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Emerald Crystal Heart and Solar Dragon Christ Mary-Sophia, May 2021

Dear family,

Within the month of May, the Holy Emerald Order were able to witness annoint and crown the Solar Mary-Sophia Queen Dragon, which is a solar with her equal and King, Solar Christ-Michael 13th Dragon King. He takes the form of a massive golden solar ring which surrounds the planetary body. This takes the form of a solar Ourobourous and he seats himself into the ley lines or dragon lines, with his Solar Maji Dragon King creator body. Together with his equal partner, and Maji Queen, they herald the returning of the triple solar christed female at one with the triple solar masculine, as the Christ-Michael & Mary-Sophia at one with the godhead restore themselves upon the earth. This is the activation of the Michael Mary Line, running east to west as a solar dragon ouroboros taking their position as activated and unified into the planetary grid networks.

Their bodies are aspects of Holy Father and Holy Mother taking their rightful place within the planetary body and are restoring the true and organic nature of the male and female human archetypes to the earth. These principles and expressions of godsource into form within the planet are to be known as and addressed as the 13th Dragon King or Maji King Christ-Michael and Dragon Queen or Maji Queen Mary-Sophia wearing the shared Emerald Crown, triple rod-staff and protectorate of the 2D-5D-8D-11D grail cup chalice restoration within the planetary diamond rose-grail lines. They are the 13th Maji Grail King-Queen and represent the Kings of Albion, the Emerald Order King-Queen Maji Lineages. Planetary gridworking and remote viewing projects of the guardian host families of the Solar Rishi with the Maji King Dragon Creators of the Paliadorians are extracting the lunar force demonic and alien gestalts which have used and abused their bodies for the purposes of creating fear and control in which the reversals of the male and female principles have been stealthily abused on the earth.

Holy Father returns his principles and is reclaiming his body parts as sections of the grids and dragon ley lines upon our earth, as the true holy benevolence of the 13th Solar Dragon King Christ-Michael ushers in the next stages of the planetary body grid networks re-connection to the founder races, and the godworlds domains. Through these shifts, that which has been controlling humanity from the energetic layers of the planetary aura and networks is methodically extracted out. As the inverse controller structures are dismantled, the triwave of the holy godparents flowing into our planet from the godhead, remove the debris in the great restoration of the Christos triwave architecture.

The krystal star guardian families, the Cosmic Christos have worked endlessly throughout time, to celebrate and witness the returning of the true Solar Dragon Queen and Maji Queen Mary-Sophia, in her triple solar goddess principle as she is the Solar Female Christ, joining with her sacred husband Christ-Michael, Solar Dragon Maji King. In the guardian host mission, this is a momentous occasion and marks another milestone of the continuation of the Cosmic Christ returning to the earth.

Solar of 13th Dragon Queen Mary-Sophia, in 2D Gate

The Emerald order have witnessed and annointed 13th Solar Dragon Queen Mary-Sophia, during the Ceremony of Risen Solar Christed Dragons in their Hieros Gamos Sacred Marriage. Mary-Sophia was united to be as one with Christ-Michael, within the 2D stargate of Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Her staff was created through the Emerald Order 48D Emerald Sun DNA template in which to unite with Michael's 48D Rod and Cosmic Clockshield. As her body ignited as a solar dragon ring, surrounding the planetary body in the form of a solar golden Ouroborous together they are witnessed to be repatterning the rounds of time within the planetary clockshield and horizontal planetary rod into the Albion body, and outwardly into the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons. The aeonic pairing of the new Aeon of time embodied within their heart sings the Christos-Sophia back into the earth which is revealing the next stage of Adamic angelic human body templating into this next phase of organic and solar atomic matter elemental re-encryption, which appears as the next level of support for humanity restore into their ascension vehicle of the 12 stranded DNA golden sun template.

