April 2017 session excerpt

This starseed had reported feeling a deep mistrust from the RA families, feeling unworthy and felt disconnected or abandoned by star family. The RA confederacy teams from the Seven Higher Heavens led the session space in supporting the understanding of previous histories in time, and why this person had felt so very mistrustful this lifetime, of the inner power and god connections. Through timeline access and working with Guardian teams we have understood that in the 18th Dynasty timelines, AK and Guardian Teams were attempting to continue the Covenant of Paliador mission to retrieve souls from 5D Tara and reconnect links in the universal time matrix. This did not work out and many of the Guardians on earth at that time were tortured, fragmented and taken into Black Hole Phantom Matrix Systems, or pulled down into the 2D elemental matter fields of reversal energies. This session is an excerpt where the RA teams come to show support this individual understand the weight of the pain of separation from the current life experience; which is root causation point of the 18th Dynasty timeline experience. Many starseeds hold trauma from these lifetimes, through feelings of mission failure and abuse, trauma etc This was cleared from the energy field in the session below.

He points to your 2nd dimensional sphere, sexual misery programming, collective consciousness for 2nd dimension. He shows me your body holds memories of when AK presence on earth damaged some grids and there is a form of planetary wormhole and something that he tried to do to help, unleashed pandora's box, the collective consciousness of the 2nd dimension, he is giving me the feelings of what's being kicked up in your field, to do with the distrust of the RA family and some form of AK sungod worship memories and he shows me his head changing to a lion keeper of the vertical pillar, it's almost like he was attempting to reset the vertical connection on planet earth or do some form of repair work - he shows your body was present with him or was present with him in timelines when he was a ruler, he is apologising: we are one - this is what he says as I am asking him for the reference point of his children - what he says is we are all the children: we are all his children but we are all christ children and we are one. and so, I am just holding this moment to understand further as he shows me a wormhole.

He is making a reference to nefertiti for example that her energy bodies were caught in earth's grids, like she couldn't bring all of her consciousness out because of what he did and he is allowing us to understand we can get the pieces back now for healing. He is referencing the rod and staff, and he is showing me I feel it's like giza pyramids and hapshepsut it's the architecture that was then reversed or used in reversal the giza pyramid held the arc tools and these were then used in reversal and the same kind of thing with hapshetsut there's a temple - there is a temple and he shows me hapshetsuts temple that is like a rectangular shaped temple, it has pillars along the long edge at the front or entrance, as I look down on it from above, it's like looking at 3 segmented building, there is a circle and he shows this as a dome, he gives me information of a dome it's - I actually feel, You said awareness in your field and he advises that the dome in hapshetsuts temple was then used in reversal and part of your consciousess is still within that temple.

He is showing us he is a shepherd for us: this is to do with the symbolism of the staff as a walking stick which is now on his right hand side, and it's making me think about your right leg. You fell down a black hole in the sidewalk in your current life, you fell into a hole in your current life and there is an analogy to do with the 2nd dimension and a black hole, lost pieces of consciousness in the 2nd dimension and he makes me feel like this is tied in with several things timelines, things in your life and it's like layers upon layers of timelines and I am being taken back and forward between looking at egyptian timelines and jesus christ timelines, there is this theme of the shepherd, and the snake is animated on his head now, and a theme of that and masculine feminine separation of split sexual misery, the overlays and the pain body collective consciousness and what I am being guided to do is go in through the 2nd sphere of your tree of life. I am in a static field of dead energy and in applying RRO< in here is a mismatch of consciousness that is binding yours into this space - as I feel into that it's reversal energies, mother, FA, broken staff, beings of grotesque creation, this is something to do with 2d/4d split. there are units of consciousness slowly being brought out and reassembled into different parts of your multi-d field.

Going into your 1st sphere, and there is a core seed fear feeling and I am looking at that it is going, there is something bigger here and it actually goes into the right foot, it has a handle on the masculine side of the body. and AK energy himself was holding you in that moment outside your body and the family of RA, and you have been implanted in such a way that you cannot feel their love, it feels like his energy has been sitting outside our time matrix and he has been appearing or supporting us, he feels like a single man of krystic energy but is also a group consciousness and what he shows me is - he is - family of michael. He is truthful family of michael or representation of krystic male timelines and GEG consciousness he is seraphim RA, he is trying to convey this as he is like a group krystic mind entity mind you've been hurt by the timelines particularly the ones where there has been a feeling of separation or mistrust that you have for men.

