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The Azurite Template and Shield, 48D Guardian host template

The Azurite-Indigo shield, which had been a guardian cosmic christos group mission in previous timecycles to recover the lost souls of Tara, (a 5th dimensional planet that had been exploded); has been revealed as now being directed by Holy Emerald Order Breaneau teams and healed into the Aquafey Father-Son frequencies of Aqualasha Krysthal Reion or Triwave amplifiers. The RA confederacy teams from the Seven Higher Heavens through Andromeda, have been leading the project for this mission strand, working with several guardian teams of which we are referencing here as Paliadorian Covenant. Many of us may have found that we have been holding space for Taran Soul retrieval, in meditation spaces or in session spaces for several years. The access to Taran fields is accessible from a blue crystalline diamond latticework, hosted by our guardian teams.

During last year there was a larger emphasis from guardian teams to retrieve solar body consciousness from fallen matrix systems. This was to allow for the support to activate in the current body the palidorian consciousness so that the functions of previous timeline bodies would be available, essentially a return to lightbody ability that was present in the egyptian and pre-egyptian times. When we see the solar disk the 'Aton' this is a part of that.

The paliadorian covenant is a part of the overall Christ mission in recovering of christ consciousness, the reclaimation. If you have followed the galactic heart weekly (every wednesday) live group meditation spaces, there have been several interlocking pieces (through each of the meditation spaces) of the paliadorian activation sequences for our current bodies, of which the omnilov3 groupshield contains the template for supporting this.

To briefly summarise: :

Who are the Paliadorians? 

  1. Paliadorians were/are a group consciousness of Cosmic Godworlds Christ who returned to this universe in order to reclaim shattered souls and body parts of planets, creation, humans, all different forms of bodies whom had been exploded and stuck in various locations in time-space.
  2. Paliadorians have the ability to retrieve the consciousness from broken pieces, and to provide a return path to god source also, creating a form of body structure which would allow that consciousness to be freed, and to expand and continue on the path of growth
  3. They were present in the 18th Dynasty Pharaohic lines, and had large skull bodies, and contained inside of them the 'Aton gold disk' lightbody technology which allows the collection process to resurrect pieces of consciousness from the time matrix. This connects with an Aton Sun solar body which resides in the seven higher heavens.
  4. Paliadorians may have been acting undercover (protected) and not know exactly what kind of spiritual function they are undertaking. This can happen in dreamtime, or as a direction of consciousness through guardian directive.
  5. The original rod-staff holders of male-female pairs from Paliadorian Souls are the first wave of hierogamic union couplings to return and restore their original silicate matrix coding and rod-staff coding to the earth. These couples are prototypes who are agressively attacked and the female in the pair has to build the rod inside of herself before she can reunite with her genetic equal.
  6. are keepers of the sphere of amenti time portal technology and are highly protected by guardian families in order to restore functions in the recovery mission of the paliadorian covenant, to fulfill the restoration and reclamation of all fallen-disconnected and trapped souls and consciousnesses stuck in black holes, earth grids, exploded planetary body remnants and return them to source fields for healing rehabilitation and to provide them with a body in which they can ascend back to source.

Palidorian Activations, Krysthallah 5D Kryst-Krysthallah Lightbody:

