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July 2018

Timeline history - Pain Body Processing, Releasing and Peacefinding
During the ascension cycle, we move through various positions in the time field within our lives, as walking, breathing and being in our current life expression. Our diamond sun template, or 12 tree grid architecture as it builds frequencies on the ascending scales of harmonics - allows us access to different time space co-ordinates, and essentially, moves our consciousness into spaces to allow us to collect our spiritual body parts, essence and energy unit and memory retrieval. This is what is known or termed as multi-dimensionality. We have had multiple lifetime experiences, and we are connected to all of them. On the lightbody, the architecture which describes a life experience, would be referred to as a timeline. Therefore, when we are on the ascending path, we open up into different memories, realities and timelines; many of which are not found in the earth history teaching books.

Through negative alien invasions, these memories have been wiped from humanity and the human body has been implanted heavily to distort the true human history and nature of the human collective consciousness. Each war that has played out in the galactic planes, has been effectively stolen from the minds of the planetary logos the crystal caverns and the human collective planetary logos in the 7D layers of the planet fields. Due to this, awakening ascending family will activate their DNA in accordance with their inner clock shield template, and may start to access layers of these hidden histories in to reclaim body parts, soul parts and to achieve the rebuilding of the human multidimensional consciousness template known as the 12 strand diamond sun body. This body has the potential to connect all the way out of this universal time matrix, and for the human consciousness to actively travel in space and time. Ascending starseeds and indigos whom are here in this cycle are pathcutting the way forward by uncovering the truth of the pain of humanity's hidden past, through their personal eyes and direct interaction with the timefields.

Artificial Intelligence Timelines, False Timelines, Controlling Timelines

The planetary architecture has been damaged over several timecycles, in which the cosmic families of the christ returned to the earth to restore the true teachings of godhead benevolence to humanity. Their several attempts were tracked and thwarted in some timelines due to the predator draconian reptilians which sought to sto their presence, as it would mean the truth of human creation being brought back in the ascending timeline. To exact their control and mind control through various deceptions, their planetary architecture would utilise the siphoning of energy from the human being in which to keep their own false alien non-organic to human or planet architecture in place. These splits in the planetary lightbody and subsequent grid network ley line and time line components were comandeered into creating control over time, thus distorting the human perception of the reality fields which make up the planet's lightbody.

Within the alien artificial time constructs is a phantom matrix, stolen human souls and body parts kept as enslaved tortured battery tanks, thus keeping the false timelines and false narratives upon the earth in waves of fear, poverty, sexual misery and is used to make the human being a self-enslaved automaton. Wars & Cataclysms creating mass human death have taken place throughout the planetary history, such as the Atlantian and Lemurian Cataclysm. The 5D higher earth planet of Tara was destroyed, the Tiamat planet was destroyed, the Moon was placed in the solar system to keep reversals and deceptions in place. The stars in the sky have been used to transmit anti-christ and anti-human values as the archontic deception was playing out against human knowledge. Guardians call these timelines of AI, pain and suffering and warring, which they have taken the original timeline trigger event (such as World War 2, Genocide, Taran Planetary explosion memories) and used this to create a system of control upon the earth; which is recorded within every human lightbody and of which, they are largely unaware. These are hidden until a starseeded or indigo human wakes up, and starts to access their soul matrix in the heart of the future time of 4th dimension, 5th dimension and 6th dimension and beyond; and find that they are facing into histories of extreme consciousness pain, known as dark night of the soul or consciousness expansion into their personal lightbody template to biuld the reconnection required in the vertical of the body, into the holy mother of the god head as the first emanation of the principle of god. She has returned to the earth and is available for ascending humans to understand; false gods were installed on the earth, and the true principle of creation has returned now.

Return to Rightful Owner-Soul/Consciousness Retrieval
The recovery of our own memories and energy quanta is a natural function of our lightbody, which is also referred to as the 'return to rightful owner' meaning, that the christ consciousness within your own lightbody template, magnetise their own units back to the current body expression. This is a part of starseed christ (consciousness) reclaimation on earth, yet may look like periods of sadness, emotional processing and the body feeling out of balance through pain or symptoms as the energies shift.

