I can share with you that the bi-polarism coding and programming is very very complex, some of it has its roots in the family of michael seraphim gold ray genetics and their past histories and also the hijacking of the golden-eagle grid consciousness memory timelines. It can be different in each starseed blueprint, because of their current life experiences (trauma, sexual abuse, drug use etc) or their past timeline histories used to create mental body splits in the current life. Over hundreds of sessions there are different and similar themes, the recent projects in saturn and jupiter also held bi-polar coding which were projecting mental body splitting to humanity, it's all over the place in terms of alien architecture in the solar system and in the grids of our planet. For each person, male or female, it may take time to remove these influences out and correct the lightbody to the physical layers in which the bi-polar can be more fully and completely healed.

Depending on what we are here to achieve as our own personal ascension potential, the ability to collapse and override the timelines is possible and to experience true multi-dimensionality, that you are aware you exist in multiple locations at once. Through different stages of lightbody development, the vantage point changes incrementally so we do not lose our minds in the process of it.

Artificial Timelines in the Planetary Body

Part of the architectural issues with our lightbodies has meant we are superimposed false reality system which stems from the lightbody as false AI timelines. Unfortunately, in a male body it is more prevalent for the men to have to surf these false reality fields, very literally, and these look like machined constructs of massive proportions, but the experience of them can feel real and lovely and organic. Some of the timelines are repeating timelines of warring histories, death scenes and armageddon 9 1 1 agenda timelines to create as much pain and hook humanity into running these AI timelines inside their own lives. This is because the horizontal fields are time fields which have been extremely damaged, but the male body is part of the rod (horizontal) holders, while a female body holds primarily the staff (vertical) - although both men and women are building both principles, so we need to make peace with our inner female to support building the upwards movement. To traverse upwards into the mother energies and verticals, and to get upwards through the timelines, we have to build the vertical channel. Otherwise, we go off onto a horizontal plane of being stuck in time, and this is where mental intelligence technologies and entities love to pull starseeds into the mental body - they can keep a starseed stuck in a time loop if they do not drop their ego programs. This is what we see when we look at someone who tells the world they are enlightened or are the reincarnation of Jesus- mostly they are speaking from a false reality machined field in the 5th dimension - not an enlightened plane. These planes are not easy to see unless a starseed has cleared their negative ego programming out fully, which  means mind control, inserted thoughts, sexual misery and also learnt about deceptions and manipulations as part of their dark arts training. DNA activation above a 5D stranding is available if it is within the personal blueprint to ascend above the planetary auric fields, ie the 7th dimension of which is still very laden with alien machinery and reversals in the violet ray.

It is not always understood by the individual that they are going through the AI realms, and the collapsation of these happens through heart based intentions, not becoming overly mentalised in any way. Each timeline connects to either an AI reality field, and the organic timelines from the lightbody are superimposed by artificial tree of life base 10 constructs, which can, to some appear as enlightened reality planes. As we remove the implants out, as we follow the mediations in the archives and just keep intending the group unity vow, the architecture eventually drops off the lightbody - or if working with an etheric surgeon, they can help to remove the AI tech off the lightbody and repair broken parts of the lightbody 12 strand organic human diamond sun template to get 'above' the frequency fences in the various dimensions.