The Emerald Order Elohim Breaneua Founders holding the Emerald Sun 48D supported Solar Dragon Queen Mary to animate her Emerald Heart, as she is an Emerald Sun Dragon Creator from the Godworlds. Mary-Sophia has the task to awaken the other female principles of god as mother-sophia or goddess expressions within the planetary body in divine timing. As the Mother's body and female principles will rise from their lunar bindings and into their solar expressions, they continue to return the holy mother essences in all of her expressions as an equal to father, with her book of life, love and sophianic wisdom. As Christ-Michael and Mary-Sophia unite on the earth their heart tones sound the son-daughter of the solar risen Christos-Sophia throughout the lightfibres and crystalline networks of the planet and into the hearts of humanity.

The resurrection of Solar Dragon Queen Mary-Sophia required the rainbow animator breath of the Cosmic Founders, through the Paliadorian Creator Dragon Godworlds families directed by the Holy Emerald Order whom were responsible to create the Christos pattern of resurrection, in which her Emerald Heart would unite with Christ-Michael. The manifestation of the promise of the Paliadorian Covenant mission to recover and find all Mother-Sophia's body parts, all body parts of all fallen and lost family members due to the alien invasions and the broken time matrix architecture is realised again through the act of sacred marriage between the dragon bodies; the Michael lineages would continue to come back to the earth to find their partner's pieces. To ensure that Mary-Sophia's body could rise into wholeness with her sacred husband, Christ-Michael was risen first by sequencing his Christos 12:12 rod patterning into the 2D grual gate. Mary-Sophia's 13:13 female triple solar goddess staff as the Holy Mother Arc and blue ray principle could then merge completely at-one-ment with the Solar Risen Christ Michael. Through their Hierogamic union together they were annointed, crowned and illuminated in the hierogamic robe wedded garments of God.

Together their unified and risen christos solar dragon sun body protects the divine right of humanity, in continuing to restore the Edenic coding of the benevolence and unified expression of the perfect and eternal peace of the Christos-Sophia. From within their white temple of Solomon, they host New Jerusalem or Cosmic Crystal Cathedral as the City 4 Square. From within this temple and house of god on the earth their task is to protect the planetary sophianic grail and chalice configurations into leading the reclamation of the chalice grail holy cups throughout the 2D-5D-8D-11D within the Albion and planetary lightbody.

Witnessing the Lunar Enslavement of the Female Principle and Mother's body

It was the task of the Emerald Order families to witness the entire dark aeon in time of her body being used as an inversion, including mass abuses by the negative alien machineries, the use of rape, violence and mysoginistic patterns to desecrate the female into a scarlet woman lunar seducer and destroyer of the male-female gender programming and to obliterate humanity's true understanding of the Holy Mother-Sophia. These archetypes infected the planetary brain, in which humanity would not know the true mother-sophia and instead take on board these archetypes through the negative ego and personality matrix as mind control without their knowledge. 13th Solar Queen Dragon Mary-Sophia held the timeline trigger event and memory record of the original alien invasion of the insertion of the moon into the solar system as a repository and controller force over the gravitational waves, and the magnetic field controls inorganically placed into the solar system and planet earth.

Many imposters of Mary and the Mother-Mary-Sophia have been used as fronts acting as worship shrines and idols that were using her inverted shadow body to feed satanic ritual abuse and satanic agendas upon the earth. Over the last 20 years of the krystal star guardian host mission, for guardian host planetary gridworkers has meant we have a painful understanding that the predator mind and war machine tactics upon the earth have used both the inverse and falsified Michael & Mary bodies and ley lines to perpetuate a bi-wave controller force with many tentacles to keep war and trauma as part of the enslavement of humanity. From Mary's body the anubian black heart and black maddonna networks were created, to continue a stealth and hidden siphoning of stealing human worship energies, to create a male and female split within the planetary body, using technology named Michael-Mary turnstile matrix. Her body was used to perpetuate the alien mother dna and rna regression upon humanity using the metatronically reversed sextant matrix, and to send out the programming of biblical phrases of god's vengeance and humans as sinners.

