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and today is april the 21st of 2018, I am here opening and memorialising a session through the field creation space in 360 degrees, completely and entirely connected into, with and through the heart mind and body of god, I set the field intention to work in alignment with csl that which is of the highest expression of clarity of truth, support for your individual path at this time, I welcome the essence, presence of your avatar god self to lead and oversee the field. In connection with our krystal star guardian hosts.

Session themes overview as read at field opening, Lunar to Solar Transfiguration
There is symbolism that is being given straight away in the session field container space that is connected with what I feel you are going through at this time, or certainly building in your lightbody at this time. The rod and staff is being shown here, in the orb. So there is a sense of rod and staff building, there's a sense of the great white lion grid is being highlighted, the guardians of the vertical and the staff energy. There's also a reference to your role on earth as you being a mother, and with that as I look at your energy I am being shown the different phases of lunar to solar, transmutation that your lightbody is working through, and you are also working through that on a personal level. So it is to say - the influences of dark mother, the archtypes of dark mother that you have witnessed in life, and that you are transmuting out of your template at this time - so it feels like a phase of lunar to solar, in the way that this happens, portions - of large pieces of energy, small pieces of energy.

Observing AI timelines, phantom earth connections, and dismantling from them
The collapse and return of reversal mother energies as they are brought through the field space, and basically transmutation into solar light, or solar embodiment at the same time. So feeling into your energy at the same time here, I am looking at forms of energy that are connected into the personality matrix, forms of negative ego and actually what I would call this as connections into the AI planetary earth system, or a form of...yes, it is that. I am calling it AI earth timelines, because what I am looking at is portions of the planetary body, or connections into the planetary body into the different areas of timelines.

So there are inner earth timelines, there is median earth timelines, there is higher earth timelines, and there is this AI portion of timelines, that I am looking at them being connected into parts of the lightbody. I am being given the understanding of removing negative forms in the parallel that are associated with forms of, bascially, I am going to call this baphomet or satanic energy that is holding portions of energy connecting into the AI forms, because when I am looking at this AI timeline architecture, it is like looking at the way that reversal mother and reversal father principles have been used on earth to create artificial realities and artificial timelines. And, it would also be like saying ancestral bindings of blood covenant energy that are also being used to hold consciousness down in the reversal or AI, artificial intelligent timeline constructs, or the parts of existence and reality that are created falsities, that are basically illusions from the understanding of what god source truly is. SO, I know that you know what god source is, but for the purposes for your session space today - I want to hold a moment with our teams to understand what needs to be done or understood at this time. [pauses]
Ok. [pauses to make sure what is being understood is correct]

the understanding that I have here is, that somehow we can removing of your connection into the artificial realities, or the AI portions. There are remnants of connectedness in there, I am not sure of the best way to describe this, but what I feel is happening is the removal of AI architecture or timelines from your field (your lightbody) in order that you can be released more fully into higher timeline access, and what I am looking at is, basically your connections into the higher earth timelines, or what we would also call....the higher earth timelines, or the ascending timelines.

AI Assimilation Earth Timeline
The way I am attempting to understand what we are doing is to unhook you from the artificial reality systems that are bound into the personality matrix, it's like saying - and for whatever reason, and I don't actually know what the reason is in this moment but I feel like it is part of our paliadorian gifts, that we can remove the AI structures or the structures of AI from the lightbody template, and in the doing so it allows a form of...I would say, consciousness freedom and lightbody freedom, that for whatever reason is required for you on your ascending path and I am just holding this moment here.........If I look at the newsletters that Lisa sent out it gave description of the earth fields, when I am viewing it, it looks like different versions of planet earth with different timeline accesses so I am going to see if I can quickly find that, if I cannot I will remember to link it into the transcription for you.

