sessionfield excerpt 2018

OK, so I am going into the Giza Solar Stargate Complex for a moment, and holding a moment and there's a return of solar spiral energy that has been highlighted from Giza connecting with the Christ spiral of solar energy igniting within your heart space as we hold a moment to remove and witness all energy influences related to anubian black heart systems, demonic seed overlays, inserts. This activation supports the astral heart matrix in the personal body to be restored into the solar spiral, this supports the removal and repelling of all metatronic reversals placed in the soul and monadic bodies. Returning into the higher heart matrix of the diamond heart. When the wings and the michael-mary heart twinning are completed yet more fully in stages, the solar christic spiral run within the higher heart and this is a part of the solar temple within the heart matrix. As the lower sexual centres are repeatedly cleared this merges with the solar heart, bringing the potentials of building the inner diamond heart-rose-grail line within. 

Moving into seventh dimensional Stargate systems in Peru, related to the alien love bite, timeline trigger events, and observing a requirement to support the recovery of your energy coding. We are collapsing clones of your architecture and energy we are removing energy and projections of dark flower or reversal mother's cathar which blocks the diamond rose and grail building inside of your body. The Peruvian architecture has held the black flowering grids, related also to the hidden alien love bite and gender separation technology, infecting the monadic body with the metratronic black heart overlays. Intending to remove and collapse and return to you, all body parts held within the 7D peru stargate, the mira de flores, and the looking glass soul capturing technologies. 

As I am guided to install the correct Rose Line imprints through a template upgrade sequence that is referenced as the offspring template or I am also calling andromedan seed code template which supports the repair of the grail line on the internal light body architecture and is assisting the internal energies on the flowering so if you can think about the energy coming into your body instead of sexual energy being siphoned and going down the way, that helps the energy of the eternal flow and feedback loop to God through the internal energies of the heart matrix and like the sexual organs heal from the 2D-4D separation and lift the energy up through the body and to the heart through the levels of ongoing healing of sexual misery programming. Running the peachish-cream amplifier of what I know to be the aquama-reion which is part of the organic mother's cathar and rose line building support. 

So with that installation of template we are moving into 10th dimensional connections opening into tiamat for the support of repair and return of triple goddess Sophia and Sapphire ray, holding that for a moment.

Opening a connection and to Planet body of Venus on dragon line energy architecture supported by Aurora families and we are recovering portions of energy or it's like galactic Race line memory connections and system codes related to histories on Venus that feel part of the Hatshepsut genetic line so in this moment now, holding a space and observing and a horizontal field of energy plasma return that is like tiny triangles and there are it's like actually a plasma flow of opalescent and pastoral rainbow frequencies that are coming back to you from Venus, and these are like tiny crystal triangles geometries.

Part of a trinitised coding we need to support the removing distortions from your lightbody that are connected to Saturn and the Lyran Avalon-Aveyon implant reversals and false architecture; cleaning through all portions of the body and all stations of identity. I feel this stream fromVenus as as part of the trinity of triangles coding that is required to support the 4-7-10D portions of the double diamond sun krysthallah body to start to align in support for the continued removal of lunar forces in to help build the solar female lightbody parts into wholeness. And that's plasma that's coming you know, it's like a humongous field of energy. It's like a morphogenetic field instruction set that contains the coding many of the Venusian Race lanes connected to diamond sun that is allowing your energy architecture to and almost like align and to the Universal 12D levels of the Sophianic-Mother architecture. And so when I hold in the intention to align all that is needed and necessary to your body. And that flow of plasma is entering the body through the like the midsection or the stillpoint area of where the fifth dimensional sphere with set and the board if you look at their 12 tree grid, but it is like flowing upwards and the light fibers through the staff and moving into the 10th dimension. And at the 10th dimensional sphere. That's energy as read pattern in the 10th dimensional sphere spin rate. This is a correction to the 5D sphere in the body, because that sphere on the planetary albion body has been where the reversals of the hapshetsut timeline where placed, to create false AI timelines in base 5 and base 10 architecture, onto the Venus 5th dimensional reversals on Tara, and fallen tiamat consciousness on our planetary albion here. 

And so I'm holding a space of observation because there's a requirement to dismantle of metatronic mind reversal 55, grid architecture, and actually something that looks like a complete...... how to share with you that context. If you think about yourself as a field of stars. This transmission from Venus contains the hierogamic coding that is supportive to the embodiment of building the Sophia consciousness inside of your own body. And it's like seeing the mother, daughter and grandmother energies, but as the mother, daughter as the Godhead mother, and the daughter of God as Sophia, but there's a view where a field of stars, as the 10D sphere is being repatterning and supported, to reconnect you to the sun-star network, through the 10D sun-star chakra and sphere in the tree of life. This is your personal reclamation of part of the organic trinity of goddess energies, the triple goddess which is required to be built and then in stages, reclaims the entire rose-cathar as the trinity rose line builds it's diagonals inside the lightbody, which carries the solar sexual energies upwards in the lightbody through the chalice configurations. This component is directly related to the embodiment of the christos-sophia as this runs in the grail line, and has the potential to run the entire rainbow light of the rishic layers through the holy grail and chalice within. This hidden part of the lightbody and our planet has been coveted as if it is physical treasure, and it's a part of the templar of our heart and body with god. 

You're actually a field of sun stars, with this support to reconnect you to the sun-star network, through the solar logos. Then that synergy is like taking your entire constellation, at the entire diamond sun template at the universal level. So we're talking about like your entire energy through the Time Matrix through all levels of consciousness, it's like then say energy is just like tilting the entirety of your field through the connections of the eternal light getting is also coming oline or been adjusted, and your template at this time, this energy of all these triangles. Opalescent pastel rainbow frequencies from Venus are coming out of Venus on a horizontal plane, the trinity of triangles for the Krysthallah alignment and so it's like looking at your entire field to be a spherical field of stars and there's just this alignment and as this aligns, I am being asked to support the frequencies from Ursa major (masculine cosmic male) and Pleiades (female cosmic sophianic) to be cleansed of any distortions and to bring into center now the entirety of your field architecture cleaning the radial and nadial capsules of all distortions and cleaning the innermost staff, the core flows of LAVA from the eye of god,  and energy that is received from your body from the eye of God, supporting the Aurora crown alignment through the reapplication and installation of the seven sacred suns of unified male-female solar bodies of the KA RA YA SA TA AA LA. 

The repair and continual lightbody realigments through hundreds of activations as we each travel through our personal magnum opus, reveals the requirement for continual changes of the higher solar sun bodies transmitted through the highest expression of the aeonic pairing in ursa major masculine, and pleiades 7 sisters feminine, to be reflected into your own lightbody as the rays of the christos-sophia aeon are repaired in your own body. 


Further notes on the Venus templatings, reclaimed by guardian host in 2019; 

12 strand DNA templates are returned from Venus these templates support the violet ray and golden ray 12 strand DNA template, it appears as half violet LHS female and half Golden RHS male in one starseeded body. This allows a partial portion of a rainbow ray to be run as part of the maji grailkeeper lineages in running rainbow rounds. This template supports a level of male and female merge in the body of a single starseed to support the michael-mary wings merge inside the single starseed body as part of the Ramayanas (Violet and Gold) lineages. This template allows a 3 vertical and 3 horizontal rod-staff solar cubes to open the RA outside of time, through the 14D solar gates, solar temple into Seven Higher heavens access through the rod-staff merged of the solar michael and mary. 

Supports the triple goddess or 4-7-10 cubes in the lightbody for the female principle restore the correct ratios in removal of the lunar forces for sophianic embodiment stages