In the planet and human lightbody, the heart centred energy of the 4d was 'dragged down' into the 2nd dimensional sacral-sexual centres, or pain body repository and this created a separation between emotional body being organically connected to the proper heart based frequencies, which are required to heal the pain body/sexual centres in the human architecture. This has meant that instead of loving sexual connections based in heart resonance, that the pain that is held in broken heartedness is used as a way to keep the heart running in a much lower frequency density- the 2d centre. The collective grids on earth in 2d host a fallen underworld presence of demons and fallen angelic presences.

Working to support the 2d/4d split, with blue rainbow sun rays and RA presences guidance to hold the aton to support this. There is architecture that sits in the ligbtody that is blocking your ability to hear the higher heart system, I am removing the architecture of heart blocking, soul matrix connections, we are looking at 2d/4d splits in the lightbody, it’s all part of, sometimes it looks like it is a part of all things, but it is a part of one thing, to five you further context this is a part of a 2d/4d split separation, and it would be like saying – the times when the heart system have been pulled down into the 2nd dimension, not just in the current life, but in the multi-dimensional expressions of self (other lives) who have also, endured levels of that. {note from me- other expressions of lifetimes have suffered from this, and it means an inability to feel love vibration in the heart because the 2nd dimensional sphere was separated from the heart 4th dimension – it is something we are all getting to heal at this time because the planetary staff and 4th gate at giza were reconnected into the diamond heart of aqualasha. This is giving the ability for our hearts to heal, and the 2d connections to shift the pain up into heart space, which heals it}

We are moving into temple mount here, we are basically doing a form of well, I want to call it something like recovery of Ezekiel consciousness, or removing portions of ezekiels consciousness that are bound into the 2d template mount. Yes (inner confirm) When I am talking about your aton disk, I could also relate that to supporting the rebuilding of the rod function in your lightbody (2D override is 14D gold ray) we are working through the Solomon shield and the solar body consciousness that we have available to us.

Sexual Misery Implant

So in this moment I am recovering your energy that has been bound underneath the ground in temple mount in Jerusalem (2d grail point of planet) removing forms of reversal architecture, basically holding a space for recovery and transit, removing connections to the moon and lunar force entities and energies there is an insert in your lightbody that is,I am going to call it the “perfect man holograph”, there is a form of architecture within the lightbody it’s a holographic insert but it is also a form of filter or lens systems, it is hooked into the 2nd dimensional sphere, what it does is draws our attention to physical beauty attributes of the opposite sex, or a potential partner or a partner that we are in a relationship with it blocks the heart space from accessing the other person’s heart. Instead it routes the energy to the root centre, or the 2nd dimensional pain body centre (sexual misery) and has us be attracted to particular physical attributes, and what we could also say this is- it’s a form of energetic attraction that is false. It is like when we are drawn to something we feel attracted to, and it gives us a sense of sexual impulse in the root centre; it’s the deception mechanism negative agenda. [because, we are not meant to feel it in our 2d sexual organs, we are meant to feel it in our hearts as much as we are able]

This implant is purposed entirely so that we are not routing/rooting any heart based consciousness in the heart, so that we are only to recognise something that looks beautiful or the emanation of something that we think would be beautiful for us, (as individuals) it’s blocking our own heart centres, it’s like how we view beauty as a material object, or how we feel worthy of ourselves when we basically play into sense of trying alter our physical body, trying to be more attractive, but in this case this implant in your body is blocking your view of what is truly beautiful, so that your heart centre can’t feel it. And in here is this sense of you looking at men in life (whole life, not just right now) and being repelled by their visual appearances, like there is something not quite right there, it doesn’t float your boat, it makes you feel some sense of disgustingness, however, it’s also drawing your eye to other people who ‘seem’ to be attractive, it’s like going out to the store and coming into contact with other men, you are coming into contact with men, because this is what I am seeing in this space. You are being drawn to a physical character or a behaviour that the men display, but these men that you are being attracted to are like false partners, it looks like false partners. You cannot feel a partner in the heart space, you can only feel them in the sexual organs, but the sexual organs are sensing this or are pointed to feeling reversal sexual energies, like dark mother or dark father energies, this is lunar to solar, it’s part of anti-hierogamic union technology, it diverts the energy from the heart down into the pain body/sexual organs. And the 2d pain body just cycles and amplifies, and it seems so much more painful – so removing this architecture now. Removing negative forms from the multi-dimensional parallels from the grail (2d planetary gates) keeper lineages.

OK, moving the blue rainbow sun energy amplifiers into the sacral 2d centre, mixing with aquaMAreion/reyon amplifier which is a peach-gold amplifier from aqualasha, intending this to be applied for maximum healing for sacral and sexual energies.

False Identity in the Personality Matrix, Holographic Insert as a Veil of perception, False Attractions to Opposite Gender

Let me add some context in here. The implant I am describing is like a part of a false image or hologram of false identity. It is sprayed into our fields by the NRG grid, as part of keeping us in sexual misery. This could have affected you in your current life at a younger age, and not necessarily be something that you are experiencing ‘right now’. The reason I can see it in your field, is because it’s an inorganic filter, it has to come out. Many times when I am viewing these things, I am trying to get the best of my field read in the architecture as I can. From my understanding, this implant was (or has in the past) caused you not to know true beauty by feeling it in the heart. An example of this, that might make sense, is when we see men attracted to females with particular characteristics, such as ‘oh she has nice hair’ and they are literally programmed to find that attractive. When I am describing this for you, the implant was distorting the heart based attractions, almost as if you were either unable to feel love I your heart space and, from what I can discern it has been messing with your ability to know what is truly attractive to you, as a person – as if, it’s been blocking you from feeling the truth of your own heart space, in regards that. I hope this makes sense. It is something we all have had to dismantle, these are sexual misery programs, these are also what can keep us from feeling our current partner as a heart based resonance, because this stuff is insidious and is sprayed out to keep the heart from knowing the actual truth. Please know, that with these things coming out, you might start to have understandings that you were not able to see or know previously, and with the highest guidance in your own heart space, you will find the clues and the answers to whatever you need to know.