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March 2018

4D shifts, and heart based diamond frequencies

The planetary 4th dimensional collective consciousness of the 4d heart (physical heart chakra centres and auric layers) astral plane fields have been altering yet again, and in the last few months as the planetary body has shifted in space-time location into higher frequency fields of harmonic universe 2, it is becoming increasingly notable when reading the fields. Starseeds may become aware of yet more different pastelline pearlescent frequencies being received by the lightbody, coming from AquaLaSha diamond heart matrix in Andromeda. These frequencies have the ability to support the physical body in the ascension process, and the healing from ray distortions which the planet and humanity have been subjected to. As a result, there are further heart/mind/body activations which are available and those whom have participated in the group spaces will note the heart based emphasis that has been working with these rays.

Witnessing the 4d is yet another important shift energetically for humans on earth, as all human lightbodies have been damaged and infiltrated by negative forces, usually which cannot be seen or felt by individuals. This has accounted for many not being able to see sense or feel a true loving presence of god source in their lives. As we also know, the astral plane being the 'heart' layers of our soul matrix energies, and humans living with broken hearts and deep pain on the inside has an impact on daily life quality. Humans carry the weight of planetary and galactic memories within their multidimensional anatomy (multiple stations of identity throughout time and space) and this has an impact on the here and now.  During this last window from late 2017 and onwards: we find that we are able to remove even more impacts of Egyptian lifetimes from the lightbody, aura, and past life memories. This will continue as we seek to heal the wounds throughout time, that we have carried without knowing. It is suggested that in meditation space, continued efforts to heal those timelines and memories will allow for further stages of heart healing, and will free the consciousness to come back into the lightbody in the here and now.

During December our community was connecting with the Azurite-Indigo Christ Mission was understood to now be in direct management by the holy emerald order founder guardians.  It is also referenced as the Paliadorian covenant. Our omnilov3 group shield container contains support for these mission strands, which occur in divine right timing per individual (see our group weekly meditations). The RA confederacy, from the Seven Higher Heavens location through the 14th dimensional gate have been leading this project. Given as return of the Aton, rise of Palidorians or solar disk connections and embodiments.  Our ability to access and return portions of our own Solar consciousness is heightened further as we move ahead in 2018. Those of us who have lived multiple lives on earth in the christ forces are able to progressively recover our true krystic identities and have memories return to us from those previous timecycles. These shifts are heralding the ability to provide yet further architectural support to recover the lost souls and planetary body consciousness from the body of the exploded 5D planet Tara. The grid systems of Tara, were also consciousness families and we have further ability to retrieve those components at this time. The Paliadorians are guardians from Christ lines who have returned to earth time and again in order to recover the consciousness of christ energy. As a result, some may feel mission failure or heavy and deep sadness as memories become accessible. This may also be coupled with a sense of overwhelming joy, to know that we have further abilities to recover and provide transit support for those energies and souls whom have been stuck in space and time. If you feel guided in your own meditative practise, you may be able to support yourself in the healing, collapsing of memories and self-retrieval of energy quanta from those timelines.

During this time, there may be memories of different body types that were inhabited in the egyptian timelines, facial and much head-skull pressure, and sensations in the eyes, as body parts are returned and realigned as a form of embodiment return and integration.

Sleep State Alterations - Dream time Manipulations

Many of us would admit that sleep is hard to come by these days, depending on what the physical body is attempting to integrate, release or absorb or supporting transit in the evening activities. The texture or landscape of sleep time activities may have shifted (and continues to do so). As we take command over our intent, consent and authority to god forces and not our ego self - the commanding of energy space in waking and sleeping becomes entrained within our conscious direction and intent, and can support the sleepstate to be more stabilised and aligned. In sleep time, many projections or false holograms of family members, someone taking an interest to have a close personal relationship with you, seemingly 'nice' and benign questioning or someone taking an interest in your personal life. Whilst these seem like fairly nondescript dream scenarios, beings project toward us with the express intent of gaining our consent, whilst we are asleep. This can mean we have said yes to that nice old lady/ex partner who needed help in dreamtime, meanwhile we actually agreed to help an imposter spirit to help themselves to our life force. This is the nature of imposter spirits attempting to thwart us off the path, and to be tied into some false reality in the astral or beyond. In order to support ourselves in these scenarios we are able to cancel all contracts that were made with any entity, guide or force that were not in the interests of god. Also, to command the removal of consciousness pocket-trap technology and false timelines that may have been placed there. This can support the consciousness to not travel to false systems in the sleepstate. Upon waking, you might find that supportive to command or state in your own voice, and before sleeping.


