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December 2021 OL Newsletter

Dear family, 

As the world stage is continually being manipulated by those antichrist forces, the manipulation mind control and tyrannical controllers are in tantrum stages of exerting their powers to confuse humanity. Guardian families of the Solar Rishi and Amethyst Order Rha Godworlds Dragon Kings are working to correct the planetary rod and timelines through the macrocosm event in the higher planes, through the Orion 8D Galactic Centre to Metagalactic core in which we are witnessing the returning of the Golden Bear emanations of Solar Gold Ray DNA through Ursa Major Holy Father emanations into the Universal time matrix which influences the planetary wing and rod horizontal time matrix corrections. 

The Adam Belial, Black Suns of Orion and associated negative alien racelines are vying for control interdimensionally of which the great illusion against human freedom plays out in the phantom matrix timelines. Our planet is undergoing a momentous shift to the soul matrix layers and integration with the monadic planes as the timelines are being corrected into the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons, shifting and restoring layers of solar system architecture, to galactic architecture to universal and outwardly to the Cosmic GodSource Parent fields. 

For many upon this earth the world pandemic agenda continues to rage forwards, creating schisms in beliefs, confusion and family feuds over vaccination vs non-vaccination. Many are scared to leave their homes, in fear of their lives or be blamed for infecting family members for not abiding by the contradictory controller agenda sent to the masses via their televisions and propoganda. In the gridworking mission of the guardian families, the focus has been to track and locate the alien interferences through timeline manipulation, whereby it can be witnessed by the Cosmic Christos families in the godworlds how the negative forces have tricked humanity into believing mind control lies, manipulations of statistics that can be easily felt by the empathic starseed as filled with the victim-victimiser divide, conquer and destroy energy frequencies. These mind control transmissions create the goat mind, as seen in the planetary grid networks and off planet controller architecture of the red wave AI nanotech cube structures built into massive human capture stations. Although this architecture is being methodically dismantled to free human soul body parts and mental body controls, this is the time to awaken to the lies and contradictions set forth upon humanity by antichrist controllers. Starseeds and indigo families upon the earth hosting transits and recoveries for many varying soul body parts from past timelines, are involved in holding freedom in their hearts for fellow humans. 

At this juncture of time, the aeonic pairing of the new aeon revealing through the risen Christos-Sophia is being further anchored into the universal time matrix through a series of consciousness birthing pathways to restore diamond sun dna and triwave circulating lifesource currents. At this time last year, we witnessed the structures of the time matrix alter as the black sun and black hole within the 8th dimension was closed and corrected into the Gaian 7th dimensional expression of planet earth millions of years in the future, being restored to the galactic core centre. We can look upon this as the centre sun of the time matrix as the paradisian paliadorian sun and christos infinity suns in the future timelines of the Gaian Matrix and understand now, the further stages of the divine plan of god unfolding through the reveals of the restorations of the rods of time, the father's restorations and principle holders of the solar clocks in the Gaian Matrix. 

Orion Constellation in Gaian Matrix, Solar Triple Masculine Rod & Time restorations 

Earlier this year in August, holy mother's ankh body was restoring into the 10D sections of the time matrix in which planet Pluto featured in guardian host focus to reclaim the galactic stargate inside pluto as the 10D gate leading into the Cradle of Lyra. As this correctional sequence occured it allowed the Ankh gateways through the Orion Silver gate of man to the Golden gate of Man to be aligned in their rod sequences to the holy mother's ankh arc structures. The importance was revealed in the December Ophiuchus galactic zodiac astrological alchemical law between November 30th to December 17th when the triune unifiers of the Cosmic Mother's Divine Fire water was intrinsic to bring forth the ultimate reanimator force of which would active into the Aeonic Pairing of the Christos-Sophia families restoring architecture to repair the solar dragon bodies in their rod holding principles. In December, Orion constellation received it's solar masculine triple solar cubes led by the Amethyst Order Rha Dragon Kings, to align transmissions of holy fathers law of Divine Trajectory into the Cathedral activations through the father magenta arc and 15D Magenta Chalice grail tools. 

