Through the process of inner sacred marriage - please see stages from Lisa Renee here -

each individual must start from the early stages, as the lightbody cannot be built through wishing it to be so. This sharing is a snapshot between a male and female coupling. Each person has a divine blueprint which is organic to themselves, as connected to and directed by the godhead. Within every single stage, through each dimension as we continually cycle back and forth through the dimensions of our personal lightbody, a partner or person may show up of which helps us to build the higher harmonic within the self, or assistive to build the code in the other person. It is imperative not to become hung up on the person, because god will ask you to move on to another person when the connection has completed. When it completes, you must be brave to understand, your spiritual expression must be met by another who holds that for you, in reflection to your own gender. Ask god what is right in each moment. As we look at this partial session transcript, to share some informational context of a cross section of inner sacred marriage with a partner, and the potentials to work very hard in healing the emotional centre to be freed out from the sexual organs (2d-4d split) in the lightbody. All of us have to heal this in the lightbody, to bring forth freedom from sexual energies, which have been distorted and broken upon the earth. 

Further notes here - Twin flame deception to krystic alignments spiritual couplings

partial edited transcript in sharing

Further diamond codes are being received and are showing to be coming in due to your relationship to your partner. What you are going through is an expansion, so I am looking at expansion of the heart, the 4d astral heart and 8d higher heart are merging, as I look at these, they are in a phase of altering their geometries.

There's a further diamond of a diamond, it's like a double diamond, the emerald and aquamarine are flowing together, they're making a further structure, like the permanent seed atom 8d layers are acting as it amplifies the 4d heart. This is also an expansion of love and a capacity to feel more love and the ability here to contact your Christ families through the 10th dimension with more clarity because of the capacity of the heart's function. It's like these heart chambers of yours, the 4th and 8th, is a massive structure of it's own accord inside the light-body this is massive, bigger than the planet.

It's supportive because of the way you are having the relationship at the moment and your light-bodies are building together, like they're eventually....when you guys are together and you're building your energies and you're building this light-body it looks to me like, there's a male and female chamber that not describing it very well, it's like a chamber of your heart, when I say your heart I mean your holographic heart complex is ginormous, a big piece of architecture that's building in your light-body, it's got the capacity to run male and female energies down using the thymus and the astral heart together, a complex of structures and when you are merging with your partner, this is coming up as a thing now, it's like when you are together your heart chambers together are creating such a massive vertical vortex but it's like when it occurs at that moment, I want to say it's when you're together intimately, the light-body of your light-bodies changes because the vertical connections between the both of you, the verticals remain vertical as a feminine energy, it's like 4d heart is the female principle and the  8d represents the masculine in the monadic core and permanent seed atom, this is how it's being shown to me.

This is a stage of internal male to female wing building for each of you. This process happens in stages, and when one partner is at a higher dimensional fundamental frequency than the other; this can bring into awareness, the healing and triggers for each at a more amplified manner. So working through male-female gender imbalances is going to be a part of your task together. The reversal polarity patterns that are installed in the planetary body, and in ourselves, through sexual misery and inequalities is going to be important that you are able to see and witness these within each of your patterns. 

When you are together your light-bodies are changing in such a way that the structure changes into a complete rod and staff in that moment, the power that that has when it can be held and built in corrective cycles, it's ultimately immense, it's going to draw attraction from external interference sources but in these moments of building this, it's like having the ability to build a bigger light-body structure on planet earth so it's like when you get together in that way both of you contain a vertical channel through the heart complex and both of you contain a vertical for the feminine and also one for the male, am seeing it now as a diagonal channel coming through from the back of your nadial complex and out the front of the heart chakra, ah OK seeing it different now, it's like a key.

The intereference comes from inside the negative ego, the unhealed victim-victimiser programs deep inside the subconscious mind layers. Male and female gender healing, the pain polarities, the inner male wound and in the inner female wound are going to be brought up, in so that you can find ways to continue to build the house of christ inside the self. No one can tell you how to do this, but to be vigilant and take the learnings as they come, you will be faced with painful patterns as the container of the relationship is put through the many spiritual activations. These are purposed in so that you can heal the inner principles, to continue to repair the diamond sun template and gender, as it must be repaired inside each of you, to hold the higher harmonic and balance. Dedication will be required, self responsibility will be required. Karmic patterns may surface to be flushed out, as these must be healed as you each restore the holy mother and holy father benevolences, together. 

It is going to be helpful to share that the energies of building the inner sacred marriage template, will not be fuelled by the sexual energies, or the lunar forces of electrified over-sexual energies. In the earlier stages of sacred marriage development levels, this will come up. We may be coupled with a partner who ignites sexual energies, but we must move through the learning of that, to understand what this means. In certain configurations, we have to live through a connection like that in order to repair the inner-staff inside, to the higher organic blue ray of the mother, to restore that within. Some people are going to be very challenged with this, because they have not felt the organic blue ray of the holy mother, and it feels foreign to them. Those of us paliadorian females who have come here with the blue ray arc codings, are here to restore this to the earth, we have to build that inside of ourselves first and foremost, our from sexual misery seductress programs. The embodiment of the female essence requires all lunar energies are removed, in so that the mother can restore herself inside of us. 

