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Facing your current reality, Awakening to see the truth for yourself
The set up on planet earth has been for the biology of the human body to repel the soul frequencies from rebuilding themselves into the cells of the body. When the soul essence of a person regains control over the body, the truth has to be seen, witnessed and processed as the person must face up to the new version of reality perception, as the veils of illusion are being melted out from the personal senses.

When a person starts to perceive new impressions through their awakening senses, it can create senses of instability and questioning the terrain of all that is being understood. Human sensory perception goes beyond the 5 senses we are told exist, and for awakening humans, new sensory perceptions take time to understand. We didn't receive the manual on the senses, but instead we are repairing them inside the biology in so that we can truthfully navigate the holographic fields of which we are a part. The light and cellular receptor cells within the lightbody and physical body must be healed in order to merge their communications into states of cohesion. During earlier stages of cells coming into contact with new frequencies and subharmonics of light, the human body and personality must meet each stage with curiousity, remaining calm as these shifts accelerate the potential for higher mind access.

If a person has a superior attitude that because they are a starseed, or believe that they are already enlightened and they don't have to do any inner emotional healing; the energetic intention will bring situations up for continued introspective phases. It should be recognised and celebrated that when a person can truly see the darkness operating: upon this earth, within people and within the self: the darkness can no longer hide in the shadows and create pain. The consciousness inside of a person cannot transform into the embodied christos without firstly understanding what happened in the current life and the impacts/choices or events that have been made. In order to embody the christ energy inside the human form, the dismantling of the houses of ego is required as a consistent dedication in the raising and building of the house inside the body for the indwelling of the christ. The spirit of christ is a pure essence, which cannot live within a human form where lies and deceptions have been the operating mode. The continual purification of the self, to understand the contents of the heart more deeply begins to heal the spaces inside the human form to provide potentials of the christ spirit to reside within.

Negative aliens have long played god upon this earth, and have been able to remain hidden due to the damage inflicted upon the planet, and the original christ intruction sets. Through awakening cycles of our dna repair, one must have the strength of mind to realise that the deception must be fully witnessed and uncovered in order to be 'seen'. The guardian host families return to the earth in this time, to witness and place testimony to the interdimensional free worlds councils, which oversee the eviction of the negative architecture and evictions of these entities from wreaking havoc upon humanity.

The deception upon earth that god does not exist is convenient for controllers who do not want humans to connect to their own god source to find out the truth. The truth sets us free, into the loving arms of our benevolent creator.

In order to know personally that a loving god exists, then a person has to be willing to look at all fears, all beliefs, and all wounds and trigger points. Through the intention to know god, to connect with the one source creator, humanity has the potential to feel god source in every cell of the body. Through multiple cycles and re-encryptions of the human biology and the human lightbody architecture, the diamond sun template holds the potential for each human to consciously participate with their own self discovery back to god source as a reality.

Dismantling the Deception and Negative Ego False Personality Construct
Human lightbodies and this planet have been infiltrated and impacted by a variety of artificial intelligence constructs that were not part of the original divine creator plan for humanity. Almost the entire planet is under deception as the energy of humanity is being controlled by on planet and off planet controller factions of negative alien racelines. Some of these racelines have been told that humanity is their creation, or pet, and they actually believe that it is true.

Due to the amount of misinformation on the topic of biological ascension, it is easy to get caught up in the latest planetary movements, or the latest energy update and misinterpret the impact that this has on the personal self-healing work that must be taken seriously. Mostly the reason for the ascension path on earth is for starseeds and indigos to rebuild the diamond sun template back into wholeness, which, is a gift from the god source into our realms here. To rebuild the diamond sun template, one must be in an understanding of values and ethics that are not created in hierarchy, but instead, mean equality and appreciation for all humans. Each human soul is a unique expression of the god head in form, to shine that light at the highest available capacity requires an understanding of regaining self sovereignty. Sovereign heart, mind and body.

As the planet undergoes repair, the potential of DNA sequences activating the personal ascension plan, require a deep contemplation about the self, the personality, the ideas and belief systems that have been deeply programmed and embedded. Many starseeds have come here to resolve authority conflicts between the personality and falsely installed beliefs, and return their lightbody connections to circuit above the planetary field lock downs. Then beyond into the higher realms of their own higher self parts, which are higher dimensional and future time space parts, the personal direct connection to god source.

