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extract from starseed sessionwork, December 2017

I’m connecting with your energy and I am being shown so many things at the one time please let me work my way round here there’s like in the field opening there, the invitation for our families to come forward there is multiple layers and levels of our families that are being away in the space there are so many of families conscientiousness coming forward it is like layers of indigenous tribal peoples it is aquaferion energies there are forms of Andromeda teams there are forms of master Christos collectives, there are so many various levels of krystic teams here and aurora families members elementals dragons aurora dragons are here with us there are various families of consciousness and as I connect in with your energy personally I am moving down through fields of what feels like aurora platforms to get to your energy and as I am viewing your lightbody there is this aurora diamond pastelline of fluorescent frequencies that you are holding nourishing anchoring down, there’s this feeling, I want to say Grandmother turtle codes and looking at your field it’s like looking at these multiple horizontal shields of energy but they’re actually being shown as the shields that have been brought through and that would be like saying multiple lineages of connections into what feels like the guardians of the pillar or the twelve guardians or tribal shields.

Historical energetic frequencies timelines stories historical records forms of like halls of Amenti record that have been brought through into a physical awareness or activation sequence through the beading of physical shields themselves and through this feeling of you holding aspects of all of the shields because they are stacked upon each other in a vertical manner like you would place records in like a physical vinyl record, musical record, stacked upon each other and these are holographic architecture in their own right as a form of shield.

Krysthala Prototype Embodiment Building of

There is a distinct feeling here that part of your work has been or is a form of holding memories of timelines - when these shield architectures memories can be brought together and it’s like looking at one of the shields in your lightbody, it’s been highlighted its pastelline diamond opalescent aurora rainbow colours it’s like a vibrational living light shield itself, it’s like the shields are embodied, the consciousness of the shields are embodied as a form of organic Krystic timeline architecture structure. They’re showing me the correlation between your ability to read the number codes and to code that in - like the God mathematical sequences of what I am going to call divine infinite calculus has been in your embodiment process to connect with your connection through Krystal kaleidoscope all the way out through into the prime creator God essence and solar bodies of the prime creator itself and receive this divine infinite calculus through the number sequences and what I’m kind of trying to figure out what they’re showing me - it’s like you working with geometries but in a numerical format so they’re showing me things like your lightbody has a calculation sequence that is able to, it is something to do with the Krysthala because the krysthala body itself is visible to me in your lightbody as a level of merkabic function I want to call it the Christ star vehicle /Krystar vehicle or crystalla body of the karayasatala tone code as a merkabic function which is providing this.

There are many things here so it’s the alchemical unioning between the krystal star of azoth fire water frequencies through the lens and eye of God through the divine infinite calculus sequences that your lightbody has this function of; it’s like marrying principles of numerical value sequences, now they’re taking me to look at the whole period of your life timeline in this current body and there’s this awareness that when you have began to awaken and see the number sequences or see the parallel existences sychronicities those physical manifestations of God technology mathematical code that you automatically pick up and unravel, recode, understand and put the pieces together the jigsaw puzzle of what it is what it means in God’s code.

Perfected Timeline Access through Seven Higher Heavens - Paradisian Suns

There are periods in portions as if you are cycling through a connection sequence that supports the.... I want to call it krystic memory architecture because the way they’re giving this to me is to reference the shields. The shields hold memories from krystic halls of amenti but if I am going to look at the architecture it’s like a further out halls of record architecture that exist of the seven higher heavens in the paradisian sun fields of energy it’s like saying “the hall of records” “the krystic library” “the bookshelf of God” so it’s like saying if I look back to when you were 21 there was a portion of your life when you were involved in a sequence of events I can’t quite see what that is - but it’s like looking at a museum curator who is going through a cataloguing pieces of architecture in the physical sense, so like looking at artefacts or objects so as you are looking at the artefacts or objects you are actually picking up a geometric code or sequence or memory or obtaining a consciousness imprint energetically from that artefact to open up the consciousness units and bring the krystic memories and there is the ability of the krystal star of asos the divine fire water to reclaim Krystic memories through the elemental re-encryption of the power of the rightful truthful archival memory system of the library of records the hall of records.

