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Locking down entirely connected into the heart mind and body of god in 360 degrees, I welcome the presence of your avatar god self to provide support guideance and all that is needed and necessary I also welcome our krystal star guardian host teams, those families of unity who are supporting us on the path, and I set the field intention to be in alignment with your own intentions – consciously known or unknown, to work in service with you, to you and on your behalf, to provide the highest level of clarity and truth, all that is required

To remove anything that is inorganic to your structure, anything that is thwarting your highest liberation of expression and freedom, and anything else that is given to provide context for you within the laws of our cosmic sovereign law.

Identifying Monadic Reversals, Mary Consciousness

OK, I feel very strongly that we have been joined with aquaferion teams, they are coming into the field space and the feeling here is that we are looking at your wing points, your merkabic structure on the 6D 7D requires to have portions of realignment and repatterning, restructures, there are energies that are there that are to be cleared, holding a moment. Being also joined with the RA teams and AK, there’s portions of information in your lightbody that are suggesting to me around the whole Mary piece, when I feel into that – there’s an indication being given that portions of lightbody that are running reversal Mary currents, now the way that it is shown to me at this time, if we think about the Michael-Mary, the 6D/7D, the horizontal line in your clavicle, the rerpresetnation of that horizontal portion of the physical body there is a corrective sequence that has to be supplied in order to support the Mary consciousness, and the only way that I can share that with you what I am looking at in your lightbody – are some kind of portions of Mary that have stapled onto the masculine 6D side of your lightbody. So it is like saying, a form of monadic reversal on the 7D, just sharing that with you, that context, because what I also feel in that space is something to do with the neck, There is a tension in the shoulders, a tense muscular feelings in the top of your shoulders. If you were to take your fingertips up over the clavicle bone, right on the tops next to the neck, the muscles that meet in the neck, there is a real tension in that area. Just having a look before I clear that – ok there is a term coming from our teams that is something along the lines of False Mary Magdelene Tracker system, I haven’t heard that term before but when I look at what that is doing, it is like a mary splitter energy that is in portions of your lightbody and it’s in the monad body itself. So really holding a moment of clearing this reversal monadic aspect, if you will, it’s like a kind of, separation between the soul matrix and monadic matrix body. I am just going to hold a few moments of corrective repair sequence for you, I will share with you what I feel in the space. I can also see a staff splitter in your staff energy and it’s almost like it’s blocking out from the 8D upwards, so looking at that architecture, dissolving the staff splitter, moving into the harmonics of the 7th dimension and what is looking like a monadic reversal, clearing false Arcturus timelines, clearing false ascended master spiritual teaching programs from connections in the 7D portion of lightbody.

7D aspect interface, Gaian Matrix Edenic State, Hyperborean Timeline

There is a portion of monadic consciousness that is presenting herself to me as a form of – hyperborean body, a very large feminine body, female expression body who feels to me as if she is coming from the 7D earth connections. There’s a feeling of accessing what we might have termed as the garden of eden, there’s an Edenic state of consciousness in the 7D earth connections, but this also takes me to the Tiamat connection on 10D. What I feel needs to be done in this space, is RRO consciousness retrieval from Tiamat, then almost like we are realigning the goddess Edenic state from Tiamat, or sophianic consciousness, goddess consciousness from Tiamat’s body. What I have here in the space is a representation of female essence, coming from your monadic extensions on the 7D, and feeling that this parts need to be hooked back into the krystic mind or 10D through the feminine principle. I am opening up a space of moving into Tiamat, there are potions of fallen consciousness here, there are wounded feminine timelines, at the same time I am also moving into the trinity gate which is Hapshetsut temple, and the 10D stargate and the GEG and Tiamat, all at the same time, there is a form of triading or triangulation that needs to be held with these 3 spaces, in order to retrieve what feels like DNA or frequency codes. There are units being retrieved I am collapsing out inorganic timelines and structures from what feels like Tiamat’s body, this also leads me to open a 5D retrieval at the same time. With that aswell, I am feeling to open up 2D I am going to a space of phantom earth, 2D artificial intelligence timelines and at the same time 2D earth-non AI timelines, holding these spaces open and just intending to evict forms of spiritual bondage, fallen angelics, lunar force beings, consciousness or energy that we would term as achamoth, anti-christ energies of Azazael and lillith, I want to also move into an energy that needs to be evicted is gog-magog, holding eviction space, and retrieval. There seems to be an ability at this moment, an aperture of extended recovery at this moment, I feel guided to ask you to centre yourself inside the centre of your hara line. Your staff energy. There’s a form of blue energy that is coming through which is coming down to support your staff alignment, inside your physical body.