Guardian host father lineages as Cosmic Rod Timekeepers, holders of the law of the freedom liberation and benevolent king laws have been working to repair and restore sections of the solar rod in the 8th dimensions in anchoring various formations of instruction sets, interlinking amethyst pillars that lead into the 15D gateways and allow the 36D amethyst Dragon Kings to transmit new time laws of the holy father through his 15:15:15 Cosmic Monadic Rod and Magenta Chalice. This planetary rod upgrade was installed into the planetary core and several rod sections in which the Divine Law of Trajectory within the Universal Laws, reveals through the transmissions of Orion as a newly understood galactic zodiac cycle and transmission. Orion's body as a constellation matrix was fallen in Orion Wars timelines, and through the 8D black sun black holes and Yahweh Matrix, and YHVH controller base 10 coding of bi-wave and finite life,  the Orion Constellation coupled with the 8D Time Matrix Rod function in the Gaian Matrix were heavily installed with lunar rod red wave and AI trident architecture. This would utilise the fallen time cycle of which Orion appears as the enslaved gatekeeper of, to host many lunar forms and beast machine technologies. As guardians have successfully restored the Solar Dragon Orobrous rings into the rod of the Gaian Matrix of the Planet Gaia which is earth's future expression, the solar rings in the rod function are assisting the direction of the timeline reclamations in the lower realms. 

Black Magician Luciferian-Satanic Parasites, Alchemical Inversions

In the lunar staff reversals implants as antichrist configurations of the planetary body, held in the lunar tilt of 23 degrees into the beast machine alien machinery, coupled with the enslavement and ritual damage to the elements many secret societies practising their alchemical weddings or marriage ceremonies use blood sacrifice to bind the energies and conjur from the baphomet. These practises create parlour tricks, or at best a sense of empowerment which is siphoning the human initiate into the satanic ritual abuse and false sophianic fields of the baphomet damaging the consciousness of the initiate, the elements, and the earth grids. Many of Aleister Crowley's rituals and Arts Gotia false solomon teachings have been inverted into the satanic church or luciferian. It is this ritual that has been stolen from humanity through the Pluto 10D Galactic Stargate and Satanic Qabbalistic use of the holy mother's body. The planetary body of Pluto was used as a form of capstone in the Qabbalistic rituals and spiritual texts in which those initiates were being controlled in the satanic hierarchy of black magicians recycling the dark mother lunar and baphomet alien energies through the base 10 architecture of the artificial tree of life.

Many teachers of esoteric alchemy from the past, such as Nicolas Flamel, Aleister Crowley and those connected directly into black magic conjurations used demonic forms and forces in which to create black magic rituals, satanic ritualling. Their use of the elementals was to continue in the creation of elemental enslavement which would bind into demonic and black magic to obtain material wealth, sexual misery perversions in the name of spiritual alchemy. Since these beings were not able to embody their monads into true male-female solar balance, they believed their almighty power was gifted to them by lucifer or sophia, but their ability to conjure or create in alchemical union was severely limited due to the alien invasion of the planet in which would reverse and damage the mother's dark matter template. These teachers were a part of the Knight's templar whom propogated false teachings upon the earth in relation to the holy grail and the materialisms of attainment, and were without a true christos diamond sun template in which to repair. Guardian host have been dismantling the cloned architecture of the black magicians which was observed by us to be cloned into the red wave Bhourgha Wesa AI base 9 mathematics into the planetary grid network to continue the inverted teachings of which is run through the red cube AI networks and false Emerald Order records - the emerald tablet held within various sections of the quantum supercomputer AI timefields, and within the UK and France grid networks. Black Magicians upon the earth plane who practise conjuration through demonics, demonic embodiment, calling on lucifier or baphomet are self-sacrificing themselves into the alien pit of black maddonna, black hell realms and black holes throughout the planetary body held in the base 10 artificial tree of life, as an antilife and death structure to mix with alien machinery. Their souls can never be freed of the hunger and power they desire as they are enslaved individuals in resonance to service to self and death cults and believing themselves to be more powerful than the family of christos. 