123D clearings, from the AI timelines – required to be dismantled from the lightbody for solar templating and christ rishic embodiment
Moving into the connections of what feels like personality matrix and also connections into the false AI timelines, or planetary body phantom matrix connections, lovingly just holding a space of intention to support that, as it is being intended it is like looking at your base shield or the shield system that is underneath your feet start to alter on the horizontal spin. And, literally be freed form the AI timelines that are plugging into the planetary body there. So, just sharing that with you and as I look at that, it is having this effect of altering your ability to transmute dark mother energy out of your field, because now what I am able to see, what I am looking at is the influx here through our sessionfield container the aqualasha energies of what I am calling Aqua-MA-Reion, that are pastel peach and golden, it's like a golden peach energy but it is also like a wind or breath energy and this is partially supporting what I am calling the rose line inside the lightbody systems.

The teams are sharing with me, in order to come into solar embodiment or rishic solar embodiment we have to be released from certain levels of architecture to hold the solar feminine in the lightbody system. so it feels like you are working your way through this process, and you have been. But for whatever reason, the collapsing of these AI timelines off of your field system has been required to support you at this time, because now as I look there, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensional spheres are being altered in their frequency connections and the light that is coming in there, is basically clearing out something that I would be cautious to describe, but it actually looks like it is collapsing a whole bunch of black magic reversal, black sun energy from different timelines, but what we are really speaking about the sexual misery programming on earth - ok, so I lovingly share that with you because it is clearing out here from the multi-dimensional bodies and expressions of which you are. So. thank you god for that.

The understanding here is to clear through the cellular memory of the atomic body levels and layers of the physical body to support elemental re-encryption and to...there is something like the staff alignment connection, the staff optimisation connection, the support for your staff at this time. Because, actually it would be like saying the staff in the body is altering and as it alters the 1d 2d 3d remnants of negative ego programs that are still to be unhooked and uncovered from your template are being brought into the forefront through your relationship with a partner. That is what I am looking at here. It's like saying a partner, any partner, that you are drawn to work with is going to provide you with clues and key points for where you still have wounding in your template. What the teams are pointing to at this moment is, basically - that, what I am saying. I feel in this moment what is being highlighted is the relationship that you have had between yourself and partner.

Yes, there are forms of intereference in your union but there is also the responsibility that you have in order to say to yourself 'which patterns are coming up in my awareness that I need to look at?' 'Do I feel wounded or hurt by this individual?' 'how is the communication between us as a couple?' ' in what way am I not honouring my own inner heart space, in relation to this person?' there's a feeling here, and the feeling is of a lack of confidence in god, and yourself and coming to spaces and places of understanding of what it could be that is patterns that are coming right up, in your face, so that you can review them with renewed clarity. There is a sense of not trusting the connection that you have with your partner because it feels very painful, in some ways. It feels like your language is being used as a barrier, but in this moment as I feel it there feels like victim victimiser programming that is still there is being used to keep you off balance, and is also, showing you where there are still portions of your energy that require to be healed. So, lovingly holding a space for any other information regards that....[at this point I paused the recording and did field closure and your auric field outwith the recording space] I had felt I had to close the field at that point, and promptly did so!

Session continuation
And today is Sunday the 22nd of April of 2018 I am here opening and memorialising through the field opening and intention to create alignment into the Krystal star guardian host creating a field container in 360° entirely and completely connected into with and through the heart mind and body of God entirely. I set the field intentions to work in alignment with cosmic sovereign law to bring through the highest level of clarity and truth that which is most supportive to you at this time in alignment with your own session intentions, voiced or unvoiced. I request the presence and essence of your Avatar god self and our Krystal star guardian hosts serving the law of one, our family in the multi-dimensional fields of energy. We are being joined here by the White Lion beings, the Guardians of the vertical. Yesterday I had started out some portions of work for you but it became obvious that I had to call the session field to a close, so I did that. They are supporting you with staff alignment at this time and what feels like the movement between lunar to solar energy and this also is something that I feel you're working on at a planetary level and something that you're also working on at a personal level.

I'm just holding a moment here to speak with our teams to understand what I need to know in that regard.

