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April 2018 - Building Planetary Wings 6d Michael 7d Mary

At this moment, the planetary body is in stages of building wings, or what we may also refer to as levels of merkabic function coming online and stabilising, as ongoing process. Many guardian teams, starseeds, are involved in holding support for this ongoing planetary process, and may be perceived as stages of micro life experience, and processing support for the planet at the same time. This is essentially the planetary body as it is re-building masculine and feminine spins in the planet lightbody.

The male and female principles of the planetary solar christ have been separated for thousands of years, in which the negative alien architecture and grid known as the michael-mary turnstile matrix acted to split apart the dragon lines of the planetary grids hosting those parts of the body of the planetary grid infrastructure. The Mary body and 7D ley lines were crucified by cruxifixion implants and a series of Caduceus network black snake and wing splitters, to keep the mary apart from the Michael. Her body parts make up the mother-mary-sophia principles upon the earth and are those which the female human body has received the dark mother and lunar installations to keep dark false alien mother in place. Michael's body has been desecrated and used in reversal and in some places has been used to crucify the mother and also crucify himself in deep states of devastation of being held apart from his twin.

The human angelic template of the original human form is a 12 strand DNA template, which when it is organically aligned is a masculine and feminine merge into wholeness and union inside the individual human allowing them to become at one with god source. Through historical reads of the planetary timelines which have been cloned, machined and overlaid with male and female distortions and reversals, the guardian host families and christos gridworker teams have worked tirelessly over the last 20 years to bring a stage of further repair to the planet's lightbody of the wings, holding the michael and mary enslaved, to return, rescue and recover these principles of creation back to their organic state in unification. This has been a long term guardian project of which guardians have made their priority moreso since the returning of the paliadorians to this realm.

Male-Female Archetypes of wing building stages

Archetypes of Michael-Mary, Jesus-Mary, processing of personal or planetary energies of separation as they are becoming re-united. This can be walking through timelines of historical records, personal or collective. This may also include seeing the actual truth of a history, how it pertains to us on the individual level and may differ from any recorded historical record. This may be happening in dreamtime, or in awake states or during meditation. This can cause surfacing of wounds and things we do not want to happen this lifetime. Please know that there are periods of intense pressure on the emotions and body, as with any portion of processing out these memories can have. It is important to ground yourself in the here and now and to be aware that you are SAFE in this now moment, reminding yourself of what is actually occurring in the life experience now.

There may be experiences of revisiting portions of this current life, and almost a 'recoding' of the occurrences. This feels to be happening in order to re-sequence our each individual consciousness timeline in this body, into more levels of wholeness. For example, the 2012 timeline seems to be being re-coded as a natural portion of life review at this time. There may be realisations from happenings in 2012, or a new viewpoint that can be achieved if we are given to think back to that time. Hindsight provides many expanded awarenesses. Almost as if you can look back on your own life with an expanded awareness of neutral, which feels, supportive.

There is energetic support available through recent energy shiftings to the planetary body and our individual bodies support the healing of what we would term as a 2d/4d split. This is a wounding that occurred when a heart was broken/body trauma etc in another timeline, and the lightbody portion would appear as if the soul body in 4d was pulled down into the 2d emotional/pain body: and, the life experience would reflect same. Instead of feeling love in the heart space, love would have been received through sexual interaction and may also cause deep wounds to come up to the surface. It may/would feel as if there were portions of extreme trauma and pain, wounding, separation. Some of our galactic heart group weekly meditations in OmniLov3 have held energetic-meditative support for this healing ability. Sometimes this can be felt as a characteristic of our personalities - or something that has always had the potential to allow us to feel pain - can now be dissolved to greater degrees than before. Healing the 2d pain body and 4d heart can help us in unifying ourselves into deeper levels of healing awareness and freedom.

Planetary 'wings' of 6d Michael Masculine, 7d Mary Feminine energies. Guardians support us in the knowing of part of the UK landmass as a small part of the planetary corrections required are holding 6D and 7D lines and connections and at this time there is a movement on the grids there, to remove some reversal energies and to release stuck consciousness units.

Some sirian starseeds are actively holding grid spaces, blueprints and lightbody architecture that support the correct planetary alignment support for the repairing and gender corrections for the planet's merkabah shields. This can also mean that there have been increased interference levels at this time. Knowing that the inner christ 12d light will support you, can help in the processing of this. There are degrees of processing on behalf of the planet - or, personal memories of when the monad body was not able to be accessed. This can feel like a dark night of the soul for the integration of monadic energies.

Mouth issues: gum, teeth, palate, (where 6d pineal masculine and 7d crown feminine microcosmic orbit meet and merge in the mouth)

Breath issues: breathlessness, or re-integration and awareness of amoreaea flame balancing - as the merged masculine and feminine mother and father rays are able to be invited into the body to support the female-male mergings on the inside lightbody to physical connections. The amoraea flame of the mother-father merge come into the crown centre, to unite the channels inside of the merging of male and female between soul matrix 4-5-6D layers into the monadic layers of 7-8-9D unifying the patterns of the breath and higher heart of the permanent seed atom or krystal lotus heart to receive the in breath and out breath of god.

7d Crown to 6d Pineal balancing, and further removal of reversal 6d indigo ray and 7d violet ray plasmas available to support into stages of monadic mergings.

Shoulder wing point pain - 6d right, 7d left side, as frequencies alter

Gallbladder Meridian - 6d right, 7d left hand side of the body - into the areas behind the head - pressure, pain, and general malaise. 12d ray, clearing, connect to inner light and breath. Also, if guided; requesting support from the Aurora teams to re-encrypt and support the body meridians at this time, into stages of balance.

Planetary- Universal Albion Body support, for the 'Crown of Albion' as the planetary world soul is awakening in yet further ways.

5D Tara connections to the fields of energy are allowing the return of further 'Blue Dragon' lines, and their consciousness units. This may bring back to you personally a portion of blue dragon energy if this is part of your consciousness, or connect you to further phases of gridwork which link to the asian dragon grids, the UK dragon line grids (the rose line, michael mary line, belinus, spine of albion etc).

In 7D connections which are in the UK, in guardian fieldworks, there are areas that have been understood as false ascended master teaching zones. This is accessed as a form of west coast above scotland safe zone, in which those of us who have lived in other lifetimes and followed artificially replicated (imposters or fallen angelic) ascended master teachings of false st germaine, and other violet ray/flame holders - we are able to ask our guardian teams or our inner avatar self to support the return and release from those overlays which impact us in the here and now. Primarily guardians have advised that this field space was holding consciousness units whereby we had followed a level of false teaching in another timeline and that the energy was trapped in this location, through forms of false violet ray holder teachings - particularly if we were aiming to be in a sacred union or twin flame relationship in the other life experiences. We can access this intention to recover our energies and stop them having an impact on the current life experience and this can be achieved through meditative space, and the request to return consciousness that belongs to us, now.

There are galactic timelines recorded in time-space that were memories of when we lived in 7d gaia earth, or experienced different body types. As noted in previous updates (keynotes newsletters) around large bodies or giant bodies and the re-integration of those bodies, timelines of wars noted as Hyperborean, Michael Mary wars, or separations may be heightened at this time. For those who are aware of glimpses of these timelines as they are processed through the meditative state, please go easy through these memories if they are surfacing for you now.

It is important to share that none of this should be feared, and that all of us are having varied experiences as we each understand and connect with planetary, universal and personal energies.

Source is here now! To hold you in the inner, safety and love-awareness of yourself.

In cosmic service Avatar Christos-Sophia,

Mhairi & Sequoia ascension community