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Ongoing long term themes by many guardian teams include alteration to the planetary body on the 4th dimension, which is the planet heart centre and the astral plane. These interface as an intersection into the planetary brain on the 7th dimensional planetary field. The astral layers of the planetary body have been severely damaged for a very long period of time, and are the realms in which we have been hijacked in the personal lightbody connections - as this is our own heart matrix and the planet's heart matrix.

The planetary brain, magnetic field instruction sets is shifting the way our brains operate and receive signals from our higher selves. The 4d soul-heart matrix is coming more 'up front and center' for recognition, in order to reveal that which has lain in the shadows, keeping senses of separation in place; waiting to be healed and loved.

In order to heal the inner wounding of the inner heart-child we must be open to looking at those patterns which have caused stagnancy and binding, those patterns which have caused fear and entrapment, or a failure to break free of programmed belief systems that keep us from living the life of our utmost comfort and love.

Ask yourself if you were to leave the planet today, have you accomplished all that you came here for?

Have you fulfilled what you have felt is most important as part of your life purpose?

In what way can you accomplish the connection to heart based realities as you forge this for yourself in your own life?

Are you able to understand the messages from your soul, or have you been increasing determined to ignore them in search of an easy path which conforms to the societal 'norm' or controller systems?

Removal of Blissed out Sensations from the body, False White Light

Those who have become accustomed to the feelings of the blissful sensations in the body may be altering at this time. People who are coming into awakening phases at this time may find themselves feeling a new platform, where it might feel as if the ground is not stable underneath the core understanding of life purpose. This can bring up all sorts of seeming negative reactions, impressions and the stagnant parts that have lain in a non-loving state for far too long.

There are ongoing, continued dismantlings of energy fields in the 6th and 7th dimension where the new age teachings which have siphoned the life force energy of those on the lightworker and ascending path are being uncovered and revealed by guardian teams. As individuals come into further awareness about taking responsibility for their own personal energy first and foremost (thoughts, reactions, judgements and external forces trying to impose will or the reflection of where we have attempted to control or impose will on another) there is support in the inner-source and core connection to reflect and allow release of these old ways of being. The embodiment of the law of one energies requires us to come to an inner understanding, and inner awareness of not judging any one else, and allowing for space to let these old patterns drop off the energy field revealing yet another platform of growth in this next cycle.

Power struggles and previous power imbalances are 'up' for release, should we choose to self enquire about where we have either imposed will and control in the attempt to shape our own reality; and also where others have attempted to impose will or control upon us. What takes you closer to your own inner truth? Will you allow the source connection the trust required in order to reveal all that must fall away?

Our bodies are undergoing new phases of sensory perception and a restoration to the inner christ links that exist within the personal christ self connections. This is partly related to the paliadorian lightbody activations which are ongoing this year. Alterations to the way we process mental information and the inner effect of that on the psyche, showing new ways of being more centred in the heart space, revealing more lessons of ongoing phases of consciousness shifting into further alignments, and providing healing space on the internal landscape.

Astral Bliss, and False White Christ Light

The astral bliss sensations or frequency sets that ascending humans have become accustomed to by ways of an inner understanding of the connection to godsource may also be shifting at this time. The astral bliss feelings have been harnessed into the human lightbody and have kept a hold on the umbilicus and heart connections. This can mean that there is a shift in the way that the feeling of energy is perceived or received by the lightbody and physical body sensations, and is altering for many at this time. The group consciousness feelings of astral (4D) bliss, is changing as the guru-disciple false light teachings is being revealed and ongoing themes of dismantling these false light systems by guardian groups in grid space and session work. Imposter spirits have used the light source of human souls through false light teachings and connect into the human aura giving a blissed out sensation. Many lightworkers are duped by this sense of woozy, drowsy, out of body and heaviness feelings, which is often misinterpreted as feeling their guides close, or feeling god source. The planetary lightbody has altered in recent months through the umbilicus connection and the heart centre connection whereby many many guardian teams have been supporting these shifts in order to support the realignment in the planet's body as the staff into the correct organic alignment into the aqualasha galaxy has provided the corrections. In all cases, those individuals who have been working with the inner christ light, source connection and/or 12D christed ray, this is the override for the 4d astral bliss light of white light that has been propagated on planet as a grounding mechanism and astralblissout plug in.

