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And today is the 13th of december of 2018 I am here in service. opening our field space and connecting and to with and through the 360 degrees spherical body and to the heart mind and body of God entirely as we are opening and to the paliadorain God world connections we are and connections of sun star networking through the universe. Solar gates and and something that I want to call Paliadorian and so any this moment now I set the field intention to work in service on your behalf and alignment with cosmic sovereign law to meet with your own intentions to bring forward the highest level of clarity and truth. All that as needed and necessary and the space to support you with your own freedom of expression on your own Ascension journey at this time. And so I welcome the essence and presence of your avatar, god self,and and any and all of our guardian families. to join and unite with us here.

Patriarchial Melchizedek in Asian Dragon Lineages, Sun Tzu Lineage Rescue out of the Tibetan Grids, Masculine Monad Identity Recovery
So just holding a moment here to read your light body and to understand
what energetically as presenting this moment is the fourth and seventh axiatonal lines the clearing of seventh dimensional energies, fourth dimensional energies and your heart matrix.

And actually something that I can sense and say, of your energy that feels like a heart ache or heart break sensation and a very weary body a body that feels tired and physically at the end of the ability to manage pain. There's certainly a sense of having to manage this pain and that it becomes very draining on the body system and on the energy are referring to. So moving and to your first dimensional sphere to look at core seed fears and observing the, the archetypal influences of the forms of dark mother energy of the forms of sexual misery programming and subconscious, mind negative ego programs. When I read your light body here, the energy of being raised in (as a child, teenager etc) form of hierarchical society or patriarchal domination where it seems that women have been placed and have also been installed with forms of enslavement to men such as women are servants to men and must keep themselves beautiful and young as well as been able to cater for all of male requirements and needs and so I feel like part of your mission strands, was to be born and to a lineage that would allow you to transmute these energies from your life experience while working and a level of being undercover in life and almost like people have gravitated towards you through your life who have felt this soft and gentle portion of your heart. So at this moment now

I am being directed and to the inner gates of Tibet and simultaneously the Xian Stargate at the same time.
and so holding a moment here, we are recovering aspects of your energy and actually
I am being greeted here and the space by a......I want to say a Japanese sage
I am not certain of this and beings name

I want to say that that's being is Sun Tzu who wrote the novel or book of The Art of War. is that who you are? Yes there's energy or being as presenting in the session field so I'm just going to hold a moment of communication or the intention to understand

anything that needs to be known

okay what I determining from the field space as the energy signature or portions of this individual person's energy the Sun Tzu

as requiring support to be recovered of the stargate system. And at the same time there's a feeling that there was a level of manipulation that he endured whilst he was upon the earth plane. My energy reading of has field energy is that he became trapped in the earth system and wasn't able to move all the way and in this location I am on the Enter gates of Tibet there's a form of false wormhole time space rip that leads and to the 11th dimension of the buddhic mind architecture of the the universal principles of Bhuddic teachings or I guess stations of identity of consciousness groupsthat have been related to Buddhist teachings or lineages. There's an energy signature that is bound to or with has energy of Luciferian attachments and holding this moment, recovery of aspects of consciousness and removal of all forms of spiritual bondage

for the being known as Sun Tzu holding a moment to provide Krystic support as needed and necessary and the unconditional love forgiveness and forgetfulness to support the safe passage of attached energies and entities from this space and location and the safe passage of this individuals' ancestral line known as earth name Sun Tzu that is now dismantling through the intention to support reversal architecture and the grid here . I am identifying this portion of the planetary body as holding dragon consciousness. And what I would say is there has been a theme of guardian projects grid work in the last four, six, eight weeks that I am aware of from my perspective that is supporting the energies be released from the dragon lines and the Asian and Chinese Japanese and Indian grid architecture. So in this moment now as we witness the safe passage of this energy of that person who was on earth and allowing all of our Krystic support to go with him and the attached soul energies that are with him, removing these reversals and the Tibetan Gate architecture is like the siphoning has occurred and these energy beings who should have returned back to their tribal lineage or safe passage of the planetary body couldn't make it and so in this moment now giving gratitude and passing all Krystic support from the Paliadorian covenant offered unconditionally and and complete neutrality

he is referencing something that is called master Shezang, Shezang Wu (tones of chinese?).

