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Excerpt from starseed session

There's an instruction set of AI in the spinal column, nadial complex, this is the Morgellon's instruction set.

there is another feeling with this, it's almost like this is trying to mimic another autoimmune disease called Guillain-Barre and there's a feeling that I need to speak all of this out to get to the root of it, so this looks like some kind of tick or burrowing mechanism, it's showing up in the spinal column, it looks to me like it's a nanobot or nanotech technology and it is within the etheric nadis, nadial complex is the instruction set for the physical body that is like energy- formlessness into form, the manifestation of physicality into the body system, so I am holding a moment of observation
being joined by a team of sirian genetic teams from the guardian host who are coming to observe your body with me, so holding a loving space OK....
asking you just to take some deep breaths as you are listening to this as we further investigate the energy sequencing here
There's a viral component that is impacting the myelin sheath of the body there's a instruction set almost as if this thing is on a timer

The reason that I need to say this out loud is so that our guardian teams can witness this and take it for further support
there is a feeling that we can dismantle some of this from having an impact on your body but I don't know how that will manifest for you
so not wishing to get your hopes up here, but in the realisation that everything is energy - all of this is energy
now the feeling again is like some kind of autoimmune of Guillain–Barré, which is a form of like, I want to call it virus, but this also has the viral replication ability, and what it looks like it is doing in your body , it's mimicking the sweat function of the body. When you are sweating and when the body is trying to detoxify itself through the skin, these portions of ...there is a ...holding on to observe and understand this principle more fully.

It is appearing as the motion of the body cooling itself through sweat. Because I am being guided to look at the hypothalamus or the function of the body that controls the heat mechanism, the thymus, the hypothalamus the glandular instruction set, but ther's a procedure in the body that I am looking at the blood in the body. Let me feel that body, and then the lymph system in the body and what this looks like is that the body is trying to do its natural function, but these tiny little seeds, are being created by the body's immune system and attempted to be expelled, and I am looking at subcutaneous levels of the layers of the body and it's almost like through the blood vessels themselves. Say for example the veins and the arteries, the veins into the heart and the arteries move out from the heart.

The function of the arteries movement, it's like what passes through the blood in the venous capacity? There is a moleculor movement of how blood runs through the arteries, but it looks like there is some kind of porosity in the venous system. But I mean arteries because it's away from the heart, as the blood flows away from the heart the action of that is that it requires. Ok I need to go back to high school biology. The oxygenation of the blood cycle how it runs through the body and how the blood pumps out, there is a motion of when the heart pumps it out carrying oxygen transport to the entire body system but in that movement, it's like looking at the little seeds growing in the arterial system but the body is trying to flush that out but it is bringing out the little inorganically created matter. So the body is using its natural funciton, looking at the body shed skin cells, and the sweat mechanism and this is rising the toxicity out through the skin so just holding a moment with our teams to check what is the most supportive application or healing that can be applied in this moment?

OK. running krystal waters frequency through the blood and the blood stream.

Clearing the liver and holding a moment of correction of liver polarities and evict and transit entities out from the liver: so we have ancestral identities, past life attached entities, we have energies of satanic and Baphomet configurations, clearing the liver ducts and the bile transit system of the body.

Clearing liver stagnation, reconnection through the godhead to the avatar, through the monad, to the nadial and the CNS to the liver, reconnection of physical matrix reconnection and aurora host upgrade to the liver clearing all detoxification channels and clearing the etheirc nadis and nadial complex from all energy blueprints technology and reversals from the spinal column and the brain, the quantic, atomic, sub-nuclei, holding a moment for aurora reencryption and aurora host transplant of the nadial complex itself
resequencing the instruction set as per the diamond sun through the support of the sirian genetic team
clearing the diaphragm on the horizontal, the cavity space in between the organ systems and their membranes, the myelin sheath, all blood components.

clearing spirochetes, psychotronic weaponry, trumpet wave pulsing and death screens, implants metallic implants and reversals on the etheric, in between space time levels on the LHS of the body and removing
SPE, sweep through the entire triad system
clearing harmful portals astral communication misqualified energy alien artifacts, deception implants, holding a moment of calling forth the holy Mother arc to resequence inside of the staff
clearing all forms of toxicity physical matrix upgrade through clearing of inflammation infestation alien software replace organic matrix
clear and apply adjustments to endocrine system through hypothalamus pineal pituitary thyroid parathyroid adrenals hormonal balance
12d tree alignment
A physical matrix reconnection between the godhead and your entire sympathetic sympathetic nervous system, vagus spinal cord, cerebral spinal fluid
spinal meninges replace organic matrix
balance brain hemispheres to unify
brain functions replace organic matrix
skeletal and bone
{rest of HGS commands and clearings to end }

clearing orion black cube and connections into the nadial and spinal column dismantling the blueprint of the morgellons blueprint instruction inside the spinal column this is understood by me as a form of dismantling of the structure, what I feel
is related to another timeline sequence, is related to the orion wars, I feel as if it is used as a form of dna tracking and that is related to reading or reprogramming your blood record

the connection to the 12d ray and the christos teams and sirius teams have come forward, come with genetic code from sirius B and there is a level of understanding here that I want to convey that I feel that is,  there's two things that I want to try to say, part of this is in a way, something that has been used to track your blood - for some of us, some kind of disease, there is a level of understanding - you having this condition and the way its impacting your body. I feel as if this is like for want of a better description it feels like a form of prototype, when you've come down and volunteered and have a level of understand this influence but it also feels to me like it's been installed through..

I want to say installed through an 8th dimensional portal, when I search for the root causation of this it takes me straight into 8th dimension orion, the connections up and out into the 8th dimension, is also the seat in the lightbody of the higher heart centre which is the instruction set for the christ energy for the body,

but that it feels as if this energy architecture as the spirochetes or morgellons has come from the future timespace - so I can't tell anything else other than that Surrey, England, southern england - and also additionally to say to you that your christ self, your ability to connect to the energy frequencies as you continue, so part of your body part of this I feel is you regaining your trust with god, there is a sense of you I want to say rebuilding yourself, it's maybe not the best analogy to share with you the aurora forces the aurora frequencies the aurora teams WILL repattern your physical body structure, so what they do - is that our physical bodies are made up of these elements. Fire air earth and water. Supports the reencryption levels, the process can take it's own natural time. It seems as if the teams advise this contract to understand the morgellons was taken on board in so that they could support the template upgrades over time to release this from the body, as god would have it be.