to remove parts of this energy from you with the intention/understanding of easing up your frustrations around your body, because that is a trigger point that is keeping you in a loop of consciousness almost like a trap. The more you feel into that, and I understand how how difficult this must be, but the more you feel that way

the more this program has control over you and the more you are unable to feel the god source of which you truly, truly are. and the understanding with this is, although we are bodies, and although wewe are spirits, the spirit is the true body and it would be like saying, finding resonance and peace with your physical body’s functions as a way of finding more inner peace in your heart, and so I am running the frequency here of a type of celestaline fire energy it’s like a crystalline fire energy and it has the effect of removing some of this from your first sphere,

now in this moment as well I would like to that the opportunity of sending YOUR love, to your physical body, for all that it has endured, for all that it is in its entirety – washing away as much frustration, guilt, anger, isolation energies, all of the energies that you have ever had a thought about around your sensory perceptions. In the knowing, that in truth, in the actual truth of the situation, that your body is made entirely out of love, your heart is beating love, your mind is beating love, and that you ARE loved, and so let me share that vibration with you in the space, with the intention of clearing all of those energies from your body your mind your soul, your organs and your flesh, all of those energies to be cleansed from your body now so that your body truly knows your love.

opening spontaneous prayer as I observe your energy – speaking as you, to you, and to support you; as I work in service on your behalf: prayer to your body

dear body, please know that I love you, and even for all of these emotions that run through you body – I entirely love you

as you are perfect in this moment as my spiritual and fleshly home

I appreciate you body, even in all of those moments where I felt extreme levels of isolation from others, where I felt frustrated for others not understanding my situation

please forgive me body, as I know that you do, as I love you entirely in this moment and all other moments

body, as we have been together through my early years, into my teenage years, into my adult years, I ask that this loving vibration that is coursing through my heart now – the vibration of the holy mother, of the holy father of the ChristSophia is felt, through every cellular memory of my current life

from the moment of my birth even into the space in my mother’s womb. I claim that space as sacred and sovereign in cosmic sovereign law, I sweep those energies of the trinity wave through every moment and avenue in my life with the intention that you-body, you know that I love you regardless of all of my expressions from these to be removed from my cellular body memories,

as I hold this space, as my own compassion and neutral witness , I call upon the spirits of christ to show me the way in retaining my strength through every day so that I remember that I AM an aspect of god, and that I choose not to battle with my body, or with any other being, and instead, I choose to embody the spirits of christ that can show me the peace that can be, in my heart, in my mind and in my body. For I am a child of god, and at the same time, I AM god.

beloved, god, I lay my burden of my body before you and I surrender all that is my burden around my body to you, safe in the knowledge that you hear me, that you support me in every moment, that I am you and I am most definitely made of love. now in past present and future and sideways time. as I recall now a joyful memory from my life, I amplify that memory in my mind’s screen, and with that memory comes the loving vibration of the godforce through my body and I choose to remember that sensation in my body and as I feel that in my body in the centre core of my being, so it is amplified, so it is real, so I feel this and I can choose to reconnect with this and amplify this any time I want to. And so it is.

End of body prayer and energetic intention to support the body

Microcosmic Orbit checking and clearings

I am checking up through your spinal energies, through the tailbone with ChristSophia energy and CelestineFire energy with the intention of balancing out all aspects of the spinal column in entirety
cleansing out astral parasites, strenghtening the fibres and connections between the spinal nerves to the spinal cord, cleansing, also flowing through the pranic tube centres, and kundalini ibre networks supporting the flow of lifeforce energy and moving into nadial complex and clearing holographic inserted dead light fibres in the nadial complex
cleansing and repairing soul fibre damage, applying aurora reencryption to the nadial complex, supporting nadial fibres in all directions through to the radial bodies, balancing and using KA

applying axiatonal alignment

further up to the back of the neck, releasing dead light at the back of the neck, moving up to back of head, removing a 9d siphon at the back of the head, moving up onto the crown and clearing all splitter technology, inorganic architecture, negative thoughtforms, cloned negative thoughtforms, cloned bodies, preparing to evict lunar chain beings: evicting. these are attached into the sacrum area on the body, carrying out evictions to completion of lunar chain beings.

clearing the 6d/7d axiatonal lines into the wings on the shoulders from the electromagnetic perspective of balancing and supporting flow into the physical body, clearing all plasma reversals, clearing a connection between either wing point into the higher heart matrix and back again with CF energy, it’s applying lightfibre upgrade between the 4d/8d heart centres,

I feel we are coming to a close, but I want to double check with your teams on anything else:

performing an auric field balancing through all layers of the auric system, integrating, to support extra clearing of cellular memory and taking that through alternate timelines into simultansoues lifetimes and space time influences, and also performing a sweep and clearing, balance and centre bodies, system to system integrate, mind body nervous system integrate, clear cellular memories from vagus nerve, and brain, clearing false realities from the mental body systems, removing shadow forms from the mental body, applying a space time correction and collapsing all inorganic timelines.

removing mindcontrol booby traps and scripts and timed thoughtforms, removing the inner voice command mimic implant clearing that from current body and multid bodies, replace organic matrix this voice is like a false inner guidance, clearing all cellular memories to STS sweep, applying aurora reencryption into the spinal column particularly the fetal cells and the tailbone access point for pranic tube currents, balacning of the systems of the hypothalamus to the pituiary gland and the thymus gland. temoving miasma from the pituary tgland and the pineal gland, holding a tone code in your pineal gland as connections are seen through fibre networks in part of the brain into the brainstem, supporting pineal gland and it almost feels like its internal connection to connect with the internal audio signal that you receive from your higher self, and with that they are guiding me to provide clearing in the 10D connections for you and I am now toning some tones with the intentions of repatterning this for you:

Ha yA MANA, hawaranamana,

Avatar Communication Re-established through 10D Corrections
ON completion of toning, observing a feedback loop now being provisioned between the 10D and the pituitary gland and pineal gland, pineal gland observing as crystals that have been caked in miasma, and holding now an inaudible tone to clear out the pineal gland miasma and the connections contained within – I can see the crystal kathedral architecture inside your pineal gland the city 4 square architecture almost as if it has been semi-dormant and at this moment sending that inaudible tone to cleanse and repair. it’s like looking at the crystals in the pineal as piezo electrical source fields or recipient fields of energy but that the crystals cannot fire with each other properly due to the miasma:

toning now for above listed intentional corrections directly applying to the Pineal Crystals

Wa-Yah- heeeee, Ohhhhhh, Treeeee-UM, AHHHUMMMBAH, HeyUM MAH, Kee RA SHA

Observing the crystals take on tone code colours of crystalline operators of tri-wave and viewing the trinity wave within your pineal gland at this time.

source, starseed session June 2017