Many new age teachings have been delusional around the sacred sexual forces, because many have reversals in the astral body, and the 2D-4D split, the mother arc blue ray is not so easily detected, as the lunar force is pushed as the baphomet dark lunar mother archeytype becomes interpreted as "shakti" or shiva, or some kind of raw sexual goddess energy. In these cases, the female is tricked into embodying and becoming more sexualised, and there is a thoughtform installed within her that she is "here to heal the men (men plural) in her life" through the use of her sexual energy. This creates multiple sexual misery cords in the 2d centres, making it much more difficult for her to understand this is a deception, a reversal and a trap system to continue to siphon herself and others, into the lower astral fields of sexual misery and into the black magic grids of the earth. 

When compatible spiritual couplings come together it's like a key being turned, the architecture opening up in that moment is really powerful, it's really beautiful, it's absolutely amazing and it's like if you looked at your body face on, from your left shoulder somewhere down coming out the right hip area, a diagonal and another diagonal from the other shoulder to the other hip but they cross in the chest. It isn't an implant, it's a natural function of your light-body getting together, these alter in such a way they are merging together and it opens up into a separate chamber of the heart but it's like a one heart between the two of you. When you do this it's like the ability to....connect to the highest points of the highest points....and to build this together as I want to say like a vortex but it's like....there's a function here that's to support the building of the Rod and Staff for the planet, as this is held in the group fields of the christos-sophia families building their group body into the earth to support the planetary body rehabilitations.

When couples are together in the avatar embodiment stages of the very high and last level of unioning template 10-11-12D Hierogamic level of union and they are building their own structures like this, you have to work through the emotional parts and clear your selves in order to build this higher chamber, which is the last stage of unioning. It becomes a permanent feature and it becomes a permanent part of the earth, so it's planetary service. When a couple are able to unify themselves, to even host this level of architecture into the earth from the outside of time fields, of the organic aeonic pairing,  huge planetary service as a life mission becomes the life experience, as you have to achieve it together. Many couples have failed, also because many clones of AI partners have been installed into potential partners, this has been levels of extreme devastation to many who were not able to understand why the pain and suffering whilst being with a partner, has been cloned into the AI and alien love bite technology.

As guardian host have long term projects to destroy these alien clones, the cloned millions of lightbody parts, perhaps in the future this will become easier to be able to recognise our partners, through the heart and not through the targeted sexual organs. Our sexual organs, cannot be trusted, as they have experienced so much gender reversal and genetic code splitting. We must go with the heart based feelings, and understand that human sexuality has been messed with, in so that people cannot feel god, cannot be married with god, cannot feel god in the heart as long as the sexual misery energies are bombarding us with assaults 24/7. We must remove the implants, heal the lower centres, and evict the demonic attachments that reside within the lightbody as the planetary body has been filled with the demonic entities which have reversed and taken over the mother's sophianic body and parts. 

Everything to stop rod-staff merges on the earth has been created by the aliens, so many couples have not even made it together with their organic counterparts. We may live this lifetime holding the blueprint to repair our soul matrix, with a partner, to bring back the organic love experience and learn how to remove the lunar female from controlling, or from being in subordination to the man. The man has to learn how to remove inner violence, heal from misogynistic mind control; and for both of them to find ways of relating to each other as absolute equals; to avoid all form of creating pain and suffering in the relationship container. To heal all holes, to remove all other connections wiht others as sexual energies must be unified together in order to lift the energy into the heart together. Many people on the earth have this opportunity now. 

At this stage of building your template together, which is in the soul matrix levels, of soul mate or moving into building wings stages; one of you is holding the activation sequence in the higher heart, which I can see you as a female has that coding to help activate your partner. He is being activated into a lower dimensional bandwidth, which is his heart matrix on the 4D layers. 

When you get together these lock into each other and they are the key of what creates, I don't know what it would be called it 's la chamber inside the heart of the higher heart as the diamond heart is restored.  Also there's an infinity symbol, on the horizontal level, an infinity on a kind of, like you put your hand on your knee, and you had a horizontal that way and a vertical so it's like double infinity symbols, it's like rod as horizontal infinity and staff as vertical infinity and when they meet together from both of you it creates a separate structure and it actually becomes permanent as energies are sustained. This is a part of the longer term building of the union of the bodies, as they have to go through and sustain hundreds of activations as you correct the male-female template provisions. This energy is provided through the guardian teams christos templating, to restore to the earth the potentials of the personal inner templating process, of sacred inner marriage between the person and god. 

