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12D Shield Galactic Heart Intro to Unity

The following meditation is an invitation for you to build, reconnect and strengthen your connection with the trinity waves of zero point, or what we may also refer to as the unity field of godsource. The families of Krystal Star Cosmic Christ consciousness hold the architecture through multiple layers and connections into the unity fields; which allow us to make that connection from within our own body.

In this meditation space we will create a connection from our personal lightbody to the unity fields of consciousness. Each person must build this connection for themselves, and it cannot be obtained through any other intermediary, including guides, gurus, entities or attunements provided by healing modalities to-from or through another human. As we embody more of our own energy, through the reanimation of our own connections, we may feel and sense different energies using this meditation at different times. Many people cannot feel the true godsource loving trinity feelings and love - on earth at this time, and instead begin to connect into and stay within the 4th dimension of astral false-bliss woozy sensations and believe that is god. The forces of unity exist outwith space and time beyond the 12th dimension, and are connectable via our organic livinglight human lightbody, as we seek to know the truth of our own existence, and to expand our life experience in the intention to discover heart based unconditional love, in all ways.

May we each heal our hearts, bodies and minds to come into greater awareness of the truth of our own identities, in bringing the loving unified field back for all of humanity. To be a knower of god, and to be a wayshower of god.
The principles of connecting with the unity intelligence energy fields allow each of us to re-connect with the pure essence of our heart, minds, bodies and soul spirit connections through all multi-dimensions in this time matrix, in a vertical manner - out through the subtle energy field layers into the heart of the andromedan galaxy and further into the heart mind and body of unity or godsource.

This galactic heart meditation contains a range of triwave unity field frequencies and morphogenetic instruction sets from unity field intelligence which may assist you to build your own individual loving connection through all stations of your full Christ template of 12 dimensional anatomy, supporting your embodiment of your own higher selves, soul, monad and avatar self to be optimally connected and to provide you with healing from your own source connection. This is the ascension plan on earth for humans and happens as an organic spiritual-biological process determined by your own avatar-god-self, when you are in alignment to god as your only authority.
Please find a quiet space in which you can fully relax your body. Ensure you have space and comfort to relax.



Take a breath into the body and on the exhale intend to connect entirely with your physical body.
Inwardly direct your physical body to release all tensions through the breath. Slowly bring your focus into this present moment. Allowing all memories of the day, that led you to this point, to drift; without holding tension in the mind.
Inwardly direct your attention to connect directly with your lightbody parts: tree of life, soul matrix, your monad matrix and your avatar god-self. Imagine you are making this connection with each layer and level, and intend that it is so.
Next, we will build our vertical connection that provides the staff function within the hara vertical line in the centre column of your physical body. The hara line is the structure that our chakras sit upon.

Building your 12D shield technique
Focusing on the centre of your brain, see, sense, feel or imagine a star of david symbol inside the centre of your mind. This symbol represents unity of masculine and feminine. Send this symbol down through the centre vertical channel inside your body, building a vertical line of light, see it leave the space between your legs and move down to a place around 6 inches underneath your physical feet. At this point, see, sense, feel or imagine a circular horizontal platform of light underneath your feet which acts as the lower platform and horizontal shield to your energy. Feel the resonance and strength of your platform.

At this point, you may feel to connect into the planetary body. Send your connection into the planetary body, and feel the energetic resonance there. If you are not guided at this time, just intend to ask your avatar to align your energies in this moment.

Intend to connect to your own Avatar-God-Self as part of the 12th dimensional pale silver liquid platinum plasma light, which contains the divine blueprint and mathematical codes of the Christ body (of which you are made) to help you build your lightbody on all levels of connection. This plasma light belongs to you, this organic energy belongs to humanity, this energy supports and creates protection around the auric field when used as follows. Fill yourself up with this light connection and surround your body with it, creating a pillar that you are contained within.

Taking your attention to the centre of your mind, this time sending the star of david up through the crown extending your vertical pillar of staff energy light up to a place around 4 feet above your physical head. See, sense, feel or imagine another circular horizontal platform of light above your head. This is a horizontal shield connecting to the 13th, 14th and 15th dimensions of trinity wave holy mother, holy father and holy Christos Sophia light frequencies of the godhead. Feel the strength and resonance of your platform.

From here, sending a connection or lightfibre out through the upper platform with the intention of connection to all of your multi-dimensional expressions through the soul matrix, monad matrix and avatar matrix all the way to the heart, mind and body of god entirely. You may feel this connection as it passes through the andromedan galactic core, and beyond, into the unity fields.

Send your loving intentions to your creator. Feel your body in this moment and breathe in the deep relaxed connectedness and allow yourself to be in this moment. Know that you are protected through your intended connection in this way. Know that you are loved, in wholeness just as you are. Cast your burdens to god, and allow yourself to be held by your true parent once more.


Now listening or repeating inwardly to yourself
We now Open the field architecture and connection to receive the galactic heart tri-wave energies, that are in alignment with cosmic sovereign law, the law of unity oneness which preserves each human’s rights to be a sovereign being.
We call forth the Mother Arc 13th dimensional transharmonic pillar system to lock down and manifest, providing support, protection and love. The mother arc is an aquamarine light or blue ray frequency which IS the mother aspect of god. Krystal compass to the north, south, east and west, setting the 4 pillar diamond architecture and connection into the heart mind and body of god through the mother arc . Requesting for each person the correct sequence and alignment to the unity fields of energy, as god would have it be.

As you relax in this space, allowing the frequency sets to flow through your body, please remain comfortable and still in this space: allowing all thoughts to come and go, allowing all awarenesses to surface, allowing your own inner landscape to sooth your body, mind and spirit; as you are protected, loved and soothed by your own inner connection to the unity field of god entirely.
You may feel different sensations in the body as the body shifts in relation to the connections you are building. Intend to open your heart, Intend to release all from your energy that does not belong with you; all that does not serve your highest purpose at this time. For the next ten minutes of silence, feeling the connectedness you have, and are with god.

As you focus your attention back into your body, allow your mind to come back into present moment awareness.
In this moment, connecting with the 13th Dimensional Aquamarine ray of the Mother , allowing her energies to wrap around you in a loving embrace. Connecting with the 15th Dimensional Magenta ray of the Father Arc, allowing him to hold you in compassionate regard. Connecting with the 14th Dimensional Golden ray of Christos-Sophia, as the Christ child you are.
Taking a deep breath, aligning your energies in perfect symmetry back into the present moment of awareness. Giving thanks for this space, experience and support.

We seal and close the time fields, the portals to mother arc, we seal and end this meditation into the light of unity, wholeness, truth and love. Omnilove.