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Venus implants, Eye of the beholder reversal lens, found in human lightbody in 2D gender centres,
In starseed session work, the Venus Beauty lens or holographic insert as a consciousness trap is observed as a placement in the lightbody - auric layers, which affect the ability to feel in the heart what is true 'beauty'. The phrase beauty is in the eye of the beholder, has been usurped by this archetypal energy insert which is placed into human lightbodies in order to keep the reversal and lunar forces in control.

This energy can be witnessed in the auric layers and has the impact of creating a sense of sexual response to the sight of viewing something which is determined by the individual as 'beautiful.' This can be understood by individuals being 'turned on' or attracted to certain physically aesthetically pleasing attributes, and requiring a visual aid in order to feel fulfilled or excited by it.

This implant has been observed through human sexual misery programming and if observed can be removed through connection with god source. When removed, the individual can start to feel the energy behind a presentation, and determine further through the renewed heart based response if being attracted to a visual theme is actually fulfilling of the heart. It acts to create a false lens of material wealth, value and beauty as created through the AI mother or Dark mother consciousness of utilising negative ego programs and archetypes of the princess coding. Princess coding creates influences around the pursuit of materialism, blocking the heart matrix from 'seeing' the truth, as the princess code and false AI Venus beauty obscure the heart function from feeling and understanding organic attraction and desires.

Observed to be part of NRG grid and 7D reversals, cloned soul and monadic bodies, gender seperation and splitting. Creates confusion around attraction to potential partners, perpetuating the gender separation truama.

The real beauty of Venus comes from the distinct inner knowing that beauty is felt through love in the heart, and not through a false visual mock up of any regard.

Once freed from this insert, one can begin to understand where true attraction lies, and not be fooled by the distorted view that the holographic insert has created. Additionally, the female principle can regain solar expression once the implant and associated negative ego belief systems related to beauty and wealth are dismantled. This implant affects solar michael and solar mary seraphim healing, but is destructive to the lightbody rose line, keeping the inner gender centre locked in material values. Spiritual Glamour, dependency on wealth or money, fuels spiritual entrepreneurship and elitist thoughts on life. Feeds into the Morgana-Merlin Reversal archetypes as femme fatale, money as power satanic influences.

Venus, Tiamat, Sophia The constellation matrix of the archetypal influence of Venus, has been overlaid with a reversal of the Aquarian Water Carrier zodiac astrological distortion. Inside of this distortion, is a femme fatale black magic expression of a false sophianic consciousness. This imagery is pulsed out via red wave (root, 1, Red Ray) pusles through Sexual Misery programs, in order to have a false representation of the sophianic expression of female upon the earth. Guardian sessionwork reveals that the Aquarius Archetype pours false water down into the creation realms, spilling out the false mercury or false Azoth currents into the Galactic Planes, and impacting 8D portals of earth, the Solar System and in the universal time matrix at the 8th dimensional bands. This impacts the monadic body layers of the lightbody to distort the rod functioning through the higher heart or thymus permanent christ seed atom diamond heart.

The original Edenic Solar Goddess of planet Tiamat, represents the body of Sophianic Consciousness, the true solar female as part of the balanced hierogamic expression of Aurora Christos Sophia principle of creation.

Guardian teams found that planet venus contained part of the organic template system for the violet and golden ramayanas templates for the solar female principle bodies. Through the ascension cycle the planetary reversals placed upon the female form imposed upon the planets in the solar system, must be sequentially removed to support the templating and eventual embodiment of the solar female principle in form. This goes hand in hand with healing female wounds and sexual misery, which are also related to the reversal of the Saturn solar gate of 7d in which qlippoth and false violet rays were installed. These heal through the ascension process of building the Mary-Michael Solar body, into the potential of heart twinning. In 2019 The Golden 12 strand Seraphim template was restored to the earth to support fallen angelics, and seraphim lineages to reclaim an ascending template in which to rehabilitate their consciousness to become at one with source. The Paliadorian Covenant missions support all genetic lineages to be rehabilitated to obtain body templates in which consciousness can be recovered and begin to evolve once more.