What he shows me is looking at your 2d sphere as if it is an actual black hole. Your fall feels like it was a directed attack to take you down so you couldn't get back up again, on that sidewalk that day. you are a grail keeper, grail codes, hatshetsput temple, being shown they could use this as a transit portal diamond ball krystahala going under the temple, there's an inner gate and they are linking this to the sphinx, and there is symbolism of the book of your heart, there is this book being given out of the temple; it's a red heart and a representation of the book of your heart, it's a navy blue book - like a biblical bound book, and they give me this info 12 books of the heart. OK HA, HA-rt HA as a krystal tone, they are showing me diamond ball krystHAla a tone energy, a heart tone energy, ok, it's like a tone of karaysatahala it's the krystHAla - what they are showing me is that if I look at the temple at the pillars straight on, this book with the red heart has come out of the left and there is another book on the right hand side that has a blue book, and they keep emphasising the tone of HA.

Red heart of the 4d astral heart becomes blue heart, and it's a representation of feminine and masculine heart energies. They give me the dome of the rock - when I look at Hatsheput temple there is a dome in the middle, it's an etheric dome and it has been used in reversal, your heart has been kept in reversal in this dome, and the dome of the rock as if it's a golden dome with pillars underneath it - say it looks like a kind of semi-circle or half spherical object at the top of the building, they are making reference as the dome of the rock is the pre stargate essence that should run and the Hatsheput temple was/is compromised. sphinx & giza, hapshetputs temple and the dome of the rock is temple mount - this is to do with the 2nd dimension and florida landmass - holy grail grail points, mother's grail, clearing of 2d reversals, it's a collapsation of the 2nd dimensional field but all of the parts that your consciousness has been holding, and it's like saying that these are the timelines you are working through. There is an underlying feeling of you not trusting the family of ra and it's to do with this particular time of of when AK tried to support the Krystic mission and seed something back on earth and you are passing through the your lightbody is going through the levels of these timelines in order to transmute them and clear them and as you do, you are clearing a huge amount of 2d stuff and so they give me this triading between hatshepsuts temple, dome of rock and 2d temple mount and they give me the dome of the rock is the 2nd internal gate that takes you to florida to do with you building your staff energy it's heart energy.

AK is conveying information about trying to put timelines correct, conveying this I feel emotion when I am being faced with him, because he is solemn in his, apologetic that we are having to carry these pieces in our diamond sun template, and at the same time - he never left us. They always loved us. RA never left us, but the planet earth was disconnected so we could no longer feel them, and with our return to earth through reincarnations cycles we just kept getting to a particular level and never being able to make that truthful connection, and what I am able to understand is that this has something to do with you building wing energy further and they show me your 6/7d coming going through a period of merging, and THIS thing has been splintered, you have to work through in yourself and being seeing it played out in front of your very eyes, in a way it's to do with a neutrality test. wing building on a new level.

it's like 14D gold ray energies will override the 2nd dimensional energies in your body it's gradual process - healing of further 2nd dimensional parts schisms. (14D Gold Ray merges with 2D Orange Ray in the Sacral as the pain body heals)

I am feeling aswell is, something you mentioned we are looking at 2d fields collective fields it's like saying false mother azazael energy in 1st sphere, separation and anti-krystic energies, this has to do with hierogamic union in partnership to england, this has been karmic superimposition energy placed in the masculine, this has been placed upon your marriage vows: whichever religion married you the energies the splitter technology energy is contained within this structure itself but there is a feeling of things: heart matrix, 4 pillars of man, repulsion from husband energy, 4 pillars architecture and Jesus Christ person, starting going into memories of things have triggered the repulsion from men energy [which is anti-hierogamic union reversals] seeing 2d sphere as golden masculine and clear feminine but it's a false feminine, they show me the michael-mary line and we are going to this place, tintagel I am understanding here that we are recovering a piece of masculine energy that belongs to you, holding space in this tintagel southern westerly coast of england, it looks like we are close to where the aurora pillars are, we are more southerly on the map and there is an overlay of some form of atlantian high tech lifetime mixed in with some sort of arcturian arthur timeline, some kind of thing that mixes in together - 2 or timelines we are accessing from this here.

Atlantian Power Abuse Lifetime Collapse and Retrieve

the atlantian timeline is like looking at a timeline of where you abused your power and it's like looking at an aspect of yourself that had captured female souls, and had captured their essences in krystals, there was a separation ofmale and female in the body you had in the atlantian timelines, someone who abused their powers in order to capture female essences in crystals and they were programmed to carry out a different function and in the doing so, you were found out and; soul essences were extracted from the body and you were able to remove the feminine essence, reverse engineer the soul energies in order to access the genetic codes and put them into crystals the consequence of your body in that timeline was to suffer yourself trapped in crystal; you were masculine body in that timeline, there is a power abuse thing, I have seen this before but they are showing me here that it feels like, part of your husband's consciousness is trapped in those crystals as one of the feminine essences, RRO of all of those pieces of soul energies your units are being brought back into your 1st sphere, and then these soul essences had been trapped have been released, they were held in quartz crystal and are being released now. Placing unconditional love and healing to all of your aspects whom have suffered any form of power abuse, or being used to create power abuse unto others. All is healed in the heart of the mother and compassionate witnessing.