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August-September 2019 Restoration of Mother-Child

Foundations of Truth, Letting Go

When we allow ourselves the deepening space required in which to reconstitute the inner alchemical principles within the natural human body, great discoveries are made. In those revealing moments, a rebirth of the identity is born, refining the jewels within the heart and mind, bringing the christ consciousness into embodiment within. The continual path of the Avatar Christ Sophia Heart path, is created, and sustained when we can fully let go of the inner negative ego placing us hostage to the beliefs, the realities and the expectations we hold upon ourselves, and project onto others. To 'let go' is often misunderstood and replaced with the euphemisms of spiritual bypassing, where one is fooled into believing that ignorance is bliss, and that some things do not have to be seen or witnessed. Sometimes letting go is understood to mean "ignore, push to the side, not relevant to deal with, beneath me, does not require my full attention." These meanings are installed inside of the negative ego as part of a way to keep unpleasant truths simmering under the surface, as energies that remain as unhealed open wounds. On the path of truth, it is when we are able to face up to, address and really contemplate our inner narrative, in so that no thing is left hidden.

Anything which is hidden, whether we hide it from ourselves, or from others; will fester in the shadow and become a weakness of which is keeping wounding in place. When we have places that are hidden, even inside of ourselves, shadow forms and negative thoughts can become bound, in keeping the soul in a state of frozen light, unable to feel the true frequency of love and truth. On the ascending path; we have the opportunity to reconcile that energy, to allow all parts of soul to be at one with the loving god force. We have to be willing to look at all of our own inner heart contents. Let us look at some ways in which we can 'let go' more fully, into the krystic referencing of letting go and letting god. It means that you don't have to ignore anything in life. Any situation, event, conversation or behavior. Instead, recognise that by casting your burdens to god force, you are stating that you are willing to 'let go' to be released from the mental, emotional and physical pain you are harboring inside'

Healing the Parent-Child love trust bond

Inherently, all human souls in human bodies upon the earth are children of the ultimate loving parent, as the cosmic trinity union of god. As we being to understand that we all have the potential to connect in deeper ways to that truth, one must be willing to look at all areas related to being a child, the inner child, and the relationship to the inner and outer male-female forces. The trinity of the unified field and zero point is a divine human birthright, but has been obscured from our reach through various controller pillars of society which have taught that god is vengeful, requires to be worshipped in order to accept us, or is judgmental and waiting for humans to trip and fail. In the complexities of the planetary grid networks, and in the negative ego false personality construct that we have all inherited here; lies the separation programming to stop humans from knowing the love of god as a benevolent, all loving, non-judging force of eternal flow. In order to feel loved by others, we have become accustomed to repeating patterns of low self esteem, not being good enough, and living under the control matrix of well intentioned friends, parents, siblings, partners and through the upholding of separation via hierarchy.

As children, we have had belief systems and ideas, positive negative and neutral influences placed upon us. None of us are exempt from the many permutations of 'fitting' in to societal norms. An example of a programmed belief is that to be loved we must behave orderly and in alignment with the authority beliefs that have been set in motion. Yet, when we are able to understand that all humans are experiencing levels of control, we must call it out for what it is: control and suppression of the love force of god. The human body is comprised of a multitude of differential fractal systems of geometries, which are the representative blueprint of the elements of creation. Inside of the elements is an instruction set which obeys the larger blueprint layer of how energy becomes manifest into form. The planetary body reversals, hijacks and artificial negative alien intelligence has become enmeshed into the organic elements of the planet. In this way, the infiltrating race lines were able to harness the god source and coding, and usurped the natural planetary fields that allowed humanity to feel their true parent. The planetary body is a larger replica of the human body form, both created from the diamond sun template architecture of the krystal diamond tree of life eternal body. Our auric field, when restoring the organic version of it through the ascending timeline access allows us to feel and re-integrate the cosmic ray frequencies of source into our human body form.