But I cannot translate into English but the feeling is there are pockets of reversals and the system that have been used to capture other lineages of individuals and so Sho-Zeng is some kind of leader or royal bloodline related to melchizedek hosting time periods and there seems to be some form of worship that was in place during the time that these people or individuals were on earth there's a hierarchical military patriarchal domination type of energy that they were born int.o There is this strategy and hierarchy that was seemingly put in place by these individuals that created forms of control structure and so in this moment now there's a large fallen group consciousness of fallen angelic related to baal phegor and baal peor and the baal or belial sun energy architectures so in this moment now evicting black magicians from the energy of the grids of Tibet and we are collapsing the false wormhole architecture that is a time space rip and what I am witnessing here as that these individuals were on earth for a form of partially christic or melchizedek hosting contract but it seems when I feel into the were infiltrated or turned by the material value and goods through seeking like, adoration or wealth or the seeking of notoriety and basically that's the emperor man or kind of... He's like a king or Emperor he is requesting what feels like forgiveness, you know for and realizing that has own act on earth meant that he couldn't escape to heaven space or has now understood by being held i this trap system it's like something that feels like the parable of 1000 dark shadow years, or Thousand year war which is being related to me as some form of Asian or Japanese Chinese Tibetan myth or folklore teaching. And so what he is relating here is a level of relief on the recovery and the kind of rescue mission that we have here that some someone from the family lane or recognizable has come to help him and to allow safe passage.

Reversals placed on the Kumara Dragon Lineages, Bhuddahara and Bhuddic Mind 11d Lunar Reversals, Monadic & Avatar Body Parts Rescue
So anything else that needs to be communicated is available and open but in this moment understanding that we are holding safe passage for something that
looks like the, well I went to say Tiananmen Square but I also want to say the terracotta warriors or something thats related to the histories around these individuals. so lovingly just holding the sessionfield stable and steady all that is needed and necessary I am understanding the part of your own energy lived or served a lifetime at the same time period as these individuals and I am looking at a portion or station of your identity that's now able to be recognized and the field space through that recovery and it is as if in this timeline that you were an military uniform or involved in some kind of military or hierarchical control system following the teachings or the order of either of these individuals or the you were on earth during some form of revolution of like army coming into play and these areas of the planet body, so recovery of your consciousness but I am aware as well that we are recovering a part of your masculine energy or a portion of monadic consciousness that is masculine.
So a part of your monadic family or part of your genetic equals' or masculine counterpart in the monadic layers energy at the same time so lovingly holding a space to remove all forms of trauma, energies that do not belong the energy overlays and impacts of reversal dragon lane or black dragons the distortions placed upon Bhudhara or Bhuddic lineage is related to the genetic line or race histories of the Kumara

Avatar Solar Logos Lightbody Corrections & Alignment to Planetary Gates 12:12:12, Maji Magi GrailKeeper, Cathar, Essenes, Elohim
okay we are opening into....we're still holding space on the 8D inner gate energy architecture of what feels like tibet and at the same time Xian 12D planetary stargate and so from there there's a recovery from both of those gates systems portions of your DNA or fireletters, time vector codes that have been used and bound in reversal
there's a level of connection that your lightbody has to 12d Xian gate system that when I read it and your energy part of your energy field is holding a corrective principle for the Xian gate architecture as part of your universal tribal codes through the genetics of the physical body and so and this moment now removing false geometries that have impinged your 12th dimensional connection from the top of the 12th sphere and we are recovering portions of your own avatar consciousness from that Stargate
so hold in a moment here we have actually Christ Sophianic Christ Sophia solar and or solar consciousness that is being returned to you from this area or recovery. But
as I am feeling into that this would be the equivalent of the portions of energy that are your aeonic pairing or divine masculine essence as parts of you. So. from previous times cycles the masculine feminine within your body but the masculine or feminine counterpart energy had has been part of that have been bound into this system so I intend to hold a farther space of reveal or understanding all that can be understood from this okay my read on this is 12 12 12 related to the inner gates of 12th dimension at Hawaii or Kauai, something that takes me you know, the connection, here is something like 12D gate of Xian, 12th Gate of MontSegur in France and the 12th energy portion as a triading of levels of connection to the solar system and universal gate architecture and at one time it was fully aligned I am understanding as I feel that that part of your DNA lineage can be read as related or connected to the Paliadorians and the Maji Magi Grail Keeper Lineages and so when I feel that what needs to be done here is something that is removing oppressive histories and trauma around your previous missions as part of the Paliadorian covenant that are impacting the left hand side of your body that is related to Sophia recovery that is related to the Cathar memories massacres and traumas and if we look at the Essenes or Elohim consciousness there are all of these energy signatures within these gates systems.

