Retrieval of Solar Consciousness, to support solar female templating & God Seed Body

RA Teams coming forward here and guided into the 2D now, in here, but its not just here, it’s fallen phantom matrix systems and I feel to share with you the teams are supporting you to recover your consciousness in order that you can build back your lightbody architecture that you have held in previous lifetimes, So literally you are retrieving solar consciousness, recovery of the solar 14D connections, or consciousness that has been held in reversal within multiple fallen phantom matrix systems. So lovingly I want to hold this space, and we are going through Stonehenge and connecting into phantom into wormwood, niburu, marduk, maldek, and phantom earth, which might not make sense, but as I look at phantom earth it’s like looking at the earth that has been separated through bifurcation. These spaces exist and hold body parts which require retrieval, such as soul essences, lightbody codes, that which needs to be restored to you. Moving into this space, there is no narrative here but I feel like I am going to witness the timelines trauma, wounding and just holding a moment for this. They are giving me an indication as I feel it, really we are talking about wounded feminine and wounded masculine consciousness, it feels to me as Christ-Sophianic, or Solar, krystic solar body parts that have belonged to you. The wider context of that is recovery of planet earth’s sophianic body as well as your own personal consciousness. The feeling of the Sophia in this moment, is connected also to the feeling of the Mary consciousness which is a part of the different emanation of Mother. Mother to child is the Mother-Sophia. I am being taken back to the child imagery that was inside of your heart, you sitting inside the centre with the child the inner Christos-Sophia that you are building, the support for the recovery of that because the Christ-Sophia is the golden child of god in its unified male-female perfected balance of the potentials to embody unity and oneness with god. The golden child, that you are, the solar consciousness of the Christ family. Which is the child inside your heart and the sophianic rose heart.

Cathar Rose Codes, Blood and Essenic Lineages, Ruby Sun DNA 
There is a theme here which is being given and I am being taken to think of Uluru as the rose, the 4D Egyptian lines of the Blue lotus heart, when you were in an Egyptian timeline you had this architecture inside your lightbody, through the iterations of what we have come through on earth, these spiritual body parts can be recovered in this day and age, so really, holding a space for that. I will probably hold a few moments of silence while I carry out the recovery function, so if you feel guided to feel into your heart space and the wonderful currents that are there. Return to rightful owner, dismantling forms of moon chain connections and evicting these beings, observing what looks like forms of rose petals and roses being given back, I am looking at peach pink roses from the niburu planetary body station, through the neutral witnessing of all, all of these portions of energy. Feeling the energetic essence or presence of the godseed body or godseed code, when I feel and work with it, it feels like a teardrop shape. It is being returned now to you from these areas as we hold the space for retrieval and support, so, holding deep reverence for all consciousness and body parts that can be returned to be wholly witnessed in all forms of disconnection, trauma, collapsing false timelines from your architecture in its entirety. I am being given a representation of the god seed tear drop body as if all of your aspects, all of your multi-dimensional bodies you are expressed in, being contained within this ultimate transparent crystal piece of architecture, which is also living light almost I want to say it is now being re-animated or re-activated, connected, it is holding your entire multi-dimensional selves within it, it’s such a beautiful sight. The feeling of that is one of, jubilation and resurrection of parts of your spiritual principles. The Mother's godseed held in the cosmic energy fields outside of time, as the 13th dimensional blue ray of the mother arc; is required for us to rebuild the solar female christ inside our bodies, through the lunar to solar templating. As we build the inner hierogamic union, each male and female part comes together in alignment in stages, through each of the spiritual bodies in their corrections, the soul matrix, the monad matrix and the avatar matrix.

These rose essences of the Mother's cathar that are coming back to you are assembling themselves inside the front of the lightbody in what feels like to me like a vertical construct, ti’s almost like saying inside the front of your body, imagine the staff inside your body there are vertical line systems of what feels to me like hierogamic code, looking at the construct of connectedness as part of HG coding, it also seems to be – what I have experienced or understood is that we resurrect the rose line inside our own bodies, as part of HG union on a personal sense, but the theme that I have observed and worked with extensively in the field in general over the last few months is that the resurrection of the rose line in the UK landmass – the guardian teams were supporting the reclaimation of that line, almost like it had been freed of enough spiritual bondage in order that we could build it in our own bodies as part of HG unioning and build it for the planetary body at the same time, and I would call that a form of Christ-Sophianic Recovery at the same time.

