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Staff positioning to the Yahweh matrix, Planetary 23 Degree tilt and Corrections to Higher Heart or Permanent Seed Atom 8D

The hookup from the upper 12D shield platform holds an 8D position of the monadic layers until eventually it shifts into what used to be (until a few months ago) a 13-14-15D upper horizontal shielding. The yahweh matrix was a black hole and multiple black suns sitting in the 8D fields of orion, which for all humans and starseeds created a staff which tilted out into the black hole, Humans and starseeds could not feel andromeda as the passageway to connect or receive the rays from the godhead, and now there is the opportunity to feel more easily into the core of creation in the godworlds as this lightbody configuration is shifting inside the planetary body and human body grounding mechanism. The black hole in the Yahweh matrix through the 8D portals has now been closed, and so this means we can tidy up the metatronic reversals and implants from the personal starseed lightbody, which when corrected allows us to feel and merge with the god presence more. 

For starseeds who were able to build their staff and repair it from being out in the tilt into the yahweh matrix, they have had a connection into Andromeda and into the godhead when their lightbody developmental stage could sustain it through the staff. The planets in our solar system saturn and jupiter which held reversals to the rays have been getting corrected too as guardians reclaim the planetary structures out from negative alien invasion controls. This impacts the whole of earth and why our teams have been working non stop to ensure structures are cleared to meet the portal line up into the galactic core on the solstice.

Now that the black hole system in the 8D portals have been closed now from late November 2020, in so that the organic central sun principle of the solar body (as a gigantic paliadorian sun body) is now present in its rightful place in the Orion galactic to metagalatic core 9d passageways out into andromeda, which connects directly to the central sun of andromeda and out into the godhead and godworlds solar bodies. This hasn't happened before now, and so the activation is changing the lightbody depending on the developmental stage of it, mostly the 8D fields are the monadic body and the higher heart matrix. When these are online in the personal template, this massive architecture shift is supporting the activation, as the 12 strand gold dna becomes activated and structurally correct for humans.

Because the founders of the rishic triwaves are coming into form, as they weave themselves down into each layer of the time matrix, and through our planetary body too, this is supportive of the next stages of the double diamond sun body that we may feel here because the earth body has been altered in terms of further architecture to support these changes, again, this has many developmental layers of building it into correct format, which takes deep gender healing through inner male-female corrections. 

Whatever happens to the planet or the solar system or higher levels impacts all inhabitants of it. This is why many guardian teams have priorities to meet in the field, at a moment's notice! This is a tremendous time to be alive, to see the shifts and the ultimate changes at the higher dimensional levels. It means all humans on the earth will have the opportunity to build these architectures and feel god more easily, as the planet body is corrected and the personal lightbodies are corrected.

Lightbody Wings 6D+7D Merges, First stages of male-female unification & microcosmic orbit completion

The kidneys in the human body hold flames which must be triaded into the heart and higher heart complex in the ignition sequence which merges the conception vessel with the governing vessel male and female currents of the microcosmic orbit cinto a merged circuit. This runs as one frequency current from the base of the spine, up and over the head and down the front of the body back into the location of the root/perineum and sexual organs. It is at this stage the first stages of unification of the inner male and inner female begin to merge and the lightbody starts to build into the diamond heart matrix of the thymus gland, or higher heart - which is the beginnings of creating the crystal lotus blue ray heart in the permanent seed atom. We have had severe energetic issues on the earth through sexual abuse and misuse, whereby the energies from the kidneys and perineum cannot rise into the upwards movement through kundalini. As ascending humans will learn to take self care of their own energy bodies, to cut cords with previous sexual partners or objects of desire and fantasy. This is a necessary in order to gain full sovereignty over the lifeforce entering into the body from below the feet. 

The 6D right wing point on the shoulder, and the 7D left wing point on left shoulder once merged as the 6D (4-5-6D triad of soul matrix) connects to the 7D (7-8-9D monad matrix) as these points merge, they create the merged channel inside the hara line, of the central vertical energies inside the body.  The auric field changes from an ovoid egg into a toroidal shape donut field as the male and female energies run as one in the lightbody. This can feel as tingling in the upper lip (the mouth is where these energies meet) and can also feel like moving in a rotational forwards rolling movement whilst standing still.