Clearing Command Sequence - Meditation available to purchase in our store

Prepare your platinum or rainbow krystal diamond pillar and shield system. Set the spin-command of your pillar and field space to God-Sovereign-Free, God Sovereign Free.

Activate the intergalactic Krystal code to sweep and remove foreign DNA, consciousness inserts, viral loads and anti-hierogamic union technological splitters.


Remove isotopic decay, clear foreign genetic strains strands, brands, qi siphons, and mental body inserts. Clear holocaust WW2 and Atlantian cataclysm timelines, Clear Draconian invasion memories & armageddon software programming and the Pestilence program, the 4 horsemen inorganic pulse waves and related Nephilim grid reversals, clear traumatic personal timelines and their miasmatic loads, as well as karmic superimpositions. Remove carbon static fields and light body compression sequencing. Clear our individual relationship to the planetary leylines. we call forth our Holy Mother to aid in transit and removal all accumulations related to the body as gird worker and portal station.

Activate the Azoth field and spin elemental re-encryptions rays from within he Godseed extending to the auric Radial and Nadial levels. Allow the light bursts to saturate and be absorbed into the meridian systems until all organs feel full of transdimensional liquid plasma.

We now ask to apply core soul protection to any aspect, fragments, personalities, and identities into and through the genetic source field applying Krystal Star imprints and upgrades where needed and necessary. We ask to be free of all alien genetic modification and hybridization clearing all viral and genetic mutations across all levels and layers of our multidimensional body returning our Source living light consciousness & Christed DNA into its original and no-time configuration in structure and in function.

Inner plane guides and guardians please scan, locate, remove and repair any taggers, trackers, portal jumpers or remote viewers as well as any AI systems involved in neural mapping, mind control, or that are otherwise inhibiting the organic functions of cellular respiration, biospiritial cleansing, circadian rhythms, brainwaves and natural expansion into source.

Resequence the breathe from incarnate into soul, soul into modern, monad into avatar through the medium of the Krystal river currents and my own Krystal Platinum Pillar. Establish a direct relationship to God within each and every cell clearing any and all demonic house residues, detritus, entities, and attachments, clear astral and etheric webbing goo & clouds, clear all subtle black substance locked in the shadow spaces of the self and the cellular-spiritual matrices. Please clear all accumulations of qlippoth current, and eliminate metatronic spiral spin sets and mental body splitters. 

Clear all artificial viral loads and related viral overlays that have been put in my genetic record along with any false memories false or fallen timelines involving torture, death, mutilation or the abuse of the christ code in any way, shape, or dimension, density or form. I do not consent to the anti-christ matrix, I do not consent to Black sun or Baal collectives, I do not consent to Archontic deception or  the cosmic parasitic consciousness forms in any space or place I AM.

Avatar Christ, eternal liquid light  I AM seal the field in the fullness, power, and glory of One Source, One Spirit, and the One Father-Mother God that I AM. I affirm I Am the Eternal Self, I am one with the Eternal Body of God, I AM One with the fabric of Truth and of Creation One with the Diamond Sun. I am shimmer and shine of the Divine I am this I Am.

Within the stranded DNA matrix may all codons be light and sound re-sequenced into and through the Aurora to re-establish the organic rainbow spectrum set of relationships at my highest expression in this Here-Now moment. May all mitochondrial production be detached from AI dark mother baphomet & reversal elemental energy systems.

I am the breath of Krystal Diamond Light, I am the living Rainbow Sun. Visualizing my unity body vehicle, intending, and co-creating now the Peace of God within. I am the harmony of the spheres, the sanctified and aligned 12 tree grid and diamond hologram, I am the power of and love of creation here-now returning to the highest order of resonance known now. Dear Father-Mother God and Guardian teams forever perpetuate this command-intention. It is my Krystal Star essence, my truth, I am this I Am sealed completely and entirely. I am God I am Sovereign I am free.



May all beings in need be so blessed in equal measure from the heart & mind of god from the very essence of christos itself may all places and spaces where truth, healing, and wholeness can find root thrive May all beings within my family and extended family be blessed to continue upon their god sovereign free path which is individually and collectively of best benefit and aligned to the highest purposes of the will light, love, and power of our Creator

May the omniloving compassion of Sourcefields shield and help all in need to be released of their burdens, sufferings, pains, misfortunes of threats, trauma, violence, and harm May the Mother's Holy breath, sound, and springs of Krystal star waters arise where love and comfort are asked, desired, wished for, or hoped for May this prayer amplify such efforts a thousandfold & In each sacred space of self may the cosmic sovereign law reclaim alight and aid the harmony re-integration and oneness of the body-mind-spirit as only the Eternal Christ Knows So be it and So it Is  


Note: for any individuals afflicted with Coronoavirus I strongly recommend additional treatment through Chinese Herbal therapy. Please visit a local herbalist or you may book a session with me to talk about symptoms, patterns, organ systems, and ideal herbal responses to any stage of imbalances created by CV. For prevention you can reduce sugar intake, increase trace mineral supplementation, skinbrush the neck, face, head, and chest to stimulate the lymphatic system, when going out into public spaces use an antiviral essential oil or blend like eucalyptus, tea tree, cinnamon, or clove under the nostrils, take an herbal formula like Liu Jun Zi Tang or Thunder Pearls to boost the immune system!