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January 2018 Site Survey

Recent themes of planetary gridwork have allowed for the reclaiming and clearing portions of the rose line in the UK. On site visitation to Rosslyn Chapel allowed for clearing underground entity attachments, anchoring of an updated template of the City Four Square Krystal Star Organic Pillars to connect to the 4 Pillars of Man Aurora Network Planetary Grid and planting plasma seeds for supportive ongoing guardian work, this aligns into the Crown of the Maji 4 Royal Stars, Formalhault-Regulus-Aldeberan-Antares.

Reconnections of the chapel to Avebury, Ireland and North Pole, also 33rd parallel and the Cornwall Trinity gate. Presence from Robert Burns, William Wallace, Robert the Bruce and also William III (William of Orange) as witnesses from the Holy Father Amethyst Order lineages from the Godworlds Rha families. Michael consciousness, blue cross healing and restoration to original memory.

The chapel itself is a physical representation of the etheric temple of Solomon as the Double Diamond Sun vehicle and Solar Temple of the risen Christ Sophia Sacred Union and had been split apart from the organic life force, much of the architecture has been bound in reversal through the spirits of servitude. A large baphomet dark mother entity being resides underneath the centre point in the chapel, directly underneath the roses on the ceiling. Transits were facilitated which allowed an imprint of current christ sophia rod and staff to be placed inside the architecture, for ongoing guardian teams to connect with. The Organic Rose Line architecture was reconnected through diagonal channels and allows for updated instruction sets to be received from Sirius B transmissions into the Avebury. Clearing reversal fire line connections between Stonehenge and Rosslyn, and providing a link up to 12D Montsegur and Aramatena. More layers of disconnect reversal digression exist and require future work.

Rosslyn Chapel has been used to host a reversal network of Metatronic energies, leading into the 8D layers of the Galactic Core, of the Metatronic Eye and the black hole system of the Yahweh, Yod Hey Vod Hey, YHVH reversal time pillars. Guardians have recovered the energetic architecture to repair the ley lines and corrections into the Amethyst Order God Worlds Founders in 2019, as the Chapel hosts part of the Violet Ray Spectrum of the 7D ley lines, in which the Mary-Meri-Magdalene Galactic Female Solar Coding is hosted in the Scottish Landmass. The sacred diamond heart crystalline network of the planetary body, intersects through the Diamond Heart points at Fortinghall Yew, and connects also to the NewGrange Stargate in Ireland, also to the Hill of Tara. The Guardians of the verticals the Elohei, Feline Founders of the Mother Lineages, comprising also of the past lineages of Tuatha A' Danaan from the Royal Houses of Lyra, anchored their consciousness into the landmass pre-Atlantian Cataclysm. The Chapel acts as a portal system to Andromeda, but had been installed with Metatronic Reversals leading into the false white light and the black hole system inside the 8th dimensional levels. Guardians resurrected organic pillar architecture, to restore the connections into the Amethyst Order Rha Godworlds families in early 2018. This was part of hosting the Violet Ray to Amethyst Ray organic Cosmic connections, to ensure the indigo children and the violet sun coding could be reached during activation cycles.

Guardian host are continuing to apply repatterning and restoration of Rossyln architecture to repair into the Emerald Order Rainbow Rounds and Krystal Star Guardian host linkups. The temple is being repaired as a solar temple of Solomon, as the Solar House of God for the Christos-Sophia unified male and female expressions upon the earth, which can hold and host the corrective templating for aeonic pairs as the HG Template of the Christos-Sophia has been anchored there by guardian forces. The temple is managed by Krystal Star guardians, including the Paliadorian King Dragon Lineages, and the Amethyst Order Rha Godworlds families who oversee the temple upgrades.