4D Heart Blue Flame (Melchizedek Blue Ray Holder)

It is a baby blue frequency as I feel it is coming from Aqualasha diamond heart matrix connections. It’s braiding into the centre of the top of the shield system, it is coming in through the 14D connection, it’s braiding down on the internal essences of your hara line, and staff, and is building into the back of the nadial complex, is moving into your heart centre 4d, and is igniting a blue flame holder, it is reignition of blue flame heart frequencies and is moving down into the lower hara centre, into a form of where the soul, where the monadic matrix link inside the centre of the body inside the pelvic bowl. Asking you to feel into that frequency, it is anchoring into the 1D sphere on the core manifestation template.

Moving into your 4D heart centre, observing the emerald ray come into the heart centre, and what it seems to be – I would recognise this as part of the paliadorian activations that we are receiving at this time, there is almost a sense of what feels to me certainly as the 4D heart, are receiving amended or upgraded or now – available to us, frequency sets that are supporting the resurrection of 4D diamond heart in our lightbodies, in the planet body and it feels to me to be supported and connected with the recent planetary staff alignment into the aqualasha. It’s almost like saying we have architectural support at this time that we have not been able to access up until this point, and it’s having the effect of – the holy father emerald ray is moving through the 4D actual physical heart structure itself, I am being shown the chambers of the heart containing the diamond pillars, when I look at your heart I see 4 diamond pillars, one in each chamber – diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire which sit within the actual heart. This is part of what I feel is the Krystal Cathedral, Diamond Pillar networks, or the city 4 square, or god’s cosmic cube, all of these things are being referenced here to share with you what is occurring, it’s almost like saying we are able to receive new frequency sets into the physical body. Through the holy father law of structure, the bone matrix of the physical 1D, all of these things, we have access to more stability, more compassionate strength from holy father, and activations of the heart that allow us to release the dense programs woundings of 2D/4D splits.

Monadic Realignment

Observing the emerald ray move from the 4D and merging the Albion and Cathar in the 4D heart frequency, Emerald Ray father and Baby Blue mother. Spiral and move up in a kind of braiding fashion into the 8D permanent seed atom, when they get to the permanent seed atom they start to ignite chambers inside, and from there what I am observing is that 8D monadic connections almost re-weave themselves to recollect the 7D harmonics that had been in reversal, I am watching this reanimate itself in the space of your lightbody here, and patterns of the 9D harmonics of the monadic body feel this wave of Albion and Cathar – reclaim the monad body. In this space now, understanding to clear out forms of energetic compression, dead light harnesses, karmic superimpostions, all these forms of reversals on the back of the head at 9D. Observing and clearing out with Celestine energies, removing forms of siphon, the aquaferions are stepping forward here to share with me some kind of correction sequence that needs to be applied to your 9D sphere access or into timelines of Krystic Andromeda memories, so holding an intention of application of lightbody repair, through 9D connections, understanding to hold a space of witnessing and application of mother and sapphire in from the 10D sphere and actually start to, oscillate into the 9D sphere, as parts of the lightbody connect itself.

Feeling to mention to you here, I feel the aquaferions very close in the session space, what is being felt and recognised is that a portion of your identity is residing in aquaferion and that you are a crystal core keeper, like your body has been running code, and when I say code, I mean mother father, all the frequency that your body can hold has been plugged into the planetary body in the location where you are, now there is sense that you maybe don’t feel that as fully as you could have. But it’s like saying, you have been aware of it in some moments and not in other moments. The teams show me that in Australia, where you are, there are two others there that you seem to be connected to, it feels like you are anchored to hold down architecture and code, further into that takes me to Uluru and the Mother Arc trinity gate and your body has been used to hold the cathar into the landmass of there. When I feel into your field on a wider level there is an indication of portions of your consciousness or awareness being a grail keeper, keeper of the cathar lineages, keeper of the gruel, essenes, all of these krystic teachings and protection and keeping the gnostic truth alive. And this ties into the whole Rose energy, the Christ-sophianic energy, I feel to share with you aswell, when I connect with you but into Uluru connection, There’s a sensation of ancient ancient tribal energy which feels aboriginal teachings of – beings who would have sat in a circle and praised the mother, and almost I want to say that I can see structures of guardian forces there whom you connect with in the landmass, and I Feel like you do a lot of work in sleepstate and your body in conduiting a lot during sleep and you are keeping the land clear where you are.

