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Dear Family,

Sextant Matrix Corrections
Recent guardian project work has been surveying the planetary body, the solar system and the galaxy connections into the universal systems in observing what is known as the Sextant Matrix. It was removed from the core of earth, and at the 4 horizontal and 2 vertical directions of the azimuth. Also in the planetary brain, crystal caverns and logos. Allowing for ongoing guardian work to remove the grid architecture across the planet body. This architecture was identified by guardian teams many years ago and at that point it was observed that the monadic body of the incarnate being known as Ezekiel had been emeshed into the Iraq/Iran areas and his energy was being used to feed or power the reversal of what we call the divine infinite calculus, which is the god math and directional principles of 4 held through the 4 directions and 4 royal stars. Guardian teams were able to recover the Ezekiel body parts in recent June gridwork themes, and so that the next stage of rehabilitation and recovery for the planet can commence.

Many of us may have heard of Ezekiels wheels, and that he was purported to have seen a flaming ring of cherabum, creatures or faces in the sky, but in today's guardian explanation; the architecture when solarised through the diamond sun lightbody is the 4 Pillars of Man Pillars and network system, the Krystal Cathedral that has emanations at our personal level once we can embody the connection to it - through the 12d shielding, then the planetary krystal cathedral and onwards out and out all the way into the Universal sections of the krystic architecture.The Krystal Cathedral exists at many layers, and may be sequentially accessed through lightbody dna rebuilding and repair.

Negative aliens installed AI architecture to stop the planetary pillars and the cardinal directions North South, East and West from connecting into the organic trajectory all the way through andromeda from this planet, this has been known as the Yahweh Matrix, whereby the planetary tilt and staff reversals pointed the planet into the 8D portal system of Abaddon, which is away from the direction of the correct alignment into Andromeda. Despite the staff alignment being corrected into Andromeda by the guardian host, The Yahweh matrix and architecture still exist on planet and is a long term guardian rehabilitation project.

Cellular Degeneration
The sextant matrix has impacted the hormonal function a digression agent to the human body form, it has created a stunting of the body principle in so far as it has altered the genetic healing potential of the elements of the physical body; the fire, air, earth and water, elements of the human form. It has harnessed the 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons in a bi-wave loop of physicality, meaning that most humans have been unable to feel the love of god in their cells, until a portion of re-encryption takes place through the support of the aurora families.

This is also related to the 6th dimensional DNA seal of which the Annunaki installed into the planetary body. Partly, this relates to their takeover as being a false (hidden) god upon the face of earth, and that they did not want the planet or humans to be able to fully merge their merkabah in the wing building process, what we call Michael-Mary wings.

Cellular Repair through Aurora Re-encryption
The sextant matrix is also known as the 666 seal or curse, it is a part of bi-wave metatronic reversals that have been in place on planet. The bi-wave energies are closed entropic In varying stages of the re-encryption of the elemental physical body we go through a stage of having accreted enough light in so that our instruction sets are updated to the crystalline form of the 14-14-14, overriding the lock that has been placed on the 6 electrons, 6 protons, and 6 neutrons.

This is part of the lightbody blueprint of the diamond sun template as it builds the energy to form body re-encryption process, through the dark matter or eukachrist body. Through the solar body rehabilitation, the ascending human will receive the corrective principals through the cycles of the galactic zodiac, meeting each yearly cycle with the required shifts in order to change the base materials of the prima materia of the human body into the alchemical house in which god can reside within.

The dark matter template is part of the instruction set to recode the chromosomes, the telomeres, the mitochondria and DNA/RNA, ATP instruction sets which allow the christ-sophia to become accomplished and brought into the physical flesh and matter. As the 666 seal is removed from the body in greater detail than before, the cells can synthesise more light into the ATP, allowing the true solar fire to become the eternal flame of holy transfiguration fire. This is the mastery over the elements as part of the alchemist creating or generating the much sought after gold, and philosopher's stone.

The Eukachrist, Rasha, Mother's Dark Matter Template

The EukaChrist body when fully rehabilitated through embodiment, and healing the sacrum from lunar force influences; allows the krystal waters of rainbow purity to cleanse the entire body physical matrix, and bring about the liquid gold elixir to run through the physical body organs, as the organic template is returned to the human body through the diamond sun template. This is also referenced as the waters of chastity in the hierogamic unioning process. Where the male-female merged in complete union as the Christos-Sophia risen are pure and betrothed only to each other. The krystal waters of the eternal light of rainbow god love run through the heart, brain and sacrum as a solarised body form in which to continue the eternal feedback loop of source, in zero point rod and staff.

