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Demonic Force Evictions, Astaroth, Thothian Luciferian and Satanic Gestalts

The Solar Rishi are leading the great transit and eviction of large amounts of shadow creatures, fallen angelics, and various demonic hierarchies in unprecedented amounts of clear up on the planetary grid networks. The Demonic being known as Astaroth has been showing up in guardian projects on black star Abaddon, also in Jupiter and through the metagalatic core into the Orion constellations and also in planet earth as a reversed principle holder of the masculine. Astaroth holds the imposter expression of father sound horizontal rod tones and is being evicted as the holy father returns to his creations. In the face of the true Holy Father, the imposter spirit cannot exist in the same space. Astaroth is recognised as the demonic counterpart to the orion black sun entity groups. The removal and eviction of various massive entities hidden in the grids has revealed the Astaroth principle was a mixture of demonic force emeshed with artificial intelligence, and was hidden in the 6D Indigo and 7D Violet Ray spectrums, using the enslavement of michael family consciousness to reverse the rays and the rod principles.

The Astaroth force appears to use an artificial 5 pointed star installed into the grids, and acts as a reversal christ human adamic body templating and elemental control system being projected through bindings. It has used the 666 sextant matrix bindings to act along with the Leviathan-Baphomet Pentagrams in reversing the masculine atomic body elements. It is mixed with the Orion black cube supercomputer to create antichrist instructions for the matter in the atomic, subatomic layers of the elemental matter bases that earth is made from. These reversal geometric instructions are removed through guardian host planetary maintenance.

The Golden Promise