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October 2018 - Solar Synthesis Return

Solar Synthesis Return

The ongoing theme of krystal star guardian teams planetary gridwork and fieldwork has been the recovery and return of solar consciousness that had been bound in reversals within the solar system and in the time matrix, mostly we have used the terms of Michael-Mary consciousness. Through this last cycle of the 'Solar Synthesis Return'; the ongoing series of meditative healing and lightbody alignment was to support paliadorian sun consciousness alignments and activations through our community group shield. This meant the embarking on several ongoing and interwoven gridworks to recover lost genetic codes, fire letter codes, time vector codes and original christ identities from their location in reversal grid architecture across the planetary body. These are required to be returned to families of Christ in so to allow for embodiment potential and building consciousness transport links, into remade in the image of god, the divine organic design.

One of the mission strands guardians are continually managing is the removal of black magic grids architecture in order to recover consciousness that has been held. This has included the eviction of black magicians from underneath the Giza 4d Planetary Heart Matrix, and return of consciousness that was being held there by black magicians in the field. For the planetary solar temple to flourish, these negative entities have to be removed from holding power over the earth body. The genetic DNA of christ family consciousness has been projected into thousands of individuals in order to mask the true Christ identities from being recovered and recognised. As part of the ascension, the false hologram structures of projection; which operate through the anti-hierogamic union implant technology (gender splitting technology) are being dismantled, as part of larger planetary gridworks from guardian teams.  The original Paliadorian sun consciousness and Christ Solar Identities are being returned through retrieval of original identities, as the ongoing activations with the planetary lightbody in order to return the Solar Temple.

With the embodiment of solar logos avatar consciousness, a Christ being is able to see further negative or reversed architecture in the planetary fields, This means that as further portions of the grid are available to be accessed, the reversal architecture can be seen and removed-dismantled and repaired.

Heart Healing, Sacrum Healing to Solar Force

With the planetary body solar temple now online in the 4D heart matrix of Giza, the stargate access out into multiple god worlds of solar body consciousness is available, this is the organic connection out into universal solar gate systems. The sexual distortions and misery programming that has been inserted into human lightbodies and planetary body via soul matrix inversions (2D-4D split; where the heart function was running in the sexual centre and has been inserted with reversal energies to keep the 2d emotional pain body function from operating properly and connecting into the heart 4d centre for effective transmutation of intelligent heart based movements of life force energy) are being healed through guardian teams running currents of pastelline peach-rose-gold flecks of rays from the aqualasha galaxy. This influx of energy is running in the planetary 2D grail points, and is clearing out pain and sexual misery gender splitting that is allowing a deeper healing of levels of hurt, wounding and pain in the human experience and sexual misery programming that has been the mode of operating on the planet, impacting the human ability to source god source senses, in the sexual organs, and heart, throughout the body.

The Solar temple represents the heart wings of rod and staff, in the soul matrix. Spiritual marriage within the heart allows the merging of the soul between couples, who share lightbody architecture space as part of the Krysthallah or Double Diamond Sun. In spiritually activated couples who are pathcutting this embodiment sequence; the soul matrix is married in unified form between the monad and the soul triad. When merged allows the rod and staff online in the lightbody, through the diamond rose-lotus heart configurations. This leads to the embodiment of the sacred heart, which is a triadic body of unified christ force within hierogamic union.

The peach-pastelline rose gold colour rays from AquaLasha Galaxy received through the sacred Krystal Lotus-Rose Heart are assisting with the removal of reversal life force currents, in providing a level of healing for the internal human 2d grail point of the sexual organs, the human emotional and pain body centres. This brings up many continual cycles within cycles of healing the gender splitting between masculine and feminine principles; bringing up sexual desires for life path witnessing, walking the way of the energies into the forging of an eventual solar sacrum. The ascension plan in the unification process of marrying the masculine-feminine principles in divine union within the human body requires hard work and effort to allow the heart based intelligent consciousness to be the leader of all life force energies in the life experience. Life force, is what we also refer to as sexual energy. The return of the solar body consciousnesses and the activations of the heart twinning, solar temple activations internally means that there is no hiding from reversal or dark force manipulative currents that have commandeered the human race for time immemorial. At this stage of lightbody embodiment sequences, there is a push for internal wounding through sexual misery to be witnessed, healed and released - in return for the solar light of the christ god force to heal the inner child, the body consciousness and the sexual organs.