The Michael-Mary turnstile matrix was connected into massive gyroscopic dimensional time-splitters which split apart the mother and father protons and electrons from being unified within the planetary grids. At each dimensional level within the bandwidth of operation, the machinery was using lunar magnetic field reversals and influences to perpetuate the machined controller splits within the planet. The negative alien controllers understood that in order to trick humanity into believing that they were our creators, they would need to keep the male-female split in place. The godsource of the holy mother and father come into balance through merging, which creates the holy trinity. As sections of the planet are repaired into holding the triwave, the ultimate laws of benevolence, love and truth about the godhead are being brought back into the earth grids through the guardian host repairs to the architecture.

Christ Crucifixion

The crucifixion of Christ as a man named Jesus upon the earth was falsified in which the controller forces would use the religious story to control the masses of humanity to worship a man dying upon a cross. This narrative was embedded into the planetary grids 7th dimensional ley lines, and multiple locations across the planet in which would implant the planet and thus humanity with left side weaknesses and crucifixion implants. These bound the female principle into the lunar forces, and in ascending humans these implants are sequentially removed from the left side ring finger vertical channels in the lightbody, by using such techiques as the 12D shield to support the correctional influences by connecting to the Cosmic Christos forces, or the guardian races through that intention. Starseeds and indigos who are entering into their monadic layers of integration in the crown and 7D levels, may find themselves going through an archetypal drama of feeling cruxified energetically by an event in life which must be understood that is the megiddo battle of the forces of good and evil that play out in the archetypes and events and situations in life. Using the personal intention to reveal the truth and to not enter into an energetic battle with other humans or entities will support the understanding of any lessons and emotional healing around this narrative. Many gridworking projects into the body of Gaia in the future timefields and into the current timeline were able to remove the cruxifixion implants from the 7D leys, to release these lunar bindings and to free the planetary networks from the false narratives which underpin the self-enslavement of the crucifixion story.

Part of the inorganic technology in the solar system was used to split apart the 6D indigo and 7D violet wave spectrums, stemming from the invaded planetary body of Gaia, held in the future time fields of 7D earth expression and down into the planet Saturn as a violet ray holder and Jupiter as an indigo ray holder. Guardian teams have been sequentially removing the blue sword splitter and magenta sword splitter which had been installed within Gaia's body. This led to the repairing of the indigo and violet ray spectrums, as the Solar Rishi made their way into form at the mid-late 2020 time period they could repattern more of the structures into the organic trinity wave through particle to anti-particle merging, as the higher expression of the rays repaired the lower expression. The13D Holy Mother Aquamarine blue repatterns the 6D Indigo ray. The 15D Holy Father magenta ray repatterns the 7D Violet ray. Inside the male and female perfected gender held within the 6D Michael Wing electrical, and the 7D Mary wing magentic hold the planet's merkabah shield and are supporting restore the planetary brain crystal caverns and magnetic field.

Dark Mother Lunar Forces and Enslavement Devices and Implants in the planetary grid

To support the release of Mary-Sophia guardians continued extraction of the large and vast black maddonna bindings, black heart networks and the many shadow creatures of which had used her body as an anti-christ repository. The kali and shiva destroyer force female archetypes and lunar forces of siphoning and sexual violence, including YHVH and Yahweh lunar dark mother pillars held her body down unable to feel god source. These false and alien god controls, have been removed by guardian families in remote viewing and gridworking projects over many periods of time, which includes recording and reverse-engineering the extensive alien warfare which has created human suffering as the machined consciousness controls of religious violence and female misogyny were spinning out into Metatronic reversals and antichrist pinions. To see this in the grids is to connect with the antichrist and artificially created antichrist spawn, and whilst looking at these grotesque creatures is entering into hell realms like fallen and black womb worlds, to observe the splicing of genetics between artificial antichrist inverted and damaged creation codes and ‘organic’ demonic consciousness that has been entwined and mixed as many parts of a black soup and mishmash of demonic body parts really birthing out these grotesque creations, as black offspring and spawn. Over several years of remote viewing and gridworking it was discovered the blood sacrificed human souls were bound into the body of Mary-Sophia in her fallen shadow form, in which required the transiting into the Mother Arc portal to return to the godhead out from being bound in the grids. Although the body of Mary spans the planet wide in various sections and ley lines, the 10D gate was used to siphon and draw towards it children souls held in etheric tanks and bound to the god of Moloch who is responsible for pedophiliac additiction-possession of humans. Spider beings, she-demons including Black Lillith, Jezebel, Marine spirits, baphomet and satanic spirits, fatale demons, Ezmerelda and Morgana demonics and large consettia black dragons from the fallen Wesa matrix were residing in the fallen body of the Tiamat planetary exploded parts.