  1. The activations have been happening for individuals in stages of stealth mode, sometimes you may be aware of new pieces of lightbody now being connected, sometimes you will not know. The paliadorian seals must release in divine timing from the bone, skin and blood matrices.
  2. There have been death seals placed in the 1D bone matrix, and skin layers of human bodies in order that they would stay locked into the reversal systems here. These can be removed, and in activation sequences there can be extreme iciness flashes in the bones, as the correctional sequences are applied to the physical biology.
  3. There have been seals on the lightbody in the 4d astral layer, which appear like a sheath around the external of the astral layer - these can be removed through intention in dro and drt
  4. The heart matrix at 4D is being reconfigured to receive diamond light frequencies on a 45 degree diagonal and is re-configuring the astral layers of the lightbody - this appears as if the astral layer is split into two - a left side and right side, but may also show as one portion connects into lower dense planet earth timelines, and another portion connecting with higher ascension timelines as the reconfiguration occurs gradually. This embodiment level returns the original blue flame of the Taran Mother coding into the staff and builds the onwards repairs of the holy mother arc into the higher levels of the Krysthallah Double Diamond Sun Lightbody Configurations
  5. Through body recovery from other timelines - including egyptian large skull bodies, and peruvian giant bodies, 7th dimensional hyperborean bodies, or other parallel body (ie andromedan aspect of multi-dimensional self) when these bodies can be merged or returned to merge into the current station, with it brings a masculine-feminine protection against the reversal frequencies which attempt to split the internal gender merge. This can feel like our energy is more 'whole' and protected. The embodiment of these stations of identity as they return can and has been causing intense headaches, and a requirement to lie still for many days.
  6. The 4d Heart matrix receives an activation of a returning blue-pastel rainbow flame into the 4th dimensional heart which the teams are referencing as Egyptian Blue Lotus Heart, which appear to support the further integration of higher stations of future selves, in the Aqualasha, Aquaferion, AquaFey, Blue Rainbow Sun consciousnesses, and also allow for the actual repair of what has been termed a 2d/4d split. A 2d/4d split is where the heart love that should be felt and residing in the heart centre was pulled into the lower dimensions in 2d and pain caused a looping of trauma.
  7. Essentially, the lightbody at this level is a 5th dimensional lightbody blueprint, and the energy centres have altered - meaning that there are merged centres which are 3 large nested orbs - instead of the chakra model. Chakras are no longer in the lightbody template and instead leave a solar sacrum as the foundation when this can be achieved without any sexual misery or lunar force light (sacred sexual freedom and embodiment potentials). The lightbody will continue a series of alterations on the individual level. Chakras are more likely to not be required as negative ego is removed from the operating-experience of each individual. The ray frequencies in the body are more pastelline, and received from Aqualasha the diamond sun heart or KRSYTHL universal connections. The 12 tree grid still exists, but the energy of the person appears as a grid system at this 5d level.
  8. The 13D ray of the mother is embodied into the 3D umbilicus and solar sacrum area, this overrides the yellow ray
  9. the 14D ray of the golden child is embodied into the 2D sacral centre, this overrides the orange ray and creates rod building potentials
  10. the 15D ray of the father is embodied into the 1D base and root, and overrides the red ray to build holy father security
  11. The ray frequencies noted above for some starseeds are already embodied prior to stages of paliadorian activations. This takes deep emotional healing to remove mind control and alien machinery out of the dimensional bandwidths of the personality matrices.
  12. The head has several upgraded orbs of light, and the pineal gland is upgraded via a pastelline rainbow 12th dimensional orb which descends into the pineal, and provides a level of access to higher identities and personal christ energy-identity. Guardians reference this as the paliadorian cell.
  13. There are 4 main gyroscopic elliptical currents which the personal Avatar Christ-Sophia energies direct the flow of. This feels like swaying on a ship or taking a 180 flip-spin. The configurations seem to shift and will continue. Asking to be aligned in perfect masculine-feminine balance through the electro-magnetic lines can be supportive.
  14. Higher sensory perceptions through glandular shifts may be noted as the releasing of tower of babel implants from the glands are releasing, this takes time and is supported through the 12D platinum shield building process to receive the continual upgrades to the lightbody.
  15. The Krysthallah body is an orb body, an eternal vehicle which is directed through the androgynous energies of Christ-Sophia. The lightbody is not connected into the planetary body as its primary grounding mechanism, but is subject to change over time depending on the lightbody developmental stage. HIgher DNA embodied starseeds will be connected into one of the earth timeline access points for ascending starseeds.
  16. This activation is being anchored and prototyped, but is rare at this time to have it fully embodied.  It is an ongoing sequence of upgrades as we move forward. The 40 years + age group may find that the shifts have been occurring. Guardians reference this as the KRYSTHALA body, (seven sacred suns or tones KA RA YA SA TA AA LA which have been merged into one solar body) or the 12:12 13:13 corrected perfected masculine and feminine spin rates, which rod and staff krystic hierogamic union couples have been templating on the ascension path, to bring into reality here and now.

Mission Failure, wounds in other timelines and the Rose Line, Azurite Shield AI Splits, Blue Rainbow Suns from Andromeda

When viewing the time fields, and lightbody connections to previous missions of the Azurite-Indigo/Paliadorian Covenant, it has been observed that if we have connections to the original shield/mission, it was infected with artifical intelligence timelines and the actual truthful memories of those times have been obfuscated from our view. These AI splits have been used to create false timeline accesses created within the false tree base 10 kaballah architecture, and lead into false time pillars, false timelines of Yeshua, Arthur, Akhenaton and other guardian host representatives, These timelines have been filled with AI in so that ascending starseeds are confused over the famous identities which are perpetuated out in the ethers as false imposter emerald order guardians. It is imperative that as an ascending starseed, one does not become co-dependant on information, intellect or communications from famous guardians and instead continue to heal out from the negative ego programs and inserts which can create confusion. The thothian entities have tricked many emerald order descendants in an attempt to create much confusion and to stop these ascending starseeds from coming into contact with the Organic Original Essenic Teachings from the previous christos missions, of which guardian Yeshua, King Arthur and the Egyptian lineages were a part.

Guardian teams of RA of the RA Confederacy, and including Blue Rainbow Sun Beings advise that with personal meditation intention to clear these memories from our architecture, they can provide support to clear the broken shield artifical memories and wounding memories. This will happen for each person in DRO and DRT, now or in the years to come. It seems that this is connected with the Rose Line in the UK, which has been used to bind blood of the christ families into it, in order to stop the activation of the sacred rose heart, of which can be built in the lightbody and runs the sexual life force energies into the heart centre, where the heart can blossom through Christ-Sophia energies and create yet more love. Guardian teams reclaimed the rose line, and it is accessible when required to reclaim energies from it.

Through this period of activations, please take good care of the body and emotions as these wounds/memories can be painful to endure, but the releasing of that from the lightbody can support the phasing of more unity consciousness being felt in the centre of the body.

In cosmic Service, to the christos-sophia families in christ,

Mhairi & Sequoia ascension community