Uluru, the Mother and the Blue Crystal Lotus Rose Heart 4D

When I am asking our teams if there is further information for you there, they give me the word of pilgrimage, and I observe you walking to Uluru in your current body, like taking a walk to the temple but the temple is the land. There is an analogy being given, at this time your body is a temple and they are referencing the whole keepers of the rose, keepers of the gnostic knowledge, the cathar code, the code in your body, the lifetimes that you have come to planet earth and kept the blue flame, the blue rose, the blue mother, all these things contained in your lightbody essence, you have been coming back, coming back, coming back. Here we go again! Here we go again…Holding this inner truth inside your body and what I am trying to share is that when I view Uluru site at this time there is a large blue rose being shown in the session space here, almost like a symbolism and it is referencing a form of planetary alignment that is providing the 4D heart system as a blue crystal rose lotus heart. When we think about our permanent seed atoms, we think of that as being a crystal lotus heart, but the teams are basically nudging me to feel into this space and it’s like saying we hold the crystal rose heart in Egyptian timelines and that the planet also did, prior to the 18th dynasty timelines where it all went broken, the staff was broken and we were infiltrated. I feel like through the paliadorian activations the heart frequency reanimations, I want to call it that – that the crystal blue lotus heart is able to be held in the 4D heart space, within our soul matrix, and what that does it is it gives the ability to hold more diamond frequency more 45 degree angles, so the aquaferions are literally sharing, the hand in hand way that we work through our multidimensional stations of identity and what they are referencing here is that when we have an aquaferion aspect like you do, then it’s like saying the aquaferion portion of you hooks into your physical body as a form of embodiment and is a part of what we would term as monadic expression, the function of the aquaferion body is to support the human body to bring the 4D diamond frequencies, at Uluru and Giza, platform pyramid connections and also, your own physical body.

1D Bone Clearing, of Death Seals and Miasma - Support for Paliadorian Activations

Moving in to look at spinal column and feeling to clear the spine, from your tailbone and moving up with the application of rainbow round energy and Celestine fire in order to support all inorganic architecture and kundalini flows to be at their most optimum, moving up through the spinal into the nadial complex, clearing out forms of debris of inorganic energy. There is something I understand to be the caduceus implant, I was going to say there is a Tibetan reiki symbol that is called the Tibetan fire symbol I can see that in your spinal column, so in the seeing it I understand to remove it because it’s stopping the flow of kundalini and the caduceus implant – removing this architecture. Clearing through DNA fibres transmitters and receivers, the nadial complex and capsules, moving into the back of the neck and there is a form of miasma in there that seems to be compressing portions of the spinal column at the top where the head sits on the spine. Now, I see that as a kind of residue miasma, feels related to the atlas-axis, I am asking for any further information about that if we need to understand. It takes me into the timeline but I cannot see the content of the timeline, asking for all energies to be returned. Removing a spike implant, and inorganic architecture, collapsing forms of clone energy, shadow self energy, negative form energy and Celestine fire energy being applied with the intention of cleansing and clearing.

Let the emerald ray frequency, it’s carrying out a form of reclaimation of what feels like a reclaimation of your 9th sphere, feeling to clear through the auditory nerve function in the body, also the optic chiasm itself, being guided to apply the aquareion pastelline orchid lilac whiteish energy and now that is being applied into the sphenoid bone, into the actual cranial bones in your head, if I were to describe to you it’s like saying at the back of the head there’s 3 portions of bone of skull, it’s like the tectonic plates on the skull, this frequency amplifier is running through the bones and removing forms of dead light miasma, something that I want to call death seals, or 666 sextant matrix through the bones in your head. If you feel guided I would ask you to take some deep breaths, feel into that energy as it is flooding your entire bone matrix, moving down from there into the facial bones, the jaw bones, moving into the spinal column filling up the left and right hand side of the arms, the spine, spiralling round the actual bones themselves and moving inside the bone fibres and there is a sense of porosity of portions of bones there and this amplifier is almost like – I want to describe it as clearing out as porous points in the bone, there’s a sense of this moving down all the way into your tailbone and at the tailbone there is a form of stretching or re-orientation of the bone, degrees of the way that the bone sits in alignment that’s the best way that I can describe what is happening here. It’s like moving through the bone structure, moving it now through pelvic bones and sacrum, every single bone in the body, holding this space and observing the amplifier carry out some form of function of removing the 666 sextant matric and death seal and connections to trumpet pulse technology, death broadcasting technology, Yahweh curse system and Ezekiels’ body was bound into the earth in temple mount area, so there are these harnesses that were in your energy that have connected you into ezekiels body and are being dismantled now. SO what I am allowed to understand it’s like reclaimation of the 1D atomic body through the bone structure, the amplifier is being joined by the aquafey energy and the mother-daughter codes, the father-daughter codes the mother-son codes, these are being run through the structural matrix the physical bones, the blood, the nervous system, all soft tissue, the venous system, the arterial system, every structure in your body is being flooded with these amplifier and what is happening is a form of collapsing memories of abuse, and trauma, and removing archetypal overlays of forms of black magic grids and reversal black heart systems, anubian black heart seeds.

