Consettia Black Dragon

Has found to source from the WESA parallel fallen system. 

The Consettia black dragon, black hole entity gestalt (massive group of negative) with demonic hierarchy force was observed by Krystal Star Guardians maintaining the planetary body through multiple on planet and off planet gridworking projects. The Consettia force is a male-female black frequency which breaks apart the male-female organic Christ coding, in the earth and has been used to hold reversals in the grid of earth, keeping the bi-wave or bi-polar anti-life reversals in place. In many grids of the earth, including the Diamond Rose Line, and Diamond rose grid of the planet, have been usurped in running the reversals of which the Consettia force was holding body parts of the Christic families stapled in reversal patterns. Essentially, this is how the negatives run their reversals by holding the body parts captured and using the solar energy as a power to power the reversals.

Consettia, Con-Setty-ah appears in the planetary grids, particularly in the inner stargate of 12D Kauai,along with Octupus Kracken tentacle type of energy as Ursula, Kathulu, and uses the red wave pulse spectrum frequency to base pulse sexual attraction into the 1D sphere of humans, as a means to gain hidden consent. This force, or forces are used to create distortion and to keep sexual misery programming and associated mind control pulsing in place, usurping the 1D sphere of the organic tree of life, and the alchemical mixing chamber of the lightbody; the holy sepulchre.

Consettia black dragon are anti-hierogamic union forces which gender split inside a human who has connected with the energy of it. This creates a black flowering potential and has been observed to be part of the NRG grid technology in gender separations.

Baphomet 2D planetary Reversals of Mother-Sophia, and in Fallen Parallell System Wesadrac Guardian teams have been evicting this demonic black hole gestalt from the planet grids, and also in the location of travelling to the Wesa fallen universe through the 8D portal systems whilst recovering the Solar female principles from there. The 2d Layers and body of Planet Earth, the Grual or grail points have been running in reverse whilst controlled by negative alien forces usurping the solar feminine to create their own grotesque creations whilst siphoning the energy from humanity. The entire blood sacrifice of the planetary explosion of Tara (a 5D planet body exploded in previous galactic raceline history) and reversal female coding, based in base 5 or base 10 (black tree of life, or Kabbalah tree of lie) has been used to link this fallen system into our planet as the black hole entities attempt to keep control over planet earth's female consciousness.

In 2019, guardian teams have been able to recover the Universal Solar Female body parts which were trapped in the Fallen Wesa System, returning the consciousness to the rightful owner. The reclamation of the planetary grual, the interlinking diamond heart matrices, and the repatterning of the elements sees the corrections to the planetary Sophianic body and matter into form as Mother reclaims her creations.

The consettia anti christ sophia black dragon demonics, ursula, kathulu, Ixchel, Ixchma ( sounds like - iks-SHH--MAH) are partly holding in the qlippoth currents and impacting the female reversals and baphomet fields, these have been evicted as part of guardian projects. The Nike demonic is often found at the same locations.

Appeared as part of the viewing of the planetary body of Tara explosion, and also creates reversal rounds of time in black aeon type of architecture. 

Outer ring of consettia energies holding the structure together. Is being fed from the planetary 10D gates, and also from the upper dark aeon into creation fields; false aldeberran arc returns, false golden gate, Poseidon archetype black lunar trident staff blocks the ophiuchus passageway in these held consciousness forms through the imprinting onto the birth transduction sequences. Prevents the movement between the silver to golden gate by the masculine, In Aldebaran there was a false arc (false golden gate using black reversal arc codes) sending michael back home to a phantom home as an entrapment sequence.

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