You are learning lessons together, in which you will have to continue to align and correct your inner ego and shadow body, in which to clear karma, karmic patterns, and unhealed wounds. This higher activation cannot sit within your bodies until much sexual misery, victim-victimiser and violence or anger is fully healed out of the body, entirely. The unified male and female template is just a small part of the activation right now, the unhealed negative ego archetypes of the lunar dark mother and false king of tyranny must be healed out in order for the organic mother and father energies to resequence into the higher levels of the inner sacred marriage of the diamond sun template. As we know, all alien implants and gender separation have been heavily  used to split each dimensional level, but we are observing the potential, for a future common goal - what the union coupling has the potential to achieve through working together in stages over many years. 

I'm being reminded that Mother heals the Father so it's almost like the Mother aspect in you and the Mother aspect in your partner, as you continue your path, and working with each other and the Mother ray it's like saying, these aspects of the heart are Mother and Father as well, it's like a personal inner union within the self first and within each other as a kind of expansion to that, it's a continued effort of purity in the heart space and dedication to Krystic principles, of which you are adhering anyway. In couples who are coming together to work through soul and monadic expressions, there may be a reason, a season or a lifetime and it depends on the current life blueprint, and the healings that the personal soul essences had a goal for this lifetime. In some individuals, they have returned to the earth to find their partner's pieces, and may not unite with an avatar level of hierogamic union partner in this lifetime. These individuals have come to collect their partner's pieces, and may be reunited with them in a later lifetime expression either on this earth, or in a planet without alien mindcontrol. 

As we each build our vertical connections and we try and heal our timelines and fix the horizontal grids, these connections here have the capacity like a super-fast broadband line which would be like, Krystal cabling, it's like the bandwidth of these connections are very big and because it's very big it creates big ripples in the earth fields and out and out forever and these then attract a lot of attention. This is to be aware of, to be protected, because when you're building that it will attract even more attention, you both will have to be clear in your own minds that is your service mission or regardless of what you know - you can do this together, you can work through it, hold strong and be together, this is what you came for, this is what you're doing and you can do it. Remembering that the horizontal fields on our planet are the equivalent of the rod, and time functions, that we are having to clear and remove and destroy the AI timelines from our bodies, as we move forth in the personal diamond sun template. We have to clear our mental bodies from the negative ego influences, and this supports us to build the diamond sun template into the higher harmonic. 

In building that solidarity of conscious awareness between the two of you, it means you won't be taken down by normal things like something happen or somebody says something, like interference from external sources, that you know you are in control of what is going on in your own relationship. It's like building a hub between the two of you and having that flow of communication being held open, is extremely supportive. Being aware of it, when you think about times before when people have said things and it's taken a chunk out of your aura, it's being aware of the forces that are trying to take that structure down. Your bodies can then support the continually building light structure and you're working together in keeping it strong and viable in cosmic and planetary service. It's like building a diamond heart that's bigger than a diamond heart in your own body, looks like building this trinitized diamond heart. To know that this process will be targeted, or that you are building a piece of this in this now moment, you must decide what is best and try to understand your own inner unhealed wounds that will be amplified through all healing stages of your ascension. Eventually, this template has the potential to become embodied, but it will take personal healing to be able to restore this into the lightbody. As you connect to your avatar godself, the guidance is gentle and never forceful; our avatars want to support us to reveal and heal that which is the personal blueprint, dna activation level and achievement for this lifetime on the earth. 

In learning and understanding about this process, the sacred coupling requires that you learn your lessons together. There is a piece of healing that you will hold for each other, as you continue on your journey together. There is a requirement to let go of any perceived levels of embodiment, as this will be used to mind control and obfuscate your each learning and loving path. Allow what is, to be in the moment, and do not allow yourselves to fall into any form of trap or astral glamour. The sacred union process is a very long one, it is filled with traps, and AI in every single dimension and the anti-dote for that is to be non-attached to the outcome, just be with god in your heart and ask what is your lesson in the now-moment. Do not become over-identified with your partner, do not become glamorised by thinking this is perfect. If it is not perfect, be open to understanding your lesson, your reflection. You cannot control the other person, or make them out to be something that they are not. 

Just allow each person to be as they are, revealing your personal lessons. No form of harm can be perpetuated in trying to build a sacred union container together. It is not anything that can be created by our personal will, nor force. We cannot be saviours to the partner, or fall into the trap of believing we are more highly ascended, or that we are here to save them. This is not equality. We must find ways of being unconditionally loving, and the communications, the relating and balances we must find our way through those reversals to remove them, in unifying where we ask god first and foremost: what is my piece with this? When is it time to move on, when is it time to stay? Is this for my highest good in this moment god? And to be surrendering to god, to show us the way, to build our god connection first and foremost, above all else, to trust god with all of our hearts, as that principle becomes more healed within us. 

modified session excerpt 2017