In this moment, feeling to intend the release of any unknown pressure that is sitting within any station of your multi-dimensionality,

Clearing 6D 7D Masculine Feminine, Building Wings 

Allowing your bodies’ cellular matrix to release through the session space, all levels of physical body matter and auric layers, clearing congestion from the mental body and the thought sequences and removing holographic inserts, cleansing the pineal there are resonator crystals in the pineal some of them look like they are not receiving current from the 6D access points, I am going to leave these frequency amplifiers running in the body and move into pineal. Remove all forms of miasma and observing 15D magenta holy father ray frequency come down and run through the 6D axiatonal vertical line, and almost re-anchor itself it’s a form of reconnection of the 6D line into the meridian system of the body gallbladder meridian, and I would like to say it’s like your body was feeling itself as two halves, because when that amplifier is running there, that frequency is running in the RHS, the body is aligning itself, what is in your body is a form of right hand hip sits lower or slightly back the way from alignment, so if you were standing up against the wall, portions of your spine or right hand hip is turned a little bit, like 1 or 2 degrees, further behind the left hip, The body is trying to find it’s balance here. Removing forms of neural net technology, consciousness wiping, blank slating, from the pineal gland,

Back into the kundalini fibres and connections from the 1D sphere into the tailbone, allowing these energies to be optimised, running up through the spinal column cord itself and observing the back of the head at 9D, observing now the forms of rainbow ray run from the back of the head moving through the skull into the optic nerve and pulsate out of the eyes. With that moving out crown implants, am looking at the crown and observing the 7 tones of aurora above your head in a circular manner and that you have been working with the Ka ra ya sa ta aa la

The aurora crown is the over ride to the crown of thorns, the override to crown and pineal, and it’s running the merged currents. But at this time to mention to you the krysthala tones if you feel guided to work with them, I see you working with them at yoga and building a krystal aegis breastplate, but we can build a krystal aegis in our crowns, krysthala tones aswell support the body to stabilise and repattern itself and further integrate portions of consciousness.

Retrieval of Avatar Christ Sophia, Eieyani Massacre Timeline - Thoth

Moving into the 11D connections, with the understandings there are many things here so I am just going to work my way through the many things I feel to give you the context. We are moving into 11D to retrieve forms of Christ-Sophianic energy that has been held in reversal in 11d that is coming from the Essene, or Eiyani (Aeoni-c) Massacre, these timelines of Lyra. Holding space for recovery. I am feeling in here that we are bringing back some of your own avatar consciousness out of this black hole system in Lyra, at the same time we have Christ-Sophia energy that has been held in spiritual bondage. Let the rainbow bridge pull back and recover all parts of your consciousness, in the compassionate witnessing for all that needs to be. A symbolism of platinum silver gold Omega symbol is altering it’s colour frequency between silver and pale gold, is being brought back to you now. Silicate matrix gene code, Krystal gene or 12 strand DNA gene code energy connection sequences, are being retrieved out of the black hole system now. Removing Lyran Cross and the Aveyon cross, which have had impacts on your staff. The shield underneath your feet your 10-11-12 has been impacted but underneath that the 1D sphere, so there are lightbody architecture is being shifted as that implant is being removed, It is like looking at your staff energy re-ignite itself there. Also a sense of the pastelline pale blue frequency from aqualasha that is braided on the innermost portion of your hara line, out from that I am viewing portions of rainbow ray frequency of 11 and 12D merge currents in the staff itself and observing the 11D consciousness units come back through the session space and be re-aligned for absorption in divine right timing.

source: excerpt from sessionwork, February 2018