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Karmic Miasma plugged into your Liver from 6D Michael/Mary Line in UK affecting the skin

Back now into your personal Lightbody energy at this time I lovingly sweep through all levels of trauma trapped and central nervous systems and Harnessing there's a form of miasma -  it's plugged into your liver and there's a feeling here of actually something that I want to say is like a form of redemptive vehicle contract but it has been superimposed onto your light body and it would be like saying processing miasma from previous timelines but it is erupting on your skin there's a kind of 6D vertical -  your own inner masculine energy of your the right hand side of your body that has been used to be plugged into these Atlantian timeline. That holds miasma basically a harness or energy that is containing many dead light fragments and harness energies and dead light crystals and fragments in body parts -  so in this moment now clearing in the Architecture from being connected into your liver channel and the Meridian of same cleansing through the blood entirely too remove all forms of miasma in the blood crystal, cleansing out the miasmatic weight of processing on behalf of the body. Forms of karmic exhaust, when I feel this, this is forms of Michael healing because it would be like saying this is yet another way that the Michael energy has been harnessed and to the Planetary body and has been giving karmic or keep in binding and it's like saying your body has been and it shouldn't be processing that.  

So, removing affecting forms of spirit attachment into the Liver cleansing through the Liver entirely through that plugged in energy that is like a form of deadly I lovingly transit all entities energies and beings body parts DNA clothes that have been bound into that field of energy because they are sitting on the Michael Mary line I would want to call this a form of something that feels like crucifixion and plant that as I actually feel like I've only seen it in my male body's so far but I guess actually it doesn't matter because it's the 6th dimensional axiatonal line has been just used to plug in so much dead light. When I look at the UK body I always see a 6D line if you're looking at the map of the UK it's like a six dimensional line is on the west coast of 7th dimensional line is on the east coast and sort the awareness here, is this is portions of your own masculine healing this is also recovering energies and it's like Michael Mary Lane in the turnstile matrix in the chequerboard Matrix in the new diode crystal in avebury - all of these architectures are being able to be accessed more now because of the repair work that we've been doing as a group consciousness all of these years.  particularly at this time because the Michael Mary line to me feels like it belongs to existing dragon consciousness and we were able to gain access in a different way to that through The Awakening series of the Albion body so at this moment holding the intention  to lovingly allow your own body to remove these forms of energy but to invite back portions of your own consciousness soul energy RRO quanta that is yours, spiritual body parts that need to be returned to you now.

Liver Cleansing 6D axiatonal/gallbladder meridian – skin

removing the cords or bindings on your liver that are connecting you to your ancestors or family line that seem to also have a form of their processing in that has been placed on the bloodline of your ancestors it feels like your father's line so inviting ancestors who are also affected by this binding or disconnections recoding it in into the UK landmass. I would also like to share with you at this time that I feel like we are uploading some of this from the Albion body template at the same time, so lovingly holding that

and cleansing balancing organ polarity, applying the required support for the removal of these deadlight harnesses is karmic superimpositions through the 6th dimensional axiatonal line for all spiritual body parts to be rightfully returned, and to your ancestral line to the move the form of this binding and reversal from the family line in all directions as God would have it be.

 Cleansing the skin cells cleansing the bloodstream cleansing the liver and the 6th dimensional axiatonal line,  moving up from the feet on the right hand side the foot moving up in cleansing forms of parasites, scalar wave destructive waves, applying aurora reencryption into the six dimensional axiatonal line of your light body to provide support and to the fourth dimensional intersection and frequency currents from the right wing point on the right shoulder removing false Sirius connections removing and closing that portal entirely.  enter the pineal gland removing forms of dead light harness miasma, holographic inserts technology sweeping through the crystal portions of the pineal gland itself removing Mindslides connections, clearing these, through calling in the correct indigo ray in degrees of spectrum frequencies the Holy Mother aquamarine Ray cleansing congestion and mind looking from the mental body and the Brain itself. clearing and through the centre of the brain through the brainstem, the medulla oblongata, the back of the head, removing a form of energetic syphon at the back of the head that has architecture down into the spinal column removing these implants from the spine cleansing through the nadial complex.

