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December 2017 Starseed Session Extract

I am immediately being greeted with the presence of Beethoven who comes in with your Avatar and as feeling to me in this moment like there is an avatar station of self that as musical construct … using or abiding in God's sovereign cosmic cube Tesseract architecture through the universal cosmic tone codes of creation. And feeling into this is like observing and feeling into mother's cathar tones through mother´s cosmic proton seed energies merged with holy father´s electron seed energies and the coming together in HG union as tones codes expressed through the law of creation through holy father's structure and manifest physical ability. The constructs of the mother's proton seeds and fathers electron seeds are like looking at cosmic eggs that come together as forms of energy light capsules in the higher levels of The Creation Fields.

So it is a celebration time, there is a celebratory joy within Beethoven´s heart. He feels to me there is a group consciousness specifically aligns to the healing arts through music and that you come from this family of Christ lineage like architecture of music like the Architecture of the mother tone itself. However it becomes challenging to describe what is being given I am repeating the phrases of mother tone and father structure but they give me this likeness to be the Albion And Cathar. So with this the reference the Albion Cathar as an individual diamond sun template and the Albion Cathar or diamond Sun template at the universal level. The feeling here is that you are providing a way for individuals to actually experience music as God or to experience god through the music in a way that was not available or misunderstood by many people through time. Where they would have used music as a spell, where people would have written music through the desire to become famous, the desire to earn the money, the desire to receive love from an audience. You are overriding these programs, you are overriding these in the Planetary body itself. The teaching capacity that you have is really like it is like you could be providing online lessons or sharing your knowledge in a wider way, whatever feels comfortable to you.

They show me that other people work with the code in a different way but for whatever reason it's like the ‘genius music program’ a form you are providing the Guardian override to the negative ego mental intelligence fields of a pattern of "egotistical genius music academic program" and I know that you know that - but they are giving it this name and they are sharing with me that when you came to Earth your mission was and your message was challenging as a woman and musical academic awareness you were not installed with the Ego program of the musical academic genius - instead you come from within your heart and this is what has allowed you to connect very early on in your life with these Avatar and frequencies that are holding existing Gene code sharing with.

What I am understanding is those who have the heart to hear the tones through the mirror of perfected symmetry will ultimately resonate with those tones and be healed in many ways. That is likened to a body's ability to receive and perceive the Krystal Kaleidoscope itself and in the doing so there is no manipulation of frequency set through our each individual connection to and with the God head totally. As the music is being recoded, re-encrypted and realigned through your physical body and your larger sphere of influence, each person who is receiving harmonisations through your lightbody architecture begin to feel the coding of the music in a different way.

Thymus Gland as Higher Heart Resonator, Mother Tones through the Voice when Embodied

they're showing me now your thymus gland - in order to support the vocal cords almost as if the secretions from thymus glands impact the voice ability to be strong clear and resounding within the body. There is a larger context being given as best clearing is moving through your thymus glands note the voice as a harmonic resonator through and with your own body as you have progressed on your own healing path, as you have filled your physical body and all of the ways that you have there is this feeling of you feeling a deep sense of holy mother's cathar runs through the circuitry of your body and in the doing so is similar to seeing a return of Holy Mother staff are present in the body and through the voice as the voice is a Sophianic Heart tone that runs through holy father's skeletal structure as the Albion body.

There is a frequency amplifier been brought forward in this space that is known to me as Aquareion. It is a pale lilac pastelline violet whitish ray frequency that is coming in now to your physical body and then brought into your vocal cords, into the vocal cords themselves and through what looks like a Krystal generator or a Krystal resonator as a form of cube in the throat. it's almost like looking at a permanent seed atom that is a separate structure in the voice box itself and this frequency is restringing and strengthening your vocal cords through this clearing of what feels like a miasma and a form of timelines where your voice was suppressed. So in the understanding of that, there is also a requirement here to observe the other timelines and, as I source them, and being taken into what looks like forms of operatic performance in Italy in opera houses that look like Italy and even I would like to say we are accessing some form of Greek or Roman timelines of what feels like influences of when Greek philosophers and … I want to add in the feeling of Plato, Archimedes and who is that other essence? Well, Aristotle, it's like Teachings of Philosophy, Theosophy. And Pythagoras … there is a Pythagorean mathematical reference energy in here as well. In the feeling into that to observe these timelines for any further information.

Distortions placed within the voice

There's an understanding of the recovery of mother’s tone code through the voice. There is a wider picture of part of sophianic body reclaiming and recollection and there is a micro to macro piece. so it's like saying returning mother's voice to your body in a strengthen way and in the doing so is actually recovering timelines where your voice was used in operatic expression. There is a new form of overlay within the Opera system. As I look at that it's difficult to get a handle of what teams are saying but it is to do with musical performance and sexual misery. and the way that this is being portrayed as to say that in these past timelines women's voices were revered as a form of sexual energy manipulation through the voice and the women who were in operatic expression where being infiltrated by Black Suns, Orion beings, Draconian beings who were … almost like that… when they were projecting their Voice into the theatre, the adoration they received, or the energetic ability of the voice was actually somehow harnessing the energies within the audience because it is like looking at a form of anti-hierogamic Union coding through The Voice.

