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December 2018 Witnessing of the past; Ophiuchus Wound Healer

As the sun moves through the galactic zodiac alignment of the Ophiuchus constellation, man moves from the silver gate, through the golden gate in the great work of inner alchemical unioning, heralding this year's cycle to heal the past patterns of life. This current phase focuses of the re-iteration or surfacing of past patterns, so that when you shine a light on it, it can be released from its dark holding spot. Through the lens of the now self, acting in purity as a neutral observer, one can choose to see, acknowledge and understand all that has been placed in the way of feeling at-one-ment with source.

To heal our wounds, we have to be honest about what they are. The way we are impacted by our beliefs, the things we think are true. We also have to admit to ourselves and take responsibility for every thing we do, or have done. Where we hide from ourselves, pockets of energy form a relationship with fallen consciousness, and allow the consubstantiality with those fallen negative forces to continue to run amok inside the body-mind space, thus widening that cold painful gap which stops us from feeling the loving god-source in the body, as the heart would be.

The past, still exists in energetic form, and thus must be witnessed and not dismissed as irrelevant to the now.

Athough the past is 'gone' from an experience perspective accessing in the current moment, the energetic path of being here now contains the memory of energetic events in the timeline of the current life, which have led to the consciousness progression through 'linear' time. In the multi-dimensionality of the overall consciousness, we can witness the life experience in a form of neutral-unification to correct the patterns of pain, and to release events from having a hidden impact on our energy field.

The neutral observer shifts the consciousness and the energy contained within. 

The limitations on human consciousness come from the inner lens being muddied from accepting the truth. If you have hurt another person through your actions, you must witness , and acknowledge your actions in yourself and in another. If you do not get the chance to observe your actions or know that they have caused hurt, then you will not know your action had a consequence outside of your intended action.

That which has been hidden, must be revealed in order to be healed. We cannot heal who we are if we deny the existence of events, behaviors or beliefs that serve to hold us in continual pain and suffering. Something which remains hidden, festers in the hidden realms of the human energy field, and can be used to control a human being through the mindscape. However, when we hold our authority steady and maintain that all should be seen or acknowledged in the light - we give rise to the opportunity to clear, and shift the pain that is creating a hold and stuckness of our consciousness.

What stands in the way of seeing or accepting life experiences as truth? 

When we deny something that we know has occurred, then we give it power. We give it the power to remain hidden, sheltered and embued with the energy of 'being able to be safe hidden in the shadows'. The power of denial is an energetic form which stems from the base or lower consciousness fields of hiding impulsive and addictive behavior, the seat of which is within the negative ego. A person who denies something which was an actual truthful occurrence, is keeping it to be allowed to cycle in a hidden manner, thus, hiding the truth with lies. In addictions, this is the mechanism of tricking the self and others, into justifying that actions are safe, allowed and nourishing. When, in fact, most addictive behaviours are self-destructive, and thus, tolerated until the human realizes that the pattern is self perpetuating the feelings of being stuck, trapped and at the behest of another energy which it has allowed to run the body mind.

When a person separates or pushes events from the past to the side (in a box inside the mind, so it doesn't have to be dealt with), or dismisses them as being relevant to the here-now, it is an act of hiding the truth, and becoming consubtantial to the same type of behavior again. It is a consent to use the same pattern, keeping the same old deceptions in place, and hiding the truth from the self. Hiding the truth from the self is a direct way to stop embodiment and connection with the heart. To see all, is to know the truth as the soul is a truth spirit, and in the human Christ consciousness, the soul is a truth vibration. When we lie, hide or tell ourselves things don't matter that have gone before, we are denying the truth and casting dispersions against the soul. The soul knows what is true, the mind attempts to stop the pain from being noticed, and the heart starts to hurt because it cannot fully feel the love of the soul and god inside of the body.