Healing the Mother-Child, Mother-Sophianic Body corrections

The planetary grual points and ley lines which link the energy points of earth into the other linking systems, have been usurped and installed with reversal architecture, a lot of this was installed by controller forces, ie non-humans. As the energy from the godhead filtrates through the planet body, it is a massive amount of life force current that runs into the points on the planetary grids and chakra/stargate centres. The life force energy of the 2nd dimensional fields, in their natural configuration would be a set of instructions and geometric coding, allowing for the law of creation to play out and enforce the abundance of supply and energy that the planet needs to maintain balance. Guardians have been working intensively the 2D fields for ongoing gridwork maintenance and projects, to support the restoration of corrected Krystal Star architecture, which overrides all inorganic alien machinery inside the planetary body. The shifts are allowing the further integrations and alignments that are required for the planet to run the potential of tri-wave rainbow energy coding, as the bi-wave reversal energies are being methodically on the longer term, replaced. Through the grid working missions, the entry into fallen wesadrac system through the 8d portal on the galactic plane, was able to be accessed for sustained levels of gridwork, to retrieve the original solar consciousness of female energies that had been bound into reversal in this fallen system. In that location it was witnessed that the Female principle of the Aeon of the Christos-Sophia, had been bound and pulled down into this fallen universe by draconian black hole entities, and held in place by the Yahweh distortions, or the reversal elements.

The body parts of the solar cosmic sophianic consciousness, were being held in quantum super-computer traps, and were being used to power up the baphomet fields which use human sexual misery programming to stay online upon the face of earth. This is the energy source which is called upon by satanists and black magicians. It is a reversed elemental female multi-layered field, of which the original christed solar consciousness and time cycle access was being held captive. Guardians were able to release a massive amount of the solar energy, which is an unprecedented movement in the recovery of the Krystic Solar Feminine. In order to embody the solar female essence, one has to 'see' and witness what happened to it. This witnessing supports the recovery and release, allowing for further healing to take place. For females on this ascension path, it is painful to witness the feminine wounds, but we can be fearless in our hearts in revoking all types of controlling behavior, as this is the energy of the satanic dark mother baphomet essence. The Sophianic principle is the daughter of the mother-father god, and makes up part of the Cosmic Trinity of the god head.

The Aurora Christos and his wife Sophia, are the equivalent of the Christ-Child or the golden child energy, and together with the Holy Mother and the Holy Father principle, these energies together are the cosmic triad. The ascending human is moving from lunar force controls into the solar energies within, whilst healing the 2D pain body and shadow layers of the lightbody and emotions. During the August planetary magnetic peak cycle, the movement of energies to support the healing of parent-child bond, or mother-daughter energies is always heightened. We can use this to our advantage to investigate where patterns of unhealed wounds still exist within the self. All females upon this earth have been connected to the Lunar force energies of the false sophia energy, the baphomet of dark mother energy. Demonic essences who use this force are the demonic gestalts of Black Lillith & Azazael, Leviathan & Behemoth, Gog & Magog demonics. The black dragon energy of reversed aeonic pairing consciousness known as Consettia.

King Arthur, Guinevere and Grailkeepers

Arthur's body and consciousness was bound into the UK grids, and was being a placeholder guardian consciousness that would allow Krystal Star teams in this timeline to reconnect his body parts into hierogamic union with his wife and genetic equal Guinevere. Through this last few months period, the Arthur and Guinevere group consciousness were finally able to rise to take their place back into the UK Rose & Grual lines, as part of the Emerald Order reclamation mission. As a result of this, guardians were able to move into further stages of reclaim and repair of the 11D stonehenge gate in higher dimensional realms. Arthur and Guinevere were the assigned Krystic Grail King and Queen who had come to earth in previous times, as part of the Christos missions, and to repair the planetary rose-grual lines, and take back the 11d gate from reptilian control. They were unsuccessful in their timeline, as the timeline trigger event of the invasion of the grail lines by draconian entities usurping the ruby sun template to gain control over the grail happened in that time period. This was to gain access to the Albion Body, which is the world soul architecture of the human body template. Yeshua and Mary came to earth to also support the repair and healing of the 11th gate, and this event means a successful connection for guardian teams in the long ongoing repair of our planetary stargates, to their organic blueprint.

