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Omnilov3 Extended Core Soul Protection


This meditation is referenced as the ‘core soul protection or Return to Rightful Owner’ and will support the anchoring of personal energies to further connect you through the omnilov3 group shield to the unity field of Christ consciousness, and to learn how to recover consciousness aspects which is soul body retrieval through time-space and space-time.

This is a guardian-based dispensation that supports building the structure of the lightbody and maintaining energetic self-awareness to further build connections into the diamond sun template, and to clear the lightbody of blockages and energetic obfuscations or deceptions which are used as intermediaries to direct union with the godhead. The guardian races of krystal star guide us to understand that we are connected directly to the benevolence of creation, and require no intermediary, but in order to do so, we must claim our self-sovereignty and clear from any blocks that have been animated by our energetic use or are hidden in the planetary and beyond fields.


The guardian Christ mission is to reclaim energies from the planetary body, which may have become stuck in previous timecycles and to administer planetary lightbody repairs which supports our access and ability to reclaim, or initiate ‘return to rightful owner’ to restore Divine Balance. This can include soul memories, consciousness units, lightbody parts and codes or dna sequences that have been stolen and are to be reclaimed fully through the ascension cycle. Each starseed on the path of ascension will come to understand that they have the intrinsic ability to recover their own consciousness, through mastery of energy-attention and intention. This can be experienced as past, present or future lives, but is part of the multi-dimensional anatomy of the diamond sun original fully connected and aware of benevolent source love as a human form.


Set Shield-Field

Set your field space and connect into the 12d shield. Align the energy inside the centre of the brain and come into the connection with the star of David merkabic symbol inside the brain. This light symbol code symbolises unity of masculine and feminine and may change and be upgraded by the personal avatar god self on the ascension path. For now, taking a deep breath and sending the unity star into the lower shield centre platform underneath the feet. Requesting avatar assistance to re-balance the lower shield connection in the 12th dimensional platinum ray frequencies. If so guided, continue to send your star into the core of earth, intending to connect with the planetary 12th dimensional connections. Otherwise, allow the connection to underneath your feet to guide you, feeling and intending the strength through the vertical connection, and then bringing that connection upwards through the centre of the body and hara line, to reconnect with the brain and push the star light symbol code upwards to the upper platform around 6 feet above your head. Build this upper circular platform with your intention, and then send your light symbol like a grounding cord, into the heart of the andromedan galaxy, and intend to connect to the trinity wave godhead connection. Of the 13th dimensional aquamarine mother ray. The 15th dimensional Magenta Father Ray, and the 14th dimensional golden child ray.

Affirming to yourself: I am safe, protected and relaxed.

Now to boundary test your space, and to fortify your shield using the words - I am god, I am sovereign, I am free.

Set a shadow vortex in the corner of your room, which is intended to send all misqualified vibrations, all mismatched energies or negative one beings through the shadow vortex and out of your space. Intend that you are creating a vortex portal in the corner of your room and ask your avatar god self to support this connection via the 12D shielding, to transit all entities, energies, guides or beings out of your space and back to their time-space of origin.

Request to be assisted by Krystal Star Guardian host, and Aurora families of re-encryption; repeating into your self to command your energy in alignment with only true light of Christ god source energy.

I hereby declare that no being, entity or demonic are allowed any where near my energy field, or my personal room space that are not in 100% service to the Cosmic Christ light, or Krystal Star guardian host.

From the light of god that I am, I call forth all things animate or inanimate, within or around me on any dimensional level, through my multi-dimensional self; immediately deactivated from use as a negative beacon by negative one or dark forces. Extending this command to my home, my yard, my method of transport, my place of business, my land, my dreamspaces, my multi-dimensional parallel selves. Within my sphere of influence.

I cancel all and any contracts I have made in any timeframe, past present or future, any station of my identity throughout the time matrix or in sleepstate that were not in the interests of god or the Christ forces of which I am a part

I call upon the universal law of structure, to help me strengthen my own energy, to repel parasitic satanic or luciferian consciousness from interfering with my projects or sphere of influence.

I ask my avatar god self to apply the following commands as needed and necessary to assist me in clearing my energy and build my direct awareness to the godhead; applying only what is in divine timing as god would have it be

Please apply a physical matrix reconnection from my Avatar to my monad to my soul matrix and to my central nervous system, as god would have it be

Balancing all body systems, my mind, my heart, my thoughts and emotions

Clear the links between my brain, central nervous system, nadial complex to my heart matrix, clear all soul fibre damage and repair through aurora re-encryption

Clear all cording that is connected to energy siphons from my lightbody to any person, place or thing

Remove all metatronic reversals, black plasmas and karmic superimpositions

Clear my wing points, and balance the soul matrix into the body through the silver sanctum corrected umbilicus

Remove any connection to the black tree of life

Clear negative star alignments

Clear core seed fears that are embedded within my tree of life

Clear my spinal fluid, kidneys and adrenals from all fear based energies or blocks

Remove false umbilicus that leads me to the astral 4d levels

Clear False ascended master ray systems

Clear the 4d astral layer of my lightbody

remove all particles bound in black magic systems

Clear anubian black heart trauma and overlays

clear negative spin spirals

apply electrical and magnetic corrections for masculine-feminine alignments

Remove all negative forms through the parallels and remove clones, shadow body clones

Remove astral tagging, heal auric field rips and tears



The 12 sphere tree of life is the core manifestation template and is the architecture upon which the human body has been manifest. This is known as the diamond sun. It is a homing beacon for all spiritual body parts, and the connection to that within your own body is what we are working with to return to rightful owner, all that belongs to you. In your entire consciousness expression through all of space time.

Repeating inwardly to yourself: (RRO)

From the light of god that I am, My Avatar god self - I ask my avatar to support me in the returning of jewels, wings, lightbody parts, mismatched body parts and essences, in the commanding of my divine birth right of return to rightful owner now

I collapse all timelines and return all that belongs to me now.


The energies of liars, deception and manipulation block the direct connection to god from the human body. In spiritual energetic housekeeping, we use the following to support the removal of negative energies:

From within my lightbody, my spiritual-energetic home, my earthly body:  I cast out any entity, discarnate soul or energy thought form, or any other attachment which identifies as

Any imposter spirit who is masquerading as the light

Fallen angelics, negative one entities

Liars, deceivers, obfuscators, spirits of corruption, spirits of betrayal, spirit of distrust in god, spirit of hatred, spite or greed, spirits of death, spirits of denial, luciferian or satanic spirit essences or consciousness that have taken up residence in ANY part of my body, mind, spirit or soul

I hereby evict you from my body, mind, spirit and soul and return you through the shadow vortex to the space or place of your origin, or back to the god head

Any discarnate soul which requires to be transited from my body and sent back to god, safe passage through this meditation space to the god head entirely

Beloved family of krystal star, please overlight the transit process to consciousness corridors

Final Closure commands

Beloved family of Aurora, please support me in the elemental re-encryption of my physical body in order for me to fully embody all of my spiritual light, as an onwards template upgrade through the Christ family of which I am a part

Seal all open portals, I seal my auric field in my own personal 12d shield

I am safe, I am secure and I am LOVE

I am at one with the holy essence and presence of my truthful benevolent creator

I am at home in the light