Sophianic Rose heart connections, all of these things. As I view your architecture and the planetary body at the same time, the rose line runs down the centre of the UK’s body and almost like it comes to an end somewhere in France, but the analogy that is being given here is that the 12D connections in France, are almost like a connection into the 12D Avatar diamond heart Matrix, so we have our own bodies the avatar diamond heart and the planet the diamond heart for the planet body. The rose line runs through the entire planetary body but has been usurped and reversed through alien and demonic installations, so we each have to clear our personal templates as we reclaim these holy grail and cathar body structures inside the lightbody towards the personal 12d shield and diamond sun building template.

Now guided into the planetary diamond rose line, to recover portions of your own consciousness to support the removal of a form of blood covenant and the superimposition on the blood, miasma. Moving into your spleen, evicting attachments from the spleen, crux implant from spleen, closing portal access to the spleen, opening up a connection to the body of Saturn in order to recover spiritual body parts and essences from Saturn.

Removing forms of blood covenant and black magic curses and miasma on the blood record, running that through the 777 ancestral lineage, and DNA reclaimation to remove a form of karmic superimposition from the blood line itself, the teams are giving me an analogy here as I am working in the blood and it’s to say war of the roses, looking at the red blood cells as being the red rose and the white bloodcells as being the white rose and having this kind of understanding of the way that our blood has been held in spiritual bondage and they give me war of the roses and the meringovian bloodlines but they are taking it back to, Hyksos invasion memories of previous christos missions where the body parts have been stolen.

Guardians are giving context to this and are saying something like the ruby order, or ruby lines. The best explanation I can give is this – in previous lifetimes you had a contract or agreement to rehabiliate the blood line and AK is trying to tell me he did a similar thing,  In this lifetime now it feels that you are working with a double diamond sun template that you are working with now, and building, but what he is referncing is some kind of rose line lineage because it’s going back to ruby, it’s like looking at a ruby crystal in the forehead that’s something to do with the Hyksos invasions but he takes it back to the 18th dynasty lines aswell and I want to say that what it feels like is in some ways it’s like the annunaki infiltrated the solar feminine lines and masculine pharaoh lines, hiergoamic union in order to break the blood codes and bust the dna pair bonds from the original krystic blood lines, who held the blood of the rose of Sophia in their bodies but really as we know that’s like all of us who are on the krystic mission, parts of our healing of hybridastion trauma, healing of the blood. So what he is trying to say to me is, I am kind of collapsing a timeline for you that is something to do with the 18th dynasty timeline when AK was present, at the same time as recovering consciousness units from the rose line itself. With the understanding that this all ties into the reclamation of Christ Sophia and solar embodiment in our current physical bodies at this time. It’s like saying, the white rose represents krystic or 12D stranded angelic human DNA and the red rose represents they are calling it the blood rose, what they are almost inferring is that the rose line was tainted and bound, and used as a form of DNA pair bond splitting through the blood matrix itself.

The NRG grid in the uk has been held in place through satanic blood sacrifice, through the not wanting krystic beings to come back to earth and be able to merge DNA synthesis in the recovery of the blood and dna of angelic humans. This grid, as we know,  is to stop the healing and repairing of the genetics of humanity, through sexual misery programming and hidden mind control urges through siphoning of the sexual life force energy. So all of the sexual misery programs that have had AI put in place to separate themale and female in a sexual way, use sex as a weapon;  all the abuse, all the things we know and fight against each other, sexual wars and using reversals they are talking about sexual fluids here. In the general, I don’t mean specific to your body. They are giving it as a context of the blood and sexual fluids, the way when we create offspring with each other there’s some kind of thing to do with mother’s mitochondrial DNA that, they are trying to perpetuate the damage that has been created through the separation  and the genetic damage through sexual fluids to do with the blood that has been broken and miasmatic damage, all of us starseeds who have come to ancestral clear, our mission, we have an opportunity to reverse all of that damage, and this is what the negative aliens and satanics are not happy with at this time, I hope that made sense.

So now just collapsing back 10 strand DNA ruby template system of when you were in a body and it feels like you were with the egyptian lineages. I don’t have any further information so please feel into that and let that go. This is to understand we have to get those body parts back and return them to you as the rightful owner. Collapsing and returning consciousness units, theres’ a connection into rose lineages into the cathars themselves, the essene tribal systems, it feels like you have access to what I feel as 12 tribes, part of your function is collecting pieces on behalf of all of the 12 tribal systems, when I feel into that you are taking me into you being an acupuncture point on the planet and it feels like when you have been activated, but I can see this has been working with this piece prior to you being consciously aware of that purpose or function.

end of excerpt