Repair Lightbody Planetary to Universal Gates to Avalon & Aramatena in Cradle of Lyra, 12D alignments

12 12 12 gates that I understand we need to recover portions of your consciousness from each of these gates systems. So and the loving awareness of that holding the intention to recover all architecture parts pieces codes, light body wings, energies, the jewels and so we are reassembling DNA that has been stuck or bound in reversal as like a fire letter sequence code for the DNA reassembly requirement that we are repairing through the session field and support the reinstallation and re weaving at the same time I am guided and to opening a connection and to Aramatena, or the original Lyran connection to the Aramatena gate architecture or systems connected to Avalon consciousness holding the space for the compassionate witness and observation of portions of your own energy that exist within the whole to see that and accessing Aramatena as a past, present and future simultaneous or 360 degree ability to connect to everything that was as and is currently existing in the future.

And so there are areas of understanding of your history with the group family field of Aramatena and the connections to the all of the lineages of when you jumped and into a time cycle that are connected with the paliadorian covenant that are connected with the managing the universal gate access portions for the planet and solar system and beyond there's a feeling that I need to try to give you an understanding of , actually your avatar is coming forward to fill in some blanks or pieces here there's a station of your identity of avatar that is a female aspect as I look at her She is like a feline Lyran Sirian Elohim consciousness she is giving me words here that I will try to translate these are tone code sequences of what I feel is Anuhazi and


who have she's conveying a level of understanding to me and of the work that I am to support you with in the here and now moment related to the recovery of parts of your consciousness that are the inner feminine and masculine and what I am able to determine here as the incarnations through the monad that you have had and the act of within the Time Matrix at this time she's asking me or informing me to support your ninth dimensional connection into Andromeda because there's a portion of your identity that I am now able to connect with that is coming to me from the Andromeda in AquaElle Matrix of Crystal Core keepers, core keepers who has basically trying to blend into your energy and can't get the full connection into your light body architecture am to share with you something that may be helpful in that regard the streams of consciousness from your Andromeda aspect the matrix is something that helps you heal the Enter masculine feminine with them I feel that your genetic lineage has come down through the Sirian lines, okay from Sirius B so from Lyra or Lyra to sirius B as part of the teams on earth that are related are connected to the Paladorian and Magi/Maji conscious consciousnesses in order to unify the portions of your energy as you move on obviously and your life but the feeling to share this with you is that your energy is building a safe zone, safe zone or recovery zone where you are currently residing (in the land where you live) and that you are anchoring portions of energy and I feel like you're physically in Japan right now this is to helpyou reconnect portions of your light body so the other things fall into place, so what that really means is basically part of the master Christos collective to merge the identities and to the Paliadorian Cell and to the Crystal Light Body architecture so that you are able to embody more of your consciousness and so avatar is sharing with me the the merging and connections and to your avatar to be more streamlined because we can see the light body architecture from your current station of identity all of the different stations of your identity that are active within the monad body if you will and the the support through the station field to help you just basically get on with most of what you're already doing but the physical body part and the wings here this the seventh dimensional connection fourth dimensional connection and the heart matrix need to be assessed it and observed to move some of the pieces in order that the alignment can just become more aligned. So thank you beloved guardians and your avatar for that context and information.

