Dragon Lines

Our planetary body is made from larger ley lines and access points into the main Albion Body controller hub. These Dragon lines create intersections in which the returning tritone luminary dragons from the Aurora families, the Andromedan King Dragons are resequencing their organic consciousness into the crystalline networks of the planet. Dragon lines cross at various locations upon the earth and create a male-female merge and chalice point as a part of the diamond heart networks which feed the organic rishic founder solar trinity wave of the godhead, to restore the planet's living light matrixes. It is these lines which have been heavily reversed and fought over by the satanic controllers and their negative alien agenda, using the planetary organic power points in which to control humans.

As the ascension cycle of the Cosmic Christos Solar return, as the second coming of the Christ; King Arthur as the patriarch of the Michael seraphim and solar masculine principles of the holy father continue to replace the false architecture of the controllers, with the organic truth of living light and high plasmic waves beating in all directions in certain sections of the planet.

The Paliadorian King Rainbow Dragons, and their counterparts in the Amethyst Order Rha Godworlds guardians have been restoring the planetary body through several installations of rainbow plasmic dragon elemental shields. These work together with the Sophianic Plasma shields also in the earth; together they spark the ignition of plasma seeds generated in crystal hearts bringing the atomic physical matter back to animated form, with the breath and vapours of the holy mother reanimator force.

2021 January The Golden Promise