Removal of Black Magic/Reversal Energies and Anti-HG
Ok, there's a form of energetic architecture at this time that I'm looking at and the way that it is being shown to me as concentric dark circles. I am holding a moment here - removing this architecture from your field, removing forms of black magic energy black, black magic curses spells hexes and residue miasma I want to share with you that I am feeling this energy here that is being projected towards you and when I feel into that I feel this coming from energies of Portugal now is being given as a form of black Madonna energy or also it is also being given as a form of something that I would call as black robes or a black hierogamic Union garment which is an anti hierogamic Union garments. Ok in this moment right now - removing forms of black magic system architecture and the understanding of where do you live….. ok where you are situated seems to be very very very heavily black magic and satanic practices so there's things here that I'm saying that I would reference as the black magic ‘everything’ that is anti-krystic in terms of - is what I'm looking at in the energy density of where you are in the Planetary body.

Tower of Babel Implant removal
You know we could say there are there are places all over the planet that are extremely dense with the Satanic agenda but what I'm looking at here is where you are on the Planetary body is like looking at people who are born into forms of satanic bindings and that they are Family lines in ancestral lines have been infiltrated and bound into the SRA and lovingly I share that with you because I'm looking at you shining like a diamond in the middle of this density. Ok all these forms of that information I am being given here. So what I want to share with you is energy here that's been given to me and it would be like saying the ‘tower in the tarot cards’ and what I'm looking at is something that is being shown as a I want to call it the tower of Babel or babble and actually I think that's been given as an implant structure? Yes, so removing any and all and prints to do with the tower of Babel it feels like a form of encryption of I'm asking to see the effect on your field and it would actually be like saying that there are that that in some level or at this time as I look at it it's like you're inside of the black tower and this too has been blocking forms of communication.

Actually I see that it's a form of staff enclosure, it's running between the 1D, 2D it's running up through the staff up until the point of the 11 sphere, so if you looked at the staff it's as if the staff is enclosed in a black Castle or a black architecture. Let me look at that for a moment here. Ok the teams are sharing with me some context to move into the UK and access and atlantean timeline because when I'm looking at your architecture here there are portions of black concentric circles that are like the base shield of underneath your feet now I am not sharing this to provide fear- but this is being shown in your field because we can remove the constructs of it so it looks to me like we're moving into an atlantean time period or timeline when I am feeling so that I am being taken into timelines that are intermixed with what we would reference as atlantean power abuse black crystals and also Aleister Crowley black magic reversals and a form of four pillar architecture that is in the UK landmass that feels to me in this moment like it's underneath the Western coast of the UK where we have access to the Michael Mary line but also is connected with atlantean time.

Michael-Mary Line, Atlantian Timelines, Black Magic Grid, King Arthur & Checkerboard Matrix DNA Distortions

So as I access that there's something here that feels like at the time of Tara explosion was when it was the Atlantian time period on 3D Earth, as there is a correlation been given actually the correlation is being given that at the moment of the planet explosion of Tara that there were cataclysms on our Earth or 3D earth to do with it Atlantian floods cataclysms. All forms of this knowledge are here but what I'm looking at is some form of tracker device on atlantean technology that is having an impact on you in the here and now that is blocking you from blending some portions of your masculine and feminine and when I feel it it's affecting the 10th and 11th dimensional spheres of your light body or portions of the lunar to solar or 10th 11th still holding a woman in here as I say that I'm being given the understanding that we need to move into your second dimensional sphere in order to least portions of energy that is held in Reversal that seems to me to be like pulled down into an Atlantian timeline or is actually the atlantean timelines are Harnessing portions of your energy that mean that you haven't been able to release these parts and in actual fact the 11th dimension it's been highlighted so it's like all different forms of information is given here but it is to do with you transmutation of Lunar to solar energy.