Krystal Star Guardians host aurora platform connections around the earth, in so to support the awakening starseed connect more fully to organic living light which the planet receives through the organic alignments and guardian technology. The planetary grid architecture is being sequentially repaired in so to host the higher potentials of the triwave open source god head currents into the earth body for more humans to feel and sense the pure loving creator in their hearts and minds. As the Mother Ray and Father Ray anchor back into earth in yet new ways, further healing can take place for all humans to know that there is a god, whom is beyond expression of what true love in the human heart really is. As a starseed builds their own 12d shielding, a starseed can become a harmonizer for supporting the planet receive the ray frequencies with greater ease.

Human Soul, Expression of God in form

The heart based soul essence is the deep root and core of a being. However, the layering of all the implants, soul fragmentation, installed false narratives as beliefs and enforced thoughtforms into the biology of a human body is often what people believe is their SELF. As starseeds and indigos wake up on this planet, there is a grieving process which has to be worked through, in order to come to terms with the 'new' reality levels and awarenesses that come online.

Ask yourself how many humans can detect passed on loved ones soul essence after they pass the body?

How many people can say that they have had a first hand experience of other alien racelines?

How many people are able to speak about their firsthand, direct experiences with alternative dimensions?

How many people are able to tell you they know god exists and is real, inside and outside of the heart-mind and body?

Starseeds go through a very personal awakening plan and are given the opportunity to participate directly with their own ascension plan. In order to uncover this within the self, a person must be very dedicated to looking at where they have believed certain realities as truth, and where this is in direct opposition to what they are now interpreting through daily life. To be given 'new eyes to see' a person has to want to uncover the truth of their own existence, and wish to not be fooled any longer. For those who always knew god was everywhere and not inside a ritualised temple system, the new eyes to see are being returned to this universe as the eye of god which never stopped shining its love down to this density, can be felt and reflected in the repair of the human diamond sun template. It takes a brave heart to see through the many deceptions that have been placed in the human lightbody field, and an even greater bravery is required to drop all previous beliefs, from the negative ego construct in so to reveal the truth to oneself as a personal experience.

Blended Timeline Realities, Artificial Tree of Life
Planet earth and its inhabitants have endured a false construct blueprint template of the black tree of life, also known as the Kaballah tree. The emanation of a ten sphere dimensional reality field is used by Luciferian and Satanic forces upon the earth to feed and create the timeline blending potential, harnessing humanity's perception into a a mixture of false reality fields. The organic template of the planet body is the planet Albion, which is a diamond sun base 12 spheres and tree of life blueprint. The base 10 black tree of life, is superimposed onto the planetary organic krystic architecture and continues to be in phases of dismantle by the guardian host families. Essentially, its purpose is to keep humanity connected into a closed loop or bi-wave construct, through the bi-wave metatronic reversals of the time field construct.

The Zeta grey aliens and Orion Draconians are responsible for installing multiple artificial intelligence technologies that span on planet and off planet which feed the false AI timelines and keep them in place. The projection of false holograms upon the earth and through psychotronic weaponry of mind control, and soul capturing technology. The intention to feed humanity with false or blended timelines, to control realities and belief systems through the phantom matrix insertion of the negative ego false construct. The negative ego construct which binds the 1D, 2D, and 3D spheres have been harnessed and installed with false belief narratives to which many humans have become slaves to the controller pillars placed within the planetary grid and black tree of life energy fields. The false timelines intersect and impact the organic (soul incarnational purpose of life) timeline, and use the negative ego programs of the armageddon software, the victim-victimiser software and the sexual misery programming to keep the technology in place on a human and planet body.