Diamond Rose-Grual Lines, Krysthallah Double Diamond Sun Lightbody Stage

The symbolism of the rose has long been used to depict Christ forces and alchemical marriage of the male-female in the gnostic teachings. The planetary rose line and grail lines support the eternal lightforce flow to and from the Universal Diamond gateways of the Mother-Father diamond rod and staff. In recent guardian project work, in Scotland, the diamond heart networks are in stages of coming online more fully. Guardian teams work in Fortingall, and Rosslyn, Scotland were successful in bringing online the required communication links to further the rose-grual planetary grid healing, as a connection again into the diamond heart of aqualasha was reinstated at fortinghall. This sacred site holds links to the King Arthur timelines, and is a placeholder for the universal time matrix rainbow round table connections, at Rosslyn and into the grail lines, ley lines supportive of the organic tri-wave rainbow potentials of the planetary grid networks.

Negative aliens took the rose coding and reversed it, to create their own power of using the solar christ female principle and to create a gender splitter technology. This is installed in the planetary 1d and 2D grids, and thus, the dark flowering networks upon the earth are held in place through the sexual misery programming, the lunar forces, and the baphomet fields. In individuals with dark flowering, the energy is being reversed and the male-female within can never truly merge. The solution to this issue, is to continue to look deeply at the use of all form of sexual energy, and to heal the sexual organs from these superimpositions. The intention to heal from the dark flowering, and to remove all controlling mechanisms to the subconscious mind layers (1D) and shadow body pain and sexual energy centre of the sacrum can take long periods of healing. Guardian healing works and meditations support the removal of these constructs, which can be seated within the quantum field, or the in-between space time layers of creation. The building of the 12 strand DNA diamond sun template supports the inner diamond rose line between the 1-2-5-8-11-12 inner hara line connections to build the architecture required in the hosting and healing of the christed human body rose coding. When activated, the rose coding is blossomed from the crystal rose-lotus higher heart/permanent seed atom diamond heart configurations, and then seeded into the 1D sphere, or the alchemical mixing chamber of the male-female merge also referred to by guardian hosts as the holy sepulchre. As this recodes the lunar reversals of the human lightbody, it signifies a level of control release from the lightbody from the black tree of life, or the Kabbalah.

As the black tree of life is released, one must look deeply at the power abuses between genders upon the earth and come to understand that the reversal female, or the false AI alien mother god technology cannot exist inside the human form once it has been witnessed, in many cycles during this ascension period. In the individual lightbody, the rose coding supports the healing of the skin matrix, the electrical 10:10 reversals are further repaired into the organic template of 12:12 electrical spin rate (the rod function) and the sexual energy centres become crystallised to complete the diamond inner rose line between all the dimensional levels. All dark flowered implants are no longer impactful and the impact of the NRG grids, or the nephilim reversal grids of genetic pair bond splitting (in the UK, but planet wide affecting) is removed. This heralds the supportiveness to remove sexual misery from having a direct impact and control over the human sacrum, in the transfiguration of the lunar forces to the solar forces within. Rod and staff genetic equal couples templating the potential of the embodied christos-sophia energies upon the earth are building this template, in to support all humans receive the coding back as the organic human angelic template was created. This template is available upon the earth now. It is time for humanity to understand that sexual energy is sacred, and that building the inner union between inner male and female is what provides the ongoing connection to god source, as the source of our genesis and energy.