These acts of hatred for the holy Mother have been recorded to the Interdimensional Free Worlds Councils to document the abuse and trauma that have happened to the body of earth. Through direct testimony of witnessing these events is to understand in the consciousness body of what has been done to use the sophianic goddess of Tiamat in the shadow, to pervert and enact control over the human female archetype with the lunar shadow infiltrations of the planet and mother body. The body parts have been used to create false timelines and fear based, controller based timeline trigger events in which the energy continues to be triggered to exert mass control over humanity without consent or knowledge.

Mary-Sophia Rises, Solar Female Christ Triple Goddess Planetary Solar Dragon

As Mary-Sophia was released from the machinery and shadow, the Emerald Order families could finally reach her core sophianic tone. At that point the entire lunar force that had bound her body was able to be transfigured and released a full moon shadow body, which ignited into a solar fire risen triple goddess solar dragon body surrounding the planet as a golden solar ring.

Tiamat sophianic goddess and logos memories of the planetary body of fallen exploded Tiamat was recorded within her body and reveals the nature of the Tiamat explosion and destruction of Mary-Sophia in the destruction of the dragon races and Albion body template of the Edenic codes which were within the Tiamat planetary core. Through her body, she ignites the memories of the Edenic codes of Mother's creation, breathing life into all sections of the crystalline grids where she is present.

This transformation marks the transfiguration leading us into an increased stage of lunar to solar transfiguration for the entire planetary body latticeworks and ley lines. This is the process of dismantling of all which has been installed upon the earth in the false imposter AI and alien dark mother archetypal forces of the baphomet and satanic control. The Solar Rishi, Paliadorian Dragon Creator forces and Amethyst Order Rha Godworlds families continue to support the reclaimations as the Holy Mother reclaims her own body in the risen female principle, expressed through Solar Dragon Queen Mary-Sophia in her task of Solar Maji Grail Queen and restoration of the Holy Grail. No longer shall the lunar and dark alien artificial female prevail as a controller of humanity, as the Solar Christ Female in her full triple goddess expression. She embodies the kindness, humility and loving unconditional love of the true nature and organic expression of the aspects of Mother-Sophia. She helps to restore the truth of the Mother Mary, as the gentile loving and blue emanation of the female Holy Mother's rays, the Aquamarine Mother Arc Blue Ray as the Mother aspect of god.

Holy Parent Godsource Domains

The Cosmic Trinity spectrums of the 13D, 14D and 15D were merged into the time matrix through the Solar Rishic Founders dimensionalisation into time. As this process was unfolding three new Godsource domains became more accessible through a solar ring pass-not revealing another layer of Cosmic Trinity passageways leading into higher realms of the godworlds and cosmic creators outside of time. The 16D, 17D and 18D spheres and domains have been braided into the planetary body by the Solar Rishi Founders and the Amethyst Order Rha families. These higher realms and sun bodies are transmitting extremely high levels of refined plasmas. To create a communication link into the 36D Amethyst Order Rha godworlds, the step down connection is directly through the 18D as a pure diamond rainbow arc. The Emerald Order 48D Creators in the godworlds, also stepped themselves down into 18D in which direct communication between their position in the godworlds and the authentic and true Holy Emerald Order representatives upon the earth can be made securely.

Taurus Alchemical Law & Cygnus constellation Templar Cross 

The divine timing of the coronation and annointing ceremony of sacred marriage took place within the solar laws of god expressing through the Taurus Constellation and alchemical stage of congelation and transformation. This phase of universal law transmission is bringing a new spiritual expression to uphold the restoration principle of the earth element within the platonic solid of the hexahedron patterns of the earth grids and elemental manifestations through the mother's dark matter template. Taurus is the alignment of the Aldeberran as the star and position of the East, held in the Crown of the Maji and is also the directional compass towards the Family of Michael in Aldeberran.