Guardians have been working to dismantle large 5D false reality fields, and 8D false reality fields in which the soul essences of the original Taran souls were being held to power up the constructs. Universal descendants of blue ray melchizedeks from Tara have been enslaved and used to perpetuate mission failure from the Guardian Yeshua-Mary timeline, feeding negative forms from Stonehenge, back into the 8D portal systems. Negative cloned holograms of false timeline narratives, the Jesus Christ story (deceptions) and the crucifixion storyline are used in this negative alien architecture. This is responsible for many people receiving the holograms of jesus as

Deceiver Forces through stolen genetics
The reveal of synthetic gold ray genetics being inserted into individual humans in which to create an imposter seraphim lineage have been observed. These individuals have been put in place by negative aliens as their front for sharing disinformation amongst the awakening human population. The seraphim gold ray genetics have been used by the Zetas to create false time constructs, and a false golden eagle grid replica inside of the 4th dimensional astral plane body of the planet earth acts as a form of frequency static net fence. When a human is connected into these fields of reality, their life path is being partially or fully controlled via the false AI timeline, which is projected onto their soul matrix, and takes place as a form of blended reality depending on the DNA strands that the person is operating with. Part of the locking down of a person's reality is controlled through these constructs, and bi-wave close loop systems. As a person builds their ongoing connection into the god head and in the 12d shield, these reality fields are removed from the lightbody and the person is no longer connected into the controlled environment to the same degree as before.

To understand the deceptions in place, a person must become a master of deception and to find that inner yes/no heart radar, and apply this energetic resonance to all aspects of life. The only safe place to understand and cope with this is to continually work towards understanding the essence of god within your heart, and to connect to the inner christos principle within. These checks and balances must become a daily effort, no inner lying or deception can exist, or else you will not be able to understand or feel the truth of what the truth vibration truly is.

Belief vs Direct Experience

As the personal activation cycle increases the potential to restore the original human angelic template of the diamond sun body; new perceptions come online and are a part of rebuilding the natural higher sensory perceptions that the original christ model (human body) has as part of its natural expression.

Negative aliens exist, demons are real. Yet, they have been able to remain hidden to humanity and infiltrate the planet body and human bodies to use for their food source, because they locked down human perceptions by damaging the organic christ code upon this earth. Earth has multiple sub sections of reality fields, of which certain groups of humans are plugged into those reality fields. This means one could be standing in the same meadow, and each individual would experience a slightly different reality based upon which lightbody DNA is embodied and activated. An unawakened human would not perceive the negative alien constructs or reality as part of the fabric of the earth. An awakened starseed repairing the diamond sun template, will begin to experience additionally perceivable reality fields through their DNA repair, and conscious memory return.

Most humans on earth are not aware that their soul energy has been siphoned in order to keep the mind control in place. Starseeds who are awakening into higher levels of their own perception inside of the soul matrix intelligence will be faced with a choice, to understand more deeply the human body ability to perceive the ABSOLUTE TRUTH of the newly emerging reality, or to fight against this and create a denial. When a denial takes place, and someone cannot find ways to cope with the new senses and understandings, it can bring up the core seed fears and create a required dark night of the soul. These fears and shadows are inside of the body and inside of the core manifestation template (something the continual building of 12d shield allows the eventual conscious participation with) and must be gently worked with in order to keep mental cohesion.

When a person wakes into their 4d heart matrix essence, there is a sense of overall bliss and heart awakening. It is easy at this stage for a person to believe they have touched god, as in this astral plane there is a false white light ascension matrix and many bliss implants. The bliss implants work to keep a person only seeking love and light, and have them avoid looking at any darkness within the self. In this scenario, a person will continually shirk their responsibilities, choosing to believe that only good exists in their world. This is known as spiritual bypassing. Keeping darkness hidden and not willing to shine any light upon it.

This is the reason that in order to come to really and truly connect with god, which is through looking at one's own mistakes, inner regrets and wounds, a person can transmute the density of that energy out, and move through states of strength to feel the god source connecting through lightbody building and repair. A person must make steps to unify the polarities being understood, in so to bring that energy into a unified field of neutral polarity. Accepting the shifting reality fields upon which the lightbody is able to perceive support the mental flexibility that is required to live within the body-mind supporting the freedom of consciousness which has to find a way to circulate and move. The circulation of energy is required to reach the god head, and through the dropping of old beliefs about reality.

May each human come to know god as truth, through the inner dedication of the heart path, leading the way back to higher consciousness freedom and embodiment.

In cosmic service to the avatar-christos sophia,

Mhairi & Sequoia ascension community