Clearing the Heart Space – Giza, 4D, Egyptian timelines and Blue Heart 2D 4D Split Healing, Azurite Healing Blue Rainbow Sun

 moving into the first dimensional sphere to remove forms of victim victimizer software clearing through the nadial complex and uninstalling the forms of victim victimizer software from the central nervous system, from the instinctual body responses from the thought streams of the unconscious mind. moving into your heart  here clearing out forms of black seed crystal anubian Black heart energies.  delivered please support us in recovering a portions of energy and being moved into phantom Matrix on negative  which is a universal structure that is to say basically phantom matrix zone or phantom a universe that is the parallel to this one and in this moment now holding a return to rightful owner access in order to recover portions of your heart system, removing connections to the Black Tree of Life and the forms of reversal architecture placed upon the Tree of Life of a 10 strands of DNA template that was present in another timeline of body of being inhabited within it.

at the same time moving underneath Giza and recovering a form of energy that appears to belong to you that that feels like it's coming from the original Stargate memory system or the memory of being a guardian of the vertical energy of the Planetary body I would like to say that what this also feels like is some form of instruction set that was inside of your energy I feel like you were in many different Egyptian timelines, but I don't have a context at this moment but as I feel into Giza, there's loads of energy that are being returned to you from Giza that look like they are some form of an Egyptian hieroglyph…..give me a clue please for that  guardian teams…….I would actually like to say that what I'm feeling here as pieces of energy that we are broken,  broken heartedness in the Egyptian timeline now I'm asking  here for any further context that can support you in the here and now.

what am I accessing is memories or connections or lifetimes where their were black Heart overlays or connections and body parts in Egyptian timeline through the vivisection and mummification  - and when I am speaking that out loud, they give a hieroglyphic energy symbol that's been given I don't have a name for it but it looks like something that you would draw that is a heart at the bottom of it and I actually feel like this is to do with heart twinning in your body at this time it's to remove portions of 2D 4D split separation energy that seems to have been in this moment as I access it it's been highlighted as Egyptian timeline we are portions of the 2D 4D split. and now I'm looking at that in a different way it's also to do with the memory of interplanetary staff was broken at that dimensional frequency so lovingly moving out all portions of trauma or memory from your energy system that are related to the Planetary body being diverted and plugged into black Heart systems or the heart of the astral planes being set as an Anubis black heart and black Heart systems there's like separations of Earth where the Earth Blackheart networks Blackhearts systems I'm like astral plane 4d black Heart as well and there are being black hearts systems so lovingly sharing that with you requesting a return to rightful owner and holding a  applying support of frequency sets that are coming down from Aqualasha through the Diamonds krystal gyrodome of the diamond heart of Aqualasha and

applying these frequencies to your own heart matrix, to your own Lightbody levels and layers for 2D 4D separation trauma cleansing to be applied applying these forms of energy frequencies that feel like they are rose golden Rose and peach golden amplifier energy the teams give me this as forms of what they call AquaMAReion, and somehow it's related to solar body embodiment and it's supportive of the heart matrix system be provided with assistance and so at this moment they're sharing with me to support by holding a moment inside of your physical heart which I will do  - adjusting forms of what feels like the movement between the masculine and the feminine side of your own heart I feel that I've been taken to understand about when this trauma happened at the same time so removing forms of 666 anunnaki wing trauma memories or falling angelic connections affecting fallen angelic energies from portions of your energy here through these timelines as well.

ok I apologise for overloading with the information but there's so many things been given an understanding at the same time. Here the session field we have been joined by beings of whom I would identify with as the blue rainbow sun beings on the Rainbow blue Sun energy beings

who when I feel them,  are part of the seven higher heavens and also the the AquaLasha Galaxy energy beings so they are providing a form of cleansing including for you that is related to removing trauma from the Paliadorian missions in previous time cycles,  removing forms of AI architecture or memory that had invaded the azurite indigo shield system, to support your own energy release the memories and trauma of Mission failures or memories of losing life whilst working for Christ forces.

allowing the frequencies to lovingly permeate your system, your light body template, all stations of your identity, all bodies, to remove these patterns of energy and Harnessing….. holding this here and unhooking what I can only say is some form of architectural timeline connection into 4th or also and Anubis teachings memories and implants observing the very very pale blue frequency colour that seems to me in this moment as the AquaRose or aquaNora energy is coming in from the top of your top shield centre down into your 4th dimensional heart and showing the ignition of a small Blue Flame in the centre of the heart.

 the teams of sharing with me a sense of blue heart crystallization or diamondisation at the fourth dimension almost like that's what was the construct of energy in the Egyptian timeline and they're like sharing you know, its the tools we have, now the tools we have from Aqualasha, the frequencies are the override to the fourth dimensional heart splits and the 2D 4D separation of split where the fourth dimensional heart energies were pulled down into the second dimension.

[end of excerpt]