Lightbody Clearing and Reconnection Sequences, Implant Removal

The Reconnection of your light body into the Aton solar disk energies and architectures as we hold a moment of re sequencing the connection of your energy and to the sun star network the aton disk energies
cleaning your second two dimensional sphere of energy and sexual misery implants through all stations of identity lifting out the energies of Azazael and Black Lillith, evicting gog and magog, we are evicting Leviathan and Behemoth from the lightbody and removing beast machine technology, the 666 seals, Gravitron and wing trauma energies removing the solar cross removing the Lyran cross from all portions of your identity and energy in its multidimensional identities through the universal time matrix as we call and invite the Aquaelle, Aquafey, The Aquareion and aqualeyon trinitised ray frequency amplifiers to support the healing required at this time.

and the Sophianic energies to cleanse clear and support the reweaving of your 2nd dimensional connection through the grail line of 2, 5, 8 and 11
uninstalling core seed fears related to patriarchal domination and oppression and separation from partner energy

running rainbow round into the core manifestation template to support separation trauma and remove
inorganic architectures false reality systems
false subconscious mind inserts memories and attractions
cleaning from your field levels of the NRG splitter technology that split the staff and rods
removing Michael Mary splitting technology
the sexual Golum siphoning entities architecture and cording and threading to astral plane entities, sealing the tail bone clearing the fetal cells, clearing the spinal column
clearing descendant serpent fire which is the energy of the tailbone and perineum connected into baphomet fields of satanic influences
cleaning alien love bait reversal technology from the Nadial complex from the spinal column and sexual organs and the ninth 9D dimensional sphere connection and to the mouth of God at the back of your head we are cleaning Medusa Medusozoa tentacles siphons

reestablishing the Correct harmonic levels and layers of the ninth dimensional sub harmonics clean and reversal ninth dimensional energies plasmas,
restoring the correct connection and to your ninth dimensional identities through the monad, cleaning of forms of previous galactic race lane trauma war history related to the fall of consciousness
cleaning the brain left and right and the brainstem hypothalamus from mental body attachment
mind looping or obsessive connections
to other individuals
clearing the central nervous system and the energy of adrenaline related to attraction to potential partners, cleaning the parietal lobe, cleansing the cellular memory of the body of the cells of the sexual organ response, of the spinal column fluids

5D Taran Adamic Godseed and spark body recovery, Restores permanent templating for male-female gender healing in soul to monadic bodies
we are moving into the soul matrix and obtaining a parallell body return that feels like we're connecting enter Tara energy fields and body architecture returning all energies from Tara to your body everything that belongs to you core manifestation with the Sophianic Blue Diamond sun or SA amplifier supporting the recovery of portions of soul fragmentation repairing the fifth dimensional sphere to the connections and the mental body and the physical body
and clearing the bone matrix of your body your head skull and the understanding here the and Tara there's a body coming back to you from Tara that is identified by me as holding the like god seed spark or life force current that is required to merge with you now that is related to the adamic lines and the material the body as it returns is
actually been repaired through the session field on their re integration to your body so the Aurora teams are supporting part of that the sirian teams are supported in part of that it's like looking at the session field as we intend to reweave hierogamic robes of wedded garments into this body the adamic line consciousness and end the i will i want to say that the tool sets that we have in the hieros gamos field related to paliadorian gifts are allowing the resurrection of this body template system is being re installed into your body and it's almost like it seats back into the skull and the spinal column, and this body contains genetic material that related to Magi that as related to the inner feminine and masculine merge process almost as if this body contains the energy signature of the merged Krysthallah lightbody, Double Diamond sun architecture that you inhabited on the planet body of Tara know at the same time and being guided to support the soul matrix to monad matrix connections or merging
and there's a almost like a permanent seed atom installation that is given to the soul matrix and as a very pale blue translucent transparent diamonds of mother frequency consciousness that requires to be installed into your soul matrix like masculine permanent seed atom if you will, that is going into the eighth dimension of the monad matrix so the blue rhomboid or diamond permanent seed atom is installed is installed and to the fourth dimensional heart and what we are observing here is the reestablishment of diagonal raise or diamond frequency sets moving into your fourth dimensional heart through these levels of mergings, re-weaving the light body ability to receive the higher

