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We are including some transcripts from the sessions we have facilitated that help to illustrate some of the lightbody blocks and artificial intelligence installed in humans that subvert and control the life force (sexual) energy flow in the body. These are real session spaces, where implants/blocks/etc were removed as part of the healing process. The reason for sharing is to help show the intricacies and impacts of these controlling energies upon the human body and life experience, as a form of relating to real life scenarios.

All meditations in the omnilov3 archives assist with healing these principals. You can see from the hieros gamos energy healing session fields, that the personal lightbody is not separate from the planetary body or previous timeline histories- because we are connected in each dimensional octave to the planet body itself, and the architecture of the lightbody and the planet contain the energetic answers to these blocks. The observation and removal of these implants, energies and blocks, assists in regaining sovereignty and healing of the sexual centres and energies inside of the body.

Starseed session excerpt

Starseed individual had been experiencing sexual misery through sexual urges and required support to remove the alien architecutural implants and from other timelines to support in the healing of the sexual energies and life force flow to not be controlled through instinctual physiological control. Negative aliens and demonics siphon the energy of the human sexual centres which are under extreme levels of assault every day on earth. This is to perpetuate the gender split wounding on earth, which keeps males and females at war with each other - instead of in unity. This sexual misery influence also means a human cannot truly feel the godsource, as they are being enslaved into the lower fallen fields of satanic energies, vampiric siphoning into the baphomet. The baphomet was part of the mother's body on the earth which was damaged and installed with an alien si[hone. Humans with sexual addictions are connected into this field and require to continue their addiction continually to try to fill the void within, not knowing that the void is actually coming from the Baphomet field which provides instant gratification or quick hit sexual highs, but is also damaging if not understood to discontinue the addictive behaviours, as this damages the human soul and heart.

Galactic Timelines of Slavery, Sexual Slavery

Moving into, eviction and transit is still going there but moving into timelines of what would be termed breeder programs. There's a few different things there and again it's looking at overlays of where, it's almost like a very twisted thing to say so please forgive me I apologize in advance for the way that this wording is going to come out here but it's like understanding and feeling into the energy of whereby in other timelines we were used to breed literally as sex slaves and what is being given as an analogy is this is the same way that we do on earth now because we're involved in the Sexual Misery programming that. Actually it's like looking at something we (humans) an inner well was broken and been in those other timelines where we were used to be breeders or sex slaves. I guess this is the only other way to describe it but it's almost like how insidious it is on earth now because they send out the signal, or the energetic programming is there, and we, we feel that and we follow it, so it's like saying, we don't even have to be led against our will because we follow what the energy is that's being sent out or that has been embedded into our architecture so it's like saying we are making ourselves our own slaves and then these other energies are benefiting from the energy that is then able to be collected from our fields. So forgive me for that but we are now looking at timelines of what I know to be breeder programs. So in the collapsing of these again it's a soul retrieval and collapsing of energy.

Removing all forms of cellular memory to do with the breeder programs to return all aspects of your energies. There are fire letter codes here coming through, there's templates coming back to you, core manifestation 12 tree grid templates are coming back, there are pieces of what looks like forms of light body architecture that would reside in your first core triad.

6D Timelines in Aldebaran Push Gender Splitting Behaviours – Family of Michael Enslavement

Meanwhile I'm also been taken to a six dimensional timeline that feels like Aldebran and here I am accessing a form of a planetary body that is again where sexual energy has been used and collected and syphoned. So to give the base context of that it's like some kind of, it's like looking at warring factions in the sixth dimension. It's to do with Michael energy because earlier on in your session space I was being given the understanding of Michael energy that needs to be looked at and I think we're going back into planetary body to do that as well but for this moment in time this is to do with Michael energy from the sixth dimension and the only way that I can describe that to you as is to say, Michael as an aspect of a father god or masculine principle of god, an expression of masculine and this is where it ties in to Hero-Savior programming and Sexual Misery a little bit as well and it is to say, Michael as we would think about, say for example Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael, the Michael families of consciousness are what makes up portions of our time field or is also given as the Golden Eagle grid energies, are Michael consciousness.

