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Hero-Savior Software

Hero Savior Archetypal influences, negative ego starseed trap

One of the most insidious negative ego program that is hero-savior and the starseed pitfalls during earlier awakening phases in obtaining life lessons, maturity and understanding of the ways we are to direct our consciousness through the mental body levels in removing the programming, fears and falsities from the lightbody.

The pure hearted the intent to work through self awareness and understand to know oneself very deeply in coming into more alignment in embodying the spirits of christ.

When we are in awakening stages of reconnecting and integrating our spiritual body parts, the programs, the inner landscape of belief systems are usually targeted via the v/v software in the internal tree of life (negative ego) and until there is a level of removal of false architecture: it can be believed that these programs and falsities and spiritual guidance are part of the personal life plan. A person just cannot see or know what they cannot see or know yet (even if they believe they are heightened in their abilities).

This is yet another deception to keep division/isolation in place, and superiority complexes running in the starseed body. However, when it can be identified as running in the now self – it is easier to understand the way in which it can be addressed, healed and resolved within the negative ego and pain body. There is no need to fear, because seeing this for what it truly is supports the shining of light onto areas of behaviour and to see something means it can be truly healed. If a person identifies with any of the listing here, I hope it is helpful in knowing you are not alone, many now and before have had to ‘see’ this in themselves in order to break the program down and stop it from running the personality.

This negative ego programming is observed this in male and females on the spiritual path, as a form of negative energy running in the personality matrix and for males it is somewhat slightly more challenging because of the mental body principle being used as mind control on earth and as mental-body principles partly the father and structure of the mind; as males are learning to merge the heart-mind and reconnect to their own higher intelligence levels. Until a male starseed has identified some of these programs running in the personality, it is going to be a continual challenge to understand what the true role is here on earth as part of the christ family group field.

Observations/Symptoms of an individual running hero-saviour programming and the affects

Generally surfaces in younger starseeds as they awaken and is used by NAA forces to stop embodiment of true guardian consciousness, can be coupled with alchemical unions or sexual interactions. Also observed in ‘older’ starseeds – depending on the biological wake up age, it does not matter, if this is in the lightbody architecture it will most likely have to be worked through. Is insidious as it self perpetuates false beliefs as if they are ‘real’ just like the rest of the false screens and lenses placed in the lightbody. If a person is working on soul embodiment, then into connections of monad embodiment it can start to surface then. If not corrected can lead to a starseed falling into yet more traps and can plug the starseed into false reality fields through the monad body – ie, a reversal monad operating in the person as if they are highly enlightened; but, the monad is plugged in to metatronic and luciferian reversals; and the guidance team masquerade as krystal star hosts. I am sorry- but yes, this is indeed a difficult one, because it is set to destroy the guardian host mission strand by keeping reversals in place.

This also creates a false identity or view that the person has a ‘persona’ that they then start to buy into, and create as part of their personality. It causes self-pedestal, self-inflation, over importance and arrogance as displayed behaviours.

1. Belief that no one else has the same access to knowledge and everyone else cannot ‘see’ what the individual can see. Bravado, superiority complex, god complex. [you are special. Only you can save the planet because of your amazing gifts]

Very common and unfortunately used to keep the person in negative ego programs that essentially stop the higher senses and higher spiritual intelligence from having the christ control in the body. These thoughts have to be looked at, forgiven and then surrendered to god to show the path of ‘so, What am I actually here to do then’. Also, this part can be difficult when it is understood to be an actual negative ego program. It can leave a starseed not fully trusting themselves, or ‘guidance teams’ or their connection with god.

2. Voices or guides that present as krystal star guardians and seem highly knowledgeable [can be luciferian false father entities that are non-krystic but appear plausable because they are so ‘intelligent’, but are without heart based function]

Offers of taking on contracts, or taking on board a ‘role’ or offering a gift in exchange for you holding group fields and promoting yourself to social media platforms and then doing what the ‘krystal star guardians’ told you to do.

This is so insidious and until the real knowing of false guidance teams is understood, it’s a dicey world out there. Cue the victim victimiser underlying programs of non-trust in self or god, and work through them! Guardian teams do not command, demand, have an alterior agenda, give a high priority time demand on your resources, reveal too much information that sounds amazing, tell you something that is going to lead you into a state of false identity. Negative entities do use those techniques because it fuels the self-importance negative ego traits. Can lead into relying upon external guidance from ‘teams’ and also creates a mindset that the intelligence obtained or exchanged with guides is the best use of spiritual time and can create a hunger-dependence on knowledge. Stops the starseed from cultivating their own internal avatar god self connection, because the exchange with the false guardian host seems more dependable and lucrative and highly ‘intelligent’ source of deep spiritual secrets about creation mechanics.

