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Kingship ARCS

Pillars of Cosmic Justice, Kingship Arcs, Holy Father book of the Law

To usher in the planetary full cosmic disclosure timeline, which will reveal to humanity the presence of negative aliens and their involvement of crimes against humanity (including huge pedophilia networks, blood ritual sacrifices and large controller structures) the Rishic Founders & Amythest Order Rha Families of the guardian host have been installing the architectural supports to the planetary grid networks known as Pillars of Cosmic Justice. The Pillars and arcs are God Worlds technology accessible to use in the highest service through an embodied Maji Grail King, and govern the act to reinstate the Holy Father's book of the law to the planet. The Pillars allow the Amethyst Order Rha GodWorlds families to connect in and run the Father Laws into the grids, as part of returning the rod pillars of the holy father to the earth. These pillars were installed into the West Coast United states during the extreme fires of the Oregon Landmass, and were also amplified by King Dragon architectural elemental shields which support the elements of the planetary sentient consciousness to obey the laws of God, to dissolve or break satanic enslavement.

The Rha God world creation Amethyst Order Dragon Kings are embodiments of the Kingship Arcs & holders of this principle in the domains of creation. Within this intricate multi-dimensional structure is held the coding for corrected geomancy & the architectural patterns of perfection from the Holy Father God, where he transmits his compassion love and wisdom in tones and flowing arc energies of god's divine plan. The arcs include geomantic instructions, spin set mathematical codes, keys, maps, knowledge, original holographic records of humanity, and holy father truth of the universal laws. To work with this technology, one must be embodied as a Maji Grail King in highest service to humanity; this is the expression of Christos-Sophia embodied in form, as they run their perfected balance together as one.

The pillars have been installed in various locations across the earth to correct the 5D timelines in the planetary grids and to sustain the organic pathway for human ascension. The UK landmass and East coast of America acts as an epicentre of power & support for the pillars through the Maji King-Queen alignments. In the UK the Kingship arcs are emanating their patterning into the rose-grail and diamond heart networks to circulate the energies like a beating heart which is returning the rainbow chalice configurations  for the planet's grail. The heart of the Solar queen is passive as the King father is active in their perfected balance. As the King ushers the laws in the Queen emanates her triple solar goddess returning the heart of the solar queen through the female solar christ to share the word of the logos of the christos-sophia. Together their unified crown, scepter heart, and arc restores the wisdom and knowledge of benevolence, love and the eternal solar flame creator tones. The Pillars of Cosmic Justice are placed to support those whom are given the gift of the representation on the earth of the Universal Laws, to lead and hold the Law of structure in leadership roles through the returning Christos-Sophia.

The Golden Promise