April 2018 - Potential misconceptions on ascending path

Based upon several years of energywork, observation, discussion, walking this ascension path and serving starseeds, and due to the propagation of to other spiritual (hierarchical type of initiations, guru models or highly technical non-heart based) teachings based upon certain levels or expectations of ascension, we wish to support and encourage the very flexible mindset that is fully and actively required on the Krystic path - this means we don't climb a ladder as such; as we literally move throughout the ladder as a spiral; ongoing and ever changing movement of consciousness expansion. Some may become stuck thinking that they are either not progressing, not doing enough, or have already progressed as far is possible and that nothing else needs to be done, when generally, expansion of consciousness is a continual movement and dedication in the effort to know yourself more deeply and transparently that you are able - every time you set your intention and flow with your inner knowing.

We each are learning to embody our higher potentials, connections and love source, into the body. We have to work at that as an ongoing process, it does not stop. It does not mean that because we think others are more [enter quality or value here] that they are better or more progressed than ourselves. It means we get to observe and refine ourselves as we see or understand what others are also experiencing. We get to do this here in Omnilov3, in a very safe environment as we uncover our inner strands of stealth missions, uncovering to ourselves what it is to embody the christ consciousness (not channel it, or hear it from a guide, but actual embody that frequency of christ life force energies) and learn to love ourselves and others more. Anything that promotes a division between us, or enact us into believing we have no power is something we want to be aware of, and not feed that narrative.

Potential Misconceptions and disempowering beliefs of the ascension path:
'someone is further along on the ascension path than I am..'
'older bodied individuals must know more than I do...they have been awake longer than I have'
'but there is a hierarchical ascension and some are further on that path than others'
'But, I have embodied my monad and someone told me that was now completed'
'If I am still working on soul levels then I am not in my monad'
'But, I am in my monad now, so there isn't any other soul work or personality work I have to do'
'But I already finished [stage level, name, whatever] so I can't *still* be working on that part'
'But I thought I had already removed the [implant], But I already cleared the [curse, implant, pain of that timeline, etc etc] '
'But I already processed that timeline out of my energy'

'But we have already activated 12 strands of DNA, so we are now onto....'

'But channelled information said that [all we have to do is listen to external guides, angels] who will save us'
'But this person is a [perceived master] and they told me that [enter guidance here]'
'But, I was attuned by a master [x] into the christ consciousness, so I don't need to [xyz anymore]'
'When I get to the level that [person] is at, then I know I won't have interference any more'
'But, I need to do more than I am doing, I don't understand how to do more'
'But this person [who I regard as trustworthy and knows more than I do about this] told me [enter text here] and I believed them because they said it was true'
'If I just pretend I am not feeling the pain of [life experience] then I feel better and I don't have to deal with it anymore'

'But all I have to do is to think happy positive thoughts, that's what ascension is'


A cliffnotes guide to this ascensioning path is - Drop all beliefs, and be open to what you need to know as an individual regaining your inner christ empowered connection - because your intuition will always guide you in every moment the more you be open to it - and not holding on to certain beliefs that can support the shaping of flexibility.....It also means the ability to only take actually on board what resonates in that moment when you read, feel, sense or observe it - and be open to knowing your inner self as THE best guidance that you could receive, once you trust it more. Yes, we get info from others, yes, we believe it - then we can take it and experience the best of that for what we have needed to reflect upon inside ourselves. It doesn't matter if we hold someone in high regard and respect them, we always, always must learn to discern for ourselves in each moment what holds truth and resonance in our hearts, and know that it can shift. Flexibly.

The basic truth is that we are all trying to remove the negative ego programs from our current body and also from the multi-dimensional energy anatomy, so that we can be freed of the limitations of the programs. So that we can remove the emotional triggers, and so that we are free to experience more unity with god-source, as a reality in this body, on this earth. This is real, and it can be achieved, and it is always ongoing. Always. When you have healed certain levels of this then your reality will shift, you will operate from a less bound place of stagnancy - but, sometimes you have to experience that as a reality to track your own 'progress'.