360 Time - Zero Point - Relationship to Time

The ascending races of starseeds and indigos will eventually become directly connected into the zero point field and krystal spiral, of the base 12 mathmatics of god code out from base 10 architectural reversals. As we further on the spiral ascension path, ascension first wavers are, at this time, fully located in universal co-ordinates outside of the constructs of the time matrix. This is prototyping the physical embodiment cycle in order to path cut for further lightbody activations and templates to become available, depending on the biology we inhabit and the healing-mission strands we each have come to participate with. During the transition into entire zero point, the relationship to time as a limiting force or movement of energy-expectation is removed from the experience in a human body. Relating to time as a wave, as a form of energy flow, where the potentials of future timeline trajectory are being created, culminated and refined in each person's movement through this ascending lifepath is governed by the intention to keep into the heart and flow of source of god. This goes hand in hand with the inner hard work that is required in order to know thyself deeper, and to continually meet the spiritual initiations that this life path contains; in order to synthesise lessons and move consciousness into deeper personal alignment with god source on the inside of the heart.

The rod and staff architecture in the lightbody runs the aurora orb body and on the internal intersection chambers of the rod and staff as they spin, in a 12:12 masculine spin rate interlocking into the 13:13 female spin staff; the orb body or double diamond sun aurora orb vehicle allows for the collapsing of everything in the life experience and movement through the timefields as a collapse into the centre = zero point. The sophianic body and keys are the access into the god worlds consciousness levels of reality fields.

In relation to time access and perception, at monadic integration the life path or realised life mission function is inevitably the leading and most forefront assignment and right use of energy - in all parts of life. This can mean that during the phases of transition into further higher and more refined frequency sets, it becomes obvious in daily life where and when and what can be addressed or achieved. When an individual is understanding of the accreted levels of their own spiritual energy and right use, right action and intent; the life path of the ascending human is guided only by the internal heart based in the 'zero point' or 'now moment' experience. This is a far cry from previous plans and projects and stipulations of the best use of time. This means that for many, the releasing of judgement or expectations and expected goal achievements are swept away within the inner knowing that all that is presented in the 'now' moment, is perfectly aligned for the highest freedom of expression and life force intent through the vehicle of the human body.

The body of christ maintains an energetic conservation principle, in all ways that it can be achieved. This means that in no uncertain terms, no energy is ever wasted. The principle of the god sovereign free timelines, requests nothing but to be able to be available, present and internally aligned to god source as the ONLY authority; which does not place expectation upon us, which does not require justification of self or others. This is a further alignment into the ability to be freed from the false narratives of the time construct of which we were born into in the current human body identity.

Many individuals will require to review their daily lives in a way that bridges the gaps between the old 3d time construct and demands set by others through tasking or expectational lists; and the new way of being, which is a literal freedom from the time matrix in its highest available form. This means, that on the ascension path, as we reach levels of embodiment and return of lightbody structure, architecture and connections - our freedom is presented in the moment, as the life path is no longer an A to B linear movement. Instead, it is experienced in simultaneous multi-dimensional (past, present and future) life waves of unified awarenesses. For example, when working in unified consciousness, there is no longer the desire or requirement to meet time scales, plans or expectations in the way of rigid thought sequences that once provided safety and comfort. With the returning of the holy father consciousness in the solar deity RA complex, holy father emerald ray masculine principle, rod function of solomon shield for the planetary body; the life path sequence is altered through the body of christ and the intention to know the truth, be the truth and speak the truth in all ways becomes a totality of life experience. Which, provides the inner realisation that time serves a purpose in the ways of a construct, but has been abused here on earth to create false reality fields in which the negative alien forces have kept humanity as a slave race, and at this time the ascension path of freedom is underway at what is understood to be an unprecedented rate.