3. Holographic false reality inserts through dream state or wakened state interference that give a false story of the individual’s past galactic history. Usually contains scenes or intel and communications from anti-christ entities, that want to insert either a ‘superior’ sense of self, or a victim storyline; such as; ‘Well, you were responsible for the destruction of this entire universe, so…ONLY YOU can fix it’

This can lead to over obsession about completing planetary gridwork tasks and a continual, ongoing, repetitive looping in the ‘amazing spiritual work and power’ that is coming through the body. The reason this is not in alignment with krystic principles is because no guardian host causes any form of stress, overdoing, forcing in timescales to complete ‘mission strands’ or overusing the energy to depletion.

The issue we have is that false architecture (holographic inserts, movies et al) can only be seen at a certain stage of activation or DNA building – until that point, the person thinks they can see ‘everything’ and tell the difference. Because of the inserts and false ascension nets/false christ nets etc a person believes they are accessing extremely high guidance – but when looking at a person’s lightbody it can be seen that the false connections are present. If you know a thing exists (false insertion of holographic memory or internal movie during meditation) you can look to test the discernment with it. Even if you believe a thing to be true guidance – it should always be tested, this is required in order to re-establish truthful trusting with god source.

Part of this comes as integration of the monad, as part of spiritual energetic ongoing inner discernments. Also, implants and blocks are multi-dimensional – if a person cannot remove their own multi-D blocks, then they are going to see from a limited perspective, not fully understanding that it IS limited. No part of this is meant as a judgement, because each one of us is going to remove the blocks as and when we can – then the space opens up to see yet MORE of the truth. Life lessons, patience and calm inward understanding helps with this. Usually we are given something up front in our faces to learn the lesson first – then blocks are more easily removed. No part of this ascension plan is easy. If it was – we would all be ascended in bliss states of inner god-love all of the time.

4. Beliefs that being an enlightened master in a body on earth means that you undertake certain practises, one of them being the frequent requirement to ‘leave the body’ in order to experience states of spiritual ‘high’.

This is incorrect, and is a serious issue for many on the path, particularly if drug use has been consumed under the guise of attaining higher states of spiritual embodiment. There is no requirement to leave the body, in fact, if you are here in a body – it’s a miracle and should be remembered that the integration process of ascension of diamond sun templating and recovery is to BE in the body. Sometimes there is a level of travel that will naturally occur, but it doesn’t mean losing consciousness, getting high on a drug substance OR using sexual practises to be in the spiritual high feelings.

Because the physical biology of our bodies has been reversed and broken and the DNA all stolen and broken, we have to remember that we are rehabilitating not only the physical body form, but the lightbody architecture to anchor into the physical body form. In previous times, we did have to leave the body and then ascend. This time round we are staying in the body and ascending.

5. Seeing or existing within other realities and believing you ‘were’ another identity. Or that that reality is ‘happening’ to you in the here and now. Dimensional blending in so far as experiencing multiple negative or false realities at once. While negative energies can be offering a ‘way out’ bargaining or asking series of questions. They don’t appear negative though – they appear as ‘friends’ or present themselves as the guardian host This is common as it can be used to control individuals and provide false back history and feelings of importance, or feeling bad about yourself. Hang onto to NO Identity will allow the natural christ self on the inside to build understand and process naturally. Any time we hang onto information or intelligence that seems wonderful and ‘right’ it can lead us into a consciousness trap and have us looping and stuck and unable to comprehend other organic memories as they are revealed. It can cause mental body instability when we have rigid stuck beliefs.

6. I don’t have any negative ego to break down – because, I am literally here to save/heal others who need that more.

Incorrect! The hero-savior runs as an self-avoidance program, and due to levels of triggering superior thoughts in the mind; a person feels like they are already ‘healed’ and avoid looking at themselves, because they believe they are only here to heal others first and foremost. Therefore, this is also a distraction technique. It is akin to the love and light syndrome that was placed in the planetary body false ascension teachings trap. In order to ascend into higher states of self-awareness, we must look at our own triggers, beliefs and all life experience in order to understand our own healing lessons this lifetime. Even if you cannot see AI or false reversed architecture in your energy field; you can identify the way it shows up as it runs in the personality matrix.