We may be in situations where friends have come to an end point with their own spiritual beliefs or teachings, and may be looking for a way to understand why a certain guru-disciple teaching is no longer hitting the mark or showing the way. We have to be responsible and loving to allow each person to come to their inner non-intermediary connection to source in all ways that we are able to hold a loving and neutral observer space. Coming through the astral bliss can be a painful knowing for those who are coming through it now. For those that are already aware of this, remembering the shock of coming to different awarenesses and altered perceptions can be a compassion point to hold steady for any friends who are facing this now. We may see that this is yet more prevalent on the planetary body for those who walking the ascending path.

Empathic Senses

Being psychic, or having empathic senses is actually the way we were designed to experience life on earth. Throughout the history of earth, energies have been changed, altered, abused and cut off, removed and siphoned. This has meant that upon entering earth in a human body – most senses have been cut off, inaccessible and have to be worked at in order to re-connect them. In the general human population auric fields, in general observation, there are only a few layers of auric field that are functioning. These build as we take interest in building them, and not all are running in harmony due to different reasons. We could say that we have certain chakras functioning, mostly as a rule 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakra, and that these allow the auric layer in conjunction to be up and running. This is also like saying these are our ego levels. Subconscious mind, Conscious mind and power centre of SOLar plexus. As humanity shifts into a more heart based operating level, we can see that many people are having more ‘spiritual’ awakenings, but it’s actually as if someone turned on a new level of frequency into the body. It also means that we have perception shifts, and  new layer of senses come online. The heart chakra is the 4th dimensional green ray energies that we usually see in diagrams which depict the aura. When we are running in heart base or above, we may also have the throat (5D) and the third eye (6D) chakras and auric layers building and starting to become stronger. There are 12 subharmonic layers of frequency within each of those dimensional planes which we have to build, strengthen and accrete in order to have a unification of layers between the these. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd chakras can become a trinitised form as we work through the levels of removing fear and lower frequency vibrational thoughtforms from our minds. The building of subharmonics can be through our behavioural choices, our expressions of consciousness and the desire to know truthful goodness, and our transparency with others. Sometimes comes as challenging relationships and interactions with others: always a good way to see how you can become more loving, kind, and not put up with any questionable morals, while building your own moral love finding compass.

In the heart (4D), throat (5D) and third eye (6D) is the soul triad. As we work to purify our thoughts, treat each other with loving kindness and have a desire to assist humanity in general, these layers become more active, accretion the layers of dimensional frequency and builds our SOUL body. This is something that has to be worked upon (through spiritual practise and dedication) in order to build a permanent soul matrix body that lives in our energy fields, and is connected in permanently to the light fibres and the lightbody.

As a human comes into alignment with heart based/soul triad; the perceptions in life start to change, and more senses come online. It is at this point that the full spectrum of soul frequencies actually lives within the physical body. Until this time, it’s like accessing a higher self that doesn’t live inside the body and it must be brought into the body through organic frequency accretion, or as part of a sequence of spiritual awakenings. Many people who are psychic or speak with passed on loved ones are open to at least this level of spiritual embodiment;  this allows access to the astral plane of earth which is also the 4th dimension, or also the heart chakra frequency spectrum. If you have ever astral travelled you will know what’s out there in the 4th dimension, and you will also be aware of some not so nice aspects of this.

Astral Traps

When accessing the astral plane, it feels sometimes blissful, woozy, spaced out and like someone gave us a chill pill but it knocked us sideways for a bit. It’s like an altered state of consciousness vibration and it makes us feel slightly tipsy. For most people, this is what they feel is a spiritual connection, and many people stay in this state of their lightbody connection due to feeling that bliss.  This state of consciousness is not a natural organic connection to inner source. In order to understand and be free of this it must be recognised as a spiritual bypass mechanism by ways of individuals being tricked into giving their consent to imposter spirits. For example 'Oh, I love this state of blissed out feeling' this is translated by imposter forces as a direct consent to keep you in this state of being.

Any effort to keep yourself out of body awareness is also a trap set by insidious forces who would love nothing more than to connect into your energy field and body in order to have you provide them with a level of energetic power; which they can only obtain by riding on a human lightbody. Once you aware of this, you can realign your sense of reverance for your human body this lifetime, and re-establish a loving connection to and with your body.