Return to God Cycles and Universal Solar Gate Access, Planetary Rose-Grual Line Rehabilitations

Recent guardian grid projects included the reclamation of the inner 12D stargate in Kauai whilst on the landmass to complete sections of gridwork. The fight for the black magicians to retain control over the gate system was thwarted and the hierogamic aeonic pair template coding reinstalled into the gate system. The inner 12D planetary gate of Kauai (12D inner gate Kauai interlinks to 12D Montsegur planetary gate in France) had been used to block planetary and Avatar Solar Logos at the 10-11-12D consciousness of the planetary body by sending out sexual misery programming and hosting a reversal rose-grail line as part of the planet's lightbody. The dark flowering projections of metatronic death distortions at the planetary rose line here is inorganic to christ consciousness, and this was dismantled and reconnected into the UK landmass ley lines which connects into the Universal Rose Line architecture of rod-staff to Sacred Heart configurations in AquaLasha Galaxy. At this area of the planet was a planetary body 2d-4d separation in the planet soul matrix which was being used to keep alien love bite architecture in place on the planet, which is related to the timeline trigger event of the seeding of the anti-christ-sophia or black lillith & azazael demonic forces (anti-hierogamic union and reversal sexual energy currents which are part of keeping sexual misery in place on earth ie removal supports the flowering of the solar light in the rose line on the internal lightbody of ascending humans in the solar sacrum which is only embodied via christ consciousness to further birthing of the christ child on earth). The anti christ architecture which was blocking this gate was removed, and the risen christ sophia into the 4 pillar crystal cathedral architecture from the planetary body out into the god worlds crystal cathedral was re-instated and allowed the crown of the Maji to be resurrected in this area of the planet body. The gate was brought into krystal star guardian control and returning of Aramatena, Edenic Codes and other lightbody architectures along with original Solomon Maji Grail line keepers DNA coding was returned. The connections to Aramatena, the UK 11d gate, the Rosslyn Chapel Solar Temple and the Giza Solar Temple were linked. This was in support of the Solar Avatar Consciousness and Aurora Crown for the 12D universal human template system, or the diamond sun body of the planet.

For some starseeds, this period of time may include the emotional wounding pain and processing of the destruction of the lyran gate and associated non-access out of this time matrix. For some individuals, depending on galactic history it may also include a processing out of the female principle lunar-solar distortions where the original Christ creation code was used and reversed to create the anti-christ and the dark flowering; or the use of the mother principle to create disfigured creations in the multi-dimensions and the lower underworlds of fallen angelics. Memories of not being able to escape, being trapped, being tricked and powerless may surface at this time. Dark forces like to capitalise on these galactic woundings to keep starseeds feeling trapped in this current time matrix; but the reality is that thanks to the krystal star guardians on earth and in the inner-outer planes; we have access to connect directly out of the time matrix in this ascension cycle. The solar gates are open and accessible for passageway into the seemingly endless solar suns and god worlds levels of consciousness fields of unity, into Yunasai and other solar-star sun bodies of intelligence through the RA alignments.

The previous return cycles (consciousness returning to god) from this point in the universal time matrix have been observed to have been like a broken mirror system, or reverse spirals of universal structures. In remote gridwork projects on the universal scale, the system appears to have been broken at monadic levels of male universe and female universe level. When viewing this, it appears as a form of metatronic spiral or false flower of life daisy architecture which was binding christ consciousness into a broken 'adashi' return cycle in previous times. At this current moment, all cycles appear to be open for access and the ascension is taking place whilst still in a physical body form. In previous timecycles, when the universal gates were broken or closed, the pain and suffering of being trapped in a fallen system at death point is the pain of being trapped on an 'adashi' return to god. There are various pathways or levels of the returning to god as god consciousness, and the understanding through guardian intelligence is that the ascending pathway out for all is available, with continued internal heart based connections and living in alignment to the law of god, oneness and kindness.