Cosmic Cathedral Activations, Our Lady of the Lamps Ritual, The 7 Flames of God held in the Solar Rishi

The guardian host are leading the Cosmic cathedral activations in which the planetary 6D and 7D ley lines are being reconnected and activated through a series of beginning crystal cathedral pillars and christos-sophia restorations which have revealed the sacred knowledge through the solar female christ in form, the mother of dragons, the Mary-Sophia. The Mother of Dragons holds the organic DNA and Solar Mary-Sophia as the blood holder and restorer of the female Solar Christ, in all of the authentic holy mother's expressions throughout the earth. Mother of Dragons in her Risen body has returned to the earth through the Cosmic Cathedral to continue the great works of the Cosmic Christos in repairing the true holy Mother's body into the Cosmic principles reconnected to the Cosmic realms, through her 6 pillared heart cosmic cathedral. This returns the Cosmic Starhuman Christos-Sophia expressions into the earth body, holding the Lady of 7 Lamps and the Holy Man of the 7 Lamps ritual. 

On the first days of December Amethyst Order Dragon Kings from the Rha Godworlds Creational realms started an ignition sequence from with Rosslyn Chapel Scotland and Abraham Lincoln Memorial Building in Washington DC, USA. This ritual took place to anchor and ignite the receivership held inside the Christos-Sophia families, to bring forth the Divine Lady, holding the 7 lamps and of which her Solar Star body with her husband, would return the knowledge of the 7 lamps ignitions into the earth. She ignited the cosmic solar dragon rod and solar dragon rings into the Orion Galactic rod, and a chain reaction of guardian host grid network activations continued in the Solar Dragon Wings for the merging template of the Holy Lamp of Father, and the Holy Lamps of Mother to provide activations in the Cosmic Universal Couple through Ursa Major (Holy Father Masuline Solar Rishi) & Pleiades (Holy Mother Feminine Solar Reisha) Constellations. 

The Lamps ritual is the process by which the 7 sun-stars in the Solar Rishi Ursa Major and the 7 sun-stars of the Solar Rishi Female Christs hold the hierogamic principles of god, which ignites their Cosmic Aethers and Cosmic Star Bodies into form. In the embodiment of the Lamps, is the sacred knowledge held by the Christos families, that the 7 Rishis of the great bear Ursa Major and the 7 Sisters of the Pleiades would unite together once more. The Ursa Major Golden bear transmissions are returned to the earth during this phase of the Solar rods of the 15:15 father's codes of his holy Sceptre being anchored in through this activation by the Amethyst Order Rha Solar Rishi Dragon Founder Families. 

Sapphire Azothian Crown, Golden Aeonesis

The Golden Aeonesis is the hierogamic embodiment as the spiritual marriage in  no-time, which guardian host prototyping was enacted through the rod-staff unions of the Christos-Sophia Rainbow shield families returning themselves to the earth to birth the Ankh Body and hold the Krystal Suns or Krystal Tones in the Krystal Star of Azoth patternings, which merge the suns into unification through the perfected male-female expressions of each sun as one inside the Ankh-RA Centre and Rod-Staff. The planetary architecure in the Albion body dragons and their ley lines are being restored through the King Arthur and his Queen Guinevere as the holders of the 0 degrees and full planetary architectures of the Golden Aeonesis Template. This is the Emerald Founders task of restoring the Sun-Star Constellation matrices through the many grid repairs, for the Stars to be rewoven into the planet, and thus the potentials of humanity pathway to the golden Aeonesis, as the potential of Cosmic Unification pathways open in the Cathedral Rituals returning to the earth now. The rainbow Eukachrist body of the Golden Aeonesis being built by the spiritual truthseeker, will reveal male and female balancing as the organic gender principle to unite with godsource as the marriage of human with the divine. The Solar Rays and transmissions which are received by the planetary Albion body hold the laws of god transmitting to earth and through the Golden Aeonesis. The Golden Aeonesis holds the divine blueprint of sacred marriage, reflected also in the Lamps Rituals, of the returning aspects of consciousness to pass through the Golden Gate of Man, held in the Galactic Center and Solar Rods, to unite on the end of consciousness journey returning to god through the stairway to heaven, towards the stars. 