7. But, I am already an ascended being who has come back to show humans/other starseeds how this is done.

Maybe. But, you are also in a human body with all that comes with. You may be templating and healing, but you still have to go through the physical biology and life lessons to obtain energetic self mastery in this body.

This thought illicits feelings of not having to do ANY work, and just sit in a blissful state. This also promotes ideas of superiority. If you are, in fact, an already ascended master – you will know from your heart that to be here in service is to humbly give up ANY ideas of being superior – because, if they are still running within your energy field; you have to evict the luciferian entities and mental body inserts so that the christ you is running the body, fully and completely. And until that time, you still have work to do.

8. I am here as a spiritual warrior and I will battle all negative entities because I am here to kill them, to save humanity.

The spiritual battle is often something like a superhero influence, and can send people into deep deep dark states of confusion and mental body looping that is very difficult to get out of and stop. It invokes feelings of hatred and anger (internal satanic forces, attachments and bindings into false reality fields) Please, don’t buy into this as your purpose. If you consent to that thought – that you are here as a destroyer force, it may impact you in ways that are difficult to express and can be the cause of deep psychological trauma. This is also used by negative forces as a targeted method of mind control, because starseeds may also be walking the path of observing their own identities in galactic wars, and the trauma from that plays out in the mind and affects the christ principle from operating in neutral compassionate witnessing. Please don’t put yourself in a battle. Even if your friends told you that ‘last night I totally battled satanic forces and I killed them!’ It doesn’t necessarily work this way as part of the guardian forces. This scenario impedes the ability to get into deeper heart based awareness, and stops higher sensory perceptions from being very clear. It creates scenarios of not trusting god. If you don’t trust god, you don’t trust yourself and this is EXACTLY what the negative forces want.

9.But, I am a god being in a body. It’s OK to use my gifts to have a specific desired outcome. I am a god being healer, it’s OK for me to merge my lightbody with others in order to heal them. OR< I am a god being, if I just beam everyone with my frequency they are going to be totally healed.

This is an incorrect way of thinking. This comes under the heading of power abuse. Most starseeds are learning this lesson hard and fast, but it becomes obvious. We do not have the right to impact others who didn’t request our direct support or assistance just by thinking ‘because I can do this thing, I should absolutely keep on doing it’ Having read some lightbodies in my time, I can say that some people were seeded with thoughts that they should beam each human with ‘their’ extremely high frequency and unbeknownst to the starseed individual was causing cording, entity attachments and siphoning from the lightbody that was being felt as ‘spiritual bliss’ in the body. The person was being used as a twilight master and didn’t know, they thought they were working in service.


The worst part about the hero-savior program is it is closely linked with the feeling of ‘being here on earth on a mission’ and that it can be seen in a starseed lightbody as inorganic implants, frequencies and coding that are inhibiting a person to know their inner self, truthfully and authentically. It may also allow for a power balancing phase in order to observe the beliefs and thoughts running in the mind, and a way to identify ‘is this happening to me right now?’ it can also be a very tough ego-death cycle that can take a while to break down. Genuinely as starseeds we are having to understand the right use of our energy, and that we are here as a GROUP family, which includes off planet invisible guardian forces that we have to build a connection with mostly through the 12d shield and safe zone in our homes.

For some starseeds, the lightbulb goes on and then the realisation that you were not sent here to save everyone, not sent here to heal everyone, you can’t actually do that – but you can support yourself in the self healing process when you can know that this is how the negative aliens programmed traps into the lightbody for starseeds to be confused, confused and confused.

See things for the truth as they are, do not deny if this program is running in your personality. Seeing this allows it to be removed and revealed in the understandings of right use of energy, intent and action.

My advice, to all who seek support with this, is to not judge yourself and instead realise you are moving through the great learning curves of embodiment of the christ energies. Some have to live through this to understand and transmute the blocks and wounding trauma out of the reality of the current now self. This can provide great spiritual strength and helps in the identification of false inserts (which seem real, and cloud the ability to see clearly) and organic realities. Then the spiritual mission can unfold through the natural phases of power balance with the self, with the avatar and internal negative ego programs we all have to work through. The biggest part of all of this is the inner discernment and re-orienting the body to embody higher states of spiritual intelligence, which comes for each of us as unique ascension plan mechanics and defending our energy field from influencial forces.

Know that it takes actual time to build yet more and onwards lightbody strength that is absolutely worth the effort, and it can be done.

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