Over time, the repeated actions of this negative ego defence mechanism can cause soul fracturing. The result of this is like a disconnected painful part of the inner child, who sits out in the cold, and cannot feel the love of the whole heart-mind-body space. This part can grow larger, as it is fed the act of being hidden, and is thus separated out from the entire being. In this scenario, other energy fragments who feel the same as the inner child part, gather energies that are of the same hurt woundedness. This hurt inner child part who remains separate and wounded is ignored, denied in its existence and begins to be used by negative entities who use the pain that is created from this wounded part to feed themselves, and to starve the soul of it's fullest expression and ability to heal.

If this part remains unrecognized or unwitnessed by the main personality, it can leave a person with soul fragmentation which, if not healed, can cause mental body fracturing and leads to energetic instability. We are taught that we should hide parts of ourselves, but in truth - when we do that; we are giving consent and permission for other forces of negative energy to hitch a ride in our soul matrix. This is a part of what is known as spiritual bondage, because the energy of consciousness has been bound into something that is not whole, and can be used to create suffering in the human psyche and life experience.

Negative forces love the hide/detract/distract and deny action in humans, because it is through this act that the negative energies can use the human body as a force to be controlled, through the act of denial.

Inner Critic requires judgement to stay alive

When we listen to the inner thoughtforms of the negative ego, the inner voice that is like a permanent critic to all we do: causing doubt, self-limitation and in some cases making us feel that we 'must do more' 'must do better' 'I am not good enough' then it is time to take control over the thought sequences and continually reframe the thoughts. These are not the inner heart space speaking and can cause intense depressive states to emerge until we know how to re-address, refocus the inner critic. 

We must stop judging or comparing ourselves to others. We must feel into what the highest expression is personally in every moment. 

Family of Michael, Continual Guardian Projects on Reclaimation

Please see previous informations here - 

At this time, the planet is undergoing stages of 6d-7d wing building and rod building of the masculine principle for the planetary body. The rod function, horizontals govern time. In the process of reclamation many guardian teams have been involved in the recovery and collapsing of false AI structures which have been using Michael-Mary (Seraphim Avian) DNA to create false realities. In guardian grid projects it has revealed that the previous timelines including Egyptian histories, if a Christ incarnate came to earth with a Ruby Sun DNA template to be on earth at that time, the Ruby Sun DNA was stolen from that timeline, and with the use of black magic kept the original Christ DNA from being 'seen'. The Michael-Mary consciousness was being held and used in a reversal, meaning that the recovery of those consciousnesses' DNA and body parts were causing pain and suffering to the here and now individual; because the past timeline trauma was still 'active' in the use of the original DNA. 

When we are aligned in the heart space, dedicated to the god source within - the lightbody 12 tree grid automatically 'spins' around collecting the consciousness, body parts and the memories contained within previous incarnations on earth. For some starseeds this can create multiple difficulties in emotional, mental, and physical body processing when it comes to the Michael Mary lineages. These solar christ energies come from the seven higher heavens in Andromeda, and also represent the planetary and Solar Deity of the male-female in unification. The separation from our twin or genetic equal is a very excruciating memory to surface in the conscious awareness, and can be challenging to create resolve, and yet, it can be achieved. At various times the timelines reveal in the individual and can surface for participation, this may involve the remembering of pain, trauma, separation and wounding and the enslavement pain of being disconnected from our partner, and/or god source. The masculine principle of the Michael consciousness can endure steep emotional challenges in the heart healing, because the Michael archetype was given a programmed false narrative which included being a hero, or savior to the people. This translates into the negative ego programming which was installed into the planet body and thus the human template; generally, it means looking at father-mother, and relationship healing in order to see through the lies which has been spread on planet earth around the male-female wounding. 

In order to support the ongoing retrieval work, and then the embodiment return of the consciousness, it is suggested to find support in day to day life, in remembering to be anchored into daily life tasks. Also the following meditations from the Omnilov3 store or membership archives will support the ongoing stages of lightbody healing and clearing, in to remove the past hidden timeline galactic human history from blocking consciousness expansion through these pain and shadow body parts which exist in all humans.

Further support relating to very challenging embodiments, please see here:

Stay true to your own heart path to shine and emanate and understand your truth,

In loving service to the families of christos-sophia,

Mhairi & Sequoia ascension community