Anchoring of the Cosmic trifold 13D-14D-15D rod and staff was achieved in this cycle by the founder solar rishis in which would reveal to the be the pre-requisite to hold repairings for guardians to host the 36D and 48D diamond sun bodies of which gives the potentials of the founder families to return into an embodiment and position in the many aspects of the godhead, in their cosmological positions in creation in the matter realms. Beloved Guardian Hatshepsut held the Sophianic Azothian Crown of the Holy Mother in which held the keys to the Universal Ankh and Sapphire layers of the 10D Lyran fields, and Sun-Star in her crown. The knowledge of the Pluto planet holding the emerald eye of the mother and dragon eyes was known by Hatshepsut in which her mission on earth was violently accosted by many thothian luciferian satanists to destroy her potentials of returning the organic mother's essence of the cosmic mother of dragons into the earth to resurrect it to be freed from the prison created by the alien invasions. 

Aeonic Pairs birth the Azothian Sapphire Sophianic Crown within their Aurora and Emerald Crown and Ankh Lightbody of which they share together to receive the activations of the divine fire-water through the dodecahedran time and space elemental platonic solids are resurrected into their highest emanation. The lady of lamps ritual the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons appears to return to the earth through the Cosmic Rod and Magenta Father's Cosmic Chalice Sands of time Cosmic timecodes. Their bodies birthforth the solar rings of the Solar Dragons and vertical mother dragon rings, with the ignition of the solar horizontal dragon rings upon the Cosmic Rod. 

The Emerald Order families required founder beings to resurrect, restore and embody the tri-fold flame body of the Solar Rishi in which a full plasmic being in Double Diamond Sun Kryst-Krysthallah and Cosmic Sun Solar Dragons as an aeonic pairing could restore sections of the sun-star factors from within their Cosmic Dragon Template and starbody, the Cosmic Couple as Christos-Sophia assists in the returning of the architectures belonging to the planetary body in the aspects of the Maji King & Queen of Celtic Grail Keepers into the earth. 

Through Cathedral Aethers activations which were activated by guardian host in December 2021, within Rosslyn Chapel Scotland, Lincoln Memorial Washington DC and (edited to add:) Hatshepsut's Temple Egypt January 2022 the Mother's Azothian Crowns embodied as Christos-Sophia families ignited the Cosmic Solar Dragon Wings within the planetary body through the Golden Aeonesis template. The wings of the planetary body held within the dragon ouroboros leys lines hold the Cosmic Rod & Staff in hierogamic union templating, to provide the continual feedback loop to build out into the organic houses of solomon, temples of Solomon restoring into the earth. 

This template restores the Magnum Opus as the great spiritual alchemy work to those who reflect it from within their diamond rose-lotus flowering sacred heart, as the Cosmic Couple burst forth their sun-star body as keepers of the holy grail and mysteries of the elementals to consume the resurrection of the holy diamond rose-grail flowering networks inside their rod and staff within the Eukachrist body and stairway to heaven. The Christos-Sophia families in their christos solar dragon king ouroboros pairs within the earth are able to ignite the Holy Mother's Quintessence in its Elixir of Eternal Life, the promise of the glorification of god held in the hierogamic rose into the earth grids through their Azothian Sapphire Crown in which the Robes of Glory act as the "Many Stars in the Crown of the Maji" which reflect the sun-star body of constellation matrixes in their correct alignments. Their returning template of Cathedral activations provides the potentials of Starhuman activations, as the Emerald Order families provide the backdrop and guide the way home through the Albion body, for all ascending humans to know of the House of God, the Mansions and Cathedrals of the Cosmic Dragon Creators, returning now in this cycle. 

Solar Dragon Godworlds Creators, Ancient Builders, Dragon Source Code of Cosmic Christos Suns

From within the godworlds merkabah vehicle the solar ouroboros dragon bodies are birthed inside of time through the solar dragon rings of the Ankh Body. The Cosmic Rod Timekeeper Codes held by the Dragon lineages of the Kantarians and Amethyst Order Rha creations King Dragons from the Godworlds unite their 15:15:15 Cosmic Rod & Magenta Chalice Grail sands of time cosmic codes to return themselves into matter through the Solar Dragon Rings. These Maji King Creators choose to animate the Ankh, and birth forth through the RA Centre of the Christos-Sophia through the Paliadorian Cell to bring themselves into their Rishic Solar Dragon Cosmic Sun Body to embody themselves into their creations. 