If I were to characterize that in a way that might make sense so in this moment moving into the 2nd dimensional sphere of your light body and timelines of time periods and requesting to return to rightful owner with any understanding that is required to support you at this time removing the Avalon cross architecture from your energy field in its entirety through all multidimensional stations of self, from all bodies. Removing forms of spiritual binding Acamoth energy and moloch tank energies what is Saturn at the same time to return to rightful owner and dismantle the connections architectures and release all spiritual body parts DNA codes frequencies jewels wings all that is belonging to you removing forms of atlantian death seal. removing forms of etheric weaponry from these portions of the time matrix of timelines corrected.  Ok I'm looking at a timeline in Atlantian times and I'm being shown as if your staff as it is today is anchored into that timeline or it's been highlighted as if the staff of your energy is in the area of atlantean death seal that is binding portions of energy into the first dimension and to release that has to be an application of energy architecture to release miasma from the Krystal Cathedral.  Now what I mean by that is I'm looking at the atlantean expression in the Atlantian time line and there is a crystal Cathedral there that has been turned black at the base  - the remainder of the Architecture (like say for example if you could see a crystal Cathedral around your body in the Atlantic timeline) the first 12 inches of the bottom of this four pillar system are turning black and it would be like saying there's some kind of power abuse or some kind of, basically the feeling of being trapped and not being able to get out. The energy being bound into black magic grids,  and the system been powered up on the planet Earth right now through the atlantian timelines. now the teams are letting me know there's a connection here with the Atlantian timelines that are into the Planetary body the 6th and 7th Michael Mary reversals but I also want to say that what I'm understanding as there is a mixture of different components here.

I want to see there's a mentioning been given of the King Arthur timeline the Knights of the Round Table the Rainbow round technology I am feeling I have to apply and rainbow round into that atlantean Krystal cathedral in order to release your consciousness and I'm just holding the awareness there is it time applying the rainbow rounds into the atlantian timeline of where I'm accessing the point of your energy,  as I do that have some form of black magic bridge collapse in what am actually looking at here is a review of checkerboard Matrix architecture that is basically….. I'm looking at horizontal fields that have been manipulated with the chequerboard Matrix architecture and it's a multidimensional energetic implant to the Planetary body through multiple times Cycles so there's a feeling year of release and review of some portion of planetary energy here through this action and also I'm being guided to plug into the ley line to align a form of energy that is coming through God's cosmic cube and do Emerald order work because that's what it feels like through the Emerald order representation to install into the Michael Mary Line,  a sense of and perfected timeline memory access codes to the atlantean timelines. so there have been a few pieces of this recently and I actually feel like what is happening as we are able to gain for the access into different atlantean time portions through some level of 4 pillars of man network shifts that are allowing us to access the atlantean time period in a different way than before,  because what they're sharing with me as the original Round Table rainbow rounds of Lyran technology came from the Legend of King Arthur in Avatar stations of identity and basically it would be like saying when Aleister Crowley was on earth,  as he was being used to rip holes in the time matrix to go back into the Atlantic timelines of to let negative aliens into the fields in order that they could somehow reverse engineer the Rainbow rounds and make it a black table a black round. when they were showing me the black concentric circles at the start of the session this is what the architectural looks like and it feels like it's very much related to and see how you can eat union or how you would how you would look set four pillar structure in the black magic system or black grid system but a rainbow rounds are the Direct override to that technology and there's like a sense of basically what I want to say is happening here is through the setting of the rainbow round into those timelines it is somehow neutralising portions of the chequerboard Matrix and the timeline architecture, the construct into the black magic grid system that the Michael Mary line itself and a level of understanding that the Avatar portion of the stasis of being of King Arthur is somehow bound into Atlantian timelines in that location.

in this moment as I view that energy through the release of portions of your energy and the atlantian architecture timelines in the UK, we are able to reveal levels of the time matrix that are needed to be accessed in order to release portions of a crystal stasis beings from those areas of the time matrix so it feels like this is all we need to know for now. 
[end of excerpt I]