It is the only way I can understand what the teams are sharing. It looks like when you have operas that you have a male and a female in a form of operatic voice competition and that there are so many expressions of pain in operas that the way that these have been written or like weaving the codes of harnessing the energies of the audience. As hard as it is to comprehend the way that these energies have been manipulated. So, I lovingly witness all of this information. I am being taken to look at things like Greek ampitheatres and the performing arts of playwrights and opera singers, all forms of entertainment that would have brought audience together. And the way within the Christ Family lines expression of music has always been from a open-heart perspective and the sharing of mothers cathar tone through The Voice.

Planetary Grid Tones and Harmonics, Light-Sound-Cell, Souls trapped in Reversal Tones in the Grids
But at certain points in timelines, energies were infiltrated and used in this reversal. As I am holding the frequency of AquaReion in your body, I am also accessing these multidimensional timelines where there are energies that have been bound into reversal mother and father Hierogamic Union tone codes that are used in Reversal like capture devices. So my understanding here is to release and Transit not only your past timeline energies but multiple soul fragments that are bound in spiritual bondage to the tone codes that were used in Reversal. Holding a space of loving intentional return to rightful owner. As this Transit or release is underway, there is large amount of mathematical sequence code that is being released along with the spiritual consciousness parts. In the session space, the mathematical code is being instantaneously repatterned through our ability to have the connection with the Divine Infinite Calculus and it is like saying the souls that have been held in harmonic pockets of dimensional spaces have been found using reverse mother father tone codes. And these energies are being released now.

There is a large piece of energy that we are dealing with here and I am giving thanks for our Teams for showing us this direction and thank you for holding this piece within your mission function. Holding the space to dismantle the reverse mother father tone code sequences that have been used in the reversal. Seeing a wider context of a form of planetary grids as the … it's like looking at the blueprint of the Planetary body grid system that is responsible for the codes of the tone supporting the harmonic functions of the grids and the mathematical sequence codes of the elemental body of that grid system. It looks like accessing different dimensions at the same time, so accessing layer one of the first dimension, layer one of the second dimension, layer one of the third dimension, layer one of the fourth dimension. It's like looking at the Blueprint to the harmonic layers of the Planetary body and the dimensional spaces themselves. And understanding that as the tones are corrected in HG principle, through our ability to support the re-encryption, there's a release of certain harmonic codes and repatterning ability of same almost I want to say that what is occurring as a form of the of the first, second and third Dimension of the Planetary collective consciousness, as part of the grid function itself, as part of alignments or corrections… and been shown the chords of your voice box regaining a tone code themselves and repatterned and aligned sequences.

Mother Cathar Sophianic tones to the voice Restoration

The energy of the AquaReion is moving inside the cords of your vocals themselves and is reclaiming the voice box itself as a form of … It's like looking at your whole throat as a harmonic resonator for the voice moving up into the pallet inside the roof of your mouth and then moving into the bone structure of the body particularly in your head moving up into the sphenoid bone and there's a form of reclaiming the bone structure in your body as harmonic resonator. There is a sense of the body having been overloaded with frequency and due to the health challenges that you have been through - there's this filling up of your whole skeletal matrix in the body and the bone marrow moving right down into the smallest units of bone marrow or in bone cells themselves throughout all of your skeleton in its entirety. They are being lovingly held with this AquaReion. It's like a very pale pastel lilac or violet white colour that is happening within your structure and is reclaiming all aspects of your bone function through the harmonic resonator ability of your skeleton itself. It feels to hold this energy in your body for the next few minutes if you feel guided to breathe the sensation of that amplifier into the body as it is being held lovingly soothing and repatterning.

Observing layers of miasma being removed from the cells of the bones and forms of bloodline clearing, genetic rehabilitation … moving the Frequency from bones out into the fascia network of your body to again provide a form of cellular release of memories influences and the reclaiming almost like there's an aurora encryption through the lattice work of the fascial network within your body. There is a release here of what feels like a form of memory of cancer cells in the body are released and cleansing from the death screen technology and sextant Matrix and a form of what looks like flushing of DNA sequences and Krystal Gene codes realignment from your Avatar, repatterning aspects of the Krystal DNA sequencing the aurora rainbow diamond light within your DNA codes themselves.

There is a reanimation that is occurring within your body and the only way I can describe it is to say the cells are being cleared now of memories of disease, the cells and DNA frequencies are being reignited through a form of Krystal Gene alignment. This also has to do with the recovery of Mother's mitochondria in your own body and inside the cells of your body the blood Krystals, the structure of the DNA ATP ability and through the dark matter template as distortions in the dark matter template are being sweeped out or swept away by the Aquareyon frequency. Also to be known here as a form of glandular secretion and chemistry alignment because they're showing me now your thymus gland - in order to support the vocal cords almost as if the secretions from thymus glands impact the voice ability to be strong, clear and resounding within the body. There is a larger context being given as this clearing is moving through your thymus glands now and the voice as a harmonic resonator through and with your own body. As you have progressed on your own healing path, as you have healed your physical body in all of the ways that you have, there is this feeling of you feeling a deep sense of holy mother's cathar runs through the circuitry of your body and in the doing so is similar to seeing a return of Holy Mother Cathar presence in the body and through the voice as the voice is a Sophianic tone codes that runs through holy father's skeletal structure as the Albion body.