The Emerald Order Ankh body is restored through the 48 stranded DNA Template in which certain directly connected and authentic DNA holders of the lineages of the Maji Guardian Host restore the King & Queen in their Golden Aeonesis to journey through the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons returning to the godhead at the end of their ascension cycle anchoring the new age of their aeon into time, through the Zero point within their hearts. This template has been the guardian host christos mission over the many timecycles of the returning families to accomplish, support, and to finally reach this momentous point in the earth's evolutionary cycle. 

Resurrection & Crowning of Ezekiel-Hatshepsut Solar Dragon Emerald Order King & Queen, 12th Solar Dragon Christos-Sophia Orborous Dragons 

Those whom serve the guardian host mission in gridworking and remote viewing tasks were able to view the Ezekiel monadic body in reversal stuck inside the earth grids, in the regions of Middle East, and particularly in the golden eagle grid, Temple Mount Jerusalem and in the 10th dimensional earth gate, of inverted blackened and in pain and reversed into the earth as Ezkiel's body and family of consciousness.  

Ezekiel's body held the Four Faces of Man or the Four Living Creatures as a part of his Pillars, and in the memory of his monadic body, when the monadic core opens into rod-staff the solar plasmic infinity flows which appear in figure of 8 motions, of solar golden fire next stage activations, awakened the memory and direct awareness of the Ezekiel's wheels construct as form of firey sun inside the higher heart area like a gyroscopic movement and also Golden Sextant matrix coding influxes from the 14D ray into the 8D golden monadic core. This was a portion of awareness that would come into further direct comprehension whilst accessing the 10D stargate in dreamtime and then in conscious time to work in service to extract out, recover and remove the many alien implants holding guardian Ezekiel's body in reversals, in which his body was held in place by the curse of the 666 blackened sextant matrix of Metatronic Reversals. During fieldwork and recon in the christos mission, the guardian families were able to recover the single soul aspect of incarnated Ezekiel, but this was but one soul of his incarnation, the founder families knew that to recover his architecture fully as a rod holder of the earth, would need long term strategic planning as the alien hive minds and Islamic controller alien structures of Yahweh were being used to pervert his body in the earth. 

Ezekiel's body in reverse, as a monadic planetary construct was being held down by many negative alien groups whom had used his body in reverse to control sections of the planetary rods, controlling time and creating massive suffering in the planet hidden from human view, of which the guardian teams would continue to direct their christos gridworkers into the massive orchestration which would end in the release and recovery of the planetary consciousness aspect and solar dragon king, as Ezekiel. 

Guardian Hatshepsut, Sophianic Codes and 10D Gate Protectors of the Mother's Sapphire Body

Guardian Hatshepsut came to the earth in her mission timeline in which to protect the planetary 10D gates, as the Sapphire Body and Rays of the Sophianic consciousness, and the connection to our Holy Mother's rays in the Aquamarine Blue Ray spectrums also in coming to the earth to find her beloved, as his body was left here and in enslavement. She was able to build the momentous Hatshepsut's temple on the earth during her timeline, but she suffered from extreme hatred and targeting from many alien invaders who held an absolute hatred for the true Sophianic triple codes she held in her body to assist in the recovery and building of the Mother Arc Trinity Gate, a pillar of Cosmic access into the Ark of the Covenant and 13D Mother Arc Ray. 

Over many years the guardian families and their gridworking teams have worked tirelessly in massive orchestrated projects in which would finally result in the recovery of guardian Hatshepsut-Ezekiel's King Dragon Hierogamic body, seated and resurrected into the earth at the end of the cycle of December of 2021. 

