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March 2019 Rainbow Synthesis

Christ Reclamation Ruby Sun Template
The guardian focus over the last few months has been the reclamation of the ruby sun template. Fieldwork the observations were made that the ruby sun template was being used to power up reversal networks, using the Michael seraphim genetics and allowed the negative alien Belial Sun consciousness groups to control the family of michael. Guardian teams in previous timecycles embodied within a Ruby Sun template, as these bodies appeared to be able to hold a godspark within them, which is an eternal feedback of spark to source light, referred to by guardian host as Adamic Body. The DNA and consciousness units or soul fragments of the michael families or seraphim lines, from the seven higher heavens in Andromeda have been held and bound in black magic grids throughout the planetary body, some being the holding point and continual repeated torture histories of the family of Michael.

The ruby DNA has been used to project false consciousness memories and false soul matrices on to the rightful owner of the DNA, including false indigo 3 contracts. The indigo 3 contract, is part of krystal star guardian host rehabilitation to repair the regressive nephilim dna, into an orpahim dna as a focus point to assist in the dna repair and building, through an oraphim 12 strand dna diamond sun template. In the case of false indigo 3 contracts, regressive 11d avatars have been 'projected' onto the michael family starseeds in the here and now, and in some cases have caused issues with contacting their pure avatar consciousness. The mental body is bombarded with the false avatar, in the false indigo 3 contract.  In gridwork, this is viewed as reversal AI architecture that is being powered up through the satanic forces, which bind the dna like voodoo dolls into the grid space.  The false soul matrix contains imprints of false genetic equals, and is used to thwart starseeds knowing their genetic equal or divine partner. The hijacking of this code was also used to allow fallen angelics entities to inhabit a human body, and enact forces of control against the human race, whilst appearing as a human. The inner soul is not a human soul.

Guardian teams have been methodically dismantling 6D Aldeberan, 9D and 11D 'pods' of cloned Michael genetics, which have been used to create future timespace scenarios and commit acts of crime against humanity. During stages of recovery of the consciousness units and the stolen cloned DNA, the unhooking from black magician controlled gridspace means that the painful memories that have been endured by the DNA, as intelligent, sentient consciousness - the dna as it is being returned to individuals in this timeline, may experience victimisation, painful woundings and deep healing must take place in order to neutrally witness the painful woundings in order for the heart of the christ within, to love the consciousness back into wholeness.

Primarily male starseeds, and female starseeds whom are more polarised in their masculine, have been prone to an over active mental body, which have been projected upon the starseed body through the hijacked horizontal grid spaces of the planetary body and individual mind. The mind control and torture that has been placed upon humans in this manner, was utilising the false Archangel Michael broadcast, from the 10th Dimensional (Christ Solar) gate in Iraq/Iran. It is this stargate which has been used to send out false 10:10 and 11:11 portal coding out into the earth fields. The krystal star guardian host provide a gold ray seraphim 12 strand dna template, to support the healing and repair of the gold ray seraphim consciousness, to attain healing and embodiment in the ascension cycle.

Michael Emerges, 3-6-9-12 Rod repair
As a result of this repaired template and body availability, the Michael Seraphim genetics are returned, the embodied consciousness of Michael - which has not walked on the earth for several cycles of time; can be expressed as masculine, who is here to unite with his genetic equal and divine counterpart Mary. The Michael-Mary Solar consciousness is the highest expression of a Christ currently on earth today. The removal of Sexual misery programs and the false king of tyranny energies, must be healed and resolved inside a starseed whom is embodying their genetics back into the current Template.

All men on earth have been impacted by the reversals and woundedness of the Michael Family, to some degree. This has meant, that prior to this current time on planet, Michael has been bound by installed enslavement of his consciousness:
Being a provider
Being a Hero
Being a savior
Being bound into lunar force female principles, which bound his own inner male and female energy to lunar force or dark mother principles. Examples of this include being raised in environments where a dark mother influence would be the controller force. Female dominance as an imbalance and result of patriarchal domination. Has led many men into the belief that the true feminine power on the earth is the dark manipulation force, and through sessionwork it is revealed that men have been bound into dark lunar force females by means of cording or intentional control. Michael has not been able to see his true divine counterpart, Mary, because her body parts were being used to power up the reversals of dark mother influence upon the earth.

Through the ascension cycle, the Mary or female consciousness has to heal her heart space from the dark mother within her, and the dark mother around her. In order to become the solar feminine principle, one must heal the inner and outer; which is another way of saying healing the gender separation inside the lightbody.