There are misconceptions around which 'level' someone is at or on. We don't want to assign a hierarchy because this can keep us trapped inside of it. Although we give context to stages of ascension by ways of labels to understand frequencies, body parts or connections - There are no 'levels' by ways of a superior hierarchy in the ascension process, because, when we reconnect into our own 12D light source and intentionally connect with it - all stations of connection start to awaken in the process. This is soul and monad, and avatar levels. Although, I aim to describe this as best I can - in later stages of monadic embodiment into avatar we would have shifted in ways of operating much less through the lens of ego and into clearer more purer frequency sets, that allow for a more neutral and emotionally balanced way of being. This cannot be forced, it is a gradual shift over time. We all have this potential, we are all aiming to be more heart based and less ego based. The moment you are experiencing little or less to no emotional or physical impulses judgements or belief systems when dealing with a situation, person, energy pattern or story is the moment you realise you are becoming more free from those energy patterns. This is when neutral observer is coming online and becoming cultivated to your operating identity. Ongoing, always, work in progress until you experience this state as a natural part of your day to day, embued with unity and love in greater expanses.

Imagine that you can see something off in the distance, but you can't quite touch it yet. This could be likened to the ascension body building process. You can see what's yours or at least know it - and you can try to re-connect yourself with it (soul, monad, avatar). During frequency absorption and mental body maturity (through life experiences and self assessment on which way we are choosing to behave, in order to remove the negative ego programs from having such an impact) we will connect into higher frequencies in the soul, monad and avatar. There are some levels of awareness we may have that we have completed a certain 'task' or function, but sometimes soul matrix healing cannot be achieved until there is a deeper connection with the monadic body building. It is a mistake to believe that you are either already ascended as far as you can go, as it is also a mistake to believe that you don't have any more ego programming to work on - regardless of what 'stage' or 'level' you may think you are working within. You may have reconnected portions of your monad, but this is still a building process, a maintenance process of your energy bodies. This is important to mention, it can be used as a consciousness trap to keep individuals in certain beliefs. We want to be flexible and not judge ourselves or compare - but yet, we want to remain open to the possibility that there is always movements of refining ourselves that we have the ability to do so.

Yes, there are levels of inner stability and neutral witnessing that can take place - but you must know that it is always an ongoing process, and if you know that it may serve you to understand it's just an ongoing ongoing process that allows for surprises and freedom from limitations - even when in difficult situations or experiencing ego death as trauma and pain in the body. Yes, there are others who have greater insight and experience with situations, yes we can learn from them. This is awesome. Yes, we each are awesome in our own individual expressive ways. We strand together in the group field, of unity that we are each aiming to hold more of. Do not make the mistake of comparing yourself to another person by ways of making you feel either superior or inferior to them. This is starseed poison, in all ways. We are all building, and maintaining our spiritual homes - ongoing, always, and then easier as we do the work on the inside. Hard work getting through some phases, and somewhat easier as we keep on keeping on.

Something that is often heard is that people feel disappointed because they seem to always be able to sense implants or that they feel disempowered because they cannot 'see' or feel implants or blocks in their own energy. The fact that you are able to source a feeling, sense or energy is to be celebrated - you don't always 'see' implants, sometimes its an energetic force you can feel that is attempting to tamper with your senses, body, reactions. Sometimes the energy is something that is within yourself. You may actually be experiencing levels of pain or darkness because it's something unhealed within yourself and not actually a negative alien trying to cause you issue. Sometimes it is an external force. Commanding your energy and 12D shield is the most potent way to build your spiritual strength, yet, some individuals who believe the 12d ray is just a basic practise and think they are 'beyond' it. This can be an negative thought form attempting to stop the use of the frequency. The shield supports the vertical connection which is the most important in the building reconnective links to the god source. Horizontal and diagonal at some stages become more perceptible, and your awareness of your own energy architecture may also come with that.