So the families of Michael are used or have given themselves freely to be the golden eagle grid. But the grid system itself was infiltrated and used to perpetuate forms of trauma, hurt, male wounding. Right, all the masculine things and it, you know, goes deeper than that but for the purposes of attempting to give you a good explanation that makes sense. Michael is like a Hero or Savior if you will, like a kind of superhero type of archetype. But what has happened is he has been held in stasis or used in reversal, his energy of loving hero and saviorism has been used in reversal against the inhabitants of planet earth and so the feeling in here is that we’re looking at portions of Michael consciousness that you are a part of or that have been an expression of yours in sixth dimensional timelines of what I'm feeling is, it's like a planetary system that I am in, it's like Aldebaran, it's like warring energies, it's like looking at these Dark mother entities or beings.

Reversal Feminine, Dark Mother Archetype Seduction and Attraction Deceptions

So that would be like saying you meet a women who is a manipulator, you meet a women who is a, like domineering, or manipulate a man to get what she wants, now there's a kind of analogy here with your current life but for the purposes of attempting to understand this, we are bringing back pieces of your consciousness from this timeline in order to collapse because actually feels to me like this is how your sexual energies have been manipulated for several years, you know it's like looking at an installation of a program and in that star system itself that is directly connected in with, well your current body, the planetary body here, all forms a sexual misery are interconnected on so many levels, so I am looking at this timeline;

It's like being used as a sex slave in that timeline by what feels like reversal mother beings or baphomet energy being. Female warriors that, thank you, that's what it is. Ok. Ok. These female warriors on this Aldebaran planet are like, Wonder Woman, on steroids, Wonder Woman has completely lost any sense of wonder and has turned into a complete dominatrix type of being or very seemingly powerful and so what is happening, it's definitely a domineering type environment where the masculine principles in Aldebaran have been used as Slaves to these women and there's this real feeling in here that this has to do with Hero-Savior VV program and it looks like the Michael consciousness is and by that I am kind of referring to the portion of your energy that is in this timeline because that's what it feels like, it's like Michael wars, the wars of Michael, this looks to me like it is the actual seed of where the they decided to take Michael energies down. That's what it feels like I'm looking at. Looking at a trigger timeline event that has been used to perpetuate this on the earth.

So even if you didn't feel like a wounded masculine here, even if you didn't feel in pain in your current life time, this portion of your identity is in pain out here in Aldebaran and it is to say, there's this form of, I want to call it, this form of when you've maybe been seeking a partner in your current life, like you felt you really needed a partner or you would be looking to a partner who is quite a strong and fierce female warrior. Now what the teams are allowing me to piece together here as well is that the wounded masculine of Michael family somehow has been given a program to always look for a fierce female warrior and I've seen this on a number of occasions you know but it's just to give you a basis of what we're accessing here. It's really hard to give the best context when we're looking at multidimensional energies like this but this has had a direct overlay in your current life you know, your current way that you are or the way that you have been.

So, I am lovingly accessing these aspects of your soul energy in this Aldebaran timeline, observing and collapsing all forms of, some form of sixth dimensional implants that are given, similar to what we would call a seventh dimensional crucifixion implant but the implant there is going through portions of the right hand side of your pelvic area and the liver area in your body and the right neck area which is a kind of, it's a transcendental point for Flame Body access. Basically the Michael energies here have been held in subordination or feeling wounded and inferior and you know, we would say, what the terminology where you become almost in resonance or sympathetic resonance to your captor, like as Stockholm syndrome, something like that, this is what this feels like here and this program has been placed into earth's body so that those of us with Michael aspects which many of us have and do have and will have, but many men, if you are in a male body this lifetime, these programs are set to keep you in a loop so in the uncovering of all of that, the removal of all aspects of reversal energy, the dismantling, disentangling and removal of architecture from what is Hero-Savior victim victimiser programs that are enmeshed with Sexual Misery and removing of a form of false lens, that is to say when you're picking partners or when you've been attracted to partners, there's this kind of false lens in front of the body, that means that you are filtered in your view.