In other teachings, this may be likened to the shamanic practise of soul retrieval, yet; through the diamond sun template of the tree of life we ALL have this ability as a natural function. When this is occurring, we are able to feel, sense, understand and process emotional contexts from other past/present/future life stations of identity. This can appear in day to day life as emotional triggers or pressures in everyday situations, or it can appear as a form of pain/grieving or body sense of something that is entirely not coming from your current life experience. As part of the ability to raise our consciousness, we have to understand that the pain from the other life timelines still exists as an energy substance, in time and space, and is, still connected to your energy field.

When we are able to connect with our own 'other lives' or parallel stations of identity through meditation, to the 12 tree grid or diamond sun template, we may be able to hold a gentle focus space where we are given the opportunity to 'view the movie of' the other lifetime. It is important to not enter into the experience, but to remain as a detached observer of the movie, if it is shown. In this space, the heart of your being takes over and allows for all pain and suffering to be released through the act of witnessing. We cannot hold judgement in this space, regardless of how terrible the life-pain experiences may have been. It is through the eyes of god, in the heart space of entirely clear and pure, compassionate witnessing of a neutral observer that we are able to collapse the lifetime-identity and return to ourselves, the energy quanta of that pain or lifetime and spiritual essences that have been stuck in time and space.

Polarity Integration, across time
When working with hundreds of individuals over the years, and reading the lightbody and energy quanta - it is clear that current life pain and experiences - generally speaking, have their root causation point from another point in the time fields; or, another life experience. Many life patterns that we experience here as a physical manifestation of an issue actually started in another life, but this current life has bleed throughs or instances of where we can access the pain memory to collapse that energy which still exists, and transmute and remove the pain from impacting this here and now moment.

Due to the fact that this current human body we reside in, is the one which has applied to love and have the 'ascending' experience, it means that through this current body, we do ALL of the returning, all of the perceiving and all of the intention to become free from pain and suffering, to return our current body state into a love-finder, in the heart of god. This takes time, and through the intended practise of gently revealing to yourself in meditation space, or centring the self in love, of returning to yourself your own energy which may have become stuck, unloved or wounded in previous times or life experiences throughout existence. As a god being, you have the right to command your energy be returned to you - from any space-time location, and your intention makes it so.

There have been many earth histories which are not recorded in historical books. There are many off planet lifetimes we may have also participated in, and again, not much knowledge exists or is available around these occurrences. The human lightbody contains all of this knowledge, and in our natural ascension paths, we will access each timeline for recovery when the time is divinely orchestrated by our highest expression; our avatar god self. The planetary and galactic fields, also contain the architecture which can be read, and shows histories of human lifetimes in other timecycles.

We may be processing lifetimes of isolation, separation and pain from our loved ones. We may be processing lifetimes of where we didn't have choices and were forced into situations that meant we became disconnected from god source. This may be further amplified in the lifetime current lifetime, and also show up as gender separation - in this life, or in the other lifetimes. This might come as intense body overwhelm, unknown feelings of despair, or something which feels like a dark force attack- meaning the body is overwhelmed and anxiety may set in. This is always an ongoing function and process of our lightbodies, and we have to know that this is part of the plan here. It is not easy, it is not an easy task, but when we know that this is what might be going on we can take steps to ensure our comfort and movement through the processing of these spaces and places is met with security, comfort and inner peace, as much as we can.

Wing Building 6d Michael-Masculine, 7d Mary-Feminine Planetary & Personal Activations
As the planet is creating movement in the planetary fields of 6d-7d, Masculine-Feminine gender principles (merkabic functions) there have been ongoing field shifts and changes and we each have access to yet further timelines that may have impacted us. Also, this is rising up to the surface yet more masculine-feminine gender patterns which have been programmed into the planetary body by ways of keeping men and women non-unified with each other. We may encounter thoughts and hurts, reactions and behavioural situations whereby we are being asked by our higher selves to really dig into the reasons why we hold on to certain thought forms, if there is a battle of the sexes right now - what can you learn from it? Where are you willing to see the truth? How can you observe your own reactions, and take steps to see the opposite sex as equal to yourself? What would it take to allow you to come into loving balance, on the inner masculine-feminine as it is mirrored to you from the external relationships and encounters in day to day life? What is showing up right now?