Restore Heart to Higher Heart Matrix Connections for Double Diamond Sun Krysthallah Body
frequency sets and restore your heart matrix so it's like 4D and 8Dd are receiving these repairs or lightbody codes that are part of the Double Diamond sun body that are related also to the merging of soul and Monad and the feminine and masculine marriage as an when you know portions of that can be achieved it would be also related to
the ability to recover all of your soul fragments from the Tara system. So I feel as if in this moment I am guided to hold this transit space open for this long as required so that your energy can rebuild or recover itself from the pieces that are now coming back so there's a healing dispensation that we are holding a space for here

through the Sophianic SA solar body energy the SA tone is imbuing through your heart matrix and your place and clearing the seventh dimensional axiatonal line with this Sophianic SA tone code frequencies toned to the body out loud the support recognition and awareness of Sophianic heart tone codes and the crystal Blue Lotus heart of your permanent seed atom on the eighth dimension we are connected this memory of the horizontal triad body of the 7D 8D 9D mental body fields

we are applying a counter clockwise repair to the clock shield template of portion of the monadic body on the eighth dimension as a 9 o'clock position and rotational spin correction sequence reinstallation of time vector code frequency sets that are being returned clearing the astral levels of the heart matrix from pain false holographic inserts we are removing false reality fields from the heart matrix of the astral plane is like looking at these clear transparent invisible false realities that look like bubbles that are on the soul matrix that connects into archontic deception techniques and connections so, moving an SPE from the left hand side of your head which is an alien implant of supressor parasite and sounds like the own voice inside the head to control the mind and body and the seventh dimensional gallbladder meridian we are evicting energy connections of dark mother parasitic consciousness and what I am aware of is that your body, your energy is cycling round these wounded feminine timelines so we're looking at all of the things that are timeline trigger events and it's like the body has

to transmute the anger through by neutral witnessing, but there's something that has stopped you from processing that more fully and my feeling to share with you have that as this and the session earlier when I was removing alien love bite architecture This was somehow blocking your ability to transmute out the anger or to neutrally witness and heal parts of yourself from the other timeline histories, so as we are holding the space an awareness we are reweaving portions of seventh dimensional connection to the six dimensional connection the wing architecture we are moving into the UK land mass and recovering parts of your energy from the Michael Mary line or get architecture there as recovery of solar consciousness

opening out into Nibiru and a connection to Wesadac and wormwood and also 11D Stonehenge gates and we are recovering portions of your consciousness that are being but brought back that contain again time space Vector coding. Christ genetic identities there's like original Christ identities that belong to you that are coming right back up off of these grids and so the only way I can share with you what that truly means as portions of your energy architecture that have been not been able to be accessed by you in the fullest manner and we're pulling these over from spiritual bondage in the grid systems effecting fallen angelic and portions of reversal geometries from the grids, recovery of your solar energy consciousness and I would say also we're moving into the Rose Grail Line and portions of that are in the UK body so we are holding a space here again for portions of your energy on the return and in this return of consciousness. Feeling the pure essence of the Morgana and Merlin archetypal energies or influences be witnessed and honored, through the release and return of portions of the pure energy consciousness and what with the understanding of that , we are also evicting the energy group Gestalt of Consettia, to demonic force, black hole entity that is, bound into the UK Rose line and has been holding the energies of sexual misery in place across the planet grids but primarily I have come into contact with that energy in the UK and then Hawaii and the 12th dimensional energy systems there and so it seems portions of your consciousness are being returned to you energies of Christ Sophia or Aeonic energy consciousness that was union together and the well it looks like the Arthur timeline is what we're accessing here and so as we're accessing that, there are life memory streams energies and Crown of the Magi/Maji configuration or geometry sequences being returned to, you know, as part of your light body sequence holding a place to connect to the Solomon shield and recovery of sound tone codes related to rod building that are sending very much like YA MA HA and are like a trinity wave energy of masculine frequency that is being imbued and to your second dimensional connection, but also the wing portions of light body the masculine feminine wing energies,


