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Satanic Gestalts

Satan, or Satanic energy is a parasitic force of energy within the earth grids and lower dimensional realms. Some call this hell realms, and in some pockets of areas in the earth the fallen angelic beings, demonic hierarchies and satanic beings reside in the shadows.

Traditionally, the influences of Satan are referenced as the devil. The energies of temptations and material wealth, pleasure, service to self gain and sexual overuse or abuse are part of the satanic forces.

The energy field of the being known as the baphomet, is a form of lunar force female principle as a demonic force gestalt which is an interfacing energy upon this earth. The 2nd dimensional matter fields of the earth are truly the sophianic christ force body, as the daughter of the god offspring. Yet, the Mother's body as the womb worlds and the true holy mother and daughter of creation principle has been broken, reversed and installed with alien machinery as an AI clone and bi-wave siphoning parasite. In the 2D energy fields of the planetary body, the black magic grids and black flower grids are used to siphon and collect death energy, sexual energy and specifically used to keep the wealth and sexual power imbalances in place to control the collective consciousness of humanity.

Satanic worship calls upon the baphomet energies to support the instantaneous creation or ritualling of bringing something material into the earth plane. Such practises as sacrifice are given as a gift to the baphomet and in return the person loses part of their soul energy to a demonic hierarchy which binds the soul energy and life force of the person under satanic control. Many humans on the earth are tricked into believing that they can manifest items to bring them comfort, but do not know the true nature that they are bargaining their soul into black magic grids in the earth and in off planet pockets.

Satanic bindings and entities must be evicted from the personal lightbody and any agreements that have been made must be revoked completely. In order to fully renounce onesself from these energy forces, a person must intend that god is their only authority. Each human soul has been created by god source, but this fact has remained hidden to humanity in order that the forces of Luciferianism or Satanic energy use the human soul energy for their own purposes. Satanic energy has no connection to god source, and must continue to parasite a host in order to feed itself. The Dark Mother or Alien mother consciousness upon this earth is related to satanic forces, anger and pain-pleasure mixing is a purely satanic force.

If interacted with, the energies will steal life force and have control over the human without their full knowledge of any agreements that have been made. Satan is a trickster energy, also the dark force female lunar forces and archetypes have at their core a satanic energy flow. All humans have been influenced by the satanic energies on the earth as these are used to harness and hide the true female mother holy mother energy which is, at this time being restored into the grids and ley lines of planet earth. One must protect the sexual energy of the body, as the satanic force is a controller, a seducer and a materialistic parasite, which stops the connection to the triwave energies of eternal god source. Many Satanists do not know that the satanic baphomet energies and their associated demonic hierarchies have originated as a negative alien consciousness stemming from the parallel fallen time matrix known as the Wesa Matrix. Satan requires a continual energy force of bargaining, blood ritual or sacrifice, as the anti-christ is embodied into humans who have made a covenant with the devil.

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