Embodiment of Codes from other timelines/life experiences
Whilst we are traversing these energies and other life-timelines, we may also have to reclaim-retrieve memories from those other lives, and any lightbody codes that have remained stuck in the other life time-space location. During these phases of recovery, there can be heightened negative external forces that attempt to thwart the embodiment of the energies; required in the here and now current body. Once the energies are returned to your person and body in an embodiment of literal energy absorption and merges via your own diamond sun template, then the interfering energies can no longer attempt to stop the process. Once it is in the body, it is in the body safe and sound. At times on the ascension process, this may be felt as heightened anxiety, unusual body symptoms and if you are aware that negative entities and forces use manipulation tactics to keep you off guard; this will be helpful to you, in order to choose who to interact with, and the way in which your best neutral will keep you calm and still. These energies push internal pain buttons intended to keep you spinning out on a loop. Connection to source, stillness and breathing to come back to centre with regularity is recommended. Noting your sensations, emotions and thought patterns during these phases is helpful in the movement towards freeing yourself from being in a spin.

Preventing Fear from Running the Mind and Body Overwhelm
Whilst we are 'processing' the memories of these past lifetimes or timelines, the mental body is likely to become bombarded with negative thought sequences, which heighten the pain felt in the day to day experience. Starseeds on this path for a while now, will know what this looks like and be relatively accustomed to the feelings, and their movements out of the body and mind. It is important that we allow any and all thoughts to pass through our minds, and to not 'latch' onto any negative thoughts that we already hold within ourselves, as this is where the amplified thoughts of a negative basis can begin to cause an overwhelm, mentally, emotionally and physically. This can cause panic attacks, sleeplessness and general body pain and anxiety within the physical experience.

During stages of this, when we are able to identify that the thought or 'feeling' that we are being presented with in the moment is not actually stemming from our current life experience, we can choose to allow it to be released from the body. Ensuring places of comfort, blankets, something gentle and reassuring in the day to day moments in order to anchor us into a space of safety and security. The physical body is the most complex organism, able to feel and sense multiple dimensions of existence simultaneously, and in cases of processing the emotional content or feeling-senses we may have to take some retreat time in order to self-love, care and allow the phases to pass. And to know that they WILL pass. Partly, it is the negative ego pain body based in the 2nd dimensional area of the lightbody (sacral centre) which needs much care to allow the energies to move on the way out.

Emotional hidden wounds
Partly, the pain that is caused and uprising in the body-mind is the transmutation of energies that arise from the hidden and dark spaces of our negative ego, or shadow body. This is a place where fears and darkness reside, and the negative ego thoughtforms that would keep us embued within them. We may have multiple wounds in the current life that have remained hidden, or placed to the side because they were simply too difficult for us to deal with. Many employ coping mechanisms which make the ability of the external experience to remain stable, be a way of life. Yet, when we know that we have inner wounding and are able to assess this without judgement, of ourselves and others; we can take steps to gently understand and directly face up to what has caused the pain.

An example of this is being bullied in the workplace. Or being on the receiving end of behaviour that our soul knows we cannot tolerate any longer, but yet we find ways of believing that we must sustain levels of bad examples of behaviour from others, which are potentially damaging to the heart-soul connection. We can only tolerate so much, until we are able to stand up or face up to the reality of being pushed into situations or being harassed which makes us change our viewpoint. Until that moment comes, we are likely to feel shame that this is occurring and allow ourselves to take the blame, rather than call out the actual problem, bringing it to the surface to shed light onto the non-positive behaviour.

Sourcing the root causation of any painful wound may be available within meditation space. Asking one's avatar god self to support the tracing of the current pattern to be witnessed, and observed whilst allowing all and any thoughts to come and go from the mind space. If it is in alignment to know of any information, in your inner landscape of space; it will be revealed in the right moment, through your trusted connection with god source avatar self. It is not your place to push into issues where they are not actually arising in that moment - the use of any force is not advised in these instances.

Allowing the body-mind-heart to retain a relaxed position is always advisable. Journaling thoughts, feelings, and circumstances may assist you in the releasing of any emotional pain that requires to surface, perhaps without discussion or interaction. Ensuring the body is allowed to release energy through the voice, or movement, or intentional releasing from the limbs by shaking, or through the breath intentionally can help to move into a place of calm. When body feels safe, mind tends to follow, but it can be a methodical process in order to retain balance.

On this path of christ consciousness reclamation,
May the Aurora Rainbow nourish, replenish and soothe in all ways!

Mhairi & Sequoia ascension community

Timeline Trigger Events - The following timeline trigger events have been recorded and mapped out by Lisa Renee; it is these hidden timelines many starseeds and indigos will come into direct contact with while restoring their multidimensional body parts into wholeness:

These specific Historical Timeline Trigger Events are directly related to the seed or causal events of the main Galactic War histories involving humanity. The NAA war against humanity originated from the timelines of the Lyran and Orion Wars from the higher Harmonic Universe. When the Cradle of Lyra and several planets exploded this further destroyed the Andromedan Stargate, leaving humanity trapped in a fallen system. Those histories of Galactic warring eventually descended into many conflicts for power and control over the 3D Earth. The Belial Sons Luciferian Covenant and the Black Sun Program ultimately united to form the NAA artificial intelligence and the 911 Timeline Agenda that is playing out today, in the Timeline Wars.

The information that is provided below is with the intention to help associate memory and meaning to the timelines of Galactic History and bring witnessing to these events, as well as support graceful spiritual initiation into the Law of One, which is part and parcel of Cosmic Christ consciousness. This information is not to be integrated as dogmatic absolutes, but is being offered to help catalyze the individual and collective opportunities we have right now. It is to be utilized as a context for the Historical Timeline Trigger Events that have impacted all of us on earth, by assigning meanings to the memories that were stolen from humanity.