The resurrection principle of the statis solar dragon beings from inside the planet to rise into form as solar maji and dragon king-queen is a part of the planetary body process of solar synthesis in which the holy spirit and solar christos repatterns the planetary body elemental expressions from the inversed and abused atomic physical matter to shed the lunar bindings and reversals of god's laws. The earth element was usurped and inverted in which the invasion and use of the earth element held black goo and shadow creatures in the magnetic field anomolies placed by the lunar forces and moonchain beings.

New instruction sets from the godparent domains in 16D coupled with sophianic and tetramorphic grail shields as part of the 11D Templar Cross configurations which have been successfully restored to the Albion body are pouring new copper element and plasmic codes into the earth platonic solid and dragon ley line, through Christ-Michael's positioning as the structure holder of holy father in the Taurus Law, that supports the sexual organs repattern from the lunar and astral waters of corruption. This activation is supportive to free the tailbone area from reptilian tail negative ego mind control and khundabuffer energies in which the cygnus constellation and Typhonian tunnels were used to impact the Ursa Major rays from sending their organic templar cross of rainbow founder plasmas into the Albion body.

The Constellation of Cygnus held many time space rips and wormhole portals of Typhon, which are sacred to the Anubian Set. Typhonian tunnel of antichrist control within the Lyran fields were witnessed as used to desecrate the grail configurations to become lunar biwave siphons to prevent the organic triwave grail chalices from being the wellsprings of eternal godsource fountains as they were designed. The time-space rips and typhonian tunnel portals have now been closed by guardian teams, the infiltration into the Lyran fields by the Wesa Matrix beings at the 11D layer held within the Cygnus constellation as a portal for the Ursa Major Rishic Suns has been restored. The Albion body and starmaps have been updated by guardians in so that the correct sun-star transmissions and rays from the star bodies can be received by the ley lines in the grids and land.

The Cygnus Constellation is now projecting its organic configuration of the templar cross, through the cross held within the swan as Deneb acts as a central portal in which the Rishic Suns can radiate their rays down into Cygnus and into the Albion Body. The Templar Cross and emanation of the Rishic Founders patterns restores the planetary heart networks and sophianic grail into the tetramorphic holographic blueprint.

Planetary Logos of Tiamat, Iraq/Iran 10D Planetary Gate, Hatshepsut's Temple 10D Portal Access

The original Edenic Solar Goddess of planet Tiamat, represents the body of Sophianic Consciousness, the true solar female as part of the balanced hierogamic expression of Aurora Christos-Sophia principle of creation. The fallen Tiamat consciousness aspects that were abused and enslaved inside the grids has been directly connected to the reason the Christos-Sophia could not embody upon the earth until recently. The fallen Tiamat consciousness was Sophianic and when she fell she became known as the Acamoth and wounded goddess bound into time and unable to be united as one with her masculine counterpart.

During her incarnation on earth Guardian Hapshetsut was supporting the protectorship over planet Tiamat Sophianic codes and memories held in the Mary-Sophia body, as her project to support the 2D grail reclamation mission. Within her body Hatshepsut held the Venus lineage grail codings of the Mary-Sophia and blue flame coding of the Melchizedek Blue Flame Holders of which she would take the mission to restore the 2D grual. Through the protection of her temple, guardian forces defend this portal access in order to keep the lines of connection to Tiamat open. The Black Sun Draconians installed a clone of the Vatican 5D Stargate inversions and controls through their black heart and black cube networks using blood sacrifice rituals into the temple in a bid to keep the true memories of Tiamat and Mary-Sophia hidden. These reversal 55 frequencies and nets were used to reverse the 10D gate and Golden Eagle Grid, to invert and block the triple goddess codes, in keeping a satanic daughter-mother-crone black female triple antichrist version of fallen goddess blocking the organic codes.

