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Beloved holy elementals, hear our prayer and direction of support, through the wellsprings of god the eternal re-encryptions and blueprints are reimprinted through the mother's body to you.

The second coming of the Christ is here upon this earth, and the return of the King-Queen through the sacred rod and staff bodies of love fortified in the armour of god, the principles of the solar male and female christ represented by the families of the Holy Order of the Christ, Paliadorian Covenant and Christos-Sophia in the group consciousness body we are. May we represent and provide testimony through the heart-eyes back to the Interdimensional Free Worlds Councils. The accountability and evictions orders have been served to the opposition forces of the christ and humanity, through my intent, consent and authority with the natural laws, I intend to uphold my Christ Pillar upon the earth in service to the forces of love and truth.

I commit to upholding the law of one in my body, to be the light and source of truth for all humanity. No interloper shall intrude upon my sacred heart.

We, the families of christ uphold god's sovereign law upon this earth and apply this through lived in expression to return the universal laws of god's plan to the earth, so all beings will know god and understand that which has been a massive deception upon the kingdoms of god and the christed human angelic humans, we bear witness as a group consciousness in order to override the timeline, and to remove the alien warfare from this manifest reality.

In the name of the god source, I am god, sovereign and I am free. In my dedication to serve my source, with my heart, my mind and my body, I ask you beloved god to align me to the highest expression of source plan in this moment so I may know the right action, right intention and the loving benevolence of your holy sacred crystal heart. Ignite within me now!

Beloved Devic Kingdoms, elementals, tree spirits, fire spirits, air spirits, water spirits, gnome spirits, sprite spirits, the god & goddess solar expressions in the grids and spirits returning in resurrection principles throughout the ley lines now; we call upon you to unite in the heart of the mother's core, to be with us now, your guardian families serving in oneness.

We call upon the Paliadorian Dragon King Lineages, the Holy Aurora families, the Christos-Sophia families, all guardian host families. In your loving compassionate witness, we create the safe container space in which to unite with you.

To the fire elementals, please contain your movement into the divine alignment and blueprint with the organic templates restored now. To the ether elementals please forgive and align to your organic god expression.

To the water elementals, please sustain and bring forth your moistures, from below ground to rise to meet the air elementals in the dragon's breath, the mother's stream and the holy chalice flows as the aurora water elements host transplant their image to yours.

To the earth elementals, please forgive the tresspass and know the true source of the mother is united within you.

to the Air elementals and wind sylphs, thank you for aligning to your divine highest expression of source and truth, to align the ecosystem of the planetary winds into the right action and right timing as per god source breathing as you upon this earth.

Thank you for holding structure and as we pray this day to aid you, to support your brothers and sisters, of the kingdoms in their resequencing of the sophianic seed codes married with the christos ignitions in the perfect proton and perfect electron through the holy waters of chastity.

Beloveds, as we bear witness through the sacred heart, we ask for the spirits of christ, of harmlessness, of purity to santify and bring peace to the planetary body through the inorganic war waged against the peoples at this time. Please fill the hearts of all with the strength of peace, to shed the sprays of fear, and to hold safe this divine plan upon the earth as the restoration of the sophianic diamond heart grids are held in the blueprint layers of mother's sound body, eukachrist dark matter template and the spark seeds of the sound-light-resonance, tone the krysthalah eternal sacred suns into the body of the earth.

As guardians hold and host the buffer fields of divine god protection into the lands of our planet, we ask our brothers and sisters of the christos families to unite with us in the 360 orb bodies, to support the loving transiting of elementals, releasing all pain and suffering to the godhead for dispensation of thy holy mother's infusion. We of the Christos families stand witness to the protection of our planet, as evictions of armageddon programming is melted out from the grid.

We ask for core soul protection to be applied to all humans experiencing these times and to come to know the truth of disclosure upon this earth in so that all beings are freed into their highest expression, now and always.

I am the cosmic sovereign law made manifest, as the true knower of source, of the wellsprings of god run through me, as wellbeing flows.

I am at one with the eternal flows of life, I am at peace in my diamond crystal heart, I am safe, I am healed and I serve the earth with my body in all ways. 

Holy Mother, Holy Father, Holy Christos-Sophia please renew our hearts and minds into knowing your safe blessing is upon all beings.

Holy Mother-Sophia, Thank you for your eternal grace, your eternal cosmic justice and for your perfected love in which cosmic grace is held, in the heart, in the mind and in the body of god.

I am that, I am.