The diamond sun template allows for complete transfiguration and travel through multiple levels of omniverses, god worlds and beyond the paliadorian 360 god worlds. This is part of the Founder Rainbow Rishic Sun embodiment being prototyped now by 48 strand dna holders and is, at this time on planet earth rarified. Cosmic Citizenship in the repair and removal of the elemental reversals (the sextant, the leviathan & behemoth as the 5 pointed baphomet star) is equal to the ability to transverse all of space time, and is not bound by the elements of planet earth. The shapeshifting ability is to access very large bodies of consciousness, such as a sun body or a planetary body, a galaxy body and beyond. And also to become very small, such as a cell or an atom. Krystic beings who have embodied their principles are able to access a multitude of bodies in which to carry out repairs to them.

Metatronic Collective Families
The gestalt group of Metatron beings, came to the universal time matrix in order to support and host the repair of the architecture here. Many became fallen and emeshed into the reversal elements, and created a split or separation in lightbody mechanics, which is termed as metatronic reversals. The bi-wave or closed system, entropic consumptive modelling that has been held in place on earth used the organic metatron coding in which to incite the creation or usurping of the original christ metatronic designs.

At this time, guardian teams are surveying parts of the previous time history of planet earth in the Atlantian Cataclysm, and Lemurian Cataclysm in order to support the returning and recovery of original Metatronic Coding. The Metatronic architecture became bound into reversal with the 666 seal and the 777 seal on the planetary body. As these are in states of healing and removal at this time, it is revealed through gridwork that the bindings upon the Metatron are able to be released, and returned.

Melchizedek, Azurite, and Emerald Order Reclamation missions
At this time, the Azurite shield architecture has been more fully repaired, available and connected into the Aurora-Christos Aquafey holy Father principle. This is allowing the memories, understandings and access to the previous guardian projects. The shield was absorbed into the Holy Emerald Order-Aurora shield (see Omnilov3 meditation space December 2017). The rescue and recovery missions of the original Blue Flame holders, the Universal Melchizedek lineages is underway at this time, through the Paliadorian covenant. The Melchizedeks are a universal consciousness whom were a part of the original christed missions to come to the earth and continue the rehabilitation to share, and live as the word of God, the Cosmic Law of one. They had a level of connection to host and hold the Blue ray principle within this universe, and many became fallen and stuck when the Mother frequency of blue ray was broken. New layers of architecture above and inside the universal level are undergoing construction now.

Emerald Order AI Shield
Over the last month there was a project to observe, and dismantle parts of the false Emerald Order shield which contained the dna clones, body parts and identities of original Emerald Order guardians. This architecture has been part of a quantum supercomputer created through Thoth, Enki and Enlil groups whom stole the original CD plate information and warped the creation code to create their own twisted version of it. This enticing architecture has been used to dupe and bait starseeds on earth and create false Emerald order teams upon the earth, whom were connecting to this false intelligence architecture as a high level of detailed information brought forth. This has been an issue for organic Emerald Order guardians on the earth who have repeatedly been attacked, cloned, and endured severe backlash from this false shield architecture over many years. The dismantling of this now, allows the lineages of the true Holy emerald order to reclaim their body parts and continue to rehabilitate the planetary body.

Guardians and starseeds whom have been involved in this mission have endured a high level of splitter targeting, in order that they cannot get to the pieces or reclaim their body parts back. This may invoke deep seated memories, and is tied into the timeline of Niburian Eiyani Massacre and stealing of genetic code of 48 Strand DNA.

Planetary Grail, Temple of Solomon, Rod Movements
The new Jerusalem architecture of the city 4 square in the Temple of Solomon is undergoing more stages of support via guardians installation of golden solar crystal into the core of earth. As the April Sophianic body of the planet started to change and the hosting of baphomet, acamoth and fallen sophianic consciousness is being recovered, the planetary rod function is again undergoing new levels of repair. The Sextant Matrix in its organic format is intended to support the movement through time and progression via the rod function of the body. This requires the gender centres in the body, the human body, the planet body to be in perfect alignment and balance with each other. The horizontal planes, the rod functions are undergoing levels of alignment as the rod is altering the spin rate. Partly this is because the planetary sextant matrix lock downs have been removed from the planet body, but this is also sequentially shifting the human experience in space time.

There may be increased feelings of being in a void space as the horizontal fields of the lightbody begin their male principle healing of the electron spin rate. This in turn shifts the monadic body spin cycling and is bringing new layers of embodied solomon shield (guardian coding for the krystic male rod) into embodiment. Rod and staff couples are hosting this architecture for the planet body, to support the golden rod function become more awakened in the planet. Individuals may feel dark fears coming to rise the surface, particularly female wounds (which has its basis in the 2D emotional, sexual and shadow body) rising up to be seen.

Be fearless and look at your deepest fears as they look at you, the truth of you looking at your shadow as it rises, is the same as the phoenix rising from the ashes. The shadow to the light, the inner to the outer, all must become one as the unified expression of source lights the solar fire transfiguration flame within the heart matrix, in so that all christ beings can return as the solar energy in form.

May all beings be freed, In cosmic loving service,

 Mhairi & Sequoia ascension community