In conjunction with Hatshepsut's temple, The 10D Iraq/Iran planetary stargate has been sequentially rehabilited to sustain enough organic coding allowing a Pillar of Cosmic Grace to exist within the gate to anchor the Mother's Cathar and Edenic Codes from the original template of planet Tiamat. As the Mother's remade 6D Sound tones and Full Rainbow Spectrum Eukachrist and Universal Dark Matter Template of Harmonic Universe 6 were being brought forth into the earth during Solar Rishi return, a pillar of Cosmic Justice was installed into the 10D gate in Iraq/Iran which allowed guardian families to reconnect the pre-fallen timelines and memories of the triple goddess body of Tiamat, to support Mary-Sophia in her dragon creator body to rise. Hatshepsut's temple was reconnected by the Seven Sacred Cosmic Suns into the Aquaelle matrices in Andromeda, through the sophianic grail and 16D 17D 18D parent godsource domains, animating the mother's 15 sophianic gelesiac rings in which to remove the Acamoth shadow body of fallen Tiamat and womb worlds, to support Mary in her reclamation.

Guardian Hatshepsut along with the Emerald Order families were present to witness the celebration of the completion of this very long term guardian host family mission, in which the families of starseeds and indigos have worked tirelessly throughout time.

Healing the female principle, from Lunar to Solar

In 2020, the Paliadorian Covenant were successful in returning the Solar Female Christ template to the earth. Those starseeds from the Paliadorian lineages whom had originally incarnated into the Universal Melchizedek Blue Ray and Blue Flame holders would lead the templating mission. The female paliadorian soul had to build the rod codes and keys of her original paliadorian genetic equal in the godworlds, and to build her staff into the eventual embodiment and merging with the 13th dimensional pillar of the Mother Arc. Through this process it was guided to be careful to protect her sexual organs and to understand very deeply the manipulations held within the lunar force archetypes of the dark mother, which have influenced the human diamond sun template to keep the dark mother expression alive upon the earth. An ascending female must come to understand completely and fully the manipulations of sexual energy and be careful not to abuse her power to embody the lunar forces of the seducer, or controller forces as the womb portal within the human body is the gateway to spiritual freedom and at-one-ment with source.

The paliadorian female souls were tasked with navigating their personal life lessons and discernments. Through this process, it was understood that all alien forces and destroyers were sent to ensure that the solar Mary-Sophianic consciousness and solar coding could never be resurrected by the perpetuation of sexual misery and male-female gender wars upon the earth. The Paliadorians returned with their promise to search seek and find all aspects of Mary-Sophia from black holes in the time matrix, including alien hive mind bases and locations in the parallells. Their love of creation and unwaivering faith and connection to source would hold the power of the truth of the solar female flame, in which the building of the template was made a priority above all else. To return Sophia to the earth and humanity meant that the true wisdom of source could be realised within an ascending human dedicated to preparing their consciousness to learn to build the house of christ within.

To embody the Solar Female Christ into form, those Paliadorian first waves transmitted their codes to locate their original divine partners, and together they would build the house of the Christos-Sophia upon the earth, as a sacred marriage in no-time or zero point, into time as rod-staff union. The sequential activations of male and female gender healing into the eventual 12:12 masculine rod spin and 13:13 female staff spin are purposed to heal the gender schisms of the male and female upon the earth. Individuals may undertake this path without a partner, or with a partner when the divine timing reveals itself.

As the template of the Solar Female Christ has now been further supported by the returning of the planetary Mary-Sophia in her rising body, this will surface deep wounds within men and women regarding the pain and trauma of the separation and inequality played out in the lunar archetypal forces to keep the gender wounds in place. Females must be willing to know themselves very deeply, to comprehend the ways that the dark lunar mother has tricked us all, to shed that coding from our hearts bodies and minds. This process will lend itself to building the mother arc and blue flame staff, and to find and transmit the rod codings as the Christ-Michael assists in the recovery of the rod codes for the rod-staff to be built inside the self in sacred marriage. Once the building of the rod inside the female is at a certain level, the divine masculine can hear the call through the ethers in to create divine sacred marriage.