Female Principle Healing, Install correct Diamond Rose Line template and RRO from Tiamat, Venus, Trinity Solar Female Templating
we are know moving into Giza and moving and to the Solar Temple of Giza holding a moment and there's a return of solar spiral energy that has been highlighted from Giza connecting with the Christ spiral of solar energy igniting within your heart space as we hold a moment to remove and witness all energy influences related to anubian black heart systems, demonic seed overlays, inserts Moving into seventh dimensional Stargate systems related to the alien love bait, timeline trigger events, and observing a recovery of your energy coding. We are collapsing clones of your architecture and energy we are removing energy and projections of dark flower or
reversal rules, energy upgrade sequence that guardians are calling andromedan seed code template which appears to support that repair of the grail line on the internal light body architecture and is assisting the internal energies on the flowering so if you can think about the energy coming into your body instead of sexual energy being siphoned and going down the way, that helps seemingly the energy of the eternal flow and feedback loop to God through the internal energies of the heart matrix and like the sexual organs heal from the 2D-4D separation and lift the energy up through the body and to the heart through the levels of ongoing healing of sexual misery programming. So with that installation of template we are moving into 10th dimensional connections opening into tiamat for the support of repair and return of triple goddess Sophia and Sapphire ray opening a connection and to Planet body of Venus on dragon lane energy architecture supported by Aurora families and we are recovering portions of energy or it's like galactic Race line memory connections and system codes related to histories on Venus that feel part of the Hatshepsut genetic line so in this moment now, holding a space and observing and a horizontal field of energy plasma return that is like tiny triangles and there are it's like actually a plasma flow of opalescent and pastoral rainbow frequencies that are coming back to you from Venus, and these are like tiny crystal triangles geometries. Part of a trinitised coding removing distortions from your lightbody that are connected to Saturn and the Avalon Aveyon implant architecture cleaning through all portions of the body and all stations of identity.

I feel like what this stream from Venus as as part of the trinity of triangles coding that is required to support the 4-7-10D portions of krysthallah body to start to align. And that's plasma that's coming you know, it's like a humongous field of energy. It's like a morphogenetic field instruction set that contains the coding many of the Venusian Race lanes connected to diamond sun that is allowing your energy architecture to and almost like align and to the Universal Sophia architecture.

And so when I hold in the intention to align all that is needed and necessary to your body. And that's flow of plasma is entering the body through the like the midsection
or the stillpoint area of where the fifth dimensional sphere with set and the board if you look at their 12 tree grid, but it is like flowing upwards and the light fibers through the staff and moving into the 10th dimension. And at the 10th dimensional sphere. That's energy as read pattern in the 10th dimensional sphere spin rate. And so I'm holding a space of observation because there's a dismantling of metatronic mind reversal 55, grid architecture, and actually something that looks like a complete......
how to share with you that context?. If you think about yourself as a field of stars. This transmission from Venus contains the hierogamic coding that is supportive to the embodiment of Sophia consciousness inside of your own body. And it's like seeing the mother, daughter and grandmother energies, but as the mother, daughter
as the Godhead mother, and the daughter of God as Sophia, but there's a view where a field of stars but you're actually a field of sun stars, then that synergy is like taking your entire constellation, a universal level. So we're talking about like your entire energy through the Time Matrix through all explanations of consciousness, it's like then say energy is just like tilting the entirety of your field through the connections of the eternal light getting is also coming oline or been adjusted, [through the earlier reconnection to the Aton Disk technology in the sessionfield requires female solar corrections] in your template at this time, this energy of all these triangles. opalescent pastel rainbow frequencies from Venus are coming out of Venus on a horizontal plane by our assessment, the trinity of triangles for the Krysthallah alignment and so it's like looking at your entire field to be a spherical field of stars and there's just this alignment and as this aligns, I am being asked to support the frequencies from Ursa major and Pleiades to be cleansed of any distortions and to bring into center now the entirety of your field architecture cleaning the radial and nadial capsules of all distortions and cleaning the innermost staff, the core flows of LAV and energy that is received from your body from the eye of God, supporting the Aurora crown alignment

through the toning and application of KA RA YA SA TA AA LA and the Krystal Star of Azoth and the brain and the central vertical pillar releasing all muscle memory and miasma, the tension pain and cellular pain of the dark mother consciousness releasing the imprints of Acamoth and baphomet, from the left hand side of your body in its entirety and the right hand side of your body and its entirety connecting into the the for royal stars and the north south east and west through the krystal compass and the alignments to the aeonic template of your energy field the inner hierogamic rod and staff igniting and connecting with the tri-wave trinity of founder flame energies to ignite within your heart space, connecting into the base shield of the Trinity wave flame on the base shield up to the upper platform and out into the alignment sequences of the krysthala suns, the paliadorian suns, the watching the KA RA YA SA TA AA LA solar body energies

optimize their connection now into the Aurora crown as we are clearing the energy connections and the avatar triad between 10D 11D and 12D cleaning 11th dimensional distortions cleaning up apparthi receivers and transmitters and