In the astral plane there are many types of reversal architecture that stop us from reaching out higher into higher dimensions. Why try to go any higher, when you think you are at THE highest point? Exactly. This is an imposter spirit trap for humans. There are consciousness traps in the astral planes, but only if you are willing to accept that this could be a ‘thing’, will you open yourself up to knowing, keep on connecting all the way to the source of your existence, and eventually you will be shown the way out. In the 4th dimensional astral planes, there is a false white light architecture – so, if we are not asking to connect with our highest aspect of connection and we are simply asking to connect to the white light – we will go as far up in the dimension frequency spectrum as our lightbody will currently allow. Therefore, the white light you want to connect to, its not on the 4th dimension. You want the 12th dimension. Intending to connect, and practising the connection will be supportive if you are drawn to this.

The heart on 4D will merge in layers with the higher heart on 8D (thymus gland area) eventually once we can get out of the blissful astral states of wooziness, but many, believing that this 4D bliss plane is enlightenment refuse to leave this energetic feeling behind and become reliant upon it and it takes the central nervous system down. This is not a judgement, but the astral will be experienced as part of the journey (we go through it)- but their are states of awareness which tell us ‘we have reached the goal’, when really, the road to the goal had been very damaged that it takes discipline on the path to keep on keeping on, and to quiet the mind when it tells you you’ve made it already. If you had made it already you could easily choose to leave your body and travel the multi-verse and then return again, in a heartbeats moment. Guess what?…..You got it. Keep on keeping on, to make the connection to the higher dimensional parts of your own energy system. You have within you, a template of original 12 strand diamond sun energy: use it wisely. Connect with that through your thoughts, ask it to show you the way. No angel or ascended master can give you this energy: it can only be received by you personally. You might require an energy practitioner to support you in clearing some inorganic implants or damaged lightbody parts back to they way they should be, but it is not something that someone else can ‘give’ you, so to speak. You will not gain access to your source/zero point/trinity energy field using a permanent conduit provided by another person, but you can be shown how to build this for yourself, and the intention is easy. So easy, in fact, that people think they are already connecting to their source, when in many cases; they have been bent out to the side so that they cannot connect in a vertical fashion. The building of the vertical staff energies is something that guardian teams have consistently supported ascending humans with, in order to feel the truthful reconnection of the Mother Arc, the Holy Mother Aquamarine rays in the staff or vertical connection.

Nadial Complex Heart Chakra Body Access Control 

At the back of the body, behind the heart chakra is a complex of light fibres where instruction sets can be read and run in our biology, from the light fibres of our lightbodies. This is referred to as the nadial complex. This is one of the areas where vampiric or parasitic energies will attach to the body and we may feel like we are hungover, especially after doing a lot of spiritual one day. For anyone who has had a possession attempt, this can be one of the areas where the attack will enter the lightbody. Imposter spirits and negative forms tend to latch on the back of the heart chakra in an attempt to gain access to the physical body in order to thwart the energy in the kundalini channels.

The issue is, that when we don’t believe that any other energy could inadvertantly or intentionally ‘use’ ‘steal’ ‘access’ our energy fields, then we are oblivious to it even being a weakness in the aura. This is particularly an issue when we start to become more spiritually aware. 

When we constantly use the white light energy (the false white light, from the 4D astral plane) then we might not perceive anything to be wrong. We just feel everything from everyone, and see lots of images and spirit and loved ones oh – isn’t that my psychicness becoming stronger? Astral damage can be seen in the human auric fields, and unfortunately it is highly prevalent in the human energy field. This is also why not everyone is running purely on heart based love on the planet – because the astral plane is like saying planet earth’s 4D heart auric layer, and that has been twisted and used as a dumping playground by those who wanted to siphon out energies from planet earth too.

“But the meditation teacher said that this was the sensation I should look out for – the blissful buzziness of body pins and needles so I can just zone out of my body….I don’t need to do any more spiritual work, I can FEEL god here.”

This is a popular misconception on the spiritual path, and one where many get caught in the feeling-sense of an astral bliss zoned out sensation.

Ok, but you have to work your way THROUGH the astral plane, to embody further and higher frequencies, to meet the hihger soul matrix links and dimensional bandwidths out from astral plane distortions and alien machinery embedded there. So, there will be a period of blissed out drunken wooziness, and then you will be operating from a newer, higher frequency and you will feel things differently again. A bit like walking through a large desert, to then get to the mountain, and the mountain air is fresher than that of the desert. Enlightenment isn’t in the desert, or the mountain, it’s inside you. But you have to get through and build all the layers in order to EMBODY it. A bit like any disco diva on the path knows, to get to the dancefloor of the discoballsinsparkly action, one must leave the bar. The real love is inside the internal discoball.