Mother Arc, 13th Pillar, and 6D Safe Arc Zones

As the Cosmic Mother of the god head reclaims her rightful place upon planet earth, a location outside of the time matrix inside of the 13th Pillar of Mother's Pillar of Power (staff alignment of universal diamond staff possible through krysthallah lightbody connections) has become accessible in recent weeks. These zones are accessible through multiple aurora dragon race line platforms, or arc gateways into Andromeda. The 6D portal into the Mother Arc Zone, is accessible as a safe zone and it is the mother aquamarine ray which recodes the indigo wave spectrum frequnecy from damage in the 6th dimensional layers. The ability to connect with our dragon races is much more prevalent at this time, through this connection sequence to our planet and is allowing for our dragon teams to manifest here more easily. The 6D indigo and portal systems of the planet connections received a level of repair and sequencing to the planetary monadic alignments, or wings of michael 6d-mary 7d connections. Subsequently, this revealed a location inside of the heart of Cosmic Mother's Krysthallah body, where the Cosmic egg and proton seed of the Mother resides. In this space, the Cosmic Mother and Father merge their aqua and emerald diamond hearts as one unified field to create the third clear light field as a passageway for the christos-sophia progressions upon the earth. For humanity, this is a beautiful progression as it means those embodied at this time with the connection to the mother's pillar are working together to anchor this into the earth planes. The shift and potential for female solar templating has given rise to various levels of solar female principle healing; in conjunction with guardian teams 2d and baphomet field clear ups. The planetary solar female, the celestial and keriatric to galactic solar female, and the universal solar female to the cosmic mother krysthallah templates are able to be built, as the female reversals are cleared and removed from the planet, beyond and the personal lightbody. Extensive healing can take place inside of the mother arc 13th pillar gateway, as this allows for a complete re-sequencing and removal of all female reversals from the lightbody, all AI and implants can fall out of the lightbody construct, to reveal yet new spaces in which the mother consciousness can reclaim her child essence, the human angelic body.

In order to know and feel the true heart and essence of the true holy parent, the mother and father, one must give all to the higher self in order to receive all. All must be placed upon the alter before god in order to be shown the way home. This cannot be bargained for, this cannot be forced. One cannot gain access to the space unless the heart is pure and the intention is to be the heart essence and live in alignment with your heart, as you trust it to fully lead the way ahead.

Stepping back to Integrate

On the spiritual path, we tend to become enslaved within cycles that do not fully allow for the necessary emotional, physical and spiritual bodies to fully integrate at the required rate that is most supportive for the true encryption of the healing inside and out. In today's societal norms, being programmed to believe that the quick hit, fast impulsive immediate gratification is a positive energetic undertaking is a huge disservice to the human consciousness. The reality of values and ethics, morals and the transmutation of emotions from a state of hard hitting panic or quick drama to alleviate into yet another state of moving drama is hurtful to the soul matrix. One must come to know that the feeling and observing of emotions, as they weave a pathway through the body; they have to be felt in order to be fully released. We cannot ignore or stuff down our feelings when they come up, as this creates stagnation and stuckness. Be brave to deal with your emotions, as the body cannot tell a lie, it feels everything. When we are allowed to truly feel what the body and heart are actually feeling in the moment, we become compassionate caregivers to ourselves and others.

It is necessary to obtain a state of intentional stepping back from the daily world, in to find more harmless ways of relating to the self and others. In these phases of deep introspection upon the self, the self-inquiry process takes us to yet deeper levels of spiritual understanding. A person cannot become the peaceful christ principle without the hard work and continued effort to ask what that state of being truly is. The Cosmic parent, our source of genesis is present on this planet in waves of emanating love, pure essence and care. Realising that humanity suffering is not at the hands of other humans, and is in fact through the continued hidden deceptions played out through the spiritual world of forces, and the negative alien infection, allows us to find deeper compassion for our fellow humans upon the earth. Come to remember yourself as whole, and as a part of the unity field, as the Cosmic Mother essence takes her cosmic arms and wraps these around you, her child.

In loving cosmic christos service, Mhairi & Sequoia

 Mhairi & Sequoia ascension community