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As energy healers we can attest to entities and attached souls being the number 1 causation for almost-literally nearly every single behaviour pattern that occurs in humans that can be very very subtle, to outright addictions and sporadic behaviour. Weight gain, body hatred, feeling self loathing, being stuck in patterns of destruction etc etc

Something as simple as having food preferences that lead to overeating, or the occasional glass of wine that leads to over-consumption, or the inner anger-critic that rises up and causes irritability in the central nervous system. Most people do not know that they have attachments that cause mood swings, verbal swipes or any other feeling, sense or imbalance and can choose to 'be in alignment with this new behavioural trait' or not.

A technique for someone with specific knowings of what they need help with is to ask 'which part of you is it that feels like [shouting at my children all day long], [eating cake and wine] or [whatever the pattern is] and then source if this is an actual core personality part of the person, or something else. 9 times out of 10 it is usually either a fragment of the soul, that has come 'loose' from the energy matrix through wounding, or hurtfulness, and/or is combined with attached energies that compound the issue and feed from the pain/addiction/trauma energy that is created within the person. Sometimes there are layers that have to be unwound in order to get to the root causation of the attachment and the person has to generally first and foremost want to stop the behavoural pattern or fearful state that they have come to know.

Consent and permission is required under the law of one to remove entities and attachments and this cannot, and must never be forced or as a form of 'I can heal you if I just pull this attachment off your field and you will be fixed' this is an absolute no no.

People can work with their own energies and behavioural patterns when they identify the behavioural pattern or trait that they want help with. In self-empowerment practises of own energy management someone must know themselves firstly and then look to see where patterns exist that they know they want to be free from.

For example [this is a skeleton basic example that can be done on the individual inner level without an external pracitioner guiding the space]:

I have this desire to eat candy every time [this thing happens, describe the pattern or environmental trigger or thought]
When did this behaviour start? [when a particular situation happened in my life]
Before I noticed this behaviour, I was able to [do things that I cannot now do because this behaviour is limiting me]
When am I most likely to enter into this pattern of behaviour? [situation, response, time of day etc]
When I enter this behavioural pattern I tend to feel [what is happening or changing when this pattern arises]

Do I want to continue this pattern of behaviour? [nope]
In what way will I benefit if I were free of this pattern of behaviour?
Which part of me is it that wants to behave this way, and why? [what is this part gaining?]
Which part of me wants to stop this behaviour, and why? [the inner core me part that is my true soul inner core]
Am I ready to release this behavioural pattern? [must be a yes, or at least an idea of yes - this is the inner consent intent and authority to inner self being resident all of the time]
Is this part of me with the behaviour a part of me, or something else? [it's a part of me] - inner dialogue to resolve and understand and accept in order to change behaviour, loving all parts back into wholeness. What does this part need through the behaviour? What has this part needed in order to come up and be seen in the day to day?

Is this part of me with the behaviour a part of me, or something else? [it feels like something else...key to attachment] command the spiritual attachment to be released from energy field through mother arc portal or 12d shield, taking neutral and love in all ways to release. For the Mother Arc portal support, please see our omnilov3 store here: