Kumara Dragon Lineage

The Kumara dragons were cloned into AI and holographically used to create pain and distortions inside the time matrix. The being known as Sumat Kumara is an ascended master from the Christos lineages, but his clone has been used to control new age hijack through the false Jesus or Sunanda holograms which try to use people as their channels and scribes.

The Kumara lineages are a part of the Holy Mother Blue Ray Founder Beings, which return to the earth through their starseeded representatives upon the earth as a part of the Paliadorian Rainbow Dragon Lineages whom are protectors of the time matrix. These beings are accessed from the Cosmic Blue Ray Ark of the Covenent Mother lineages, outside of time. In late 2020, the Solar Rishic Blue Ray founder beings became dimensionalised into time. 

See Solar Rishi, Guardian Host Founders



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