It should be noted, however, that some starseeds who have undertaken a 'dreamwalker' role, may find themselves visiting portions of fallen consciousness and lower realms in sleep state, or alternative timeline walk throughs as part of the guardian teams functions to 'check' what's happening in this density and has to be carried out by the teams of us on the ground here. This may invoke unpleasant experiences, and in all cases it is recommended to state your authority 100% to the purposes of the god-christ light, and remind yourself that you are protected. For those who are experiencing a great deal of disturbance it is suggested to call upon additional krystal star guardian teams to support your space in the evening, by setting your home space gridded entirely by 12D light, and requesting a 'ban of non-interference' to be set within your space, supporting your consciousness to feel safer. Also noting, that some starseed roles are to process planetary and solar system memories and you might find yourself processing for the collective and not just a personal timeline. This can feel extra-heavy on the mind and body systems, so in any processing out resting phases may be required, whilst reassuring yourself that you are safe in the here and now, and totally always connected to god - even when you may not feel as if you are.

Lightbody Shifts

In starseeds energy fields at this time, there is a bifurcation of the 4D astral layer of the personal auric fields - it looks as if it is separating into two pieces, and is being supported to be 'seen' and healed at this time due to the ascending portions of the planetary body timelines. This coincides with the aqualasha frequency sets being available, and the potential for the planetary heart/auric layers to be cleared, strengthened as it also appears to be separating at this time. The auric field in personal and collective is generally a weak point usually filled with etheric weaponry gained through sleeptime travel, or inorganic implants that keep the consciousness movement in a field of astral illusion. Due to the shifts of planetary body into the second harmonic universe, one portion of the astral layer of the lightbody may still be accessing the lower realms of timeline access, whilst the other portion is stabilising into the higher frequencies. This is also a time for identity dropping, re-assessing 'who' you really are, and working towards what you really 'want' to achieve in life, in the opening of your heart and soul into greater phases of expansion. As this occurs, it may bring up past life times of pain, disconnection and drama. Awareness of emotional processing in the allowing the energies to 'move' through your awareness, and some self reflection will support with this.

False Ascension Matrix

The astral planes in 4d (multiple parts of the planet lightbody fields) have had frequency fences in place to keep the consciousness of humans not being able to feel the truthful forces of tri-wave god force as it beams towards the planetary body. For lightworkers, starseeds and indigos on the ascension mission path; we have been anchoring and building our lightbodies to be self-sustaining through god source to host points of trinity wave architecture inside our bodies, to support the planetary body and to stabilise the ability for leaving the planetary body upon death. Installed into 5d/4d planes is technology that promoted re-incarnation cycle for human souls on earth, meaning that at death point we would travel to the 'white light' and be sent straight back to earth for yet another lifetime. This had the effect of not clearing the lifetime energy from the 12 tree grid, and thus the soul energy came back into a body carrying the weight and pain of the previous life, or lives. The human 12 tree grid was becoming fractured and damaged through this process. The guardian teams and christ forces on earth over many years have supported the building of safe passage out of the planetary body for humans, by building portal systems that access out into christ platforms and safe zones for soul transiting. The Mother Arc portal systems of the Aquamarine Blue Ray, provide safe passage out from the planetary fields. The intention to connect to this wave of god force frequency is highly supportive and is part of the Mother/Goddess/Mary/Feminine principle of God. Cathars and Essenes on earth knew this information and were known as the blue flame holders. Many are back on earth now, to re-weave connections into the Mother Arc energies.

For humans on the ascending path, who have followed ascended master teachings, or the ascension to 5d - may find that this information no longer resonates as truth. As we know, on this spiritual journey, we are each awakening to find out our own interpretation and resonance with truth information. We each know that the truth is revealing itself to us in the experiences we are drawn towards. The ascended masters that have been portraying informations on earth, are not 'ascended' from the guardian perspective. These masters have gained 'ascension' to the 7th dimensional planetary fields, but this is not ascension out of the time matrix. Continued building of our inner vertical pillar connection with either Christ 12D light or 13D Aquamarine blue ray will support the vertical connection to reach outside the time matrix. Some masters whom have had human channels on the earth plane have been exposed as imposter spirits (false light spirits, non-christ based intelligence).