Caring for your own energy architecture is an ongoing process, a bit like tidying the house - it's an everyday thing. In earlier stages it can almost feel overwhelming, but once it's entrained it's just a way of life that supports the overall energy and understandings as we move along each our life paths. This is an ongoing process, and one which should not be feared - it should be celebrated that we have access to this information, frequency sets and that we can choose to work on ourselves to clear and claim our own energy as ours.

Receiving energywork from a practitioner can also be a means of support, but does not mean that the practitioner is doing (or is capable of doing all the work for you...it just cannot happen! it's just a hand holding for a short while to support you gain your own inner knowing and balance) Practitioners can only do what is presented in that moment for them to support you with. As your energy shifts every moment, every day. For healing potentials to be met the practitioner generally will have a higher dimensional blueprint of which to support healing integrations to the requestor. In cases where there is karma or relationship restorations to be achieved, healers at the same dimensional bandwith of DNA activation may be sought out for healing support.

For example, misconceptions about receiving energywork - 'but [sessionworker] already removed the [xyz] implant, so how come you just removed it again?'  We have to be flexible and open in this process, because - we have multiple stations of identity. At stages of our ascending process we each can gain access to MORE of our energy fields, so if you are repeating cycles of removal, repeating cycles of addressing 3D life issues - it's because the energy pattern may be vast, and wide, as our energy fields are huge in the hugest sense. We are not going to be able to remove all victim victimiser software or negative ego programs from our energies in one session. It isn't a possibility. It's a progressive movement, ongoing. This is to ensure mental body stability and coherence as we are released from the energies that have bound us into lower based thought forms as mental prison. As we move through the galactic zodiac cycle different themes come up for different soul groups, mission strands and personal ego healing and we have to remain neutral as we can in order to address and face up to the effects we notice, in the removal of energy patterns and beliefs that hold limitations. I say this, not to give fear, but it's to be celebrated because the tools we need are right here as we each follow inner guidance and heart based connection to our Avatar-God Source Self, and right in your heart as you connect on the inside.

You are not the same person you were 2 months ago. Your frequency and awareness has altered. You are not the same person you were 2 years ago. If you choose to be flexible enough to let all of your old stories go. Yes, they have info in there to support your growth. You have to know you are ascending into your own higher frequency connections and during that process pain and dark nights come up. You have to know you will get through them. You will. These are temporary phases of altering shifts. No one here is having an ultimate blissed out love and light process - if on the starseed template mission - this isn't what we came for. We came to transmute energies from perceived negative to neutral or positive, and it's done through each individual person. This is why you are doing enough. That is a tough job in and of itself. If you care enough to be self aware you can realise the god connection as it happens as increments on the path. Then you can hold more frequency of love on the inside, incrementally. Step by step, breath by breath. It is an ever ongoing journey.

Each person here on earth is learning, we are all on our own individual ascension journeying which lead us to resonate with each other and then sometimes not. Each of us have strengths and weaknesses and the inner christ force god force connection guide each of us on the inside into deeper knowing of ourselves, as this is the way to inner and outer god sovereign free experiences. God Source is always listening. The more we know that as truth, the more we can allow ourselves to be guided back into the inner self, the inner connection with god that is on the inside. We can clear up the inner pain and inner hidden wounds from the current life and the multi-dimensional lives/parallels in order that we can feel more love. This is the plan. Intereference may be spotted from a mile away, and we don't react or respond to it in the same way as we did, it's just a 'thing' that we can cope with through more neutral balance. Also, because we chose to take steps to work on our inner wounds, beliefs and limiting thoughts.

Encouragement for all! May we each receive the perfect lessons and the ability to see when the lessons are not perfect. May we each feel the creator breathing through our bodies and leading us, as individual expressions - to share the path in unity as we experience it, here in OmniLov3 and wherever we are guided. With our huge flexibly altering mind-heart spaces as we move onwards.

Mhairi~Sequoia of OmniLov3, In service to the avatar christos-sophia and Cosmic Christos

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