This architecture that sits up in the paradisian sun consciousness with fields of energy the great halls or mansions of God the truthful awarenesses of earth history and the truthful memories and you know these shields here and these frequencies that you have access to its almost like saying where we have timelines that have been infiltrated and reversed you know all of the stuff? right all of the reversal stuff? it’s like saying actually there are all these beautiful timelines that we did exist within and these shields have the activation codes and the memories sequences contained within them that support our consciousness to understand that we are part of unity and the shields coming through are like anchoring krystic.... well the only way I can say it again it’s like the twelve guardians of the pillar it’s like the krystic architecture of four pillars of man network grid moving up into a further level of twelve guardians of the pillar which has been given as a form of tribal shield it’s like saying these shields particularly I was going to say particularly yours but all of them are containing memory sequences and they’re making me have a correlation about what you said about the abacus and the counting and the numbers. There seems to be a form of colour ray spectrum frequency that has been used in the shield that has a significance to the ray frequency spectrums coming into the solar system and as we know we are holding templates that are containing connected ray frequencies as we build them in our bodies like the Krystala tones are the override for the actual seven ray frequency that we have which has been refracted damaged reversed usurped that comes into our solar system now.

Re-alignment- Adjustment with Stellar bodies, KA RA YA SA TA AA LA Seven Sacred Suns Building

With that piece of information there is a form of understanding to do with the constellations of Ursa major and the Pleiades and it feels like at this time we are going to hold a space here in order to provide a kind of corrective sequence for your own lightbody’s ability - your avatar is kind of sharing with me some instruction here of what to support you with so I ask our beloved to support in the krystal spiral alignment through the pleidian star system of the seven sisters and the ursa major consciousness of the great bear in bringing the corrective sequences or alignments that you are required to receive at this time and divine right order and timing.

Cleansing out some miasmatic type of residue from your crown area and there is a form of revealing architecture it’s like looking at an aurora crown on your head and then the receivings of the solar energies like rishic consciousness the rishic suns, the ursa major cosmic suns, pleidian constellations, the way that we are embodying krystala alters the way that our mirrored refelctive symmetry receives the codes from God. It’s almost like saying we are able to carry out adjustments clearings as we build our lightbody architecture because what I can see from your lightbody here is containing the double diamond sun architecture and the building of aurora crown frequencies that are unified and receiving the krystala tones in your krystala embodiment sequence and receiving rishic sun consciousness units and elemental frequencies from solar sun bodies in the seven higher heavens and at the same time it feels like there are stages of this that occur through the lightbodie’s, the physical body and there is a sense of aligning your glandular system to clear and bring about the transmutation of any form or reversal chemical architecture that has affected the glands in your body, the glands into the brain and central nervous system, so applying a form of krystal waters and celestine fire in order to support that process in the reclamation of your glandular secretions and all chemical biology within the body through the central nervous system to what feels like the mental body to bring about the alignment clearing cleansing and soothing to balance these frequencies it’s almost like saying the crystal embodiment or the seven sacred suns embodiment is and does depend on our glandular system or impact our glandular system and requires to have support at this time.

Unification of Multi-Dimensional Selves, in the Hara Line, Personal Ascension, Personal Christ

Feeling as well that there is a form of DNA frequency that is being altered or I want to call it the word of incubated inside your body I’m able to see this now and I want to share this with you now it feels like this A-RA DNA I want to call it a rainbow DNA understanding that the DNA frequencies that we have the template for when you’re working within the realms of the reclaimation for, it feels like, when we get to a certain stage and I’m asking our teams for, pause - yeah okay, It’s like the consciousness expansion from the levels of embodiment that you’ve been through have allowed you to reach out, I want to call it the full extent of your multidimensional selves it’s like the christos collectives. So what I mean by that is the master christos collective support of gathering the multidimensional selves – stations of identity, back into a unified form in the hara line. What I understand is if you have completed certain levels of that process it almost seems like there’s a spiral of the process itself so it’s like saying you have access to one thousand seven hundred and twenty eight aspects of your multidimensional selves and that you are working at that level and it’s a form of unification through the different dimensions within, you know, this time matrix I guess we could say the first to the twelfth dimension and it’s like the hara very unified and in that process it’s like the avatar building and embodiment the process of the crystal body embodiment in between stages are like Christ Sophia embodiment, all of these things I see in your energy system and then it’s like saying we are given to understand that connection there through the hara line - through the vertical when we have supported the connection into our one thousand seven hundred and twenty eight aspects, it’s like saying there’s a level of, I don’t want to call it completion but it feels like a level of completion a certain amount of DNA healing reclaimation and embodiment all of these aspects simultaneously as you know through the process cycles everything that you’ve been doing, your dedication and it’s like we hold the connection to the tribal shield and those who are working that piece it’s like saying there’s a larger piece of DNA coding that can be altered healed and grown through the Krystala body or embodiment the frequencies of the Krystal tones themselves feed the resurrection of the rainbow crystalling DNA frequencies with a twelfth dimensional template and it’s like saying this is what the A-RA code has been shared as in this context it’s like a rainbow DNA a form of crystal gene code silicate matrix code that we would have had access to in our avatar station of identity as the prime DNA so it’s like seeing the aurora consciousness at its fullest glory.