Summation of Energy work today
okay I feel as if we are coming to field completion for now
if I were to give a theme for you of today's work it's really the farther alignment and your embodiment of the krysthallah templating on the alignments within it's almost as if you are doing a lot of this yourself you know and my function today is just to just help your light body reconnect to the portions of universal system or architecture or alignment however that comes about. This was required to support your masculine parts and the avatar parts, monadic parts receive the returning consciousness to build into wholeness.

Field completion, Clearing all Memories in Physical body layers, Andromeda Identity Merging & Masculine Avatar Emergence
I am feeling to just sweep through your physical body here
and the cleansing of the pain of the musculature
an observing the ligaments in the left shoulder with forms of inflammation and the joint and the synovial fluid so clearing the fluid of memories implants pain suffering and
the left hip and leg, clearing this psoas muscle an allowing the musculature and to the nervous system to be optimally connected

clearing bone matrix miasma asthma from the body
net seals from the bones the skin, the liver
allowing complete symmetry from top to bottom and bottom to top from left to right and right to left from front
to back and back to front from inner to outer and outer to inner
to allow all memories and influences to be removed completely and totally as God would have it be

and to know that the ninth dimensional connection from your Andromeda in station of identity is sending plasma down the light body fibers there's like an integration at this moment between what I would say to you as when I read your energy and what I am understanding is this setting part of your energy in the soul matrix to extension that seems like is assisting you in the soul recovery an portions of your energy and the Andromeda part of you is bringing memories back or energy monadic and connections that you need and with that comes a sense of you understanding the re frequencies that run through your body

so I don't know if you already actively and work with the rays , and can see them, but for some reason that sense is a new field, like the energy architecture of you holding the crystal Cathedral and then actually like having a sense of the ray frequencies that are coming down into the physical body is almost as if there's a level of regeneration at this time and your physical body the magnetic ability to host or feel and connect with more re frequencies and the physical body. so allowing all shifts and changes to be as God with have it be the Aurora reencryptions are accessing and your spinal column and then portions of the physical body and the sexual organs the spleen and feeling like we are done for now and so I hope this is helpful final sts sweep and clear to seal your entire light body system. With the rainbow pastelline frequencies, the clear light of God allowing time for all integrations and any emotional release the body has to let go to be lovingly healed by your space by your avatar.

I am being joined by the male aspect of your avatar here at the very end of the session field.

I feel like this is an indication that there are levels of integration of masculine and feminine within your own body that will be revealed to you and your own space, the
energies of your avatar consciousness are supporting you with communication It feels like there's a communication stream of energy consciousness that you now going to be aware of and that there's a further connection to the Christ energy you know the trustworthiness that you have the actual connection that you have with God and that the avatar portion of your energy that now shows to me as male and female is almost like seeing the ability for you to connect to your avatar as more amplified as more known to you and your cells and your body and it's like connecting into your nadial complex right now, so it's like more avatar connections and energy more multi dimensional expressions of you and that you're more aware of it into the nadial and monadic bio computer.

if that makes sense and so I hope this is helpful in the onwards path that you have and sending you much love and gratitude and support for all that you are doing also i finalize the field by collapsing all time lanes closing all open portals we give thanks for our teams presence and for the ability to recover consciousness make the connections and sweeping through all levels and layers to end between space time portions the end to the Quantic field levels and layers all the way through and to the zero point entirely observing the end of the field here

I am seeing your lightbody as an aurora orb, and so lovingly, we close the session field. Thanks again, sealing into the light of unity, oneness, wholeness and truth and so it as. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.