Kundalini Activations into Psychosis, Substance Use to attain enlightenment

At a very general overview level of sharing (because there are too many variables between each individual person) starseeds whom have consumed LSD, DMT or other mind altering substances, it can, some people create spiritual psychosis in where the consciousness is catapulted into false AI reality fields, and because these are either filled with awesome astral experiences, or pain trauma and suffering, they create hidden mindslides and AI implants in different sections of the lightbody. A person can be watching holographic inserts inside their mind which entities are spinning to create either maximum fear, or maximum pleasure - both of which energies the entities and demonics will feed off from the human being who can create such emotional energy. It creates splits in the deeper layers of the lightbody that are required for diamond sun template shapeshifting or multi-dimensional understandings. Soul fracturing and fragmentation is common, and this can take time to heal through and recover the soul matrix body into wholeness. There are membranes between the layers of the stations of selves, that aliens insert reversal coding, that doesn't always show itself fully until later lightbody activations, say, in the monadic layers. The permanent seed atom and diamond heart shows splits and requires to be re-built or installed with plasmas in lightbody etheric surgery. In many starseeds I have worked with, they fully believe that they are avatar embodied, OR they believe that they have removed all of the mind control from their template; and because it's so very tricky and delicate and sensitive, my role is to help them remove these constructs out, because what they believe to be true is actually false from an energy architecture standpoint. This is where the spiritual path can be very hard and hurtful, because it's trying to understand and fully know what the reality truly is. The consciousness traps or false reality fields create a superiority or extremely low self-esteem inside a person, so it's all rooted in clearing the negative ego out. That can take a person 10, 15 or 20 years or more to be fully clear of all of the influences of the mind control and various implants that go with it.

Part of the mania is created through the baphomet fields of energy, these feel highly amplified electrical frequencies which are plugged into the tailbone and ego construct. The parietal lobe and the decussation of pyramids in ideomotor functions of the central nervous system become activated in addictive or heightened states of mania. The brainwaves can be travelling hyperspeed, but there is generally also electromagnetic pulse waves in the radio waves, EMF frequency bandwidths which bombard us with psychotronic weaponry to inflict control. This type of barrage renders a sensitive awakening starseed into states of extreme imbalance and discomfort, not able to tell the difference between reality 3D life planes and the AI timelines which can appear very very real. Add entities to the mix of this, inner voicings of destruction and terror thoughts - it makes for a very difficult situation in terms of western medical treatment. In truth, all energetic or mental body imbalances stem from the spiritual body layers. Since we don't have many practitioners in the mental health field talking about spirit possession or demonic or alien entities, it can be very distressing for a person in the awakening levels of their soul matrix to come to terms with having a full on awakening of higher sensory perceptions which renders the invisible realms quite visible, when they were once hidden.

When a person has a kundalini awakening, the cords and lunar forces which exist within the person's lightbody will come up and try to create powerful sexual feelings, which in some cases goes to the mental body in the person and creates either splits in the soul, or pulls the negative shadow body of each multi-dimensional station of identity, up into the current heart matrix as this is a part of healing the 4D heart - the contents spill out into the current life experience, depending on when the kundalini activation happened. This can happen through a false forced kundalini activation through not knowing about the reptilian tail, or it can also happen at natural kundalini activationings. There is no way to tell fully unless the lightbody is read by a krystic being. The pain experienced in the moodswings and the mental imbalances through truama responses in the central nervous system give way to want to experience pleasure. For some individuals it will take a period of time to heal out from the swinging pendulum between pain and pleasure. When one is not aware of the addiction matrices and the lower demonics, thoughtforms and the baphomet presences in the earth grids it must be considered seriously in disentangling from the lower fields of energy which have remained hidden.

To aid healing this situation will take a stable emotional healing program, to not get caught up in any form of superior thoughts about being "highly enlightened already" as this thoughtform will be manipulated to gain consent in which the person will be controlled by entities they cannot determine. This makes for a living hell realm as part of their life experience. It will take time to come into understanding about regaining a clear lightbody, to remove influences, attachments and the etheric weaponry implantations. Any life trauma such as accidents, abuse or addictions must be considered and healed in coming to heal the soul matrix and mental bodies into wholeness. This can be achieved by persevering on a gentle meditation path. The tools set by Lisa Renee at Krystalaegis.com are a 90 day guardian intercession which can support a person to become cleared of main fears and to adopt the understanding that spiritual and mental self care are one and the same part of life. This is not a separate spiritual life and a separate 'other' life. Inside our community we learn how to work with the ascension tools of the guardian host in healing these anomolies out of the body slowly and over a longer period of time to gain balance, sovereignty and truthful understandings of what has happened to humanity. Healing is possible with time and dedication.