The alignment of the inner heart with the outer expression, allows for higher connections to source in the deep alignment with the heartspace within. Each human being contains the energetic potential to re-connect with the frequency set of purest love essence within, when they can remember the benevolent force of the cosmic parent, the mother arc and the father arc rays.

The Rainbow Synthesis
Since 3/3 there have been activations in the mid to higher creation realms and has meant transmissions from the Aqualasha Galaxy of further rainbow synthesis to the lightbody. Starseeds who are prototyping these ray frequency embodiments have been under a lot of physical duress, as the negative forces upped their game by spraying out pestilence and horseman pulsing in the grids of the planet. This has meant that in field work, it was observed that the energy frequencies of sexually transmitted diseases and viruses has been amplified during this stage. The negative alien tactic was to attempt to thwart the starseeds from receiving and embodying the rainbow waves, but this was not successful. Physical symptoms have included waves of intense chills on the feet, to the back, spinal column and nadial complex, into the head. Headaches and intense mental pressures as the brain integrates the spectrums of. The colour waves have never been available in this location of the time matrix before, and so this heralds a milestone for guardian host.

In each triadic identity station (incarnate, soul, monad, avatar) the inner divine father-mother & son-daughter energies merge to generate an integrated sunlotus disk and rainbow round bridging into the next level of embodiment.

Entering Higher Stations 

Another ongoing development and unfoldment has, and continues to be, morphogenesis. In this particular use of the word we are referring to the expansion and reclamation of energy-identity which is connected to other dimensions of self. This relates to every single human on the planet and is coming more into the collective awareness. The multidimensional nature of our thoughts is one aspect of this growth-surge. We are understanding that our thoughts our consciousness resonates to grid systems and portals upon the planetary body for a variety of reasons but has also been collected transported bartered and sold across the galaxy by negative aliens. Within our body our thoughts and emotional energies act upon the same holographic principle being magnetized to particular organs and creating polarity imbalances or harmony within these consciousness parts. As human beings develop more sensitivity to the personal body the organs can be understood to be co-creative elemental forces and living energy identity parts that work together to maintain our wholeness and our state of union with the greater fields of god-source.  

Father and Mother Harmonic Healing - The solarisation and RA centre

As the father-mother energies are activated within the lotus centers of the krysthallah body template the aquaElle and aquafey current energies flow through the lightbody restoring fiber and flow connections throughout.

In deepening the focus and inner work the alchemical transformation and return of inner divine balance initiates the cosmic essences of jewels of god in the hara center levels of the lightbody this extends the golden fleece buffer field to activate and stabilize in the energy body. These lightbody activations are a part of the developmental stages of the krysthallah or double diamond sun body. The golden fleece buffer activates in the lower sacrum and repatterns the 1D 2D 3D out from controller nets and implantations. As the monadic body is fully and completely built, in the 7-8-9D dimensions, the golden fleece starts to emanate out a sun from the centre core of the umbilicus and midsection, to protect the solarisation of the solar soul and solar monadic stages of integration. This solar light starts to inspirit the body with the solarisation of cells, as the spirit of the holy mother can integrate the solar light of the transfiguration flame into the physical flesh. The inner flame of the RA centre, inside the hara centre becomes lit to create the triangulations and corrected kidney power; that the chi from the kidneys ignite the lower flames, with the higher flame and higher heart; activating the monadic body integrations.

Further development reveals and entire golden solar buffer to the fire and water lines of the core krystal template, blending the embodied monad and manifesting the inner solar temple of God as eternal Sun.

The rainbow ray spectrum integration involves merging the dimensional frequencies from the morphogenetic levels into the embodied column of rainbow light to create a new rainbow wave spectrum of experience and consciousness expansion. 

15-1 Magenta to Red Holy Father Magenta to the Root Centre

14-2 White-Gold to Orange Holy Christos Sophia Golden Child Solar Ray to 2D centre

13-3 Turquoise to Yellow Holy Mother to the will centre Solar Plexus, 12-4 Platinum to Green, 11-5 Dark Silver to Blue, 10-6 Dark Sapphire to Indigo, 9-7 Silver to Violet leaving the golden gate, the 8th dimensional core and the seat of the solar christ to synthesize and integrate the total galactic and cosmic self with the physical and earthly self. Since the planetary staff has been in corrective states of ongoing alignment into the organic connection to Andromeda, the shifting of the galactic centre at 8D dimensions has meant that through the recent paliadorian activations the 8D staff levels and flows are allowing a proper christic permanant seed atom flowering, as the diamond heart, lotus and rose heart configurations are capable of being activated on earth.

In cosmic service to the Avatar Christos-Sophia Heart,

Mhairi & Sequoia ascension community