Historical Timeline Trigger Events

Historical Timeline Trigger EventsApprox. TimelineSummary Description 
Lyran Wars, Orion Wars, Victim-Victimizer Program 20 Million YA Main Galactic War History of Human Holocaust, Lyran-Elohim overseeing 5D Earth Seeding, Genetic Hatred, Black Hole Entities, the seed of Anti-Christ Conflict.
Electric Wars 5 Million YA Race War over First Root Race, Wall in Time, Separated from 12 Strand DNA, Need to Collect Fragments in Timelines, 2D/4D Soul Split, Soul Rescue Missions.
Thousand Years War 1 Million YA War over realities based on the Law of One, Service to Self vs. Service to Others conflicts, First Draco and Annu hybrid root races, and Elohim and Annunaki wars.
Nephilim Wars 75,000 YA Annunaki Breeding Program, Second Seeding attempt of Nephilim rejected by Elohim, Melchizedek and Annu DNA Fracture, 666 Seal is quarantine in Solar System.
Lemurian Holocaust 52,000 YA First Major Event of Planet Earth Genocide, Secret Deception of Draconian Invasion via Underground Tunnels, Ice Age and surface climatic destruction.
Atlantian Holocaust 30,000 YA Nibiru Annunaki Resistance and Patriarchal Melchizedek take over the Inner Earth, Earth Core Power Generator Crystal Grid Explosion, and intentional genocide of Christos Grail lineage.
Luciferian Rebellion and Armageddon Program 26,000 YA Rebellion reaches apex at end of Atlantian Cataclysm, End of Aeon, Sons of Belial enslave Seraphim, Michael Wars, Enemy Patterning, and Golden Eagle Grid Wars.
Eieyani Massacre, Essene Breeding and Emerald Tablet 22,000 YA Females taken to Nibiru by Thoth-Annunaki for forced breeding. Thoth stole CDT plate; wrote down Emerald Tablet. Trigger timeline for Hermeticism, esoteric Kabbalah, Mystery Schools and Secret Societies formed to hide ancient knowledge from the common people.
Ascension Timeline Rebellion 22,000 YA NAA groups negotiate agreements for Earth Territories and Humans for workers, sex or slave colonies. Galactic Trading of Earth Resources. Reptilian ownership of earth humans.
Celtic Massacres/Druid Sacrifices 22,000 YA NAA genocidal agenda to eradicate Celtic Kings Grail DNA and Melchizedek Christ Teachings from Atlantis, RH Negative Hunting, spread disinformation, destroy records of star origin and artifacts.
Sachon- Thoth Viking Invasion 22,000 YA Intruder Thoth groups, earliest Vikings attacked Celtic lines to eradicate Atlantian history and eliminate, spread false records about Celts and Druid lineages.
Luciferian Covenant 11,500 YA The Anti-human and Anti-Krystic agenda for takeover of the planet from NAA, as its controlled by Luciferian forces is called the Luciferian Covenant. Illuminati Lines.
Lunar Outpost, Moon Colony and Sexual Misery Program 11,500 YA The moon is a craft stolen from war and stripped to be refitted for its use as a Human, Reptilian and Grey Alien base. Transmits Mind Control NETs, Soul trap.
Atlantian Flood 11,500 YA Takeover and destruction of Giza Stargate, victors of war start re-writing historical records and false timelines, surface flood and holocaust.
Sumerian-Egyptian Invasion 10,000 YA First stage of takeover of Iran-Iraq 10th Gate, Middle East settlements and organizing Brotherhood of the Snake in from Atlantian timeline in the region. Thoth Group and Phoenix Grid to gain control over Giza Stargate. Tiamat wormhole.
Knight Templar Invasion, Essene Templar Massacre 9,500 YA Takeover of Celtic Templar lines, NAA attempt to create super-race of Controllers for earth, genetic elitism, lineage of Freemasonry, massacre of those who do not comply. Hidden esoteric knowledge agenda.
Centaurian Wars 8,000 YA Alpha Centaurian races attempt takeover on Earth from other NAA races, manipulation of Stonehenge and 11D timeline. Unsuccessful hijack.
Mayan Invasion 5,500 YA Genocidal agenda to eliminate all 12 strand DNA bloodlines from Mayan tribes related to those that had ascended and traveled off planet.
Sumerian/Babylonian Massacre 5,500 YA DNA unplugging and identity and consciousness memory erasure, confounding DNA language and signals, glandular malfunction, early death.
Djoser Invasion 5,000 YA Sakkara invasion from 5D wormhole, infiltrate regime, takeover portals, blood sacrifices and use of advanced SRA underground for power.
Dead Sea Wars and Masada Massacre 4,000 YA War in region to maintain control in Middle East, destruction of many cities in the area. Essene groups tracked down and massacred.
Hyksos King Invasion and Exodus 3,600 YA Sakkara NAA forces infiltrate Egyptian Pharaoh lines through Thutmose, Hyksos intend takeover of Temple Mount and massacre of Human Tribe 2. Battle for control over Grail tools and Grail Stargate.
Israel and Jerusalem Crusades 3,500 YA Genocidal campaigns to eliminate all humans with Essene Templar knowledge and Tribe 2 genetics in the landmass of Israel.
Hatshepsut Invasion 3,400 YA Hatshepsut hides Arc portal technology, protecting portal system from Thutmose Draconian controlled brother, finalizes Hyksos expulsion from Egypt.
Akhenaton Fall and Murder 3,300 YA Akhenaton despises politics, working for human Law of One Ascension timelines, transits out trapped souls, attempts overthrow of Amun Priest’s child and blood sacrifice rituals, 2D underworld portal rips, family murderous plot, character assassination campaign.
Destruction of the Solomon Temple 3,000 YA Grail Stargate takeover through Arc technology, genocide of Human Tribe 2, Hyksos line attempt takeover through King Solomon, NAA destroys the Temple and holographic grid