So it's like saying you can't feel with your heart you can only feel with your sexual organs and that's what that looks like to me that this architecture is doing. It's directing everything into the sexual urgency, the sexual response or the connectedness in there and I wanna share with you here as well in case it's supportive. The sexual compulsion, right, the kind of addictive manner of sexual response that we have in the body is also being triggered from that timeline it seems, particularly what I am looking at now, no certainly, because in that timeline there is there's a form, of I really don't know how to say this that makes it any easier to hear or listen too but it is to say there's a form of kind of, applied technical response and it sounds about bizarre to say that way but the only analogy I can give is Pavlov's dogs. It's like seeing in those timelines that men were used as sexual slaves to these kind of false female warriors right, and the responses that were give were a kind of urgency, some kind of competition between gladiator type men to be used in a kind of slavery manner to service the female warrior groups.

I don't know how that came out that made a lot of sense there but I'm looking at this scene of energies and it's like looking at forms of the feeling of Goliath energy or what would be some kind of even greek Gladiator overlays false god systems, Eye of Yahweh, Ok. Removing the Eye of Yahweh energies, refraction, frequencies.

Sexual Misery Programming Causes reversals in lightbody, pain as pleasure, self-perpetuating cycle

I mean this timeline is filled with pain and trauma so I do apologize I'm just narrating it out and observing it. It is heavy to witness and at the same time it is good to get to some of these pieces so that we can collapses these energies from your field. There's like a whole heap of programming in and here and if feels like this is been hidden to a certain degree and for whatever reason we're able to view it more clearly now and it's certainly something that has been infiltrated in men because I'm looking at forms of sexual deviance I guess we would call it, you know, forms of pain as pleasure, but in this timeline looking at that as being the root cause of these different types of program that are in the earth body that we're all subjected to and so I lovingly witness all of that information.

But it feels like in some regard that you have not been able to feel fully masculine unless you have been enacting through different forms of your own sexual energy in a way that has made you feel powerful and so what it feels like in here is the, in a way that has made you feel powerful but you're giving your energy away without realizing that that's what's been happening. So the dismantling of all these parts, the bringing back of all these parts is supportive to you, the witnessing in of these timelines, collapsing all these timelines and architectures. Looking now how the Aldebaran system has somehow been tied into this like Moon or Saturn connection as well. Which is micro to macro so dismantling your own connections from that sixth dimensional portal system, the planetary system of what is Aldebaran, these timelines of the soul matrix, allowing all inorganic energies to be detached and moved and completely neutralized.

With this there's a form of mental body re-encryption that needs to be carried out or supported in this space. It is like looking at fibers of mental body that have actually been damaged or disconnected from source, so holding that moment there to rebuilt, repattern, apply Aurora re-encryption entirely.

Objectification of opposite sex leads to not being able to feel true god source

Another piece of information here that I'm feeling is being provided for understanding is, it's like seeing the objectification of women allow us not to feel our true mother in the body and what the teams are saying is, the work that you've been doing on yourself has allowed you to feel true mother in your body more and it's almost like saying, you are giving up one piece to feel the other piece. So it's like saying I'm giving up this view of women to connect with the real women, the real women being the mother, the Holy Mother presence herself and this feels positive to me. They are sharing with me Michael-Mary separation, Michael-Mary lineages, Michael-Mary overlays and so I am being taken down into the Stonehenge area of the Michael-Mary line itself and with the understanding of, recovery of your consciousness units from the Michael-Mary line itself. When I'm looking this architecture, it's appearing now as a form of krystic architecture and so it's like looking at memories of yours from past timelines, even I'm feeling Atlantian timelines in there that need to be accessed or returned to you now.

Cleansing of your clavicle bone (6d-7d wings) in the body through the AquaReyon amplifier, applying the pastel lilac aquareyon amplifier through the Michael-Mary line itself. There's a form of 666 seal in here which feels about Yahweh and it feels about sextant matrix. There's a form of information around the Death Seals, so removing all aspects of that from the bone matrix itself filling up your entire skeletal matrix with the AquaReyon amplifier with the intention of removing these Death Seals completely and totally through all multidimensional stations of identity. Clearing all reversal plasmas, clearing all astral weaponry, clearing, it's like 666 seals from the heart space, Zeta seals from the heart space.