If you fall into the category of not feeling resonant to the ascended masters or the new age teachings of 5d, then take time out to feel into your own heart centre directly, in order to find your new inner compass and direction on your own path. There may be feelings of disconnectedness when this occurs, there may have been particular energy feelings in the body that you had come to rely upon as your feeling to god source. There is a feeling of spaced out bliss that has been provided in the false ascension matrix, that many have to release from their reliance upon. Allow a space for rebalancing and finding the new inner connection sensations, without judgement or hanging on too much to one certain feeling. There are reasons we each resonate with different teachings, and as awakening spiritual path humans, we come to understand the individual role within the collective; generally to obtain direct experiences, which lead to further gnosis of internal truth. Calling on your own avatar self or inner christ light will lead you the way.

Closing old heart doors to seal the space in unity 

As the heart is healing, and returning frequencies of inner stability and nourishment many may be reviewing life purpose, relationship purpose and attempting to close relationship ties energetically from all past interactions of a potential loving or intimate connection. When we are taking responsibility for our own energy, there is sometimes a need to release all and any interactions with others in order to call back to ourselves, what is rightfully ours. This can mean if there was a 'keeping someone on the shelf just in case it doesn't work out with [current person]' then it is time to recognise that this means your energy is not fully focused on your current partner, or yourself if you are not in a relationship at this time.

Many starseeds on the path have had alchemical union type of connections - heart based openings with another. These may have progressed into a physical relationship, or as a non-physical 'connection' or interaction. In this current cycle it seems that it is important to not 'hang onto' these connections in the same way as before. The doing so means that we are allowing our energy to be fragmented and not cohesively aligned in the heart in the here and now.

The partnerships or connections we may have had were purposed in order to support us learn some important life lessons about ourselves and others, and also may have been purposed to support the inner marriage of feminine and masculine within ourselves. If we hold onto them (the connection, glamourizing or fantasising about it, or constant remembering of it or the energies associated to that person or experience) in any way - we may miss the point of what is in the here and now.

"Beloved God, please allow my heart to be healed, as I release all and any connection to [person's name] thank you for the love, and expansion and all experiences, I close and seal my heart space now in unity, releasing all connections as god would have it be. I request now to return to you, [persons name] all energies that belong to you, as I also recall my own from you, collapsing all timelines, cords or connections now. Clear my thoughts and mental body, emotional body and windows of my heart spaces. I allow this process to reveal to me the highest level of divine order for my life, love and heartspace now, as god would have it be for me."

You may find it supportive to release all previous partners, connections, potential love/attractions/friend interests that you can remember. Or those that have come toward you with a representation of a heart based connection. Repeat until it is known on the inside that your connections and timelines are now completed and released. Effectively, you are allowing yourself to be available for connections of resonance in this here and now moment, and not stuck on thinking that you are 'meant' to be with the alchemical union partner of 5 years ago. Your frequency has changed since that time. Your thoughts have changed since that time.

You are not missing out on anything by doing this. You are allowing and re-instating your alignment to and with divine will to be supported by the god source, in all ways. If there is a partner or connection that is to be resurrected or brought back, knowing the faith and surrender to the highest path will bring you exactly what you need in the every moment. The solar sacrum meditation can also support with this process, available in the meditations archive for Aurora Platform members.

It seems as if we now have the ability to hold the zero point energy inside the 4d physical heart (instead of the 8D higher heart or permanent seed atom), the zero point exists in no time. We are bringing trinity wave into the 4d heart as it blossoms and opens further than ever before. This means an expansion and inner joy can be felt more of the time. This is providing a level of soul matrix integration and healing, but also dropping of old identity patterns that we may have held about ourselves, an ideal partner, or others.  When we hold onto old partners, memories or general ideas that someone is waiting for us but now just isn't the time - then we are effectively holding ourselves in a time and space lock down. As we fearlessly go into more heart healing phases this may become obvious and more apparent in the moment when guided to look at this more clearly in ourselves.

In loving-kindness and in cosmic service,

Mhairi & Sequoia ascension community