Iron Age Christos-Sophia, Jesus Christ Mission 2,000 YA Sirius B Christos Mission to repair Giza and Stonehenge Stargate, timeline repair gridwork to prepare for the Ascension timeline and reclamation of the Christos Diamond Sun body in 2012 timeline.
Roman and Draconian Invasion 2,000 YA Draconian infiltrate Greek sacred texts and Italy to build the Church of Rome and spread NAA religious mind control through Catholicism. Retaliation of Christos mission. Collection of Martyr’s blood.
Council of Nicea 1,700 YA NAA and Luciferian Knights Templar cover story to hide the Christos Mission and humanities star origins, False Alien God worship and Blood Sacrifice based religion that became the Canonized Bible.
The Rise of NAA World Religions, Armageddon Mind Control 1,700 YA Intentional spreading of violent world religions based on Satanic blood sacrifice, holy wars and worshipping Alien False Father Gods. Armageddon mind control linked to Atlantian Cataclysm and Human Genocidal Campaigns.
Saxon Invasion and Arthurian Grail Takeover 1,400 YA Invasion of UK to take over territory and 11th Stargate, kill Templar Grail King Arthur and his support team, last benevolent Grail King, False King of Tyranny replaces rulership, King Arthur is in Stasis in UK. Related to the Awakening Albion and stasis beings.
Draconian Christian Crusades 1,000 YA Violent Religious Wars used for human blood sacrifice, soul binding and feeding Crucifixion Implants and Martyrs Blood Alien Machinery in the Earth. Generates Black Heart systems and Anti-Life reversals on the grid.
Cathar Genocidal Massacre 780 YA Albigensian Crusade carried out by the Church of Rome, Cathars were trapped and burned alive in Southern France. Attempts to eliminate Essene Templar knowledge outside control of the Church.
America Crusades, Native American Holocaust 500 YA Native American holocaust and America crusades, elimination of indigenous lines that had Templar knowledge of Earth grids. Setting up Secret Societies in USA for Global Control.
Nibiruan Intervention/NRG Implants, Sexual Misery Mind Control 250 YA NAA and Galactic Federation starts to contact their lineages for channeling and propaganda for preparation of the New Age. Sexual Misery mind control and implants for harvesting human creative sexual energies, alien hybrid breeding programs.
Aleister Crowley, Black Magic Grids, Mainstream Satanism 115 YA NAA Alien Abductee cooperates with Zeta infiltration of Earth grid networks, sets up Satanic Black Magic, Blood Sacrifice and portals that become Human Energy harvesting networks. Enochian and Thoth-Annunaki Thelema Language, OTO.
Zeta Alien Surveillance, Abduction and Breeding 100 YA Zeta cooperate with Orion Group for NAA takeover agenda, human enslavement and territorial control.
Black Sun Program World War SRA Agenda, World Wars 100 YA Poking holes in Earth’s protective grid, Orion and Zeta groups orchestrate World Wars to weaken EMF, Nuclear Bombs, and infiltrate Portals by ripping holes in the time-space fabric.
Majestic 12 and Zeta Grey Alien Trade Agreements 85 YA Zeta contact World Governments for Military Technology and Human Trade, Grey Alien Weaponry, Holographic Inserts and Time Travel Technology.
World War II, Nordics, Human Blood Sacrifice Grids 80 YA After WW1, sophisticated machinery and implants are inserted into planetary field designed to capture souls and blood sacrifice for NAA during wars/killing. Perpetuate War Economy and World Slavery.
Nazi Infiltration, Psycho-Spiritual Warfare on Global Population, MKUltra 75 YA Orion Controlled Nazi Groups go underground infiltrate Power Elite and Intelligence Groups, Nordic Alien technology and SRA experiments to mind control the public. Learned Helplessness, Pavlovian Conditioning.
Black Operation, Secret Space Program, Space Colonies and Human Trafficking 75 YA USA Government splinters off into assorted secret interest groups to research, study and hide alien contact and alien technology from the public. Galactic human slave trade becomes highly organized.
Orion Groups Intervention 40 YA Orion Groups recruit more Reptilian Races to join with NAA to prepare for the final conflict war over timelines in 2012-2017. Share spoils of war.
Pleiades and Sirian Agreement 30 YA Galactic Federation makes agreement to support Ascension timeline as front to gain total control over the intended hijack of the New Age Spiritual movement. New Age Channeling increases.
Necromiton Invasion 30 YA Orion Group recruits Necromiton for NAA control strong-arm on earth, to assist enforcement and compliance in the joint Military Complex Black Op and Secret Space Programs. MIB's.
Seed of Anti-Christ-Sophia, Azazael and Black Lilith 25 YA Produce anti-hierogamic spawn in Peru Stargate to destroy Genetic Equal and Twin Flame Sacred Unions during the Ascension, and put AI reversals and clones in its place. This is known as the Alien Love Bite.
Edict of War against Starseeds, Indigos and Angelic Human Population 17 YA NAA groups offer hostage agreement to allow evacuation of selected humans by Lyran-Sirian Guardian Races, before intended Armageddon Destruction Agenda or Pole Shift.
911 Timeline Trigger Event, NWO Agenda for AI False Timeline Propagation 16 YA NAA draws line in the sand via the 9-11-2001 event to take control over Earth timelines, attempt to circumvent Ascension by dimensional blending, NAA carries out AI Transhumanist Agenda. Starseed Christos Mission Upgrade to repair Ascension timelines.

with thanks to Lisa Renee at, loving copied through creative commons licensing shared amongst humanity for freedom and liberation