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12 Tree Grid

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The innermost layer of the lightbody is the universal core manifestation template of the 12 sphere tree of life. It is the structure of which we are manifest from in form, from living light code. The tree itself is a holographic architecture with corresponding dimensional access to dimensions in this universal time matrix, from 1st to 12th dimension. It contains the root access to all of our multi-dimensional expressions and alternative/parallel stations of identity. It is the deepest part of our energy field, containing the path to all consciousness quanta that we are made from; and the time vector location of where we reside in seeming external ways.

All parts of this holographic architecture are progressively accessible through the intention to connect with it. To do so, we must know that it exists. There have been teachings given to humanity which have omitted the 8th dimension and 12th dimensional connections which are required to build the lightbody into higher stations of frequency embodiment. If we request to know the truth from our innermost heart space, we are able to know that truth in the rightful moment.

Part of the Krystal Star Cosmic Christ consciousness tasking on earth is to return all aspects of consciousness that have been disconnected from the godsource light, and to return them to the current physical ascending human body via the tree of life connections. This may happen as part of an awakening process and you may find your thoughts travelling in daydreams to far off lands or places, also through dream time. Intentionally connecting with your own individual tree will allow for you to come into higher spiritual awareness and start to build the lightbody to contain your higher streams and vibrations of soul, monad and avatar consciousness. Deeper healing can be achieved permanently by accessing this part of your lightbody. Higher sensory perceptions become more accessible. As you continue to build your connection, this supports the links to zero point unity field intelligence and your own higher selves; to bring about the unification principles of masculine and feminine that are required to do so.

girlbody 219x300Suggested daily meditative harmonisation commands to support your exploration;

Connect with your inner heart space, breath in the air element and allow to anchor your presence fully in the body.

Intend to connect with your highest expression of god source at the 12th dimension: your avatar-god-self. At the intended connection of the avatar you may breath the frequency connection to that station of your identity which may be felt as a liquid platinum plasma light source from the 12th dimension. This will be absorbed by your own physical body and lightbody at the correct level each time you connect.

Beloved holy presence of my avatar god-self, as I connect with you directly: please return all aspects of my consciousness and spiritual body parts that have been bound in reversal in the earth plane and beyond, to me now. 

Remove all reversal energy flows, plasmas and architecture from blocking my lightsource embodiment. Please return to me all information which I need to understand in this now moment that will support me in my rebuilding of lightbody in my current body and beyond, in divine right timing.

12D Diamond Sun Tree of Life, Human Template 12 Spheres