So this is what I am feeling in your architecture this is what I feel your working with but our teams are sharing with me this form of like you are a genetic librarian and I’m looking at stations of your identity working with the aurora earth planetary blueprint body - it feels twelfth dimension I want to call it A-RA-matena or the aurora earth platform itself, in that dimensional space the aurora earth isn’t physicalised its like the aurora crystalline body in its own accord. There’s this body of the hierarchy aspect of you in those dimensional fields feeding information up and down through your haraline and it’s to do this divine infinite calculous and what you were saying about the abacus and the counting of the beads. The beads are being given in this moment as a form of protein synthesis of between the pairs of bonds within the opposites of being the Christ of DNA and it’s like the A-RA the crystal moments the frequency that the body can hold are being used to synthesize the correct.......... you know they are giving me DNA of its fullest form like I’m gonna get it wrong di ribonucleic acids they’re taking me down - acids and proteins they are taking me down to feel amino acids they’re taking me down to the energies of the aqualeyon and the aquarose energies and there’s an understanding that your body receives these energies and as you do so it is the recalibration building of the crystalline dna codes and the holding of this architectures memory within your body so it’s almost I also see you planting forms of crystal plasma seeds code and I what I would terminology as God code or God seed codes.

Through forms of grid work architecture or just by your presence being there even if you weren’t consciously aware that this was part of the work that you were doing. Now they’re taking me to understand that when you go to Uluru you are going to be doing some grid work and I feel in this moment it’s in connection to the twelve guardians of the pillar and or the tribal shield and they’re showing me a reconnection re-connectedness through the mother portal systems in Uluru. Its funny to say it this way but you are creating architecture of diamond pillar networks when you get there and a holding of a space so that there is a transmission that can be brought in to Uluru brought in with your vertical connections and it feels like there’s a feedback loop because it’s like saying during that process there’s also going to be data collected from your lightbodys’ architecture and it’s like you are passing a DNA frequency code back up into the planetary tribal shield but when I look at that it’s like looking at a tribal shield that’s been held by a round table rainbow round architecture it is the we would probably say like an Arthurian round table or the knights of the round table but all these architectures it’s like the Lyran round table rainbow frequencies is what your body has access to and these shields that have been made that are being shown in your architecture as these horizontal circular energies holding Krystic memories it’s like your timeline is saying - if you were the embodiment of all the things that were organic wonderful and crystalline as in perfected timeline frequencies then that’s what your body holds as mirrored reflective symmetry and in this moment now there is the feeling that in the Uluru landmass you will have different experiences and that’s to do with the rainbow round tables the rainbow rounds.

Lyran Rainbow Rounds

I don’t know if you have conscious awareness of that but this is what I am looking at its like running the rainbow rounds as they come round through your haraline its like connecting with all stations of your Krystic identity your Krystic identity through the hara line. It’s like saying there is this information to do with what I am calling the horizontal shield that have made or brought through that you hold the imprint of all of them and there’s some form of like timeline formula that you are supporting the energetic place holding for like Uluru and it feels like a connection of Mother back into the ARA-Matena Aramatena or aurora earth timelines that are the timeline information that has actually been embedded into your architecture so it’s like saying you are providing a rainbow arc system connection between the Mother arc connection here and the aramatena link up through your hara line connection into God higher heaven the architecture paradisian suns, all of these levels of our crystal architecture that your gonna be installing a form of timeline override into that system.