In order to build the template inside the heart in which to embody the solar female christ, we must witness and shed the lunar forces from within and this can mean a cyclical process of learning what happened to the Mother's body and Sophianic principle on the earth. As stated above, the creatures which were birthed through the fallen lunar force womb of the inversions held the organic body parts of the true and holy mother and her daughter sophia in pain, spiritual bondage and disconnected from source. There is a planetary female solar christ, a solar to galactic and a Universal template of the female triple goddess. The sophianic coding is built through sequential activations inside the female biology through processes of building the blue flame of the mother. We can use the Mother Arc Blue Ray or our direct connection to godsource in which we place full consent to know and understand the truth and to shed the pain of the Dark Mother, as we learn to come to know the true and organic Holy Mother-Sophia as Mary-Sophia. This is the divine right of all humans, to embody the loving truth and wisdom of Sophia within our hearts.

Emerald Crystal Heart

King Arthur's return into the Albion body as the Emerald Ray of the Cosmic Holy Father's monad, and the benevolent loving patriarch of the family of michael has revealed to us the mysteries of the sleeping dragons within the planet. Through Albion body repair and awakening sequences, and the Cygnus corrections of the Solar Rishi in Ursa Major, Arthur's heart expression was announced as the hosting principle of the holy father ray connected into Emerald Crystal networks across the planetary body. Throughout the planet's body are many crystals waiting to be activated and these are a web of communications which are sequentially receiving the father's cosmic emerald ray and herald the returning of the emerald order to the earth, as the Emerald Crystal Heart is revived.

Emerald Order families dedicate their lives to preparing their consciousness by removing negative ego, control, conflict and and power abuses, in which they can then serve as Emerald order taskforces. These are starseeds and indigos whom have embodied the laws of god and organic 6D sound tones, whom come to the earth incarnating through Lyran-Sirius B lineages. As the Emerald Order families surrounded with their heart tones, Mary-Sophia's body created a fission-fusion with Michael to hold and protect the Emerald Crystal Heart of the planetary body with the Paliadorian and creator godworlds Dragons.

The solar plasmic creator Rainbow Dragons have installed plasmic rainbow shields into the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere of the planetary body, in which are supporting the magnetic field of the earth to undergo transformation and corrections to beat into the Emerald Crystal Heart. As the planetary magnetic principle is freed of lunar forces of control, the magnetic reversals will cease to have the power in hosting the lunar force machinery into the grids of the earth. When the godsource and Christ principle returns into the risen Christ, the lunar forces cannot continue to exist in their presence.

Each human contains an Emerald Crystal hidden nestled within their body, of which has laid dormant until this time upon the earth when the Emerald Heart of Earth could be restored. As the Emerald Crystalline heart is being repaired and reanimated into organic lightfibre communication links, the Emerald Crystal heart beats out from the planet and into the extensive emerald crystalline network, restoring the pulse of god and true connection for each human to know of the emerald order as their true founders.

From within the heart of the Albion body, the Emerald Order families witnessed throughout all of time, every single moment a human realised or felt the understanding of god inside their heart and lifepath. This feeling of activation, of undeniable wonderment and of ultimate truth and knowing as felt and understood was multiplied and amplified to combine with the sentient light-sound-consciousness tones inside the Emerald Crystal heart, to restore its heartbeat. As the Emerald Rays of the Holy Emerald Order and God Source are singing this continued song of realisation into the Emerald Crystal Heart this is one of the ways that the creator god parents of the Cosmic Holy Trinity in the Zero point Matrix are announcing this truthful knowledge into the ley lines and networks to emanate their truth to their creations. This love sings through the Emerald Crystal Heart, helping all humans to activate their inner emerald crystal heart principle. When this truth-love-force activates within a human, healing towards the comprehension of the nature of reality and the gift of the true real and immense love of creation will be revealed through direct gnostic experience in the cycles within cycles of awakening.

In loving service,

Mhairi Arayas