Aton Solar Disk

The Aton or solar disk, is a god technology restored to the earth which provides an ascending human organic access to the sun-star network. The stars and solar bodies in our galaxy, into the andromedan seven higher heavens is a star map of intelligent godhead energy which belongs to each human being on the earth. 

In the 18th dynasty timelines in egypt, guardian Akhenaton was restoring the true knowledge of the one godhead, through the worship of the Sun, as the Solar light of god shines into our solar system through one-source god source. He was assasinated by Thothian Draconians in order to stop the human peoples understanding that the blood sacrifices are satanic and not true cosmic christ human consciousness. 

The Aton solar disk becomes an embodied shield in the ascending starseeded and human lightbody, during the ascension cycle as part of the restoration of the RA centre and solar sacrum in the gender centre. This disk when activated into the 10-11-12D solar logos base shield, underneath the feet on the horizontals, aligns with the 10D sun-star chakra above the head, which continues to repattern into the higher crown centre. As this is restored through the personal lightbody of an ascending man or woman on the earth, the way home through the crown is changed, into the organic North star, leading home, to the home constellations of the sun-star bodies. 


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