This is what it feels like they’re giving me to understand around the four pillars of man at this time going through phases of alterations and it’s like almost like upgrades of the code when we put our bodies in certain layers in our lightbody to hold our architecture stable in the body and for the planet then we are able to reuse in new ways in service work that we can support the installation of codes in a different way into planetary body and at this time I am feeling the something of mathematical codes you have been going through some kind of mathematical codes through your life but what I am looking at is a way to describe this to you would be like saying when a reference a prior age in your biological life it’s like saying, when you were 21 you noticed some numbers when you were 39 you noticed more numbers they are in no time of space so what they are giving me is the divine infinite calculus that can move through your lightbody system is working in spiral time throughout the A to B linear point of your current life’s trajectory and timeline in such a way that it allows for the four lessons of sequence code of geometries across the events of your life then having this feeling of you being a tri-tone luminary aurora dragon or being that can span multiple dimensions at the same time in order to alter the timeline of vector planetary codes the planetary body feels and reads and understands as organic.

Okay did I get that right? There’s this, I don’t really know how else to share that there, that is what I’m feeling in here, that is what’s being shared and on the understanding that when you’ve been accessing the different dimensions to like hold them here that’s been part of your harmonic rebuilding of the double diamond sun at the same time for yourself and it’s like reconnecting the planetary body into double diamond sun time at the same time because the Albion Cathar - the world soul connections it would be like saying the planetary body should also have access to a double diamond sun template. Thats what it feels like it feels like the connectedness with that.

They’re sharing with me information that I was in receipt of through part of my own process and it was similar to what I have been able to understand from yourself as well but it is to say that there are like the shield layers in our architecture appear to change their dimensional frequencies so if we look at the regular twelve dimensional shield process and we would say under our feet is 10,11,12 as a horizontal shield and above our head is 13,14,15 its like 13,14,15 moves down to be underneath our feet because thats the trinity wave as a basis and then from that point the horizontal shield look to me like they change shapes almost like they blend into the one horizontal shield that’s actually the rod function of a lightbody in a unified form but contains access to all of the dimensions that our DNA sequence or template ability can hold. So it’s like looking at your architecture as a rod and staff functioning on a Christ sophianic rod and staff frequency and going through the various levels of embodiment that you have been and accessing these different dimensional spaces as a way of almost harmonising and recollecting and collapsing things from your own multidimensional selves whilst at the same time working that piece as part of the planetary body as well.

Building of the tribal shield reclamation for DNA sequences human bodies the planetary body all these levels of what the tribal shield is, is going through multiple cycles of time and there is a feeling of this is what your purpose has been partly to recollect and reclaim all of these DNA codes in order to build your own lightbody into a station of DNA human ability recoding, it’s like you are embodied aurora and you are re-encrypting elements as you come into contact with them. You are re-encrypting fields of energy and DNA codes as you have healed the stations of identity of yourself. It feels like it’s always going to be an ongoing process its always going to be ongoing, there’s this feeling that when you came into your twelfth stand DNA you were able to be utilised in a different function and that’s really to be holding the perfected DNA code as an energetic reality in your lightbody holding this memory and therefore having the ability to support others re-encrypt whatever way that comes about.

I’m just asking if there’s any other what else needs to be known or done or understood or....

Re-Patterning 5D Tara TimeFields, with Perfected timeline architecture memory record

They are sharing with me, we are moving into the Taran fields of energies here but what’s being highlighted is T and then ara. T-ARA.

I do not have a large portion of information about this but I know that we are recovering large portions of energy units, It’s almost as if it’s not personal to your lightbody at this stage it’s in the taran fields of energy as a pocket of false timelines consciousness trap, largest architecture and just lovingly intending to collapse and transmit all required energies and observing the crystal lattice work take over the horizontal field of energy that was a consciousness trap and repatterning that with a form of Krystic timeline architecture that looks like a crystalline lattice work energy with the understanding that this is a form of reclaimation of times space and a formation of further crystal architecture that is available to us at this time.

extract from starseed sessionwork, December 2017