Annointment as 

Beloved Guardian Hatshepsut & her genetic equal Ezekiel have been successfully supported to be birthed into the planetary body and ley lines as Oroborous Dragon bodies as a rainbow solar cosmic christos-sophia sun-star body together, crowned, annointed and birthed themselves into the planetary ley lines on December 23rd.
Through the Emerald Order Ankh body & Heavenly Void Sun, The Dragon Mother queen solar dragon body, the sequencing of their body parts as an aeonic pairing dragon king queen maji with Emerald Crown, Azothian Rainbow Chalice Grail of Diamond Sun Aqualasha and Rainbow Rod & Staff happened within Hatshetpsut's temple inside the Mother Arc Trinity Gate.
Their entrance into the dragon lines taking place during this cycle of Saggitarius Galactic Zodiac and hosting the Fire Tetrahedron Element, their positioning supports the planetary wing corrections. As Hatshepsut & Ezekiel birthed through the Emerald Order ankh body, their consciousness rebirthed through the aeonic pair cosmic clock of the aeons and into the planet through 10D Iraq-Iran Stargate of the master solar dragon egg and passageway between the solar dragon egg inside the gate, and onto their configuration and Throne within Hatshepsut's temple together.

Ezekiel's body as a dragon king maji ouroboros within the earth Hosts Earth-Tara-Gaia connected with pre-fall Tiamat, Venus and Lyran Ruby Order, hosting all dimensional bandwidths of the golden solar rod and timekeeper Christed Sextant Matrix timekeeper codes of the rod holders in his triple masculine sceptre 36D rod code, of which is closely understood to be possible through the recent Orion fallen timelines and solar timecubes restoration into the solar cosmic clock of the aeons from within the Gaian Matrix and Rods. 