Heart openings protect the human energy field

Lightworkers/truth seekers who are aware of this fact, are continually working to support their own energy integrity and to support heart based healing practises. Personally, and planetary. We have multi-dimensional hearts (like a huge container of a million hearts) and also much heartbreak to heal. We don’t trust our hearts, and it makes life painful and we begin to shut down, and self-medicate in order not to feel all of humanity suffering. We can plainly see on the world stage the amount of humans who are existing in pain and suffering and who are scared to even go into emotions; due to broken heartedness and shutting off the heartspace in order to retain a place of inner protectedness. This is a false space of protection, because when we are increasing our source connection, the heart space opens into infinite connectedness and allows a peaceful inner place in which protection occurs to greater depths than before.

When we cannot feel the heart, we lose empathy for others. When we support our own heart awakenings, we can heal each other – for it is through the heart that the infinite connection to source is felt, when the 8D heart comes online this is a more physical sensation in the human body. To get to the stage of higher heart opening, we want to shield our fields and keep our lightbodies clear. Discarnate souls can become stuck in the aura, unbeknownst to us. Other entities can start to work their way into our aura, and can utilise our energy for their own agenda. If we have decided to become a channel this lifetime for other entities, or decide to become trance mediums or anything else that allows access to the spiritual biology, it can weaken our energies to keep us in a blissed out hazy drunken state, which unfortunately most people think is ‘enlightened’.  The trouble is this: it IS addictive in this energy state. That’s why most people won’t even think they have to get through this. They love it.

People are caught in the astral bliss states and know nothing different, because it has been taught through distorted teachings that this is the state of enlightenment. It is addictive. Or people believe that to achieve true enlightenment one must leave the body, or astral travel in order to reach god - and detach from the body. The body is required on this ascension plan, therefore the largest part of ascension is to understand that the body is key. We are ascending inside the physical body this cycle, and there is no ascension after death so to speak. This has long been taught in religious teachings, but the guardian ascension support has repeatedly determined that whomever controls the mind controls the body- thus, we have to be inside of our bodies at all times this lifetime in order to come to understand the inscension of the christ consciousness into the body. Almost as if we are containers of space for the crystal-plasma light that comes to link and connect into the human body.

Lightworkers who have come here on a Spiritual/Starseed/Christ/Indigo etc mission are highly likely to be targeted with astral damage, in order to keep them off track this lifetime. I am sorry but this is a fact I have experienced personally and one which is not always spoken about in spiritual circles. It means we must come into awareness that there ARE forces out there who do not want us to awaken into our full energetic multi-dimensional awareness, and will actively seek weakness in our auric fields in order that we do not gain the truth.

One way to support yourself with this is to only use a grounding technique of the ‘most organic, universal harmonics’ and ASK the universe for this. Do not just use ‘white light’ – where does the white light source from? We are not taught this, therefore I am sharing for your discernment and knowledge. Building the soul harmonic triad helps to support our lightbodies and aura become more strengthened so that we are not being hooked into. When we meditate and ask for universal organic harmonics, we are telling our 12D Christ Light and Personal Avatar-God-Self that we want to be reconnected back to our source, to build our lightbody, to awaken to our missions, to heal our hearts, to reclaim our rightful energies this lifetime round. We want to feel OK doing our spiritual work, but sometimes we get taken down by phases of central nervous system overload. Unsafe spiritual practises – channelling beings, conjuring spirits we don’t understand, not knowing about darkforce (imposter lightforces) spirits or their influence in our bodies and energy systems. They feed from our light because we are pulling in more light. Commanding your energy as yours and yours alone helps. Not being afraid to see what’s beyond the astral plane is also a wonderful way for you to really integrate and balance your auric, soul layers. Perceptions change, but they become integrated inside your biology instead of something you have to keep going ‘out’ to get.

Connecting with your body in new ways to let go of the need to feel particular body sensations can support the organic alignment you may need on your ascending path this lifetime, as you stay connected with your body and open your inner heart protection in yet, new ways.

In Cosmic Christos-Sophia service,

In loving Kindness,

Mhairi & Sequoia ascension community