The mid-creation realms were copied, creating false inner creation realms as negative beings decided to use that as their playing fields, and it seems that many christ families became trapped or inserted into these creations as a form of trap on the way back home to god source. With the healing of the internal wounding and realisations of where feelings of being trapped, failure and the projection of blame towards others or receiving that as a form of impact from others around us - ie being a scapegoat or victim, we can move through the pain of the previous galactic timecycle trauma of the universal time traumas and realise that the at-one-ment with god, and the passageways out are actually here this time round. For some, this may mean having to witness the pain of 'failed' adashi return cycles and the way that the negative ego has been triggered by the pain of being trapped without powers in reversal universal structures. This can manifest in some starseeds as a very heightened awareness of being a very large body, ie the universe itself, and feeling the overwhelming sense of brokenness and failures. Please treat this as a shifting out of pain in a very loving way. As the Christ diamond sun template allows the access to multiple, varied, types of body system in creation, it's important to retain a sense of self, in this current reality and know that if you are physically or mentally processing a larger body of energy as part of the christ group field - that your diamond sun template is moving you through the required transmutation sequences in the healing and repair of that from impacting your lightbody integrations. You may feel yourself as the planet body, the solar system body, the galactic planes, the universe or something else. If your body is shapeshifting into the awareness of being another 'body' allow your inner connection to your own personal avatar and god-self lead the way. This level of processing is generally undertaken once we have healed the largest portions of our negative ego, as the processing continues all the way out of this universal structure after personal inner healing has reached a point of balance.

Solomon-Maji-Rose-Christ Universal Templars of Rainbow Rounds of Universal Time

The rising of the paliadorian consciousnesses and activations have allowed the universal rainbow rounds of time to become more accessible in the healing of the universal time matrix. Prior to the sun temple of Giza being reclaimed by Krystal Star Guardians, the access to the rounds of time were limited as it required the solar merged heart systems and rod and staff embodiment to be fully activated in allowing the required optimal consciousness links and transport out into the god worlds. Guardians in this sector of the time matrix on planet earth, whom are connected into the higher earth timelines can access the universal god worlds solar bodies through the sun-star network connections and the rainbow rounds of time or aurora rainbow pastellines of horizontal rounds is accessible to heal the time-space anomolies. The dragon consciousnesses from the paliadorian covenants have the ability to span multiple simultaneous rounds of timecycles and hold access portals for the planet in the supporting of the recovery, healing and returning of aeonic pair consciousnesses (the single rainbow waveform of god that is birthed as a single tri-wave, and embodied through hiero gamic union in rod and staff unions; the trinity wave of god in a human couple of male female, similar to adam and eve edenic archetypes) through the DNA of trinitised forms, holding the triad of solar dna coding. This appears to allow the re-unification and healing for previous timecycles as collecting the aeonic pair or christ-sophia consciousness that is required to allow the full return of christ family lines through the avatar, monad and soul matrix stations of identity. Remembering that from this current point in the time matrix, we may be working in consort with our future selves, past selves and unite with them all through the embodiments of the diamond sun template and the overall christ family reclaimation mission.

Christ Universal Templars Melchizedeks of the Universal Blue Ray Order knew the secrets to the planetary hieros gamos, of creating the gender balance of the human form to connect to godhead without intermediary, the maintenance and creation of trinity wave life flow, the universal hieros gamos and all levels of creation coding that were required to be a christ on earth. The secrets of the christ, ie the holy grail, the grailkeepers and the small group of families representing the christ-sophia principle of divine hierogamic union is active on earth in the support and keeping alive the god sovereign free timelines. To become at one with god, is the sacred marriage within the human body light template, to rehabilitate the hologram in the diamond sun, to be remade in the image of god, to create the potentials to host and embody in its unified triwave field from the godworlds, into the time matrix to support healing and speaking the word of the law of one in daily life as an experience. May the return of the Christ lineages through the Solomon Shield, Maji, and all christ families be reunited through all of time, and beyond.

Celebrations for humanity on the solar consciousness returns, and the unfolding path of the Christ-Sophia!

In loving service,

Mhairi & Sequoia ascension community