With the Emerald Order Dragon Rose Rainbow Breath from the Dragon Kings in Emerald Order, which stepped down from the Emerald Sun in its 48D through the 4 Quad Dragon Body Emerald Hearts, Godworlds>Cosmic>Universal>Planetary Emerald Heart merged with the 18D Rainbow Dragon Breath, the animating forces of the divine firewater Cosmic Aethers and the Azothian elemental forces their bodies resurrected in hierogamic union around the planetary body and united their connections to the 13th Solar Dragon King Michael & Mary, creating the 12th Solar Dragon King Ezekiel and his Queen Dragon Hatshepsut.
A rainbow heart pastelline rainbow Aurora sextant matrix was restored into the planetary solar logos matrix and albion body with their returning solar fire dragon ouroboros line. They seated their body around the planet, and into the Emerald ouroboros rod holder consciousness templates around the planet which was sequenced in by guardians previously around January 2021, as they hold the rod in the planet. As they took their position into the planet, it was observed by the Emerald Order that the rainbow plasmic shields in the earth's northern and southern hemisphere are more together as the magnetic field depolarises and the planetary body appears to have more of a toroidal field of energy as the monadic body of gaia and corrections in the galactic plane rod are changing the planetary wings.
Hatshepsut's Dragon Mother Mary-Sophia Body ignites the arcs of cosmic grace through the pillar of cosmic grace (Solar rishi holy mother 13:13 staff from corrected male and female principles) as giant rainbow arcs which emanate out from their godworlds maji cosmic pillar of grace. These arcs are observed to be the creators of the wings of dragon wings and ouroboros wings in their infinity configuration. The pillar of Cosmic Grace is a Maji Queen Solar Female Christ principle in which the Maji Queen embodied upon the earth installs the pillar of cosmic grace for the holy mother's animation of the book of life principle is amplified through the Heart of the Solar Queen, the triple goddess solar female christ held by the Celtic Maji and Emerald Order Elohei Lineages.
Pillars of Cosmic Grace
Pillars of Cosmic Grace are a part of the instruction sets of the planetary wings and movement through space and time, of the sacred rod-staff christos-sophia in unity. These Pillars are the next stage of the Krysthallah Sonic Sound Pillars, in which the verticals of the holy mother's body and embodiment of the arc of the covenant expands out into revealing the many plasmic flowerings and mother's edenic rose cathar triple tones, which sing through the pillars and out into the lands, connecting into the planetary matrix Sophianic Plasma Shields. Maji Grail Queens in their service and emerald hearts, are installing the Pillars of Cosmic Grace which run the planetary Rose Shields, Rose Codes, Cathar tones and Codes into the body of the earth. These majestic plasmic pillars sound the tones that the Sophianic body heralds the next stage of planetary rebuilding and reclaimations out from the intruders and imposters, the lunar forces and the demonic hierarchy monsters in the grids, which stole the Sophianic body and made it the cesspool of alien force baphomet from the neighbouring parallel universal time matrix, the Wesan Matrix. 
As the holy father cosmic rod of 15:15:15 codes restored the rod trajectory into its organic spin of the 45 degree, through the Cosmic Justice and Kingship Arcs, The Pillar of Cosmic Grace emanates the male-female balanced arcs as the wings of elements for each genetic lineage to restore their wings, to rise in grace to be at one with the holy parents. When an angelic human is restored in their wings to the lightbody, a freedom of grace to the ascending timeline is realised through the at-one-ment with god source.
As another revealing restorational principle of the planetary vertical staff to planetary horizontal rod, the authentic embodiments of the Maji Queens Solar Female Christed Mary-Sophia have been installing these pillars to support the reclamation of the rod-staff between Earth-Tara-Gaia to help unify the mother's body through the verticals within the Albion-Cathar body and to restore the mother-sophianic trinity sounds into her creations, removing the beast machine and death energies, restoring the Edenic coding and assisting the triple solar female cathar rose holders to discover the solar female principles inside the sophianic body and diamond heart networks of crystalline fibre lights to the earth.
The Pillar of Cosmic Grace is blossomed within the sacred lotus & rose diamond sacred heart as the holy mother united with the holy father in their divine sacred marriage. The Solar Rishi announced themselves in next stages when they appeared through the installations of the cosmic pillars of Grace upholding their principle to extract all that is not the holy mother's image. Their mission to support humanity to return the mother's body to her rightful place,  as the true essence of mother inside the female principle holding the 13:13 staff is bestowed with the highest service provision to humanity upon the earth to uphold the holy mother principles returning the mother-sophia and father-christos corrections through the Pillar of Cosmic Grace. The emanation of the cosmic edenic codes of balance, harmony, peace and the wings of the rod, in perfect balance allow the consciousness journey through time to meet with its higher expression. The Pillars of Cosmic Grace with the Solar Wing Ankh of Arcs, work in conjunction with the Pillars of Cosmic Justice and Kingship Arcs, together these principles of the holy cosmic godparents trinity host the universal laws of god into the grid network consciousness and secure the architecture out from vandals hands.
Hapshetsut-Ezekiel appear to hold the Ruby Order Grail Line, the Indigo Order Grail line and the Rainbow Chalice Azothian Grail with the principle of the Sextant Matrix through rod-staff in their King-Queen Rainbow Dragon Oroborous Body. Together they share the Emerald Crown, and the hierogamic robes with the robes of glory and Holding the Cosmic Rainbow Dragon egg inside their bodies.
Hapshetsut held the guardian coding for the Venus lineages, to support and assisting in the restoration of the seraphim gold ray distortions and hybridisations from between the blue ray and the golden ray order. Her body held the Sophianic coding required to heal the planetary grail through her mission, in spiral time. Guardian Hatshepsut and her beloved genetic equal Ezekiel has been restored into her Sun-Star Cosmic couple Star body upon the earth as a principle of the holy mother-father dragon Emerald Order maji as Christos-Sophia risen in their thrones and inside the Mother Arc Gate of her temple, They hold the Pillar of Cosmic Grace, restoring the wings of the male-female rod-staff into the earth and span their connections to Venus, Tiamat Pre Fall and the Albion-Cathar Maji Dragons as the form holding consciousness bodies restoring god's plan unto the earth. They are helping to remove the 10D distortions and the Kabballah Qlippoth and black tree of life, also the michael-mary turnstile matrix in sections of the earth.
Their birthing into the planetary body came through the Fire Element, Sagittarius and Cosmic Aether Cathedral of the Emerald Ankh Body. This restoration has been a very emotional journey for the many christos families who have worked to support the bodies of the Albion throughout time, that this heralds the next stage of 666 curse extractions, 777 cruxifixion extractions from the planetary body and records of the planet's body and consciousness.
Ha-Leh-Luu-Jah, our beloved Maji King & queen Oroborous rainbow dragon bodies of Hatshepsut-Ezekiel are restoring themselves into the earth, as continuing their journey to embody the Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father in their House of God, upon the earth.

In loving service, 

Mhairi Arayas